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Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The

Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Barely Legal , Compilation
Starring: , , , ,
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Rosco Fuji's ratings for Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexual Desires Of Staci Silverstone, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Rosco Fuji  on  3/17/2013
Next up from the Pile O Porn is New Sensations’ “The Sexual Desires of Staci Silverstone." For those not in the know about Staci, she’s a cute as a button 18 year old that is a cross between Molly Bennett and A-List Hollywood star Emma Stone. Staci’s also fairly new to the world of porn with only 20 scenes under her belt and nothing too over the top as far as theatrics are concerned. This 5 scene Staci extravaganza along with 2 bonus scenes has a run time of 2 hours 45 minutes and features a collection of Staci scenes already released. The box cover blurb says: “Want to see what gets Staci Silverstone all hot and horny? Watch her showcase her tight little body in 5 delicious scenes as she gets her pussy rocked by a fat cock. We've got all of Staci Silverstone's sexual desires ready and waiting for you!”

Extras are packed with 2 bonus scenes, a Pick Your Pleasure section where you can just jump to certain points of interest, Photos, Trailers, and Fantasy Lingerie.

Scene 1: Taken from She’s so Cute, we kick if off with an introduction from Staci about her background while she’s wearing a peach pantie and top set. We get the standard “I like sex and being naked” line while she’s rubbing her young body. We cut back and forth between the tease and the narrative ala a Reality Show as she takes off her outfit and rubs her body for us. A guy enters the room and Staci immediately shows her flexibility by locking her ankles behind her head in a wrestling move similar to the “Small Package.” The guy tastes her pussy for a few seconds before finger banging her. The guy lays back, gets a few kisses from her and Staci goes to work on his rather large cock. She’s only able to get about half in it her mouth but lovingly licks and sucks it while looking up at the guy. Staci climbs on in CG for a bit before laying back and letting the guy take over in an open mish. After she rubs her clit for a bit, Staci’s back in the small package. A P2M tasting time out before she climbs on in RCG with some excellent body display of that nice young body. 69, spoon, and doggy follow with some P2M thrown in. After some sideways mish, the guy pulls out and strokes it off with a nicely aimed cumshot to Staci’s mouth and tongue. This is a great finale as the framing is a close up of Staci’s face and she starts staring seductively into the camera during the PCH. She starts to suck on her fingers as she gives us a sly wink. A perfect ending as one could easily A-B loop the wink and watch it for about 5 minutes.

Scene 2: This one is pulled from My Little Panties #4. Again we start on a bed with Staci giving a little tease. Since the title has Panties in the title, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they stay on the entire time. We kick it off with some self-love over and under her blue and white striped bottoms. A guy moves in and immediately incorporates the panties in his pussy eating session. He alternates tossing some salad and hitting the clam before fucking her immediately in side saddle with no oral work by her. He pulls out and immediately sticks his cock in her mouth and gives her a nice mouth fucking complete with saliva mouth stringers. They do some flying mish before he lays her down and dogs her on the bed. After some extended doggy, she gives some P2M and then climbs on in RCG, panties on the entire time, sometimes in the way and other times not. They then go to P2M, then CG, and then spoon, before the guy strokes it off towards her face with the majority of his gonad goo landing on her neck. He takes her panties off her and uses them to wipe her face clean then puts them in her mouth to close things out.

Scene 3: This one comes from Big Dick in a Little Chick 2. Keeping with the other scenes, Staci’s on a bed half undress rubbing her body for us while she undresses even further. A guy comes in and we have immediate close ups of her giving him head. She does a great job taking a large portion of it in her mouth. After the extended blowjob, the guy returns the favor before moving into an open mish. CG and RCG with some excellent body display. They then go into a 69 with the majority of the screen time devoted to Staci providing lip service to the guy. Staci’s flexibility comes into play here as we have a combo upside down doggy/spoon/side saddle position. The go to doggy with the guy holding her hands behind her back handcuff style. She then gets on her nice and the guy shoots off a weak load across her face. Stacy gives us a strange WTF look after she gives some PCH and they fade to black.

