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Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus

Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus

Studio: Seymore Butts
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seymore Butts' Gluteus to the Maximus A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/7/2001

Running Time: 129 min. (cover states over 3 hours or 180 minutes

Production Date: May 7, 1997 (cover states 2 / 21 / 2001)

Director: Seymore Butts

Cast: Alex Dane, Alyssa Love, Holli Woods, Jordan McKnight, Katie Gold, Shanna McCullough, Melanie Stone, Shane, Shay Sweet, Taylor Hayes, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron, and Seymore Butts and Hunter Stone in non- sex roles

Initial Expectations: Seymore seems to be taking time releasing his DVDs, which makes me think heís trying to do things right. At least, Iím hoping so!

Initial Reaction: Itís another very hot feature from Seymore Butts.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of gonzo, anal, and nastier sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks ďcouplesĒ porn pushes the limits

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is excellent for gonzo porn. Itís pretty well balanced, and even Seymore doesnít seem too out of balance. The video is a little dark, but this gives it a more realistic look rather than the bright look that most features have. Thereís a little grain and pixelation, but not much.

Music: None.

Disc Problems / False Advertisting: As usual, the time listed is an exaggerated total DVD length. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to mislead consumers since almost every company out there lists the feature running time rather than a total DVD running time that includes crap like phone sex commercials and website information.

Menus: The main menu has a nice bit of animation and is well organized. It seems to fit the DVD very nice. The chapter menu lists the chapters by a title and has a small key to let you know what you can find in each chapter sexually.

The Feature: Over the years, Seymore Butts has established himself as one of the masters of gonzo porn. He has the ability to go right into the action, and get so close that you feel almost as if youíre a part of the action while watching. In Gluteus to the Maximus, Seymore runs around in a normal day, balancing people coming to his door, moving, and trying to get his internet live sex feed up. Almost anything he tries to do seems to have sex involved, and luckily for us, he has his camera running the entire time.

Sean Michaels, one of the top black men in the jiz biz starts things off showing up at Seymoreís house to pick up Jordan McKnight, a fairly attractive black woman with a great ass and great set of knockers. As usual, Sean comes off appearing to be a class act. After dealing with a pair of Jehovahís Witnesses off screen Seymore runs upstairs to catch Sean and Jordan skipping ahead to what normally happens at the end of a date rather than the beginning. Sean kisses Jordan all over, finally ending up giving her some very thorough tonguing between her legs. She plays with her pussy as Sean whips out his cock and then gives him a vigorous hand job and blow job as he spanks her ass and plays with her a little. Sean finally fucks Jordanís twat, which she really gets into even though it unfortunately doesnít seem to be quite deep enough to fully handle him even though they try it in quite a few positions. Luckily Jordan has another hole that doesnít have a length limitation. Sean buries his boner in her bunghole through several more positions, which Jordan gets into just as well. There are a few seconds when she doesnít look that comfortable, but they donít last long before sheís right back into it. They finish it off with Jordan taking some of Seanís average pop on her face. Itís a very hot scene with nice chemistry and a good scene to open the movie with.

Peter North breaks in Texas foursome and video virgins Allyssa Love, Holli Woods, Katie Gold, and Shay Sweet for the next scene which Seymore was trying to stream live for his website. Shay starts things out working on Peterís cock with her pierced tongue while Katie licks her asshole and Allyssa works Holli over with a double dildo. Katie switches back and forth, soon joining up with Allyssa to fuck each other with toys and fingers and then play with the Sybian. The four girls switch around steadily with Peterís cock, each taking it in both their pussy and ass. Allyssa and Holly also take a few ass to mouths and Katie gets her ass well worked over with a few toys. Peter finally finishes the girls off by giving the four of them one of his patented Peter North facials. Itís a hot scene and has great chemistry throughout. Everybody here seems to be having a great time and it makes the scene a real winner. Afterwards, rather than just ending, Seymore keeps things rolling talking with the entire cast and trying to get them to come to a party for Tom Byron the next night. Itís a great ending to the scene, making it a part of the entire movie and also making it feel a little more realistic.

Alex Dane, Allyssa Love, Shanna McCullough, and Ron Jeremy, show up at Seymoreís for Tom Byronís birthday party. Shanna starts things off pulling down Tomís pants to give him his birthday spanking, and sucks his cock a little before she and the other girls spank Tom. Shanna continues to work on Tomís cock, as well as licking his asshole while Ron gets things going with Allyssa and Alex moves back and forth. Ron moves on to bang Alexís bald beaver while Tom spears Allyssaís snatch. Shanna moves around a bit and finally lands her pussy on Allyssaís pierced tongue. The five of them continue to rotate around, and both groups interact very nice with each other. Whenever one of the girls is left in the third wheel position, they nicely find a place to go. Alex really comes off as a natural here, floating between pleasing the women and the guys, but Shanna and Allyssa arenít very far behind. Alex starts the anal sex out, with Allyssa joining in soon after. Shannaís a little upset about not getting her ass fucked, but Alex keeps her mind off things a little by working on her pussy with a vibrator and her mouth and fingering her asshole. Itís enough to keep her busy until Ron can slide his cock into her ass, which Allyssa and Alex clean off with her mouths during the scene. Shanna also takes a DP between Tomís cock and the vibrator. Tom gives the three girls an impressive blast that they share nicely, followed by Ron giving the girls a second blast. Not surprisingly, itís a very hot and nasty scene with great chemistry. Surprisingly, since itís a nastier scene, Shanna McCullough really stands out here and gained a whole new appreciation from this reviewer.

