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Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders

Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders

Studio: Seymore Butts
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seymore Butts' Bottom Feeders A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  5/12/2005
Prologue Every once in awhile I feel a great need to re-visit Seymore Butts and see what fun he's been up to. He has been one of the great purveyors of realistic gonzo over the past decade or so. The fact that this video has some high powered talent in the form of Missy Monroe, Jada Fire and Hilary Scott doesn't hurt. Missy and Flower Tucci hold the promise of some wetworks and Mari Possa is pretty delectable in her own right. Since I don't subscribe to Showtime, this is the only way for me to find out what's up in Casa Butts.
Seymore is having a housewarming party and Alex Sanders is inside admiring his walls. A half naked Mari Possa comes out and tells them there's something going on in another room that they should check out. I wonder what could be up? Jada Fire is riding Hershel Savage in CG on a couch. She sticks his cock in her ass and grinds. Alex sits next to them and makes comments about the decor of the room. With another man in close proximity, Jada goes for two cocks to play with, fishing out Alex's. Watching Jada's great ass grinding on Hershel it's easy to see why she's getting a lot of work and developing a very loyal fan base. Alex starts to smack her impressive glutes, checking for rebound, no doubt. He gives her big fat titties a lick and gives Jada some cock to suck. Jada takes everything deep. Cock deep in her ass, stirring up her colon. Cock deep in her throat. Seymore's giving us a floor view of Jada's filled ass and it looks like she cums. She moves to lick the cock out of her oven and presents her ass to Alex in doggy. He rails her in an up and over. He rolls her back in RCA and Jada has her hand inside her hot pink pussy which is just screaming to be filled with cock. Hershel fucks her face instead. She rides the cock in her ass hard until she cums again. Alex gets rewarded with a nice A2M and ball suck. She's not done as her ass is slipped over Hershel's cock in RCA. Alex stands by to offer her a cock to pull on or suck, whatever she needs to do. A2M deep throat with a hot ball lick at the base. Alex plugs her in doggy, then moves Jada into mish for more anal. Hershel sticks with her mouth. Jada gets her world rocked again and shows some belligerence when Alex finds her overcome state amusing. She sits back on Hershel's cock in CG anal again. The deep anal makes her cum again and she has a butt quake. As a reward she makes love to his cock for giving her the assgasm. Alex can't ignore her vacant hole and fills it in doggy. He pulls out quickly, shooting his seed all over her ass. This triggers Hershel who cums all over her hand and tongue. She squeezes every drop she can from his cock as Seymore tells her how hot she is. Welcome to Jada's world Seymore. He sees us out the door as the house warming party and tour are over.
Later that night, Seymore, who's apparently sleeping with Jada, gets awakened by a phone call from Kurt (presumably Lockwood). Now he can't fall back asleep, so Jada and Mari Possa (it's a big bed) team up on sucking his cock. They really work on his balls and Seymore's purring like a big cat. They even attack his bunghole and Jada especially gives him a nice pierced tongue massage of the prostate. Obviously, this is all POV, so the cock licking is up close and personal. The girls start to duel with their tongues and Mari jacks him off onto Jada's. She goes back to tongue twisting with Mari and Seymore's ready to sack out again.
Next day Seymore's searching the house for Kurt and Mari. He opens one of the bedroom doors and Kurt's on the floor in a piledriver position with Hillary Scott sitting on his face and Mari Possa tossing his salad. Hillary's also sucking his cock, as if he wasn't in enough heaven as it is. They go to test the bed and Kurt fucks Mari's face while she's laying on her back and Hillary tongues his bung. Hillary also seems to have found a rabbit vibrator and Mari grabs it from her to work her own pussy. When Kurt leaves her throat, her pussy is soaked. The delectable Ms. Scott sits her asshole down on Kurt's cock in RCA. The ever helpful Mari rubs Hillary's clit and licks her lovely tits. Hillary cums and it's Mari's turn to ride the baloney pony in CG anal. She may be enhanced, but that ass is a work of art, butterfly and all. Hillary resumes her seat on Kurt's face. I love Mari's bounce and grind before Kurt just starts slamming the bone in there. When he gives her back control she keeps the fast pace up. A2M for Mari as she lubes up the cock for