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bono-ONE Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane 3.5 starsSexual Freak: Jesse Jane 3.5 starsSexual Freak: Jesse Jane 3.5 stars
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Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane

Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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astroknight's ratings for Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexual Freak: Jesse Jane A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/25/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 106 min.

Production Date: 4 / 1 / 2006

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Jesse Jane, Holly Wellin, Marie Luv, Roxy Deville, Sunny Lane, Erik Everhard, Marco Banderas, and Tommy Gunn

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Robby D. has been doing some great stuff away from his Jack line. With Jesse Jane leading this one I can't help but have high expectations, and with how good the rest of the cast looks I'm afraid I might have my expectations too high for the movie to meet.

Initial Reaction: There are a few scenes that seemed a bit long, but I really like the style of the movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting artistic porn with a touch of fetish

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting heavy fetish or nastiness, or anybody who doesn't like artistic porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very artistic. The audio is well balanced and free of background noises, but there are some times where the music covers up the performers. The video is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen, but also highly artistic. I think filters are used on the video throughout the entire movie, and it rarely ever gives a very clear picture. This really surprised me, as I really liked a lot of the photos on the back cover and all of them were crystal clear. The lighting also varies throughout the movie, with frequent light and dark spots. If this happened in just one scene I'd think somebody was pretty sloppy, but it seems consistent enough throughout the movie that I can't help but think that this is just how Robby D. wanted Sexual Freak to look.

Music: There's some heavy music throughout the movie. Sometimes it covers up the performers voices and sometimes it lets them through, but it's always pretty cool and helps give the overall movie its artistic style.

Menus: The main menu is nicely done, and goes from a bit of animation into a still with a little background animation. The chapter menu is very generic, and just lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a chapter number.

The Feature

Sexual Freak lets Robby D. air out his artistic side on the company buck. Each scene has a touch of fetish and a little setup, while remaining completely independent from each other.

Scene 1 – Jesse Jane and Tommy Gunn

Tommy starts things out dressed in a black shirt and pants peacefully reading in his chair when he hears something and heads to the door to see what's going on. Moments after he settles back in his chair, Jesse comes through the door in a black coat, stockings, garter belt, and elastic top that leaves her breasts to float free, and shades. She puts a gun to Tommy's head, and licks it while undressing Tommy and tying his hands behind his head. She licks his chest a little as well as she makes her way down to energetically suck his cock, and even takes him into her throat a bit. Jesse mixes in a little stroking and some spit for Tommy's cock before undoing his hands and having him eat her pussy while keeping her pistol handy to entice him into doing a good job and not try any funny stuff. They get in a little sixty-nining as well before Jesse climbs onto Tommy's cock for an energetic and vocal cowgirl ride. Jesse makes sure to suck her pussy juices off his cock, and also lets him fuck her from behind and in reverse cowgirl. She finally lets Tommy pop in her hands so she can lick it up while giving him some great eyes before stroking him to make sure she gets it all out.

This is a surprisingly hot scene. I don't mean to sound surprised about that, since Jesse is one hot little sexpot, but I'm surprised at the style of the movie and how hot it was. Robby D. is letting it out artistically here, and it doesn't lose its ground sexually. Although many artistic movies slow things down, here they're frequently sped up. You still get to hear a bit of Jesse as she cries out getting fucked, and there's some very good intensity as she starts things off with a fairly realistic non-gun. Jesse and Tommy had nice chemistry between them, and gave Sexual Freak a very nice start.

Scene 2 – Marie Luv and Marco Banderas

Black hottie Marie starts the next scene out on a black couch, in a black outfit, with a black crop, rubbing her black pussy. She opens her top to play with her nipples before summoning Marco, who arrives with a pair of shoes on a tray in black boxer briefs. He licks his way up Marie's legs and feet before sliding her shoes on, and then lets her push him into the ground with them. Marco is allowed back up to eat Marie's pussy before she rewards him with her mouth around his member and a few trips for the head of his cock to her throat. Marie bounces on Marcus's cock reverse cowgirl style before getting on all fours and letting him work her ass over with a large plug. Marco fucks Marie's holes from behind before letting her up for an anal cowgirl ride so he can lick her titties and slap her ass a bit more. Finally, Marco pops on Marie's nicely natural titties.

