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Sexx the Hard Way 7

Sexx the Hard Way 7

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Straight
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Speelie's ratings for Sexx the Hard Way 7:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sexx the Hard Way 7 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sexx the Hard Way 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sexx the Hard Way 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sexx the Hard Way 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexx the Hard Way 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexx the Hard Way 7 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexx the Hard Way 7 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  12/30/2002
Sexx the Hard Way 7
Directed by Nacho Vidal
Digital Sin DVD
Released Summer 2002

Cast : Lenka (aka Natalka, Natalie Ross, Valentina Valli), Janavi (aka Maryka, Jana), Nikol, Jessica May/Mar/Hart, Sylvia Lancome, Vanessa Virgin, Laura Dark (aka Olena, Eva), Raul Vidal, Dennis Marti, Andrea “Tarzan” Moranty, Patrixxx, Nacho Vidal

This outing is a mixture of footage from several shoots. We open with a moment from the October 2001 Prague sequence, as Lenka finds Raul Vidal under the covers, and wakes him with some passionate kissing. She has on almost no makeup, and this might well have been her first scene. She might have also been Raul’s real life girlfriend, based on how the two interact here. Lenka’s been one of my favorite newcummers of 2002, and has quickly made many fans, especially now that she’s turning up in Private and A/D releases. She’s at center bottom on the boxcover, wearing the cross she sported in all her early scenes.

Raul undresses Lenka as they make out, and she giggles until he starts to eat her. She polishes his knob, and then leans back for a sort of “missionary-ride” in between position intercourse. As it continues, Raul, as in Sexx the Hard Way 5, shows that he posseses almost none of his brother’s charisma. That brother, Nacho, finds Lenka so intriguing that he reaches around the camera to stroke her face as she rides. Lenka digs Nacho’s cock out, stroking and sucking it until he gives the camera to Raul, so as to pay her his full attention. Now it gets much livelier, as Nacho screws her strongly in about every position. She responds well to Nacho, but still spares friendly glances for Raul from time to time. Nacho eventually cums weakly on Lenka’s belly, and the scene actually ends as she and Raul kiss again. Lenka’s latest stage name is Valentina Valli, and with that she can be found in Bring’Um Young 11 and Axel Braun’s upcoming Seduction.

Nacho wakes up Dennis Marti, who is in the same bed as in the just concluded proceedings, and shows him that two young ladies are waiting to get busy. Blonde Janavi (upper left on the cover) has made many fans after appearing in movies such as 18 and Nasty 26, and dusky Nikol (lower right), had her own one on one go with Nacho in Killer Pussy 11. They are both very sensuous in a quiet, submissive way. Janavi begins matters by sitting on Marti’s face, as hirsute Nikol gets on all fours to blow him, and cameraman Nacho takes the opportunity to doggy fuck her while filming. Janavi then moves down onto Marti’s cock, as Nacho keeps pumping Nikol. As Janavi gets carried away in her trademark fashion, Nacho shows his own member to the camera, to demonstrate the semen around the tip. Marti then gets both girls to himself, and gives Nikol a hard boning in mish, with Janavi sucking pussy to mouth. Each girl gets plenty more intercourse, with Nacho having a brief second go at Nikol, who takes Marti’s cock out of the riding Janavi so that he can cum in her mouth. Everyone is left tired but happy. I haven’t seen Nikol anywhere but here and Killer Pussy 11, but Nacho worked with Janavi again in Killer Pussy 9 and LWCBBMD 14. Another scene made about this time was released recently on Rocco’s True Anal Stories 17, and it includes Janavi’s only anal that I know of.

Nacho is in the living room of a Prague apartment with Sylvia Lancome (lower left on the front) and Jessica May, discussing the city’s party scene. “Do you fuck also, or do you only film?” Sylvia asks Nacho, and this cracks up Jessica, who is Nacho’s old friend from the Prague Spa Sessions almost two years earlier (they made scenes together for Killer Pussy 2 and True Anal Stories 13). The fact that this is apprently Sylvia’s first time meeting Nacho, along with Jessica’s long hair (as shown on the cover under the “7,” she cut it short soon after, by the time she made Rocco’s Reverse Gangbang 2 and Animal Trainer 9), suggests that this scene was shot in the summer of 2001, before Nacho brought Sylvia on his August 2001 trip to Barcelona, and well before Sylvia’s better known scenes in movies such as Rocco’s Initiations 4 and True Anal Strories 16. Tarzan joins the group, and he is presently Sylvia’s offscreen boyfriend. They may not yet have become a couple when this was made, but you can see the sparks between them already. They tease and goof with each other, and then Jessica joins the fun.

