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Sexual Blacktivity 2

Sexual Blacktivity 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Sexual Blacktivity 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sexual Blacktivity 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sexual Blacktivity 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Sexual Blacktivity 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sexual Blacktivity 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Sexual Blacktivity 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexual Blacktivity 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexual Blacktivity 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/2/2010
Prologue Having reviewed Jenna Haze's first forays into interracial, both as a performer and director, and being impressed by her spirit and direction, I was more than a little interested in how she does in her second volume. I like the cast. She's lined up Kristina Rose, who has to viewed as a solid favorite to win Performer of the Year in the upcoming AVN's, although I think Asa Akira is breathing down her neck as they head into the home stretch. Also aboard is Monique Alexander, a real coup for this genre, and someone I'm anxious to see in the more liberating gonzo style. Ashli Orion I haven't covered since she was fresh off the bus, but she had tons of energy then, so I'm interested in seeing how far she's progressed. Sadie West has been on my periphery and I'll be reviewing her for the first time here. As in the first volume, Jenna throws a bone to us black booty lovin' whiteboys with the bodacious Aryanna Starr. I thank you in advance Jenna. And of course I expect lots of Miss Haze herself. She's the hostess with the mostest, and she's very aware of what her fans desire.
Jenna gets the show started in cobalt blue lingerie and a standard tease segment to a music track. If Jenna's reading this I'd like to make a small suggestion. With huge almond shaped, Jessica Rabbit eyes, less is more should be the operative phrase regarding eye makeup. Nuff said. Jenna slips her pretty tits out and plays with her hot ass and tight looking pussy, then perches on a white ottoman, waiting for the pork vendors. In this case she has two of the best performers in porn to play with. Prince Yahshua and CJ Wright. They show up in their Sunday best and Jenna pulls their cocks out while slipping off her bra. One of the great fellatrices, Jenna knows how to suck a cock and talk, and her hands have an almost mystical sexual knowledge of the male organ. She's never been a deep throat queen, but not for lack of trying, which is most important for me. After some sweet back and forth they put Jenna on the rotisserie, the bigger Prince opening her little twat. CJ can't wait for some himself and asks in as they change ends. One thing I love about the way he works is his impulse is to bury himself completely and he reacts naturally when Jenna looks close to orgasm. In other words, he pounds the fuck out of her pussy. They toy with her beautifully, Prince lifting her onto his dick in CG while CJ does his signature move of wearing panties around his neck. Prince lays her on her back for CJ to go up and over in and interlocking "V" that has his balls banging Jenna's little sphincter. Prince follows in kind and they rock her little body running the deep dick train on Jenna. She's not slated for anal, I don't think, but her fingers gravitate to her slutty ass while they're stirring her up. Side saddle on Prince has Jenna almost breathless and concerned for the future of her moneymaker. They get her between them again, CJ fucking Jenna in doggy while she admonishes Prince after an attempt to fish hook her. Pretty sure it's Van Styles shooting this as he goes over CJ's shoulder for a great shot of Jenna shaking her tail feathers on his cock. She squats over Prince as he power fucks from underneath. CJ fucks her in prone doggy, Jenna on the spit again, then some one on one with the pussy tightening up on him. Prince fingers and tosses her salad when he gets back in the game, then CJ face fucks her. More rotisserie action, Prince pounding Jenna into orgasm. They switch and CJ takes her in mish, then spoon. Prince gets some spoon time as well. Slight edit here and everyone's churning for cum. CJ streaks Jenna's face and both she and Prince get there at the same time, with a huge load dumped on her pubes.
Lots of energy and continuous action as these two very physical guys toy with Jenna like a cat with mouse. She appeared to love every bit of it and it sets off this video to a great start.