This is an okay scene. I really wanted to like this scene, and it had plenty for me to like with female domination, shoes, foot worship, and anal. That said, the scene seemed to move at a snail's pace and took forever to get anywhere. I was also disappointed in how soft the female domination was, as Marie's shown in some of her stuff for Venus Girls and Tall Goddess that she can dominate a man quite well. She and Marco do seem to be into each other, but I had a very hard time getting into this scene. This was easily my least favorite scene in the movie.

Scene 3 – Jesse Jane, Roxy Deville, and Scott Nails

Scott and Roxy start out the next scene tied up in a closet with their hands restrained behind their backs. Scott has a blindfold on while Roxy has a ball gag, and when Jesse walks in to check them out she seems very happy with how well they're behaving. She gives Scott a few kisses before groping his cock, and then drops down to check out Roxy, and unties her a bit to take her to the bed. Jesse kisses her way around Roxy's nicely pierced nipples while leaving Scott in the closet to watch, and then moves down to Roxy's pierced and shaved pussy to check it out with her tongue and fingers. Jesse works Roxy over as Roxy lays on her back and all fours, and even grinds gashes with her a bit before letting Roxy loose and lying back so she can get her own pussy licked. The girls bring Scott out and to the bed so they can work on him orally, and start out working him through his pants a bit before Jesse attacks him orally with plenty of stroking and sucking. Of course Roxy gets to help her out, and the girls take turns sitting on Scott's face as well before Jesse sits on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Jesse plays with Roxy's pussy as she rides Scott, and even lets Scott fuck Roxy doggie style before getting a little herself. Jesse rolls to her back so Roxy can sit on her face while Scott continues to fuck her, and then lets Roxy lean forward to eat her pussy while Scott fucks her doggie style and she offers her oral services whenever he pulls out. Finally, Scott pulls out and pops on Roxy's ass as Jesse leans forward to lick it up.

This is a pretty hot scene. I love the opening with Scott and Roxy being tied up in the closet and Jesse coming to pick one. Jesse and Roxy have great chemistry between each other, so having them start things out before bringing Scott in was a great movie and definitely added to the scene. I love how neither of the girls seemed left out once the fucking started, and there's a good balance between them as well. That said, the scene got a tad long during the blowjob, and did lose me for a little bit. This is a pretty hot scene, but it feels like it could have been tightened up slightly.

Scene 4 – Sunny Lane and Marco Banderas

Sunny starts out dusting in a white skirt and patterned top when Marco brings her a squeaky ball on all fours. She throws it for him when he squeaks it in her ass, and she plays with the duster around him a little. After a couple throws she decides he must really want to play with her and lifts up her skirt for him to lap at her holes from in front and in back. Sunny also sits back for Marco to eat her before taking his cock down her throat repeatedly. Marco flashes a huge smile before fucking Sunny from behind standing up, and also lets Sunny ride him reverse cowgirl style. Sunny sucks his cock before turning around for the cowgirl ride, and lets Marco pick her up to fuck her in midair before setting her back for a little missionary work. Finally, Sunny gets down to take a slightly below average pop from Marco on his tongue.

This is a pretty hot scene. I love the twisted opening with Marco playing ball with Sunny, and also love the smile he puts out to the camera before he starts fucking her. I really like that they move through several positions rather than just a couple, and that the fucking seems to last longer than the oral. This is one of my favorite scene in the movie.

Scene 5 – Holly Wellin and Scott Nails

While shooting pool with hot brunette Holly, Scott offers her a few drinks from his flask. As soon as the flask is gone she reaches for his pants and licks her way around his cock before kissing him hard and breaking it out. Holly gives Scott's prick a good lick before she starts sucking it and sends her salivary glands into overdrive working him over. Scott eats her pussy in return as she sits on the edge of the pool table with her pants hanging off one leg before letting her roll over so he can work on her ass with a long ribbed buttplug. Holly shows off some good gapes when Scott pulls the toy out, and after a bit rolls over so Scott can fuck her pussy missionary style. Holly gets down and turns around to gyrate on Scott's cock as she leans over the table, and even lets him give her shitpussy a good shafting. Finally, Holly gets down and lets Scott bust a nut in her mouth before sucking out the last little bit and licking her lips.

This is a great scene. Holly looks fantastic, and it'd be hard to find an outfit to make her look hotter than she does here that isn't all porned up. She takes both the toy and Scott in her ass magnificently, and looks fantastic throughout the scene. The only problem with this scene I saw was that Holly looked pretty cold near the end of the scene, but I was so into the scene and the style that it wasn't enough to bring me down much. I really liked this scene!

