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astroknight Seymore Butts' Asshunt 3.5 starsSeymore Butts' Asshunt 3.5 starsSeymore Butts' Asshunt 3.5 stars
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Seymore Butts' Asshunt

Seymore Butts' Asshunt

Studio: Seymore Butts
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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LSBReviews's ratings for Seymore Butts' Asshunt:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Seymore Butts' Asshunt overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Seymore Butts' Asshunt Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Seymore Butts' Asshunt Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Seymore Butts' Asshunt Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Seymore Butts' Asshunt Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seymore Butts' Asshunt DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seymore Butts' Asshunt A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  9/3/2006
Produced 02/06
Seymore Butts Home Movies (
Pure Play Media (
113 minutes

Directed by: Seymore Butts

Starring: Tylene Buck, Taylor Hayes, Venus, Leah Stevenson, Naudia Nyce, Phyllisha Anne, Amber Peach, Flower Tucci, Mark Davis Herschel Savage, Tom Byron and Seymore Butts.

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Asshunt features fives sex scenes filmed as usual at Casa Butts. Of the five scenes, three are g/b/g scenes that all include anal sex, some girl/girl and some "ass to mouth" cocksucking. The other two scenes are a solo scene with newcomer Tylene Buck and a couple of sex toys and a brief blowjob from former Vivid girl Taylor Hayes, who is making a brief return to porn with this scene. Also returning are former porn stud Tom Byron and the lovely Phyllisha Anne who looks very good and has bigger breasts. Tylene is a major hot blonde with large enhanced tits who slides her pussy back and forth over a dildo that's attached to an exercise machine before inserting a large clear dildo in her ass. I was disappointed there was no sucking or fucking from Tylene with a real cock and I'm not usually not turned on by a girl with a dildo, but Tylene does a nice job teasing us a little before taking the toy up her butt. The last scene stars brunette Taylor Hayes in which she has 15 minutes to blow veteran Mark Davis and make him cum. Taylor is still a very attractive woman, but here she wears no make-up and is dressed casually instead of wearing some sexy outfit. Her blowjob starts slow, but picks up steam until we hear Mark moan and Taylor's cheek get a little wet. Too bad Taylor's face was covered with her own hair towards the end of the blowjob (not during the cumshot) and Seymore never moves in for a close-up. In fact he never moves in for a good close-up during any of the other cumshots. Flower does some squirting from her pussy onto Naudia's face. Venus looks great with long bright red hair though I'm guessing she was quite hungry from the time she spent with her tongue on Tom Byron's asshole. There's some decent sex and some hot girls, but the cumshots range from average to weak and there's no obvious cum swallowing. And while it was nice seeing newbie Tylene Buck and the return of Taylor Hayes, overall I wasn't very aroused by this film. The DVD Special Features include some BTS footage, a photo gallery, trailers, a commercial for Seymore's catalog to buy his films, a commercial with Seymore Butts advertising his bachelor party and other party services, a commercial with Alisha Klass for the team tushy website and a commercial for Seymore's line of sex toys. *No Condoms were used in this film..

Scene One: Phyllisha Anne, Amber Peach and Herschel Savage.
Phyllisha is an attractive sandy blonde with a nice body and bigger boobs. Amber is a cute brunette with long straight hair. Seymore enters a room to find Herschel fucking each girl doggie style. Phyllisha positions herself under Amber so she can suck his cock from Amber's pussy and so she can lick Amber's pussy while he's fucking her (Amber). Herschel lies back to receive oral sex from both girls with some deep throating. Phyllisha rides him cowgirl in her pussy with Amber licking his balls and tasting his cock from Phyllisha's pussy. Phyllisha then rides his cock cowgirl style in her ass. Phyllisha sucks Herschel's cock "ass to mouth". Herschel has anal sex with both girls in different positions that includes some girl/girl sex, his balls getting rubbed by Phyllisha while Amber masturbates, and both girls appearing to orgasm. Herschel pulls out of Amber's ass and begins jerking off while Phyllisha's hand cradles his balls. Herschel cums on Amber's clit with Phyllisha licking some of it (some cum might have landed on Phyllisha's tongue).

