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Sexx The Hard Way 4

Sexx The Hard Way 4

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Foreign , Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for Sexx The Hard Way 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sexx The Hard Way 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sexx The Hard Way 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sexx The Hard Way 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sexx The Hard Way 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexx The Hard Way 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexx The Hard Way 4 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexx The Hard Way 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  7/7/2002
Sexx the Hard Way 4
Directed by Nacho Vidal
Digital Sin DVD
Released early 2002
DVD Released Summer 2002

Cast : Margaret, Mandy Bright, Jana, Katerina, Nikki, Isha Paradise, Claudia Clair, Andrea “Tarzzan” Moranty/Vidal, Franco “Teo” Roccaforte, Dennis Marti, Tony Ribas, Robby Blake, Nacho Vidal

The fourth volume of Sexx the Hard Way doesn’t have a subtitle, but it could almost be labelled “women expending their lust,” since that ends up as a recurring theme.The action this time is spread over several countries, and was shot over the course of a few months. It doesn’t have the consistency of most of Nacho’s projects, which are frequently shot on a single day, but this proves to be no detriment. Note that Janavi (aka Maryka) is shown at lower right on the cover, but does not appear in the movie.

The first scene takes place in Prague, as Nacho’s cousin Tarzzan leaves his apartment. Before he can reach the street, dyed blonde Margaret accosts him , opening her coat to reveal lingerie and asking “Wanna fuck?” No, she isn’t a prostitute searching for a john, instead, she’s simply a horny gal looking for male attention. Back at Tarzzan’s place, she’s so eager, she throws him to the bed. Margaret is plain, but still pretty, with a body that is quite curvy in spite of her small bust (she’s at upper left on the cover). She’s a very energetic performer, as she showed again in Killer Pussy 11. Tarzzan eats her, and she quickly blows him, and then they get right to spooning. As Margaret rides reverse cowgirl and takes him doggy, she really seems to be finding the satisfaction she sought. Tarzzan pulls out just in time to cum around her mouth.

Statuesque Mandy Bright (lower left on the cover) snoops around in the medical office at the House of Ass in Budapest. Among the usual devices she finds a vibrator, and naturally can’t resist testing it out. Teo catches Mandy, and decides to teach her a lesson. He’s allegedly a doctor in real life, but he might want to pursue further study, as his doctor character here thinks his stethoscope is designed to check Mandy’s pussy. You can imagine what follows, it is the typical suck and fuck, with the novelty of having it performed on medical furniture. Both deliver their usual high energy performances, though Mandy doesn’t get quite as intense a workout as she got about the same time from Nacho in Killer Pussy 8. Thankfully, she looks better than she did in Killer Pussy 8’s sister movie, 110% Natural #1, though not as good as in her recent Kovi and Christoph Clark appearances, for which her makeup is better. Teo tries to poke a finger up her butt at one point, and she ends that quickly, but since has made at least one anal scene, for Adamo’s Gladiator (and looked like she hated every second of it). After some particularly vigorous doggy, Teo pulls out to jerk off onto Mandy’s face. It’s a good, but not great scene from a woman who has delivered many good, but not great scenes.

Czech Amazons Jana (Bacchanal, Anal Intensive 2) and Katerina (LWCBBMD 14) fool around with troll-in-training Dennis Marti in a Prague living room. While watching this, I recalled that they had a great romp with Nacho at 2am, captured in 18 and Nasty 26. I wonder if this was filmed earlier in the same day, or merely at about the same time? Regardless, these two are very enthusiastic girls who get into the sex without overdoing it or seeming fake (Jana is at upper right on the cover, Katerina has a similar build). Both get a thorough pussy poke from Dennis, who fingers Jana’s asshole while she rides him cowgirl on a couch. She then guides his rod into her back door, and starts impaling herself forcefully.

Katerina, meanwhile, lies to the side, getting the four finger treatment from Dennis. Nacho is standing by her to film, so she playfully grabs at his bulge. He turns the camera on her, and she grins and wags her tongue, before undoing his pants and proceding to fellate him. Jana and Dennis are making loud mutual grunts, and this causes Nacho hold the camera away from himself at a long angle, to catch all of the action at once. This quickly changes, as Katerina kneels on the couch to receive Nacho doggy. He gets so involved that he passes the camera to someone (probably still photographer Jean-Michel), to concentrate on fucking. Meanwhile, Jana has moved to her back, so that Dennis can sink his rod balls deep up her ass in mish. The cameraman perfectly captures the action of the two couples frantically going at it just inches apart. One of the hottest moments in any Nacho movie continues as the partners don’t change, but the positions do. The action then jumps forward, with Nacho again behind the camera, as Katerina is back on her knees so that Dennis can fuck her pussy. He finally pulls out dribble a tiny load on her butt, with Jana lapping it up. The photo gallery shows Dennis analling Katerina, but this didn’t make the final cut of the movie.