How can a woman spend close to 10 years in porn and still seem as fresh as a Hooter girl just off the bus from Milwaukee? In Monique Alexander's case, be a Vivid contract star. Exclusively lez for waaay too long, then introduced to meatier roles slowly, the process would appear to have worked wonderfully for this blonde beauty. Even out in the wild she drips out the appearances and how far she'll take things at a glacier like pace. At this point, I have to wonder if I'll make it to another anal scene, but here's one with a black man, go to guy Mr. Marcus. Jenna sets this up as a vignette, playing Marcus' girlfriend (from off camera, Jenna POV so to speak). She loves him, and wants to reward him with another woman, escort Monique. Coming in all business, but intrigued by this sexy couple, Monique offers him the "porn experience". She actually starts with a lap dance, her lithe, long legged body undulating all over the lucky boyfriend. No bouncers to stop him as his tongue gets active, or Monique when she pulls his fat dick out and shoves it down her honey throat. Over the shoulder POV lets us see what Marcus does, the lovely face of Monique as she gets more into her work. She really works that dick, alternating between the sensuous and circus-like excitement. Jenna's hand comes into view as she feeds Monique the cock. amping things up a bit. She manages to deep throat the fat hog, which pleases everybody, then lays back on the couch for some oral attention of her own. Marcus goes after sweet snatch like a fat man at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Jenna's legs wrap with Monique's as she can be seen playing with herself, an intriguing side show that leaves open the possibility of full participation. Sufficiently tongue lubed, it's easy going as Marcus gets his dick wet in the aroused fuck hole. Jenna plays with Monique's clit, then P2M before Marcus spreads her legs and starts digging in earnest. She quivers as he hits the back wall and things are going from steamy to scalding. The banter between Jenna and Monique is adding to both the heat and general good feeling of this scene. Monique climbs on in CG and fucks Marcus' brains out in a lovely display of wantonness. She's actually starting to look dick drunk as they operate on pure impulse, Jenna stroking balls while Monique bobs, grinds, and squeezes to her heart's content. She's giddy and nasty, savoring her flavor as she cleans off Marcus' cock, then offers up a rear view for doggy. Her lips are swollen and wet, beckoning for more cock, which Marcus serves up in spades. Too much for Monique as she obviously needs a short break. Back to doggy, Monique backing her ass up like the whore she's playing. Marcus sits down for RC and Monique goes for another hot ride. Her nipples, fully aroused since the scene started, are looking like diamond cutters now. The honest heat between the two is flat out off the charts as they play and challeng each other. Jenna wants to see Monique cum and she throws herself into the job completely, looking like a rag doll as she reaches the rapture. Cut to spoon. Marcus burying his balls in long, slow strokes that have Monique squirming in ecstasy. She gets to her knees and Jenna jerks his load onto Monique's face and her hand, which gets licked off in an appropriately slutty act.
This scene is deserving of an award, and shouldn't be confined to just the interracial niche. I suspect that Jenna was partially prepared to jump in and get herself a piece of Monique, but things were working so well, she wasn't about to mess with the chemistry. They managed to stay in character throughout, yet gave an honest sexual performance that would give wood to a dead man.
Following the last scene is a tall order, and maybe Jenna should have sequenced the disc differently, but if anyone can keep the heat, it's Kristina Rose. Diminutive in all ways but one, the focus of this vignette featuring Prince as her personal trainer, determined to whip Kristina into shape. I can hear the collective groan as he explains she's 10 lbs. over her target weight, and it's all in that celebrated ass. DON'T LISTEN TO HIM KRISTINA. HE'S CRAZY. Anyway, she's not the most attentive or dedicated pupils. Groovin' on her iPod as Prince tries to lay out her regimen, looking super sexy in her blue tights and neon green leg warmers. Prince is exasperated by her, although judging by the tenting of his sweats, not completely unappreciative. Kristina wants more fun in her workout and pulls out Mr. Happy, giving her throat some vital exercise. Since he's working for her, Prince is amenable to whatever change of agendas she's got in mind, zipping down her unitard to free Kristina's sweet tits. He dives into her sphincter tongue first, then hoists her in the air for a standing 69. Down on the ground there's more sword polishing, then the fucking begins with a raucous CG. Prince is in so deep, she's licking his face. Side saddle, Kristina fingering her bung, then P2M. Doggy on the work bench, Kristina getting ever so close to explosive orgasm. More P2M, Kristina getting her ass finger stretched preceding a doggy anal insertion in the up and over. RCA up to his nuts, and the obligatory A2M. Side saddle anal keeps the energy levels high, then mish anal. gets Kristina's ass dug out, then another round of A2M. Standing doggy anal for an extended segment, then Prince rediscovers her cunt and slams it hard. Kristina just absorbs his strength and gets more enthusiastic until Prince pulls out and drops a massive load in her mouth. Kristina's already looking forward to their next session.