Scene Two: Tylene Buck.
Tylene is a very sexy golden blonde beauty with a hot body and man made tits. Seymore enters a room to find Tylene exercising on a machine wearing tight white shorts, white shirt, sneakers and white ankle high socks. He leaves and supposedly comes back 18 minutes later to find Tylene nude, except for sneakers and socks, and getting fucked by a dildo that's attached to the exercise machine she was working out on. Tylene slides her pussy back and forth on the dildo while Seymore talks to her (some of it dirty). Tylene moans and appears to orgasm. She pulls off of the dildo. Tylene next uses a large clear dildo to rub over her pussy lips before inserting it in her asshole. She uses her fingers to do some masturbating while fucking herself anally with the sex toy. She says she's gonna cum and appears to again (Seymore continues to watch from off camera and comment on what he sees). Tylene removes the toy and they chat a little longer until the scene ends.

Scene Three: Naudia Nyce, Flower Tucci and a guy.
Naudia is a cute brunette with shoulder length hair (she has some pink or purple highlights in her hair). Flower is a very pretty and sexy sandy blonde with long hair. Seymore enters his living room to find Naudia fucking a guy reverse cowgirl in her pussy on a couch (both girls suck his cock from Naudia's pussy). Flower squirts in Naudia's face from her pussy while riding the guys cock reverse cowgirl. Both suck on his cock some more. The ladies do some dirty talking. Both girls have anal sex in a few different positions that includes some girl/girl oral sex, more squirting from Flower's pussy and both girls sucking cock "ass to mouth". The guy pulls out of Flower's ass to jerk off and cum on the girls tongues and faces (very little cum lands on Naudia). Flower sucks on his cock. The girls do some kissing. Naudia licks Flower's wet face.

Scene Four: Venus, Venus, Leah Stevenson and Tom Byron.
Leah is a cute brunette and sandy blonde with long hair. Venus is a very sexy and attractive redhead with long hair. Seymore enters a bedroom to find Tom hovering over Leah's face as she sucks on his cock. Venus enters casually dressed and is soon licking Tom's asshole (Venus removes her pants, but leaves on her turquoise thong panties, heels and purple top). Leah does some masturbating as she continues blowing Tom in a couple of positions (Venus is still licking his asshole). The ladies switch functions as Venus blows and deep throats Tom while Leah licks his asshole. Leah uses a vibrating toy on his balls and asshole. Venus loses the panties as she sits over Tom's face while Leah blows him some more and almost inserts the toy in his ass. Leah is fucked in her pussy doggie style while Venus licks on his asshole, balls and Leah's pussy. Venus sucks his cock from Leah's pussy. Tom uses lube on his cock before fucking Venus's ass missionary while she (Venus) does some masturbating. Tom fucks both girls anally in a few different positions that includes some girl/girl oral sex and fingering, both girls sucking cock "ass to mouth" and Venus fingering and licking Tom's asshole. Tom pulls out of Venus's ass to cum on Leah's face (near her right eye) and on Venus's tongue as he jerks off. Both girls give him some head.

Scene Five: Taylor Hayes and Mark Davis.
Taylor is usually a very pretty and sexy brunette, but she has no make-up on her face and is dressed casually for her brief scene in this film. Taylor has 15 minutes to make Mark cum. Taylor begins blowing Mark slowly as a time counter appears at the bottom of the screen. Things start off slowly as she blows Mark and he briefly strokes his cock. Taylor then picks things up after a while. She starts sucking and stroking on his cock harder and faster as her hair completely covers her face. Taylor is sucking and stroking Mark's cock as he starts to cum (I could see her lower face get a little wet, but visually it's wasn't a well filmed cumshot and there was no close-up). She wipes her face with her arm as the counter reads 6 minutes and 48 seconds, but it took less time than that if you actually start from when she began sucking on his cock.

Special Features
Behind The Scenes - Footage of cast and crew on location at Seymore's house. Footage includes Seymore explaining some things to the performers and there's some sex footage (8:29).

Photo Gallery - Hardcore still photos from the sex scenes.

800 Number - Ad for Seymore Butts' Home Movies with sex clips from his other films and information on how to order a catalog (2:28).

Trailers - Anal Express, Internet Tushy, War Of The Girls, Gapes Of Wrath, Squirters 2 and Party At Butt's Place.

WWW.TEAMTUSHY.COM - Alisha Klass does a short commercial ad for this website (1:03).

Bachelor Party Commercial - Seymore promoting his party services business (1:02)

Toyz Commercial - Ad for Seymore Butts Sex Toys (1:20).
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