Taylor Hayes stops by to visit Seymore at his new house and shows off a hidden toy that sheís been using the entire time. Not surprisingly, itís as hot or hotter than anything Iíve seen Taylor do for Vivid, but they probably edited out all of the good parts for DVD. Melanie (now known as Melanie Stone), a cute brunette with a pierced clit, a cute face, a great ass, and a nice real rack, and her husband Hunter show up to meet Taylor and ask Seymore a favor, and get a tour of Casa de Seymore. The girls ask for a pause in the tour when they get to the bedroom. Tom Byron shows up at the door and soon gets invited up to the bedroom by Taylor and Melanie. Taylor and Tom start admiring Melanieís ass before the girls please all of Tomís lower areas with the exception of his feet. Taylor continues to show why much of her talent is being wasted at Vivid as she works on Tommyís ass with her face and fingers, takes his cock all the way down her throat, and pushes her saliva glands as far as theyíll go. She also works Melanie over while sitting on her face to get her good and wet before Tom fucks her. Taylor even pulls Tomís cock out while heís fucking Melanie so she can suck it and later licks it as he works it in and out of Melanieís pussy. Unfortunately, Seymore runs out of time and the scene ends with Melanie begging for Tom to fuck her in the ass. Itís a very disappointing ending for the movie and I hate it when I have to pick up another feature to finish watching a scene. For whatís here, itís a very hot scene where both Melanie and Taylor do a great job. Before this I had only heard about Taylorís performances for Seymore and seen a few of her scenes for Vivid (pronounced Satan). Even with her only helping for much of the scene, sheís extremely hot. There are very few performers who could drive a scene like this, not even getting fucked, yet Taylor does it with ease here. I can only hope that someday Taylor comes back to work with Seymore again.

Seymore Butts scores once again with Gluteus to the Maximus. As he did with Internet Tushy, Seymore shows off a great ability to capture people having sex who obviously enjoy themselves. He works the gonzo format like a true master, and gets the camera in there to the point that you almost want to close your eyes at the pop shot so you can see afterwards. He also knows what most fans donít want to see, and avoids the guysí faces during the action. This is great, although itís also a little annoying at times because sometimes you have no idea whoís fucking who. My biggest complaint is that the final scene isnít completely finished, so you have to pick up another of Seymoreís movies to finish watching it. The only thing that might turn off some people is that most of the sex is well onto the nasty side, with a lot of anal sex, ass to mouths, and ass eating. For anybody whoís curious about the nasty side, however, itís great because everybody there appears to be completely enjoying themselves. If youíre at all tempted, pick up Gluteus to the Maximus.

For another perspective on this DVD, please check out Endorphinís review.

Extras: Trailers are included for Tushy Anyone?, Tunnel Vision, Mission to Uranus, How Do You Like My Tushy, Seymore?, and Gapes of Wrath. The photo gallery lasts a little under a minute and a half with about five seconds per framed, average looking photo. As opposed to some of Seymoreís other photo galleries, this one comes form the feature. Thereís also commercials for Tushy Magazine, phone sex, and

The main extra, however, is a commentary track with Seymore Butts himself. From the start, itís a fairly dead commentary. Seymore cuts in and out rather than talking throughout the entire feature. When he does talk, it sounds like heís reading something out of a magazine, even when heís giving his opinions or telling stories about his past. Although often informative, itís also fairly depressing since Seymore often talks about who got into trouble by doing what drug.

Themes: Straight, butts, rimming (male > female, female > male, and female > female), masturbation, spanking, anal, group, lesbian, toys, ass to mouth, cum swapping, male anal stimulation, and toe-ing

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Gluteus to the Maximus can be found online for between about $18 and $25 with most stores offering it for about $24. Although this seems a little high, due to the lack of many extras, the sex is extremely hot, even though the final scene is only half a scene. The transfer is also very good, which also helps justify the price.

Note to Seymore Butts: Please change your covers to reflect the actual feature time, as the rest of the industry does. As is it appears that youíre trying to deceive the customer, which many of them wonít forget. Even the ones that continue to buy your product wonít really believe what you tell them.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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