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Sexual Tourist, The

Sexual Tourist, The

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Sexual Tourist, The:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sexual Tourist, The overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sexual Tourist, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Sexual Tourist, The Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sexual Tourist, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sexual Tourist, The Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Sexual Tourist, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexual Tourist, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  11/5/2007
A little past noon a train bearing Toh, a young student from Thailand, arrives at the station in Limburg, Germany (famous for the world’s stinkiest cheese). He is met by a young blond native who asks in German if he has had breakfast. Receiving a “Nein”, they head off to a bistro run by the blond’s friend.

There’s nothing like a nice German weisswurst for breakfast and, after each has a received a beer, the blond finds one in the young owners’ pants. He and Toh share it. It’s a succulent one with nary a hair on it.

They soon retire to the owner’s apartment within the bistro where they can really go at it. Toh and the blond are out of their clothes in a trice and Toh continues his breakfast on the blond’s dick. The blond also has a taste of Asian cuisine. The owner now joins them (he too is now stark naked) bringing his hairless cock to the menu. This shaved organ is soon embedded in the blond’s ass as the blond continues sucking Toh’s elongated brown cock. Suddenly—with an abrupt jump cut—we find the blond fucking Toh who has the owner’s cock in his mouth.
The others politely wait for their visitor to cum before dousing him in their own loads. (Either the clock in the room is wrong or these three have been going at it for nine hours.)

Next stop for our tourist from Thailand is Cologne where he picks up a cute German youth and lures him back to his hotel. No sooner are they in the room then they are all over one another. Stiff pricks are soon begging for attention and the cute pickup drops to his knees.
We cut to find them in the bathroom where Toh is sampling the pickup’s prick. Once again we have fine orals but only so-so anal when they move into the bedroom and Toh bends over a chair for a rimming and a fuck. A quick dissolve finds them on the bed with the fucking continuing briefly in the missionary position. Toh cums and the pickup—now withdrawn—follows suit.

Toh’s tour continues with a quick train to Frankfurt . He wanders around taking pictures until he encounters a young guy sitting on the rim of a fountain. He takes Toh to a bar where they start making out right there at the counter. Soon Toh’s pants are lowered and his long brown cock is being consumed. Toh then has a go at the Frankfurter’s wiener—an impressive organ that protrudes from a nearly hairless groin.
After a bit he lifts Toh onto the counter and has another go at fellating him.
I was surprised when one the film’s annoying jump cuts showed us Toh fucking the Frankfurter. (This guy never removes his shirt.)
Then it’s back to sucking the Frankfurter’s cock until it produces a nice load. Further sucking on Toh’s dick produces most impressive spending.

A trolley ride and a shopping spree with a new German friend provides out tourist with more photo opportunity. This new friend’s tight jeans reveal a great ass.
A film wipe reveals the two in the bathroom. Toh is brushing his teeth; the young German is showering. Not only does this guy have a great ass, but he has a huge cock. In addition to a pierced ear he also has a nipple ring, a pierced navel, a guiche, and—as we shall soon see—a pierced tongue. If only he had a Prince Albert he would fulfill one of my fantasies. (He does pretty well as it is!)
Wearing only a towel, Toh goes in to the bedroom. His cock is anticipating the action. The humpy German enters (unfortunately wearing briefs now). He goes down on Toh’s throbbing erection. It’s quite a lengthy blowjob (no pun intended). Finally the shorts come off and the magnificent cock comes once more in to view. Toh gives it head. They sixty-nine.
The young stud gets a condom. The huge cock enters Toh. (This is the closest we see of a fuck actually beginning rather then joining them in medias res.)
After an initial doggy-fuck, Toh is seen sitting on the big cock and riding it. Toh then returns to sucking the succulent flesh while jacking himself off. Toh’s reward is a face full of cum before shooting another of his own extraordinary loads.

It’s now Toh’s last day in Germany, but he’s managed to find another friend. BLAM! We cut to Toh’s cock in this new friend’s mouth. When both are nude Toh returns the favor. This guy is cute, but can’t compare with the pierced beauty of the preceding scene. Nevertheless, he gives great head.
Cut to him fucking Toh. In a very short time Toh’s ass is covered with cum. The new friend applies lube to Toh’s ass and inserts several fingers while Toh jacks off.

As noted above the anal sex is not on par with the oral. More time should have been taken with the fuck scenes. Also the editor and director should learn about cutting for continuity instead of bombarding us with those ragged jump cuts. None the less, it’s an enjoyable film with nice looking young performers that will stiffen the dick. Rice queens will find it especially titillating.

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