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Sexy Moves

Sexy Moves

Studio: Playgirl
Category:  Couples
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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The Visitor's ratings for Sexy Moves:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sexy Moves overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sexy Moves Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sexy Moves Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sexy Moves Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexy Moves Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexy Moves DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexy Moves A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by The Visitor  on  9/22/2007
First Scene – Love Song

This takes place in a recording booth. The woman comes out and starts having fun with her sound man. In terms of sensuality and an on screen connection between the actors, this is the best of the DVD. They start off kissing, necking, and petting clothed. Great eye contact. He removes her top and starts caressing her great breasts. His shirt comes off and she is rubbing him all over. Nothing is rushed. Great pace. She becomes for aggressive and gives a nice slow blowjob. Their hands are always moving, just like in ‘real life’ for many people. This was more like making love than having ‘sex’. Great to see on a DVD. He then begins to dine on her. She has great legs, and her labia and bush are awesome. (She is a knock-out.) It takes 16 minutes before he enters her, but it is worth it. Again, great pacing for someone looking for more than 30 seconds of foreplay before ‘banging’ begins. Kudos to her for her expressive face & eyes, smoldering, saying “I want YOU”. The scene finishes with him cumming on her stomach.

The music, while technically good on all of these scenes, really needed more artistic-ness. Too ‘Euro sound machine’. Ironically, the best music was on the Extra “French Lesson”. For Playgirl, JMO if they want to appeal to more mainstream women, get better music. I could see ‘industry’ women liking this music since they hear it a lot, and maybe college women who go to dance clubs for this, but if they want higher age demographics, more music like the “French Lesson” would be appealing.

Second Scene – Pilot Paradise

This takes place on a small corporate jet in the plane hanger. She is smolderingly hot flight attendant, he, a pilot. They begin by kissing and undressing each other. She bends down and gives him a long blowjob. This video is more ‘porn star’ than the first one. She then stands up and he eats her out. What a mighty fine pussy. Nice color to her labia lips. Your mouth will water wanting to taster her yourself. They move on to standing-doggy before he finally cums on her chest while he stands.

The editor did some distracting speed-ups, which I first thought was a dvd glitch. It was irritating when he did it many times more as a way of transitioning a camera positioning. The music was too loud. It would be nice to be able to hear the lady as she moans and screems instead of the cheesey soundtrack. A plus were the thigh-highs she wore throughout. Nice color for her hair/skin.

Third Scene – Apocalypse

This was too ‘out there’ for a dvd like this, in my opinion. I can’t see how this would appeal to women. It was too dark. They were prisoners(?) You really could not see much of what you’d like to have seen (breasts, pussy, etc.) Too ‘foggy’ and soft-focused. They kissed and then he ate her out. She gave him a BJ and then they went at it in a standing-doggy position, then moving onto her back where he came on her stomach. This scene felt like a ‘throw in’.

Fourth Scene – Call It A Truce

This takes place in a brick building. The man and woman come at each other as if they are adversaries in an Eastern Sword flic. They agree to a truce, and decide to bang each other instead. She is really stacked. Nice natural tits. Their clothes come off and she gives him a blowjob. She then lies down and he licks and eats her pussy. It is nice to see a woman really moving her hips in a sensual way while a guy does this. They then move to a standing missionary, which comes across as a little too long. After a switch in postion, he cums on her back.

There was too much camera movement. It was always panning in or out. Distracting after a while. She was very ‘involved’ in the action. He came across as expressionless.

Fifth Scene – Slow Dance

This takes place in a very wealthy home. She is a businesswoman who ‘knows what she wants’. She calls up her professional lover to come satisfy her. They start a slow dance together, She does voice-over ‘thoughts’ during the action. Not a lot, but moves it along by doing so.

She likes his chest, kissing and caressing it. She has creamy breasts and nice nipples. He undresses her and then she goes down on him. It then moves to him holding her up while he is standing and she is inside him. She then lays down and he continues pounding her slowly while standing. She gives more BJ to him before they move to a standing missionary postion before he cums on her stomach. They finish with a long kiss (nice touch!)

Sixth Scene – Benz Over

This is a reversal of what you normally see. This time the woman is the photographer and the man ios the model posing with the exotic car. She undresses him at various stages, taking more pictures, until they are both nude. She has a very nice butt. Tight and shapely. She gives him a standing blowjob. A little too long. He puts her on the hood of the car and eats her out. A nice touch is seeing her foot rub up and down his back. They then progrerss to missionary on the car hood, and then on a stool. Then its standing doggy before he cums on her back.

She is gorgeous. This couple actually moved very well together. Almost as one.Would have liked to have seen them in a more traditional setting with better lighting.


1- French Lesson – This was actually the second-best clip on the dvd, after the 1st Scene. Best music. Classical guitar playing Old Country ballad-type music. We need more of this music! The actress was beautiful. Great legs, nice real breasts. They slowly undress and kiss. He does a good job of eating her honey. She then gives him a BJ. He then sits on the sofa and she climbs on top. Awesome! You really felt they were making-love instead of just having sex. Five-star scene!

2- A 28 minute Nitro scene of a man pleasuring himself while standing up.

The usual extras like photo galleries, and an unrelated ‘behind the scenes’

Over-all it was a mixed-bag. Scene1 & 5 were the best. All of the women were gorgeous, especially in the first scene and “French Lesson”. Music needs upgrading to better stylings. It can’t be that hard for a house like Playgirl to find a half-decent musician to improve on it, unless they want the “Euro-nightclub” sound.

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