Just a straight up ass slamming with a very willing Kristina. Cute start as Jenna sticks with a setup for the second scene in a row. Great energy, and I don't believe I heard the word black even once as they just kept this man to woman.
For Sadie West we're back to tease, then please as she poses in a black and red corset-like lingerie set, her lovely tits hanging out. A jeweled choker attached to matching wristbands, and a feral look on her face. It's short, and Lexington Steele is lurking, quickly removing anything that looks like a restraint. She's already gotten a run in her stockings and nothing's happened yet. Deep hunger leads Sadie to release Lex's enormous cock while his clothes get kicked off in record time as he shows some hunger of his own. No fooling around here as Lex lubes up Sadie's pussy and attempts to jam himself in without ceremony. She must enjoy a little pain with her pleasure because he just buries it, Sadie howling about how tight she is. A few seconds of doggy jamming, a quick suck, and she's sitting on the cock in RC. Sadie rips away any vestiges of panty or garter that might get in her way as she rides the bucking bronco, even taking a dangerous angle that bends his cock. She's a bundle of anger and lust, ordering Lex to eat her pussy, but he just turns Sadie around on the chair they've been using and dick dives in mish. She just spits at him and takes all 11 inches or so to the nads. She really does look tight as he plunges down on her, but definitely deep. She wants to suck some dick, but Lex wants pussy, mounting Sadie onto his cock in mish aerial. That morphs into a lively CG that has Sadie showing as much aggression as Lex has. They roll to doggy, Lex grinding and Sadie drooling and panting as her cervix gets battered. Short oral play and back on the chair in mish. Deep drilling with Sadie holding a leg behind her ear, mixing verbal entreaties with insult. He feeds her mouth for a respite, Sadie fisting her throat to get it ready. Back to mish and another visit to her womb as Sadie registers the pain with her pleasure. Lex sits back down and hoists Sadie onto his cock in CG again, her ass looking awesome as it spreads from the jumbo cock in her twat. Lex has a load ready and Sadie sucks his balls as he strokes, then takes the stream on her tongue and across her face. PCH with a good look at Sadie's raccoon eyes to end disc 1.
This was like watching cats in heat, the fucking purely animalistic and dominated by the male's greater strength and will. Very hot, and stark in its difference from the other scenes. Does Sadie fuck like this all the time?
We get to see pornstars at home in a pseudo reality skit. Marcus shows up at Jenna's house believing he's scheduled for a shoot there with a tall French girl. Jenna doesn't know what he's talking about. She's been sunning herself by the pool. Marcus has been saving himself for this shoot and Jenna's been on the dance circuit living on tease and no cock. A volatile combination that takes a very predictable turn as Jenna offers Marcus relief, if not a day's pay. Her sweet lips find his chubby and they're on. Slobber and two fisted hand action get him stiff as a poker, her playfulness and banter raising the stakes. Marcus pulls down her yellow bikini and lubes up her pussy with some tongue work of his own. He squares up his big cock with Jenna's hungry pussy and lets her back up on it. Marcus takes charge and digs in deep, Jenna almost overcome by it. She does a horny dick dance of her own, the view from Marcus' pov priceless. Jenna does a CG grind and squat fuck from up top. P2M turns into a frantic bj, then back to CG. Balls deep and sticky cream covering his cock, then POV as Jenna fucks him while her body leans away. Jenna tortures Marcus with her verbal tease alternating with a hyperactive ass, then crawls away and makes him chase. Prone doggy when he catches up, then he eats some pussy and ass. Up and over has Jenna on the ropes before she gets too excited and pushes him out, inviting Marcus back in spoon. This time he looks like he's on the ropes and has to slow things down considerably. Jenna knows she's bringing him to the edge, and she backs off to keep him there. She rolls over for mish and the passions flow as they kiss. Jenna works her pussy all over his cock, then holds herself open as Marcus fills and drills. They move back to spoon and Jenna's dancing finally gets the best of Marcus, who cums all over her mouth and chest.
Very hot scene with two people who have been mining this relationship for a few years now. They obviously like each other, and more important (to me), they obviously like fucking each other. The visual of Jenna dancing on dick is positively load launching material.
