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Sex Therapy (Wicked)

Sex Therapy (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sex Therapy (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sex Therapy (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sex Therapy (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sex Therapy (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sex Therapy (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sex Therapy (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Sex Therapy (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sex Therapy (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/24/2010
Good day porn fans got a new one here which was artfully directed by Stormy Daniels- going by the backcover copy on that, I actually like how that sounds! It's a sex comedy and it deals with Sex Therapy so I think it's time to dive right in. Who doesn't want to laugh a little as well as seeing some hot sex captured. Stormy's proven to have a good eye for action as well as those other interesting areas which keep us tuning in scene after scene. Kaylani Lei a fellow Wicked Contract sister is the lead here and she's the therapist who seems to thinks she's got relationships figured out, that is until her own hits the skids. What does Kaylani do but accept help from a couple of patients of hers is that standard practice, who knows but when it's porn girls accepting help from porn girls I'm in!

So we open with Kaylani in bed with Marcus London-- good start, sex soon! The two have the couple waking up down, soft kisses, looks into the eye so why not some morning nookie! Before we get to that we get a voice over from Kaylani sorta giving us the lay of the land-- what she does, that she's got a hot boyfriend and that she's a lucky girl-- well we know that's about to change!Marcus then pops in with his own voice over about being a lucky dude but then he goes and tells us he's fucking his secretary, oops, lol.

Kaylani Lei:

Kaylani has a 9:00 appointment but she's gonna push that ahead just a bit for that fuck session with Marcus. The perks of having your own practice she says. So the two have brushed their teeth and that leads to kissing and caressing over Kaylani's nice perky breasts. Marcus does a nice job of kissing her way down Kaylani's breasts until he's lapping away at those juicy pussy lips. The two switch positions and Kaylani dives in and we mostly get a side view for the blowjob. Cowgirl, doggie and mish are worked in before he blows his load up her lower belly. I'd say this was a quickie but it looked good, to bad he's a two timing bastard!

So the next shot takes us to Kaylani's office where she is listening to Eric Masterson talking about his relationship problems--- I gather his wife wants to do things sexually he's not into. Eric is more religious in nature and Kaylani pipes in with a funny voice over that people who meet in cults probably shouldn't get married!! Kaylani tries a little more telling Eric that nowhere in the Good Book does it say Thou Shalt not lick Vagina!!! Good thing too because I'd definitely be in trouble, lol. We cut then to later that night and Kaylani's going over the days events while Marcus sits and eats plus he's on his cell texting- Kaylani doesn't seem to take note of this for a few seconds but eventually she does-- you know being a trained therapist and all she's able to spot BS!! So she asks to use his phone and Marcus in no uncertain terms says no so cut to Kaylani calling Monique Alexander to voice her suspicions Marcus is fucking around. Monique tells Kaylani to wait until Marcus is asleep and then go into his phone.

Monique Alexander:

Well Monique then ends the call because she's not alone, you know what that means, more sex. The two kiss a bit as some soft music is fused in. Monique's breasts are freed and given some attention plus we get a fine open shot of her cookie getting the same treatment, nice close shots too. Monique gets some fun too working over his cock, side view used nicely. Cowgirl and doggie both do a fine job of showing off Monique's nice ass, the pace is good and we get a just result as our guy nuts on that booty, spreading the love all over those cheeks.

So we go to that night and Kaylani in bed with Marcus who seems out but she's wide awake and eyeing that cell phone of his. She sleeks out of bed trying not to disturb him. It's funny watching her crawl along the floor sneaking peeks up to see if Marcus has woken up. Kaylani reaches the other side and reaches up just with her hand and clutches his phone. Kaylani is able to read the texts he's received and it's not good. Next shot will bring a few laughs as you see a knife silhouette against the wall, Marcus wakes and sees Kaylani standing over him. Ooops I must have been sleep walking she says, dude you don't know how lucky you are! Kaylani then lies down clutching the knife as she goes back to sleep. Next morning and the voice over from Kaylani is much different as the two brush their teeth. Marcus still thinks she has no clue but we all know better.