Hillary. RCA again and Mari sits on Kurt's face and fondles Hillary. A2OGM and a re-plant of the cock. Hillary gets her world rocked and the girls share the ass juice on his cock. The lucky Mr. Lockwood is going to get the girls side by side now, sliding from one ass to the other, starting with Mari. Hillary pries her friend's cheeks open and sucks the juice from Kurt's cock. Hillary gets hers in up and over. Kurt stands on her head, then gets his toes sucked by Mari, who then helps out with Hillary's pleasuring. Mish anal for Hillary and Mari sits on her face. She and Kurt suck Hillary's toes. They're all in a fuck frenzy as Kurt pulls out and splashes his seed into Mari's open mouth. She shares her glaze with Hillary.
Three days later, Seymore walks into a room with Missy Monroe and Flower Tucci playing with Sledge Hammer. Seymore was supposed to bring toys but all he could get was climaxer cream. The girls apply it to each other with Hammer's help. Missy looks particularly stoked. The girls feast on Sledge's fat cock. Missy's the first to fuck, in mish. The first thrust is like a shock to her system, her body jerking involuntarily. It gets good right away and Flower sits on her face. Missy starts squirting almost immediately. Flower does P2OGM for her copious juices, then takes a lick from the source. Flower takes her cock in CG, Seymore framing her great ass. She lets loose a strong trademark stream. Missy beats on her ass and Flower sprays again. P2M and Missy slips the cock in her pussy in spoon. That's turned to anal in no time at all. Missy's tits flopping around is one of the great sights in porn. Flower helps out with some pussy licking and A2OGM. We get a pussy eyed view of Missy jilling off her horny fuckhole. Flower gives her a sweet kiss then climbs on Sledge in RCA. A2M and back on for more butt reaming. Flower gushes and totally douses the lense. When she's done cumming, it's Hammer's turn as the girls lick off his cock. You can't see his pop but when Missy opens her mouth there's a glob on her tongue. They clean him off and kiss each other. Thumbs up for the climaxer cream.
Two days later it would appear that the toy delivery has come. Mari and Shy Love are surrounded by an array of sexual aids. Seymore instructs the girls on the uses of some of the toys and they seem to want to try everything out at once. Holes get filled and toys are changed. They both settle on g-spot stimulators and Mari is sure she's going to cum. She certainly gets wet, anyway. Shy finds a heavy duty clit stimulator/sucker and has a breathless orgasm. Mari uses the same toy and DP's herself with a dildo while Shy goes back to the g-spot toy in tandem with the clit one. She DP's herself too, adding a blue vibe to her ass. That makes three toys for Shy. Mari's just rocking on her DP, then decides to switch to a toy that has two probes. A fat one for the pussy and thinner one for the ass. There's also circular movement to these prods. She needs Shy's help getting them planted, but wants the fat part in her butt. Mari's creaming on this thing and adds a pocket rocket to the mix for clitoral stimulation. Shy grinds that thing deep in Mari's holes and cleans her up with her tongue. Shy gives Mari's greedy holes more double stimulation, making her cum and licking the juices in delight. Mari pops a ball headed vibe into Shy's ass and gives her a rocket for her clit. She gets the ball turning like a propellor in her butt, then Mari tongues the opened hole. A big, fat lifelike dildo is found and planted in Shy's pussy, Mari planting it balls deep and licking her clit. She gives Shy the clit stimulator to help out causing a sensory overload and big orgasm. Mari greases up the fat dildo for anal entry. She's turned into quite the butt slut. Shy fucks her with it and Mari's in heaven. Some licking of the gaping sphincter, more fucking and gaping ensues. The dildo is turned so that the balls are rubbing her clit and she cums hard. Shy gives her a clean-up lick and the girls critique the array of toys.
Epilogue It seems like old times at Casa Butts. Fun to be had everywhere you look. Mari Possa has taken over as horny ringleader in the spirit of Shane and Alisha. Jada Fire put on an impressive performance to set things up and Hillary, Missy, Flower and Shy kept the fires stoked. Good stuff here. I wouldn't have ended the festivities with a g/g toyfest but the very nature of Seymore's videos is as an ongoing story, so you never know how he'll end an episode. Sometimes it's just a tease for the next edition.
The Disk Photo gallery, trailers and a BTS. A lot of commercials are also tacked on for a myriad of needs.
Recommendation If you like Seymore's style in general, you'll like this. The women are hot and fun. Give it a spin.

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