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Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2

Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2

Studio: Seymore Butts
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seymore Butts' Assgasms 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  4/15/2005
Seymore Butts': Assgasms 2


Initial Thoughts This one is a compilation of various scenes from other Seymore Butts titles, sadly though the scenes are not well labeled to let us know what movie the scenes are from. My main reason for checking this one out, was to see a few more scenes of Alisha Klass, and for that and that alone this disc is worth a look, as she appears in several of the scenes and it's some of her hotter scenes too. There is a pretty strong supporting cast of tushy girls though, and although most of the scenes have absolutely no lead in at all, a couple give us a better look at the girls and thier bubbly personality with a little setup to the scenes. There is a good bit of anal as promised, and there is all the usual qualities we have come to expect from a Seymore Butts title, it's not the greatest grouping of scenes I have seen, but it's a good start if you haven't seen any of his titles before, and a nice revisiting of several titles and performers that haven't been around in a while.

Technical Considerations: The technical qualities have a bit of a range, considering that these scenes are from several releases, thier generally acceptable, the sound is fairly good, Picture quality is decent, camera work is solid but occasionally a little to jumpy. Lighting is a bit of a weak spot at times with more than a couple shadow issues and dark and light out occurances, but it's not horrible. I'm not too fond of the editing at all, as some of the scenes jump around too much, and are obviously heavily hacked up to mainly show the anal sex in many of the scenes and cut out all the rest. Menu's are simple and functional and get the job done.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Bonita Saint and Alisha Klass

Seymore and Alisha go through some boxes and play around a little bit before they get a visitor, and that visitor comes in the hot little person of Bonita Saint, they hug and chat with Seymore a little bit. It always amazes me how much energy and cuteness many of the tushy girls show, Alisha just looks like she can never wait to get into some action, and Bo is fairly similar. The girls end up going out to play some half dressed tennis for an assgasm, and Alisha wins the match, the girls have a squirting/pissing contest out on the court before they get a little more intimate with one another in front of Semymore's camera. The girls definately aren't shy with each other, and as veggie scenes go, this one was actually pretty good, and it becomes a bit of a marathon too. The girls do a lot of heavy licking and some fingering of both holes, with some finger ATM and PTM, Bonita rides Alisha's tits with her pussy which was fun to watch, and soon enough the toys come out too, some big assed dildos and a crap load of lube helps things along, and anal stimulation is the way of the game for the most part. Alisha does aparently get her assgasm, and so does Bo, and a good time was had by all as they seal thier visit with a kiss. Duration: 40:16 mins

Scene 2: Devin DeRay and Tom Byron

Alisha brings Seymore a tape, and he pops it in to watch some old footage as he tapes Tom Byron getting nice and comfy inside hot darker skinned major meloned Devin's ass in spoon while Seymore fingers her pussy. The pace gets picked up a bit as they move to some reverse cowgirl anal with Devin fingering herself, and after a few short minutes he pulls out of her ass and blows his man chowder all over her pussy lips. More of a clip than a scene, and never had a chance to get going or build up to anything, but some decent action. Duration: 4:11 mins

Scene 3: Alisha Klass

Basically another clip here, but a little more too it, A vibe and a dildo come out along with Seymore's fingers to get back to getting Alisha that Assgasm, he works over her well oiled asshole with some vigor and she really digs it and shows her approval with a massive squirt straight up into the air. I don't care for the stationary camera shot, and there are some slow motion shots that kind of slug things out, but it's a decent little squirt scene. Duration: 5:58 mins

Scene 4: Lea Stevenson, Wendi Knight and Tom Byron

Again right into the sex, and straight to the ass fucking too, Tom works over both girls asses and only thier asses in a non stop ass fucking free for all here, spoon, and various cowgirl positions are pretty much the way of the game here, with a little missionary and some doggy for each girl. Things are a little subdued for most of the time, but the girls do some rimming on Tom and are fairly into it when it's there turn, but there isn't a great deal of chemistry between any of the three, and lighting and camera angles were less than ideal in this one, but before you know it, Tom pops his load between the two girls faces and they cut away before the mess can be enjoyed. Duration: 15:12 mins

Scene 5: Samantha Stylle, Alisha Klass and Sean Michaels

Once again straight into the fucking, and Sean has his rod burried deep inside Samantha's oiled up ass with Alisha fingering Sam's pussy enthusiastically when the fade in occurs to start this one. Alisha brings a lot of energy to this scene, but Samantha is digging the big black dick up her ass too, and she puts in a nice little performance of her own as Sean fucks her ass in doggy style before pulling out and blasting some seed on Alisha's face and a jet or two on Samantha too. Duration 5:01 mins