More fun stuff as she is going to use his toothbrush to clean the toliet, go girl! Back to the office where Monique is recruited to help Kaylani get Marcus! But first things first she's got to help two patients who are waiting. Turns out one of the patients is Stormy Daniels, great to see she's also going to get some action in this. The couple before Kaylani hate each other, gee they're in therapy, lol. Kaylani fills us in on what got the two before her. The two have at it as Kaylani pulls them apart, you go to this corner, you go to that one! Watching them go at it was funny. Kaylani then goes out for a breath of fresh air, giving Monique the rest of the day off but not to play hooky, she's got a few things for Monique to do as she might be awhile with these two.

Stormy Daniels:

So just as she was about to head back in Kaylani hears a noise. Poking her head in she witnesses a first I think for her in that office, two patients fucking. Stormy was riding dick while also slapping her mans face, it was very funny. Kaylani ducks back out and closes the door, I don't think she can help them with the fucking part as they seem to have that down pat. Monique hadn't left yet so Kaylani leans against the desk and tells her friend to head out. Going back in we rejoin Stormy who's still bouncing on Brendon Miller's cock. The two may hate each other but it's gotta be fuel for their fucking! Brendon then gets behind to lay some serious pipe in doggie before taking a pause for the cause and get a taste of that freshly fucked pussy, a little birdie just told me this was his first scene and so far he's up to the challenge and then some, if you please your lady things will definitely go your way. They close with mish and that gives us some decent shots of Stormy's awesome rocking tits but I missed not seeing them bouncing in reverse. Stormy then helps work the load out with her mouth and it's a good facial pop to close. But does this help with their issues outside of sex, I don't think we get to find out, lol.

Sure enough the scene fades out to an office, ahh it's Marcus's office and Monique's been dispatched to find out, you know the skinny! She's outside his office and doing the windows, holding up a device that lets her listen in. The secretary then comes in and we find out who it is, Lexi Love!! As the two lean in for a kiss Monique's mouth pops wide open in disbelief but she doesn't see much more as Marcus closes the blinds.

Lexi Love:

So the kissing continues as now it's just the two of them. The clothes come off easily enough and you get the little couples talk too as they get nekkid- it was believable too as they chat as if they're all alone in the world. Marcus samples her tits and then it's down between those pretty legs to get a little pussy. There was a little bit of shadow here creeping in but not enough to seriously dampen the scene. Lexi looks very good in working his cock in her mouth, side view used. The two then show that a desk is also useful for other things besides business. Mish, standing doggie and hello reverse anal! You see how wet her pussy is, just take a look at his balls, soaked!! We also get mish anal before it ends with some head from Lexi and she helps work the load out to her waiting mouth. Naughty secretary!

The next scene involves some crucial dialogue between Monique and Kaylani who gets filled in with the grim details from her own secretary that yep Marcus is indeed banging his. Monique also learned the next night the two were scheduled to have dinner so Kaylani can get to them then if she wants. Another trip then to the bathroom where Kaylani is giving Marcus the evil eye as he's brushing his teeth-- remember the toilet! Ok it's at night before they go to bed and the two actually talk instead of the voice over deal. Kaylani then poses a question, they should go to his fave restaurant the next night for dinner-- ah hah!! Kaylani laying the trap but Marcus doesn't take the bait instead saying he's got important clients coming in and he's going to have and entertain them so dinner might not be the best idea-- yeah right we know you're just thinking of Lexi's ass, can't blame him!

So we go to the next day and Kaylani's not in the best of moods as she sat through endless sessions of patients sobbing their sad stories. Kaylani was counting the hours until she could catch Marcus with that slut! The last two patients of the day were Stormy and Brendon but this time they don't fuck but instead become concerned when Kaylani doesn't seem to quite fully be there for this session. Kaylani can't hold it in anymore and lets the tears flow. She becomes the patient telling the two about Marcus-- maybe they know a good place to hide the body, lol. Stormy comes up with an idea but we aren't privy to it.

