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Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense)

Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense)

Studio: Sex Sense
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sexclusive 2 (Sex Sense) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/10/2009
Alright fans time to check in with some hotties from overseas, yep I'm talking Euro girls! So I'm pretty much unfamiliar with any of the ladies in the cast though the name Regina Moon seems somewhat familiar but hey I love gorgeous girls having sex, knowing them a little is a bonus! So let's hit some highlights.


We waste no time in scene one as they get right down to it. Kissing from the lips to her tits and down to her nice looking ass. I like the long black hair falling down nearly to her ass and the tanned skin is a nice turn on for me too. Some pretty good pussy eating too before Adrianna assumes the position for some knob polishing. The sex was solid alternating between in close and pulled back views- each showing off Adrianna's sexy body. The picture was real good too, very clear and in focus. No anal for our girl and the pop flies to mouth for a good open pop. A funny edit though so maybe the guy took a little longer than normal but the edit cut was a bit odd. Still a good scene.


well these folks don't feel like much tease as they get those boobs out and some good kissing/ caressing is done, very nice rack here. Adrienn has some meat on her bones too for those who like their girls a bit thick, I liked it. Some good pussy play too a the bottoms come off and the shot moves in nice'n'tight as the fingers do a little walkin on the wide side. Nice side shots for the bj, Adrienn takes him all the way. With her boobs'n'ass it made sense to show her off longer in reverse and cowgirl which is what you see. A good open look in doggie too before we hit P2M and Adrienn takes a very nice open mouth blast with cleanup, better than scene one.


Hmm I'm sensing a theme here, we open the next scene and our guy is quicly moving to get her breasts out, he's kissing to her face and then around the boobies. I'm all for getting to the action but a little tease from the girl first might be nice once in a while. We're seeing a nice variety in body types too from dark tan to busty to her with Kata. She's got perky tits and her hair is a combo brown/ blonde. Some good soft kissing from our man here as he also uses the fingers to play down below, soon assisted by his tongue. Kata then gets a go and looks pretty good working that cock, what can I say I like girls giving blowjobs! Kata probably has the best ass so far, it looked awesome in cowgirl, that asshole so inviting, will we see some anal finally? Sadly no but the sex otherwise was strong and the clear picture shows it beautifully. Kata takes a good open mouth pop with cleanup after.


In keeping with what we've seen so far Misty's scene opens with a quick shirt pull up and her breasts see some kissing. Misty is totally blonde so again the variety continues. Her pink'n'white outfit doesn't last long either, soon she's naked and we see some pussy play both with fingers and with tongue. More solid knob polishing captured, there's more fingering too as we ready that pussy for action. While we're seeing a good variety in the girls the sex is pretty much the same hitting cowgirl, reverse, spoon, doggie before the pop so original not much but the girls do look nice. The pop was ok a lot of it hit just outside her mouth and dropped down but Misty does offer some cleanup working those last few drops out with her mouth.

Regina Moon:

Moving on we come to Regina's scene and it opens slightly different as we don't immediately get her tits out. She is trying to add some ice to her man's drink but fucks it up and drops the cube so naturally she has to bend down to pick it up, don't want anyone slipping on it! This in turn offers us the perve ass view and her g-string doesn't leave much to the imagination. Her man saw enough to do the dive behind and begin munching on that pussy/ ass as we zoom in for a close up. I love seeing ass or pussy eaten this way, preferably by another girl but I also give kudos to the guys for pleasuring their ladies before laying the pipe on them. Soon we do get those tits out, they're nice and each breast receives some attention as Regina also feels over the buldge in the jeans-- cock hello are you in there! But no bj just yet, we go for seconds on the pussy eating, very nice, love oral sex. Some mutual stimulation then as her pussy is fingered and she jerks him off- followed soon by the classic kneel down suck off shot/ from the side too. They start off the fucking using a barstool to prop up, some P2M with a great ass view then it's time to resume which they do in cowgirl. The constant squeaking was nearly drowned out by their moans of pleasure but when they weren't maknig noise then it was slightly annoying hearing the stools moving. We end with the best pop so far, a good three ropes fired into Regina's mouth, she pushes it out but still a great pop to close a good scene.


One more scene and it's a return to what we saw in the earlier scenes where the fella works her top open to get her boobs out. Shiva's a blonde and I liked the top, the strings as part of her shirt were cool and those were untied to free her boobs. Nice modest pair of titties which are kissed and caressed. They don't believe in fucking around here so her bottoms are gone and we get some ass/ pussy play too. Pussy eating/ fingerin as well before we hit the blowjob. Nice side view is used as Shiva works that dick, nice eye looks up to her man. Cowgirl was good, almost some grinding here from Shiva plus there's P2M. Great open shot as we see the insertion to doggie and we have another fine pop shot into the mouth and unlike Regina we see Shiva keep the cum in as she also delivers cleanup working those last few drops out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans these were some pretty Euro girls no doubt about it. No huge standout scenes but they all were good. Surprising that there was no anal, usually Euro girls are a bit more nasty than was shot here. No extras really besides the Pick your Pleasure option which allows you to hit a favorite position or go right to the pop. Some trailers too. I'd do this as rental at first. If you like good solid sex with Euro girls and anal isn't a huge deal for you then yeah the pictures great throughout and you have some nice pussy eating and the knob polishing was strong too.

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