Scene 6: Alisha Klass, Mary Jane and Tyce Bune

Up Up and away to the ass bangin we go, Tyce is firmly planted in MJ's ass in missionary when this one comes into view, and Alisha is soon there to do a little ATOGM (Ass To Other Girls Mouth). Seymore jiggles MJ's big ebony tits around for a while, and he and Alisha take turns fingering her pussy too, Alisha and MJ kiss and the ass hammering continues in missionary. they switch to some cowgirl anal, and Alisha gets her pretty little face in there to do some ass and ball licking while she assists the repeated reentry of penis to ass by lubing things up with a little more ATOGM. MJ spins around and they go for some reverse cowgirl, and the oil comes in thick and slick, this one stays pretty slow paced, although the girls seem to be having a good time, and Alisha really steals the show with her energy and enthusiasm, she pulls Tyce's cock out of MJ's ass and jerks him off to a good load all over her hand and MJ's pussy and the cum runs down her ass crack, not a bad scene. Scene duration 15:42 mins

Scene 7: Kelly Jean, Kimberly Kummings and Ron Jeremy

The hedgehog himself gets to be the assgasm staff in this next scene, and again we miss all the good stuff that leads up to the girl getting her browneye packed with manchester meet sticks. He bores out the girl's asses for a while mainly in doggy, and a litte piledriver towards the end, another pretty straightforward outing here with not a lot in the way of chemistry or energy for that matter, but there is some fingering and a couple of the usual ronisms, and he shoots a good wad of dick juice onto some pretty faces to close this one out. Duration: 11:52 mins

Scene 8: Halli Aston, Samantha Stylles and Tom Byron, Alex Sanders

I'm all for well lubed anal sex and all that, but when you go through a case of valvoline in one movie, I think it's time to reconsider the orifice your using for sexual pleasure. Back off the lube man. Anyway we go straight away again to the anal action with the camera angles not really allowing me to see which girl is getting it when, but they stick mainly with some doggy and cowgirl anal on the couch, and the girls do get two strong pops from the guys as they jerk and suck them off, but the facials are lackluster. Duration: 11:46 mins

Scene 9: Alisha Klass and Seymore Butts

Well we finally end the clip parade and go back to the now with Alisha chatting with Seymore after he removes the tape from the VCR. She is getting in the mood after all that porno, and she starts to play with her pussy right there on the chair, and soon enough they go to the couch and the clothes come off, this entire scene is shot in POV from Seymore's POV. The last quart of Exxon gets used up on Alisha's pussy and the two team up to finger DP her and get her moaning, soon her holes are well lubed up and she has a powerful squirt right at the camera and all over Seymore's arm and her lower half. Now revved up after a good assgasm, Alisha takes to sucking Seymore's cock and giving him a titjob to get him ready, with the help of the magical world of editing, he's up and ready in no time, and she gets in a few quick licks and slobbers up his shaft before the lube comes out again and her lovely ass is the target of an anal penetration in doggy. They get into a good rhythm and Alisha does a little ATM before she stands up and bends over the couch for some Standing doggy anal, she gets her ass gaped out a little bit and has another good squirt that runs down her pussy and down her inner thighs and down to her feet, and after a little more solid ass pumping, she jerks off Seymore to a great facial all over her sexy smiling face and sucks his cock some to cleanup. This was easily the best scene on the disc in my view. Duration: 27:21 mins

Extra Stuff

Photo Gallery: 20 shots or so of the sex from the film.

Bonus Scene:Sexy Mari does a little strip tease and chats with Seymore before we get treated to a very hot BJ, mostly in POV with some good energy from Mari and lots of stroking and some good eye contact from time to time, she sucks and strokes him off to a decent facial and she gives some post cum head and chat. 13:44 min.

Other Extras: Trailer Reel, 800 number add, Bachelor Party add, team add.

In The End

To be honest the more I watched this one, the more unhappy with it I became. It's a compilation and I can accept that there are going to be certain edits or things of that nature, but this disc was really just a chop shop showcase. If anal and only anal is your thing, and the kind of proam look and feel are your thing too, then you may find some enjoyment on this disc, but nearly all of these scenes are so switched up that they never get the chance to show what they could have been, and if your a fan of Seymore or these girls, your better off picking up one of the discs that they appear in that are not compilations, and experience the Butts ordeal for your self, but I have to say buy or rent this one at your own risk. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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