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Sex Inferno (Playgirl)

Sex Inferno (Playgirl)

Studio: Playgirl
Category:  Couples
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fu_q's ratings for Sex Inferno (Playgirl):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Sex Inferno (Playgirl) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Sex Inferno (Playgirl) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sex Inferno (Playgirl) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Sex Inferno (Playgirl) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sex Inferno (Playgirl) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Sex Inferno (Playgirl) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sex Inferno (Playgirl) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by fu_q  on  6/6/2009
“Sex Inferno” by Playgirl is more like a camp-fire than a true inferno. While the sex is steamy in some places—particularly the bonus scene featuring Sasha Grey and Sean Michaels—it just doesn’t get hot enough on the whole to really start a blaze. Further, it is a production in need of an identity, and one that largely misses its purported target audience—that of women. Being a Playgirl production, my wife and I watched it together, and we both came to the conclusion that it is really just run-of-the-mill porn. Certainly, there are some minimal elements in some scenes that are targeted toward women—more kissing, more sensuality, softening effects, etc. On the other hand, there are also scenes that might as well have been filler material from male-oriented films. Additionally, the focus here—in most of the scenes and even the bonus “Photo Gallery”—is still on the women and not the men. To further obfuscate matters, there are also a couple of poor (wife’s opinion) bonus male solo scenes thrown in, which, surprisingly, seem out of place and simply serve to reinforce the movie’s schizophrenic nature. Regardless, whether viewed as mediocre female-oriented porn or mediocre male-oriented porn, the one constant about “Sex Inferno” is that it’s mediocre—which is probably identity enough for most consumers to make up their minds.

Main Menu
The Main Menu consists of three options: “Play Movie”, “Chapters”—a standard scene selection mechanism, and “Special Features”—which will be covered at the end of this review. As always, we’ll get things started with “Play Movie”.

Opening Credits
During the credits, clips from the movie play. A Playgirl TV promo also plays, as do some logos.

Scene One (Marie Luv and Ramon Nomar)
The first scene features Marie Luv, an African-American actress with brown hair and an athletic, muscular build, and Ramon Nomar, a muscular, Caucasian actor with short, brown hair. Both are dressed in suits, including Marie, who is made up to look like a man. Underneath their clothing, Marie is wearing a red, lacy, one-piece thong / lingerie item and has nice-sized, natural breasts and a cooch that is shaven other than a trimmed tuft above the lips. Ramon, on the other hand, possesses a shaved, uncut cock that’s thick and of average length. Both are in very good shape.

Marie and Ramon in a feigned, man-on-man theme.

A no-condom, boy-girl coupling between the two takes place in a fancy room with a fireplace and a gold-brown sofa. It starts off a bit unnerving, with Marie looking like a man, but this doesn’t last too long before she is stripped down to her normal, lovely, female self. This scene features some poor angles and soft, blurry edges around the screen that are apparently there for effect—both of which can get distracting. It also has a lot of slow making out and focuses more on Ramon than it would had it been an adult film targeting a male audience. In terms of the sex, Ramon fingers Marie, and Marie blows him. Included here is some spit, ball-licking, and hand-work by Marie. Ramon enters her in a standing rear-entry position, a side-entry position that accentuates Marie’s flexibility, and a missionary-like position. During this, Marie gets a bit overly-enthusiastic for the softness of the mood, but this is more of an issue of the effects, etc. that were likely put in after the filming than anything of her doing. The scene essentially ends with a big ejaculation all over Marie’s pelvis and lower tummy.

All in all, there are a few distracting points about this segment, and they really drop it down from what could have been a solid performance by Marie and Ramon. Further, it starts off on a bad foot with Marie dressed up as a man; this just doesn’t work. In all honesty, this scene is probably best passed over—primarily due to artistic and production decisions.

My Wife’s Opinion:
Since this is a Playgirl production, it was quite reasonable to have my wife watch it with me and partake in the review. This scene really didn’t work for her, either, as she didn’t find the feigned man-on-man theme—or much of the rest of it—to be very appealing.

Scene Two (Krystal Steal and Barrett Blade)
This scene features Krystal Steal, a straight-haired, curvy blonde with nice-sized, enhanced breasts, and Barrett Blade, a spiky-haired, blonde actor with pierced nipples and a goatee. Krystal is in a pair of white g-string panties and is topless to start off the segment, while Barrett only has a green towel on. Underneath, we later find that Krystal is fully shaved, and Barrett has a large cock with a trimmed patch above it.

Krystal and Barrett getting intimate.

The boy-girl action in this scene takes place in a fancy bathroom and is done without condoms. There is a lot of sensuality, as both lightly rub themselves and then softly make out. Over the course of the sequence, Barrett fingers Krystal and gives her a lengthy pussy-eating. She returns the favor and gives him a bit of handwork, a bit of a tit-fuck, and a blowjob that includes some face-fucking. In terms of the actual penetration, Barrett takes her in a doggie-style position, a cowgirl position, and a missionary-like position. The sex essentially ends with a squirting ejaculation on Krystal that is on her pelvis but reaches up to her head.