Jessica and Tarzan are consumate pros, and Sylvia became one quickly, so this is a chance to see how experienced performers have fun in a relaxed, unscripted situation. There’s a variety of sucking and fucking, and Sylvia gets rather into the intercourse she receives in various positions. Jessica has her usual subdued fun, no matter whether her pussy is getting attention from a cock, a mouth, or fingers. Sylvia eagerly rims Tarzan while he doggy fucks Jessica, but that’s as close to anal as you’ll see here. As I indicated above, this is how the pros have fun, and in the spontaneous heat of the moment, they probably hadn’t prepped for butt fucking. It all ends with Jessica bouncing up and down on Tarzan reverse cowgirl, until he cums onto Sylvia’s face. Sylvia’s Spanish scenes with Nacho can be found on Blowjob Impossible 3 and Latin Psycho 2. Jessica most recently was part of the Czech Exodus to Ibiza, where she made a scene for Blonde Buster 1.

The time frame shifts forward to the April 2002 House of Ass sequence for the last two scenes. These were made concurrently with Killer Pussy 13, and have the same relatively lower picture quality. Vanessa Virgin (upper right on the cover) is looking out from a balcony when Marti surprises her with a large teddy bear. He gropes, she blows, and Nacho cops a feel too. A recliner has been brought out, and she continues to suck the seated Marti as Nacho enters her from behind. Someone else, probably Patrixxx, takes the camera for a moment, and when Nacho resumes filming, Vanessa’s fondness for him (also shown in Killer Pussy 13 and Orgy World 2) is clear on her face, even though she likes Marti too. She strokes and fellates Nacho for a while, as she rides Marti reverse cowgirl, but Nacho sits out the rest. Vanessa gets doggy analled, which switches briefly to mish, before Marti finishes himself messily in her mouth and on her chin. Vanessa then grabs the teddy bear with a hint of a grin for Nacho. The bear can be seen again in Nacho’s No Limits 1 ;-)

“Laura Dark” (not on the cover) is by the downstairs pool, playing on a large ball. This Ukrainian has several names, she is labelled “Eva” on the cover of Orgy World 2, where she shared a scene with Vanessa, but she gave her name as “Lena” or “Olena” and the latter seems to be her real one. She’s incredibly sensual, with a soft, curvy body built for sex, and she gets very involved in whatever situations she encounters. Her eyes and body language always reveal her sexiness, and how much fun she is having, even when paired here with a scumbag like Patrixxx. It must have been his turn to get some, after being the cameraman for Killer Pussy 13 and No Limits 1. She happily fellates him, and then Nacho too, before 69ing with Patrixxx on a chair. In a not unwelcome replay of the previous scene, she bends over to blow the sitting Patrixxx, while Nacho penetrates her from behind. She’s soon moaning in pleasure, and then turns around to moan further while riding Patrixxx reverse cowgirl, which allows us to watch her tits flop beautifully. Patrixxx can certainly lay some wood, he gives her a good pounding in the usual positions, leaving her tired but very sated by the time he pulls out to ejaculate powerfully on her face.

Sexx the Hard Way 7 is one of the last of the old generation of Digital Sin DVDs, so the extras are nothing to get excited about. It does have a nice photo gallery, and the chapter stops are fairly close to logical places, but it has to live or die on the strength of the feature. I liked it a lot, but I can imagine that it will appeal most to those who are fans of these women from their other apearances. So the dedicated Nachoribas collectors will want to add this one, but casual fans may well wonder why I keep making a fuss about these movies. If you could really care less how Lenka and Sylvia Lancome got their start in porn, then you can probably safely skip this movie, but it offers many rewards for those who have been carefully following Nacho’s adventures over the past few years.

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