Jenna walks in on Ashli Orion as she's warming up her ass for the coming scene. A big pink dildo is pulled out of her butt and into her mouth. I haven't seen that much of Ashley in the two plus years she's been in the business, and haven't reviewed her since Young Fresh Meat, but she seems to have gone all in for the smut trade and is now a true ass whore. And btw, what an ass this lean minx is carrying around. No stranger to interracial, Ashli is just coming off an Urban X award for her performance. She's here to give up the booty and pretty excited about the prospect, showing off her impressive wares for Jenna's probing hands. Ashli is working with CJ Wright for the first time and hasn't a clue as to what he even looks like. Jenna assures her she'll be please. The big toy is busy warming up Ashli's horny bung as she and Jenna speak, and CJ finally shows and gives her a hand with it. He admires her cameltoe and worships her ass, a little spanking puts a smile on her face. She sits on his face and he fingers her holes before spreading some oil around ground zero, then pulls down his pants for Ashli to get the burning spear ready. She short strokes it until CJ gets her to deep throat, which amps her up a bit. Ashli fingers herself as CJ divests himself of any remaining clothing, then gets her legs pulled all the way back to allow him to make an interlocking "v" with her pussy and dick her as deep and hard as he can go. Ashli seems to thrive on this hardcore action, holding herself open and making positive noises as the flesh slaps loudly. She's still got ass on her mind as she fingers her anus in anticipation. P2M bj and her panties are finally removed and worn around CJ's neck. Doggy drilling, then anal penetration. Up and over with a deep crossover leaves Ashli breathless. She had implored him to be gentle with her ass, but CJ's gonna fuck her the way he fucks her. This far into the scene we finally catch sight of Ashli's sexy snow cones when CJ pulls down her tube top. He keeps long stroking her rectum to a chorus of sighs, and he doesn't give in when she asks to "taste it". The pace slows but the depth is to the hilt. Ashli pulls out her toy for a DP, then A2M after first cleaning off the dildo. Side entry anal, starting slow and working up to a piston pump that has Ashli singing the praises of being a dirty little ass whore. She happily moves into piledriver for him, fingering her cunt as he works up his load. He adds a step over move and semi pushup for a great pounding, then busts his nut onto her gaping asshole. Ashli tastes it as she and Jenna make plans to play again.
Another very hot scene. Ashli takes it and loves it. CJ gives her a very athletic fuck, going deep enough for her ancestors to feel it.
Jenna returns for another scene. Standard tease, her hair a mass of wild curls, and an outfit of blue and pink. She tells cameraman Van Styles that she's especially horny today. Great fortune for her intended victim, I mean partner. She's working herself into a fever pitch waving that cute bubble butt around, playing with her tight clam and informing Van of her naughty intentions. He plays with her ass and spanks her, and Jenna fingers her bung and tastes it like candy. Downstairs she goes on a cock hunt, finding legendary Sean Michaels sprawled on a couch. He's all over that, sucking her sweet tits and working down to the lower forty. Jenna unwraps his package and proceeds to do that which she does best. Suck a dick. One of the great things about watching Jenna working a huge tube steak is that she can employ all of her skills on it, and let her fantasies flow with the verbiage she's also so good at. For his part, Sean wants her to deep throat his dick. Jenna's game, getting on her knees and going no hands, but it ain't gonna happen. Still, he and we are treated to a view of Jenna pinching her tits while being throat fucked, along with hot double fisting and sexy slobber. As jaded as Sean has the right to be, I think he probably wants to drive his dick right through her little body. He sets Jenna on the couch and slobbers her holes from behind. Showing that there's more than art to her performance, Jenna's nipples are hard as a rock, making a matching set with Sean's cock. He enters the ready slut in spoon, her thighs quivering on the slow, deep entry. She creams on it right away, allowing Sean to stuff her almost to the root. Jenna savors her taste, rips off her outfit, and sits on Sean in CG. Her mission is to take it all and Jenna squats on the cock, letting Sean grab her ass and use her to massage his cock. She wants to be fucked hard and even fingers her asshole to amp things up some more. P2M on his very wet cock, Jenna teasing Sean and telling him she won't let him cum too soon. Over the shoulder POV as they fuck in mish. Jenna's no lazy fuck as she works her hips at the onrushing invader. Sean plays Lewis and Clark, surveying new pussy with each stroke, yet never able to seal the deal and rest his balls in her ass crack. Jenna shows some amazing spinner moves as they go to RC. She's standing over him and literally dancing on the dick, eventually coming down and planting her feet on his haunches while Sean drives from underneath. As Jenna nears orgasm her language gets more coarse and frantic. She sucks off her cum and gets back on the couch for more in doggy. Sean fucks the still tight pussy and some ass crack, then just lays it out there for Jenna to work it in her inimitable fashion. She's got a nice little pussy gape now and Sean may be near the end of his rope, yet Jenna raises the stakes by sticking a butt plug in her ass. The jeweled door knob makes its way into her mouth after a few DP strokes and Sean gets busy in this stretch run. He pulls out and blasts Jenna's ass with seed. Quite a bit for the usually dry Mr. Michaels. She rewards him with some PCH and lets Van know she's been duly satisfied.