Overall, this scene is better than the first, as it lacks the fuzzy edges on the screen, and it also lacks the man-on-man (feigned) theme. It also features a good amount of softcore action, which will probably appeal to many female viewers. That said, it is still not remarkable in any real way and is reasonably forgettable.

My Wife’s Opinion:
My wife also liked this segment much better than the first. She enjoyed the sensuality at the beginning, found that the softcore shots tapped into the imagination, and liked the fact that Barrett paid attention to Krystal, making it more about pleasing her than him.

Scene Three (Shyla Stylez and Lexington Steele)
This scene presents us with Shyla Stylez, who is normally a blonde but is wearing a pink wig this time around, and Lexington Steele, an African-American actor who is both muscular and extraordinarily endowed. In this sci-fi themed segment, Shyla is wearing a silver bikini that encases her large, enhanced breasts and her womanhood—which is shaved but for a blonde landing strip. Lexington is bald and has an enormous black cock with a landing strip above it, as well. To start things out, he is wearing a black pair of underwear.

Shyla and Lexington in some unknown, future world.

The pairing between the two takes place in a stark room with a futuristic feel and a red couch. There are no condoms used for the action here, and there’s a bit of fondling and through-bottom fingering by Lexington on Shyla. Shyla blows Lexington’s massive member, which also includes some handwork. In terms of the actual sex, there is some very sexy reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl maneuvers by Shyla and Lexington, as well as the use of a side-entry position and a missionary-like position. The sex essentially ends with Lexington depositing a huge load on Shyla’s breasts and chest, followed by a brief bit of tit-fucking and some oral cock clean-off.

From a man’s perspective, this is a very solid scene. It’s difficult to go wrong with Shyla Stylez and Lexington Steele, even with a bizarre theme, odd cut sequences, and Shyla in a pink wig. In terms of the targeted female audience, however, it seems unlikely that this will appeal, as it is more like a “regular” adult film scene than a female-focused scene.

My Wife’s Opinion:
My wife found there to be too much focus on Shyla for the cut-scenes; she felt that it would have been more appropriate to have focused on Lexington. She also didn’t like the use of the cut-scenes, the swirly cut effects, and the other special effects utilized as the scene progressed. She did think that the chemistry was good between Lexington and Shyla, and she liked that fact that Shyla seemed to be into the action. She felt that the pink hair was a bit much, however.

Scene Four (Michelle Avante and Johnny Cobalt)
This scene has a “cat-woman” sort of theme to it and involves Johnny Cobalt, who is a well-toned actor with short, brown hair, and Michelle Avante, who is a brunette, though you can barely tell, as she has a latex cat mask on for the entire scene. Johnny is topless and wearing black pants when he makes his appearance on the set, while Michelle is attired in a black-latex corset, cat mask, mid-bicep-length gloves, as well as a black thong, black bra, and knee-high, black stiletto boots. Her breasts are of a nice and natural (?) size, while her womanhood is shaved. Johnny is endowed with an average-sized manhood that sports a trimmed tuft.

Michelle shows Johnny who the true animal is.

The scene takes place in an artsy room with a black-and-white checkered floor. Michelle does some posing and licking of milk out of a large, glass bowl before Johnny enters. Once he’s there, Michelle rubs his face in the milk and licks it off. There’s some milk-play between the two, including its use on her breasts. There is certainly plenty of licking in the early going of the scene. Over the course of this sequence, Michelle gives Johnny some hand and oral action—including a bit of deep-throating—and then takes him in a few positions, all without condoms. Included here are side-entry and doggie-style positions for the vaginal sex, followed by some cowgirl anal sex that results in Johnny pulling out and essentially orgasming on himself (fail). The festivities essentially end with Michelle providing some oral cock clean-off.

In total, this scene is fairly flat and average. There are special effects utilized again that don’t add much to the goings-on, and the sex just never really takes off. A part of the lack of appeal here may well be that the viewer never sees Michelle’s face, which leads to a loss of some of the connection that the viewer might have achieved with the scene.

My Wife’s Opinion:
My wife felt that this portion of the DVD had little redeeming about it. She did note that the male lead was good-looking, but that the sex was bland and boring. She wasn’t a fan of the sound effects, either, and she felt that the licking and the milk took away from the scene. Further, she wasn’t too into the mask that Michelle was wearing.

Scene Five (Britney Stevens and Cheyne Collins)
This scene pairs up Britney Stevens, a curvy brunette with nice-sized breasts and a shaved womanhood, with Cheyne Collins, a spiky, brown-haired actor who is in good shape and has a thick cock with a tiny, trimmed tuft. Britney starts out in a black skirt-outfit and a black g-string, while Cheyne begins in a dark blue suit with a blue shirt and tie. The action here takes place in an office, with Cheyne being Britney’s boss. Before long, the dictation turns into dick-tation, and they’re off.