Scene 6 – Jesse Jane and Erik Everhard

Jesse starts the final scene in a purple shirt telling Eric how she's going to fuck the shit out of him as soon as she comes back as he sits back on the couch twiddling his thumbs. She returns in a clear corset with a black paddle and super tall black porno pumps with a few straps to them. When she returns, she lays down the rules to Eric. No names. It's never too hard. You don't stop until you cum. She continues to let Eric know who's in charge shouting at him to get down on all fours so he can lick her pussy. He keeps playing with her pussy as she breaks out his cock and eagerly starts sucking it. Eric pushes on her head to give her a little help and lets Jesse up to ride him cowgirl style. He picks her up to fuck her in midair before laying her back, giving her pussy a quick lick, and then fucking her hard missionary and doggie style. Finally, Jesse sucks Eric onto her tongue while giving him some great eyes.

This is another darn hot scene. Both Jesse and Eric look great, and there's plenty of chemistry between them. In fact, it looks like Jesse and Eric are really letting it all out, which seems like a perfect way to end Sexual Freak. I love Jesse's laying down the law to Eric as they start the scene, as well as her reminding him of a couple of the rules as they fuck. IT gives the scene just a touch of structure while also letting them go all out. This is yet another very hot scene.

Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak leaves me with a few mixed feelings. On one side, I really liked a lot of the styles in the movie, both for the outfits as well as the overall visual styles. There's some great sex, and a nice variety of setups. On the other hand, the fetishes often seemed a bit forgotten about or just plain done too lightly. There's a frequent female domination theme (which I love) in the movie, but it often gets forgotten about after a bit. With most of the ladies here, such as Jesse (who does air out the fem dom pretty well), Marie Luv, and Holly Wellin, that really seems like a drawback. There were also a few scenes that didn't seem to live up to their full potential and seemed a bit overly stretched out. Marie and Tommy's scene was the worst this way for me, as well as my least favorite in the movie, but the longer Sexual Freak went on, the better it got and the more I got into it. Robby starts things very strong with Jesse's opening hot robbery scene with Jesse taking on Tommy, and finishes it even stronger with Jesse's no names, it's never too hard, it's not over until you cum fuck with Eric Everhard. As for a favorite scene, I'd have a hard time deciding between Jesse Jane's final fuck with Eric and Scott Nails taking on Holly Wellin on the pool table. Yes, this is a bit of a cliché for a porn scene, but I loved the style of the scene here. Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak might stumble in a couple places, but Robby D. is nicely honing his artistic style lately and it gives me plenty of hope for Teagan: Sexual Freak 2!

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Control, Deeper, Hard Candy, Hot Rod for Sinners, Intoxicated, Island Fever 3, Jack’s My First Porn 4, Jack’s My First Porn 5, Jack’s Playground 31, Jack’s P.O.V.Jack’s Teen America: Mission 14, Peek: Diary of a Voyeur, Pirates, Porcelain, Way of the Dragon, and the Virtual Sex With... line. The photo gallery alsts four minutes with about six seconds per great looking snapshot or full screen photo. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, a bio for Jesse Jane, and weblinks.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about six and a half minutes. After a minute of fast clips around the set, it moves over to Robby laying back while waiting for the camera battery to charge. There's a few comments between Marco and Marie before their scene. Roxy DeVille and Jesse are next with a few comments before it moves on with a little of the action being shot. Jesse returns for a little fun, as well as a little more fun all around the set. At just under six minutes without credits this one feels a bit short, but at the same time there are some good chuckles here and it's great to actually see a behind the scenes featurette on a Digital Playground release. I hope there's more behind the scenes featurettes like this on future DP releases and that they might grow a little as well.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, fem dom (light), masturbation, foot worship, interracial, toys. anal, bondage, and group

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Digital Playground’s bigger releases can be found online for between about $18 and $28 with a few stores offering them for under $20. If you like artistic porn, this one should be well worth the money, even in the middle range. Although some of it goes on a bit long, there's some good heat to the sex and very well done art direction. The technical aspects are very stylish and artistic, and there's also some decent effort put into the extras. This is a nicely done DVD.

Note to Digital Playground: Thank you for including a behind the scenes for this one. It really did make a difference for the overall DVD!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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