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Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion)

Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion)

Studio: IMD
Category:  Gay
Directed by: ,
Starring: , ,
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Netguy's ratings for Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  2/12/2002

From the looks of the box cover (I put the back online too so you get more of a feel for the film) I really expected “Sexpack Two: A Kinky Twist” to be a lame compilation just thrown together. Well, like the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover!” This one is pretty hot especially those of you into kink and leather! I’m not a big fan of it but I was pleasantly surprised at this offering. The dvd gets right to the action and there’s no bullshit. The dvd has the usual extras and one nice touch was 5 electronic musical compostions by JD Slater.

The scene that I thoroughly enjoyed was the first one which features two great performers, Tom Vacarro, a tall, hairy and well hung man and the popular bottom Dean Coulter. Their episode is entitled “Two American Booties”. It opens with Dean coming home only to find Tom waiting for him on a large futon in a gorgeous house. Dean wastes no time going down on Tom’s throbbing cock and balls and Tom plunges it down his throat. Wow! Dean can actually take this huge piece of meat with no problem! They work each other up into a frenzy as Toms eats Deans ass, Dean spreading his ass cheeks and toying with Toms raging hardon. Dean eventually sits on it and goes to town working it over with his bulbous ass. Some great shots of Tom fucking Dean from above. It’s really quite hot as Tom slowly fucks him with his huge dick. After they’ve worked each other over they both lie opposite each other and jerk off. Tom shoots a magnificent load! These guys just seem so into each other and are like raging animals going after each other! It’s great!

Next we have “Cop and Robber” featuring Frank Parker as the cop and Joe Stack as the robber. Frank is breaking into various lockers only to find his treasure, that of some jocks which he manages to sniff and stuff into his mouth the while working his cock over. A nice photographed scene as he does this in the shadows. Frank eventually catches him and begins his interrogation. Frank makes him suck his dick and there’s plenty of dirty talk! Frank has a huge ring through the head of his dick but that doesn’t stop ol’ Joe for sucking it up. Frank also shoves the billy club in his mouth and then makes him lick his boots while he steps on him with the other. Lots of sucking and spitting and so forth. Joe has his turn as he shoves the club up Frank and shoves a jockstrap in his mouth as well as his own. They fuck each other and at the end manage to jerk themselves off. Another well done scene if you like it a bit more rough and tough. Clear picture, nice shots.

On a more subdued and erotic level we get, “Marking the Boy” featuring a striking Robert Black. Robert is having a tattoo re-colored and as the tattooist prepares he sits there playing with his manhood. It’s a bit slow but I found the whole process intriguing. I’ve got a couple of tattoos myself and kept thinking, hmmm, I wonder what that’s like! As the tattoo artist works on his arm the camera pans over his body and down to his cock that he’s stroking. Lots of facial, chest and cock shots. As he’s getting the work done he manages to shoot a nice load. Erotic and well done.

Finally, for those of you into the more kinky shit we have Bryce Pierce, who sports more tattoos and piercings then I’ve ever seen, and Michael Corey who has plenty of his own. It opens with them standing and both of their nipples are chained together and dressed in leather. Bryce has an incredible tattoo all down the back of his spine. They both have rings through the heads of their cocks and they manage to chain them together and up and over the chains clamping their nipples. They tug on them and it looks a bit painful. Bryce also sports a row of piercings down the shaft of his cock, little bars with balls on each end and he’s also pierced under his scrotum! I’ll go as far as the nipple but other than that you can count me out! Anyway, Bryce sucks Michael and then Michael eats Bryce’s ass out. Bryce sits on Michaels dick and then Michael continues fucking him with his legs in the air. I wasn’t sure how Bryce was going to shoot with all those piercings but let me tell you he shoots sky high!

If I had been the producers the only thing I would’ve changed would be the order the scenes were shown in. So when I watch this again it will be from last to first. I totally got off on the first scene and was more intrigued by the last two. They are well done but I would’ve liked to work myself up and having the climax be the scene with Dean and Tom. If you like the more hardcore, leather, piercing, spitting, dirty talk you’ll really enjoy this! Now I’m going back to watch you know who! Later!

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