Just another day at the office for Britney and Cheyne.

The music that starts the scene is fairly odd—comical-sounding jazz—and the soft-edge effect is back around the screen, which works better here than in the first scene but is still distracting. There is also a blueness to the lighting and / or set that puts in place an interesting, old-style mood. In terms of the action, the desk in the office is made use of for both Cheyne’s eating of Britney’s tight cooch and her returning of the favor with a lying-face-down blowjob on Cheyne. The latter activity is very well done and incorporates a bit of face-fucking and deep-throating. For the penetration, which is all done without condoms, Cheyne takes Britney in a missionary-like position on the desk before the pair transitions into reverse-cowgirl anal sex and missionary-like anal sex. The cum-shot that essentially ends the activities winds up on Britney’s pelvis and tummy.

Overall, this is a very good scene—at least from a guy’s perspective. Britney Stevens is attractive, and she and Cheyne have good chemistry. The mood, while perhaps a tad overdone, is applicable to the theme, and it works well, too.

My Wife’s Opinion:
My wife noted that the sex here was good, but it took her awhile to get into it. This was largely due to the fact that it was a younger woman with an older guy—which is not really a typical woman’s fantasy, in her opinion. She also found the sound effects distracting.

Scene Six (Hollie Stevens and Marco Banderas)
In this scene, Hollie Stevens, a curvy blonde with perky, natural (?) breasts and an ample back-side, is playing Marco Banderas’ babysitter. She is really into Marco, as he is quite muscular, has a large, uncut cock with very little hair on it, and appears to be of Latin decent. To begin this segment of the disc, Hollie is wearing a black evening dress with no panties to cover her shaved lips with trimmed tuft just above. Marco, on the other hand, is attired in a striped, button-down shirt and black pants at the onset of things.

Marco finds out that his baby-sitter, Hollie, is quite interested in him and responds like only he can.

At the beginning of the scene, everything is pretty much in black-and-white, but this changes as Hollie and Marco get into their condom-less, boy-girl activities on the living room couch. There is a good deal of making out here, as well as some slow undressing and fondling. Hollie blows Marco’s stiff rod, and he eats her in return. The actual sex involves a reverse-cowgirl position, a missionary-like position, and a cum-shot by Marco on Hollie’s pelvis and tummy. The scene essentially ends with a kiss.

All in all, this portion of the production is okay, but it’s nothing to write home about, either. More positions would benefit the activities here, and the baby-sitter theme probably won’t sit well with a female audience. This one can be passed up without any serious loss.

My Wife’s Opinion:
My wife wondered why the creator(s) of the film would again feature an older guy with a younger woman, which is typically a male fantasy, as opposed to a female fantasy. She wondered why an older woman couldn’t seduce, for instance, the pool-boy or something similar. She also found that there was too much attention focused on Hollie for a supposedly female-oriented film. She noted that it would have been better had Hollie actually been Marco’s wife and that the two were simply role-playing. She did, however, like the fact that they used a more normal looking person (body type-wise) as an actress in this scene.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
There are a number of bonuses here that are accessible from the “Special Features” option under the Main Menu. The First is a “Bonus Sex Scene” that features Sasha Grey and Sean Michaels—as the cable repairman. This no-condoms, interracial scene, which includes anal and some forward behavior on Sasha’s part, is definitely the best on the disc.

Yes. Sasha Grey and Sean Michaels deliver the best scene on the DVD—even though it’s a bonus.

There are also a couple of solo-male segments—“Audition with Milo” and “Bonus Solo with Jake”. The former features a photo-shoot / interview with male model, Milo, while the latter involves a shower masturbation scene (to completion) with male model, Jake. In the case of Milo’s sequence, my wife found him to be too awkward, pale, young, thin, and pierced. With Jake, my wife found him to be too young and thin, as well. Additionally, she didn’t find the action sexy, largely due to the fact that it was mechanical, the fact that Jake kept his shorts on in the shower for part of the scene, and the fact that Jake wasn’t hard when he finally did remove his shorts. On top of these bonuses, there’s a “Photo Gallery” with stills of the women (for Playgirl???) and the action from the movie. There are also a few options for various Playgirl TV offerings, and there’s a “Company Profile” option that states that the link can be used with a computer.

Technical Note:
This is just a quick note to inform the reader that this DVD, although appearing to be widescreen, will leave the bars on both the sides and top and bottom of an HDTV. This also occurs on widescreen laptops. This doesn’t really detract much from the action, but it does cut down the area that the picture takes up on the two screens that were tried out. The equipment used to make these determinations was: a Sony 400-disc DVD changer hooked up via HDMI to a Vizio, widescreen, LCD HDTV and an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (widescreen; laptop).

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