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joeblow69 Sex Psycho 3 starsSex Psycho 3 starsSex Psycho 3 stars
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Sex Psycho

Sex Psycho

Studio: Thor Productions
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Sex Psycho:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Sex Psycho overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Sex Psycho Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Sex Psycho Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sex Psycho Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sex Psycho Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Sex Psycho DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sex Psycho A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  4/12/2003
After a montage of views of San Francisco the camera stops on the most beautiful sight of all: Derek Cameron lying bareass on the grass at Land’s End. If you don’t know Derek, he has light brown hair streaked with blond like a surfer; his face is movie-star handsome; he has a nicely muscled body flecked with soft hairs; possesses a more than average dick; is blessed with a bubble-butt; and even has nice feet. In short, he is the definition of the adjectives sexy and desirable.

Upon awakening, Derek encounters Ben Archer. Ben has a bushy moustache and the body of a lumberjack. Derek goes down on Ben’s timber. Derek is one of the best practitioners of the fine art of fellatio (he once deep-throated Jeff Stryker) and he shows his skill here with Ben. Derek is only momentarily distracted by a leather-clad figure with an exposed cock that appears to be stalking him. Ben is unaware of this and is so pleased with Derek’s ministrations that he returns the favors. Getting on all fours, Derek offers up his ass to Ben who takes it both that way and with Derek lying on his back, legs in the air.

Derek, perturbed by his blackouts and not certain whether his sexual fantasies of a leather-clad stalker are real or Memorex, joins a therapy group headed by Dr. Jason McCain. Gregg Rockwell’s problem is evident. His dick will just not go down. Paul Johnson tells of his obsession to have sex in public places. There follows one of the most incredible scenes I have ever seen.

The setting is a waiting room in which one of the walls is a large plate-glass window facing onto the street. Cars and pedestrians can be seen passing by as Paul and Jon Ashe strip naked, suck dick, and fuck. Only one passerby looks in. As he glances in, his gait slows and his face says, “I’m not seeing this!” But it is not just the audacity of the scene that sets it apart. It is also one of the hottest scenes committed to film! Paul has a great build and a manly hairy physique. Ashe has an awesomely tattooed back and an even more awesome dick. It widens out near the head. It is like a cobra. Paul seems to like sucking it. Ashe goes bonkers when Paul deep-throats it. Paul is also a great butch bottom. When he bends over for Ashe, it projects the notion that it takes a real man to get a cock in his ass—especially Ashe’s cock.

Robert Harvey, a well-built hunk calls Paul to complain about Gregg naked on the roof and jacking off. (That’s a complaint?) When Robert goes up onto the roof he succumbs to Gregg’s “charms” and goes down on the offending member. Returning to Robert’s loft, the action continues with Robert taking Gregg’s stiffy in another aperture. After both have shot their loads, Robert notices that Gregg is still stiff. (That’s a problem?)

Another member of the therapy group, Sal Correlli, has fantasies of Dr. McCain. When the good doctor gives him a letter to deliver to a loft, Sal arrives to find the space bare except for a mattress on the floor. Sal’s head begins to reel and he sees McCain dressed in leather, the cock uncovered, approach. Sal worships the leather-clad McCain’s cock and submits willing to a good screwing.

Of course, it is only fitting that Derek and Doc McCain get it on. It’s another hot scene.

Just as in Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, we are asked not to give away the ending. Of course it doesn’t take an Hercule Poirot to figure it out, but there are a couple of surprises.

This is a great DVD. There’s a good 30 minutes of behind the scenes as well as a great photo shoot. You can jump directly to oral, anal, or cum shots in each scene (but you won’t want to). Yet it isn’t the extras that make this one. It has an engrossing plot and the sex scenes are super. Rock Hard’s music also catches the Hitchockian feel. Although the music sounds more like Vertigo than Psycho, it is just right. When it comes time for the 2003 Awards, I expect this one to be nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Sex Scene. It should also be nominated for Best Score and Editing if there were such awards . Don’t be surprised if it gets some Acting nominations, too. But however, the nominations come out. It has my vote.

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