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Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion)

Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion)

Studio: IMD
Category:  Gay
Directed by: ,
Starring: , ,
Released on: 
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BillyJizz's ratings for Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by BillyJizz  on  6/5/2002
Note on Rating: My vote is split: Parts I (especially) and II sure as hell worked for me. Part III is a solo dick playing scene where the guy is getting a tattoo colored. And Part IV involves guys with metal in places I’d not seen before. Fascinating, erotic, exciting, but the sex just wasn’t up to the standard set by the first two scenes. Based on the hotness of scenes I and II, I’m giving this a somewhat positive 3 stars. But read the other reviews before you jump on this.

Tom Vacarro and Dean Coulter Two American Booties
If you’re into fairly intense sex between two really great looking beefy guys, without any additions like bootlicking, tattooing and pierced body parts of all sorts, you’ll probably love this episode the best. Both guys are big and muscular, but Dean is really well muscled. Which is fine with me ‘cause I usually find it a turn-on when the bigger guy is the bottom. Anyway, Tom Vacarro’s dick is probably the nicest I’ve seen in a while in gay porn—really long, thick but not too thick, and able to salute on cue. Dean, who really is a top-notch bottom, goes down on Tom’s big piece of meat and manages to take the whole shaft, no problem, showing creative, first-class cocksucking skills. What a guy! I would guess from their obvious enthusiasm that both guys loved filming this. Both got real sweaty real fast; sucking, rimming, body licking so intense I didn’t even think to ask, “Is anyone gonna get around to fucking anyone in this story?” Tom eventually does, putting the shaft to Dean doggie style in a fuck scene that goes on a long time. But he varies the pace and Dean is so hot I wasn’t bored for a minute. On the contrary, I shot my load long before their leisurely side by side jerk offs ended this sizzling session.

Frank Parker and Joe Stack Cop and Robber: Cop Joe Stack stumbles on Robber Frank Parker breaking into gym lockers to chew on jock straps and instead of arresting him, makes him pay on the spot by forcing him to put a double lip-lock on the really beefy cop’s fuck muscle. There’s a clever, never-before-used-in-gay-porn plot device! Not. The cop starts out by making the crook lick his one boot while he plays boss man and plants his other boot on the crook’s backside. Not really my cup of tea but if it’s yours, hey…. Joe Stack eventually gets around to plugging Frank Parker, making him pay for his crimes. Hot, but it gets hotter when Frank Parker turns the tables and makes the beefier cop (I’m lovin’ it) bend over and take his dick and the cop’s nightstick up his ass until the cop salutes with a couple of “Yes Sir!’s.” Make that big guy pay! This scene is just a pubic hair less outstanding than the first, if only due to Vacarro’s and Coulter’s higher levels of intensity and inventiveness. But it has the added element of rough play and tough talk. First-rate scene.

Scenes III and IV—see above and other reviews.

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