So it seems the idea is to have Kaylani go to the restaurant after all but she seems reluctant to confront the two so leave it to Brendon to give her that final push. Kaylani is somewhat composed as she asks if this is the client Marcus was going to 'entertain'. Lexi not knowing about the previous conversation then steps in it bigtime telling Kaylani she's not a client but his girlfriend-- wrong answer toots!! Marcus is cold busted as Kaylani's like I'm his girlfriend and this seems like news to Lexi. Brendon pipes in with a funny line and even takes Lexi's wine glass away for a sip! Marcus tries to take offense but gets a cold cock from Brendon's fist falling face first into his pasta-- now that's hilarious. I wonder how many takes this scene took, hopefully not to many for Marcus's face! Brendon's on probation for assault so the two have to high tail it out leaving a knocked out Marcus swimming in his ragu sauce! Stormy then gets them the hell out of there.

Kaylani & Lexi:

On to the next day and Kaylani's trying to forge ahead but she's got a new patient to see who turns out to be Lexi, well this should be interesting. Lexi had no idea she was the other woman, her emotion seemed very genuine and Kaylani actually listens and doesn't throw her out. Lexi is soon sobbing and needs a tissue which is offered by Kaylani. I think Lexi might need a little more TLC!! Kaylani is like fuck this I need a drink so the two head out to drown their sorrows together. Next shot has the two at the bar swapping the story on how this played out. Each receives a text/ call from Marcus but they don't answer. Kaylani then has an idea, taxi please as they aren't in condition to drive. Next shot has the two trying on lingerie so this has them naked. Ok the plan is to call Marcus over but he's got no idea they are both there. Kaylani answers the door and Marcus does his best I'm sorry baby routine and he really puts Lexi under the bus. As the two lean in to kiss the door's slammed shut in Marcus's face. The ladies continue this little show in the living room on the couch. The two are good in tasting the other's tits then Lexi is the first to work down for some cookie followed nicely by Kaylani who has a friend to help too. The scene looked great but I missed more kissing and oral between the two. They did a fine job working the toys in though.

Next day dawns with the birds chirping and Kaylani rising up in shock. Did they just do what she thought they did! Lexi knows Kaylani is a little freaked out so she slinks out of bed leaving Lexi behind. Cut to the office and Monique's there with a hat for Kaylani to wear. Also she's got Eric Masterson on line 2 and he's ready now I think to let his wife fuck him as she wants!

Amber Rayne:

Cut to the final scene and Eric has indeed read the Good Book and found nothing to hold them back from fucking. Amber takes the phone away and hangs it up, returning then to engulf Eric's cock. A little precum pops up and she licks it up. Wait that's it the scene ends, lol.

Ok it's back to the office where Kaylani's still trying to sort it all out, calling Lexi she asks her out for dinner so maybe there's a future. Cut to six months later and we are at Monique's wedding and Kaylani's there wearing that hat too that Monique gave her. Turns out she's not alone as Lexi leans in with a drink, also wishing the newlyweds well. Turns out this is a long scene of people wishing them well and it's all the patients Kaylani has seen and it treats us to several more funny lines and shots. The fade out soon comes ending this funny movie.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one was quite enjoyable with several funny lines and there's one funny outfit that you just have to watch the movie to see and fully enjoy. Kaylani's a good lead and Lexi as the 'other' woman plays her part beautifully especially when she comes in to apologize to Kaylani-- this in turns leads to them hooking up and staying hooked up as we see when the movie ends. Marcus London is good also as the bad boyfriend and I'm told by the same inside source that the scene when he falls face first into the pasta took close to if not more than 10 takes-- talk about a trooper, I bet he didn't eat pasta for a week, lol. Not a lot of extras here but you do get to enjoy another Kaylani scene, lifted from Mad Love featuring her along with Anthony Rosano so take a look at your leisure. A very good effort from Stormy and highly recommended for couples throughout the land.

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