Scene 4: So Young So Sexy P.O.V. #5 is next and this time we start outside against a multicolored wall. After about 2 questions, Staci is showing us that nice ripe firm body of hers. After some camera man groping of her ass, Staci vibes herself before the guy buries his face in her pussy. They fuck in mish and then go into the other room. In a very sweet southern drawl, Staci says, “It’s huge, I’m not even bullshitting, but it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen in my life. But I’m taking it like a pro, so I feel good about it.” The then gets on all fours and starts getting her mouth fucked with a few look ups towards the camera. Nice use of spit as we have stringers and some running down her lips while her mouth is full. They move into mish, then doggy with some tastings. We close it out with some extended ball sucking before Staci looks into the camera as the guy starts cumming into her mouth. Once he starts, Staci wraps her lips around him and the balance of the cumshot is a closed mouth shot with a swallow with any visual evidence presented to the camera.

Scene 5: This scene comes from The Innocence of Youth 4 and kicks off immediately with Staci rubbing her pussy. No chatting with the camera as a guy comes in and immediately Staci is going to work on his big cock. They remain partially clothed as she climbs on in CG. After a nice ride, we get some P2M with eye contact as a way to change into RCG. The outfit she’s wearing is wrapped around her midsection. They then fuck in spoon and a side saddle before she gets finger banged. Lighting issues cast some serious shadows throughout the scene. Some more spoon leads right into the guy stroking it off onto her upper tits, however; it’s a weak load and the shadows kind of obscure it a bit. Throw in a little PCH and we close out the regular portion of the show.

Bonus scene 1: This comes from Pretty Dirty and I almost did a double take on Jenna J. Ross as she clearly reminded me of Selena Gomez. For those wanting Selena to do porn, this could be a close alternative. Jenna has a really nice firm young looking body. I could easily be smitten with this girl. This scene was pulled from the Pretty Dirty release that came out last year. There’s a nice tease segment by Jenna as she sits in an indoor tub inside a white room with the natural light shining through. It’s a little bright overall. After the tease that kicks things off, we have a little finger banging before Jenna has her mouth full with a hard cock. And when I say full, I mean full as she does a great job of taking the majority in her mouth. Nice use of spit also as she has several stringers coming out of her mouth onto those firm breasts. We then hit mish, spoon doggy, and then doggy. Jenna then climbs on in CG. Jenna climbs off and delivers some deep throat P2M with eye contact. I kid you not, if you ever wondered what Selena Gomez would look like with a cock in her mouth, this would be it. After some great cock sucking, Jenna climbs on in RCG with some great body display. We then move to spoon to close things out before the guy strokes off a weak load onto her face. This is a great scene and Jenna has star potential IMHO.

Bonus scene #2: This one comes from Pretty Dirty #2 and stars another unknown to me, Morgan Brooke. This fresh faced girl from New Jersey has only 6 credits to her name and has a very nice body. The scene kicks off in white room with Morgan immediately giving the guy a loving blowjob. This isn’t porn sex per se folks, this could be love making. After a very brief pussy lick, the guy takes her in doggy, then a quick standing fuck, and then she lays back and gets fucked in mish. One can tell she’s clearly digging the guy by the way she looks up and him. After a brief standing fuck, she’s back on her back with her pussy getting an alternating finger bang/tongue licking. A quick cut has her already in RCG with some nice body display. This leads into some cowgirl then mish with lots of kissing on her part. The guy then pulls out and strokes it off onto her belly just below her tits. She runs her finger through the DNA before licking it, all the while looking up at the guy. It must be love. This is on sexy girl.

Pluses: Stacy is one hot little fuck bunny and is a perfect reason why 18 year olds should be allowed to do porn. Bonus scene girls Morgan Brooke and Selena Gomez look alike Jenna J. Ross are super-hot also. The closeout of the cumshot in scene 1 with Stacy’s wink is excellent. Hot one on one sex throughout.

Minuses: No three ways in this release. Staci’s back tat is not the greatest.

Sleaziness factor (1-10): 1 as the sex in this release is closer to love making with a camera present than porn sex.

Is it worth it? It’s worth it separately for scene 1 and each of the bonus scenes. However, all together this is an awesome release.

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