Nikki, the exotic cutie from Killer Pussy 8, strips for Nacho, and plays with herself on a bed in a black draped room (similar to the sort Christoph Clark so often uses). She’s shown on the small inset photo on the left of the cover, and this doesn’t reveal the red highlights in her hair, or her nice, not too tight curves. Tony Ribas got the workout of a lifetime from Nikki and Barbarella in Killer Pussy 8, but sadly, Barbie is nowhere to be found this time around. Nacho makes love to Nikki with his camera, and suddenly, a pair of feet can be noticed behind the bed. Not surprisingly, they belong to Ribas, who is back for another of his trademark marathon sessions with Nikki. He crawls onto the bed, asking Nacho, “What the fuck is going on here?” Then, noticing Nikki’s state of undress, he answers himself, “What a stupid question, huh?”

Nikki and Ribas have a great chemistry, and he gives her a long oral and finger warm up. She’s so turned on that she starts licking the bulge in his pants, and also his nipple, before eventually removing his cock for some lengthy sucking. Ribas then moves behind, to sink the pink in doggy. Nikki is another girl who doesn’t overdo her scenes, making her pleasure seem all the more believable. Every part of this scene is drawn out, the oral, the doggy, and the following spooning, piledriver, and reverse cowgirl. Nikki and Ribas wear each other out, and the final moment is the only short one, as she rides him regular cowgirl for just seconds before he eases her off, so that she can stroke his load into her mouth. Ribas was so impressed with Nikki that he cast her in his Hardcore Innocence 4, for a good scene also including Red Angel. She also appears to receive a DP on the boxcover of Anal Sluts and Sweethearts 6, though she isn’t listed in the cast.

Nacho shot some scenes for Blowjob Impossible 3 and Latin Psycho 2 in his native Spain during the summer of 2001. Isha Paradise, who became known for her shaved head in Rocco Ravishes Prague 3 and True Anal Stories 13, made the trip with Nacho and apears in Latin Psycho 2. She now has grown out her hair, as shown in the right inset cover photo, and if she still isn’t beautiful, she looks much better. She’s always a good performer, and she’s bored as she sits on a long sofa with fellow Czech Claudia Clair (bottom center cover photo). Claudia and her Dutch husband Robby Blake work out of Barcelona, and are good friends with Spanish-based Tony Ribas and Sophie Evans. They probably met Nacho through Ribas, who cast Claudia and Robby for a scorching scene in Exxxplosion, before Ribas had his own hot tryst with Claudia in Leg Love. Isha and Cladia are well tanned for the present scene, leading me to guess that this was shot during Nacho’s Spanish interlude.

Isha tries to get Claudia to join her for some fooling around, but Claudia feigns disinterest and keeps reading her magazine. Isha starts petting and stroking her, which is really an excuse for Nacho to lovingly film Claudia’s glorious stretched out body. Isha gradually removes Claudia’s shorts and thong, and the two make out as Nacho reaches around to feel up Isha. Blake then arrives, and can’t believe the girls started without him. “It’s the woman’s pleasure!” Isha declares, as Blake helps her eat out Claudia. “Can I enjoy your husband? And can I enjoy your wife?” Isha asks the couple, and when both readily agree, she and Claudia give Blake a terrific blowjob. Claudia’s adoration for her husband shows in her eyes all through the scene. She rides him, and then sits on his face as Isha takes her own very energetic ride in reverse, and then regular cowgirl. Claudia seems especially aroused whens she has Blake licking her pussy and Isha leaning in to rim her. Isha’s ass next becomes the focus, as Blake anals her in doggy, and then in mish. He takes a moment to jerk off onto her stomach, but then resumes buttfucking her as the movie fades to a close. Claudia and Robby later traveled to Prague to help Nacho make Killer Pussy 10.

The DVD is just like all the other Nacho DVDs, with erratic chapter stops and the tired old B-side package unrelated to the world of Euro porn. The photo gallery, however, is quite nice with 36 action and posed shots that really capture the flavor of the events.

The Nachoribas movies usually live and die based on their energy. They succeed when they are filled with people fucking like there is no tomorrow, and Sexx the Hard Way 4 is full of scenes like that. The women are mostly not supermodel gorgeous, but are pleasant enough to look at, and more importantly, really set the screen alight with their sexuality. This movie is a great introduction to the kind of movies Nacho and Ribas make, and it is recommended to everyone who doesn’t require a plot or elaborate sets to enjoy porn.

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