There's a reason why Jenna won Performer of the Year a couple of years ago. She is the total package of looks, attitude, skill, exhibitionistic tendencies, and all around great lay. She's bone stirring from beginning to end here, making for another great scene.
aryannaFor the final scene we get our female chocolate fix with Aryanna Starr. Beautiful face, and one of the juiciest bodies in porn. Not only does she look like she can throw it down, but may be too much for most to handle. Some tease on the walk up to the house in a shimmering orange bikini. Baby oil adds glow to her skin, making her full ass almost heart stopping. Her tits are magnificent and she pays special attention to them for us. Jenna has employed Carlo Carrera, a guy whose work has been mostly on the net and out of Florida. Fairly good looking and packing sufficiently for a sumptuous woman so that Aryanna doesn't have to feel cheated. He greets her as she steps in the house and is all over that woman. I think she likes what she sees too, as they kiss and stroke each other. Carlo feeds on her ass and rubs her pussy lips, then lets her kiss her way down his body, pulling out his cock and wrapping her soft lips around it. She cups his balls and strokes Carlo into her mouth with some tongue swirl in a mostly sensual bj. When Carlo is sufficiently hard, Aryanna climbs the cock in CG, laying that body down on him and getting that great combo of penetration and clit rub that shows what her priorities are going to be. And rightfully so. P2M, then standing doggy. Carlo has her on the right road but seems to be having trouble controlling himself with too many pull outs and stoppages. I can identify with that, but hope he finds his groove. Aryanna's all about the cock and fucks back with passion and Carlo gets in synch with a resounding flesh slapping pounding. He drops her onto an ottoman and goes up and over doggy for some nice deep penetration. Her pussy's looking mighty juicy as Carlo mines that sweet thing. P2M, then RC.
The disc ends abruptly at this point and I can't imagine what happened or why. Things were getting so good and I'm very disappointed in the production people, to say the least. JJV should address this glitch.
Epilogue Prior to the very abrupt ending, I was pondering whether I should bestow five stars on this video. I had almost promised myself that I would never make a claim to perfection again, but this was that good throughout. It still contained all the pro conventions that make all sex videos imperfect, like the break for stills before popshots, but each scene seemed to have something unique and sizzling to it. Without a doubt, the Monique Alexander/Mr. Marcus pairing should win multiple awards. Each of the women were able to project their personalities and fucked in a manner that was most comfortable and satisfying to them. Jenna did a good job of not over directing, yet interjecting her own presence, not unlike Joey Silvera or Mason do in their videos. Van Styles captured the action amazingly well, and has pretty much perfected the use of available light, as well as mixing in bits of POV. Even with the major caveat, there are seven full scenes and one truncated, for a total of just over five hours of great smut. Jenna kept this stereotype-lite with no hint of degradation for the women or their significant others. No pencil dicked fathers/brothers/husbands/boyfriends to deride. The objectification of both the women and the male performers is kept positive, and I, for one, appreciate that.
The Disk There's a bonus scene that really is just a short tease. Jenna fucking with Van's head, as she likes to do. Cumshots are captured, and in fact is the only place to find the culmination of Aryanna's scene. It's as though there's one chapter missing linking the body to the end. Also, there's a BTS that clocks in at nearly an hour. A photo gallery and cast list round out the extras.
Recommendation Despite my reservations about the omission of the end of Aryanna's scene, I'd still suggest a buy on this one. Especially if there's a second run of these disks with the full scene.

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