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Sex & Groping

Sex & Groping

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Sex & Groping:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sex & Groping overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sex & Groping Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sex & Groping Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Sex & Groping Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sex & Groping Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sex & Groping DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sex & Groping A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  5/22/2005
Sex and Groping

Directed By: Tim Von Swine


Initial Thoughts: This is sort of like PXP goes wild, or something along those lines, there is a definate campus esque vibe going on around this disc. The idea is supposed to be that all of this is taking place in Vegas, aparently during the awards and expo weekend there, and they just decided to shoot a bunch of scenes in the hotels and the like. For the most part, it's a hot disc, there is a ton of hot sex here and a couple of new girls to both my eyes, and the porn camera that are definately going to be getting some more looks, and established talent to get things going smoothly. Some of the disc is shot kind of like bystander POV, as in your the guy watching the whole thing happen, and it's a bit different and interesting, bt at times the frat style of a couple of the scenes is not ideal to my way of thinking. But if you like series like "College Invasion" or even the softcore "Girls Gone Wild" discs, there are a few similarities here at times that you will appreciate. Things get mixed up nicely with some POV one on one, some group sex, and a few more standard 2 on one and one on one scenes. There is a little bit of skit in some of the scenes which I like, and a little "shut up and fuck" logic scenes. It's just a nice grab bag of porn, and the lengthy feature has to pretty much carry the load here since it leaves little room for extras. Solid effort though.

Technical Considerations: Pretty solid here, the picture quality has just a bit of grain, and it was a wise decision to not pile on the extras here with the nearing 3 hour feature, as picture integrity held up well. Sound is solid and lighting doesn't present too many issues. Camera work is a bit all over the place in terms of style, with Tim and Vince handling most of the camera work and Mike John was around in the extras, so he maybe joined in there too, even within the different guys, they try a couple different styles throughout this thing, but they all generally workout well. Menus are standard PXP, good looking and very usable.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 181 minutes

Feature: 169 minutes

Extras: 12 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Sintia Stone and Erik Everhard, John Strong

Duration: 38:54 mins

Position Chronology: Sintia sucks on John's cock while Erik eats her, missionary vag/BJ, spoon vag/BJ, Doggy vag, spoon anal/BJ, reverse cowgirl double penetration, a break for chatting, she blows both guys sperately on the couch, cowgirl double penetration, PTM/ATMs, standing double penetration, ATM/PTM, missionary vag/BJ, Missionary anal/BJ, face fucking, doggy vag/BJ, John cums in her mouth, she swallows, missionary vag with EE, he blasts off on her face, BJ cleanup. post cum play and reaction.

Scene Thoughts: We start out with Vince Vouyer in bed and pointing out what is going on across the room, where we find pretty euro blond Sintia, between Erik and John, getting and giving some oral pleasure. Things escalate quickly from there, and the 3 of them get into some hot sex, but then the issues start, they stop for a couple minutes, have some chat and beer fueled madness, and after a couple of minutes decide to get the scene going again, Tim occasionally turns the camera on himself for comment, and they cut back and forth to other guys screwing around, and a few shots showing the very sexy Giana in bed with Vince, but it never materializes into more than a flash here or there, a litte of this stuff is entertaining, but most of it is just nonsense, and it really breaks the hell out of the scene in terms of the sexual flow. If you like that frat house style of sex shooting, this won't bother you, but I just didn't like how much it slowed down the sex scene in this case and failed to add enough entertainment value to make it worth it. The main performers had some good chemistry and when they got going some good energy together, Sintia was cute and playful, and she got a couple good loads to play with after some hot DP action, so the scene had some redeeming values.


Scene 2: Giana and Jon Dough

Duration: 31:23 mins

Position Chronology: Giana in bed, pigtails, interview, she pops out some stellar tits and teases for the camera, John face fucks her, titfucking, BJ, more titfucking, he fingers her slit, standing doggy vag, doggy vag on the bed, he pulls her hair, PTM, stripping, BJ, reverse cowgirl vag, stop for interview, spoon vag, PTM, missionary vag, he pops off in her mouth and on her face, swallow and she cleans herself up.

Scene Thoughts: Giana could be one of the next big porn "it" girls if she sticks around. She has some of the best big natural breasts around, and the pigtailed brunette has a hell of a great attitude for on screen screwing. She is bubbly and fun the entire scene after a little early unsure interviewing. This turns into a really hot scene though in a hurry, and it stays that way throughout, Giana and Jon are very vocal with one another and have a good level of fun chemistry together, as Giana is laughing and smiling, and very into the sex, they don't get into anything all to adventurous, but the energy is rather frantic and hot, and Giana gets her pretty titties fucked a couple times as a nice bonus. She gets a sizable pop of man batter to play with too when all is said and done, and she just keeps that cute and fun aura around her. Good scene.


Scene 3: Persia, Erin Moore and Steve Holmes, John Strong

Duration: 41:35 mins

Position Chronology: Girls show asses and tease during interview, stripping, each girl masturbates, they blow Tim together, Steve shows up, he licks thier pussies, fingers and kisses them as the girls lick and play with each other. Missionary vag for Persia, PTOGM for Erin, cowgirl vag for Erin, PTOGM for Persia, John enters, reverse cowgirl vag for Erin, cowgirl vag for Persia, reverse cowgirl vag for Persia, girls switch guys, RC vag for Persia, cowgirl vag for Erin, reverse cowgirl vag for Erin, doggy vag for Persia as she licks Erin's pussy, Steve pulls Persia's hair and lightly chokes her, guys lick and finger the girl's slits, doggy vag for both girls, missionary vag for Persia with PTM, cowgirl vag for Erin, side by side missionary vag for both girls, doggy vag for Erin, she sucks Persia's feet, spoon vag for Persia, guys switch, side by side spoon vag for both girls, PTM for Erin, cowgirl vag for Erin, Doggy vag for Persia as she licks Erin's pussy and does PTOGM, PTM BJs, POV alternating from both guys, spoon - reverse cowgirl vag for Erin, doggy vag for Persia, sideways vag for Persia, girls side by side, jerking and sucking on both guys, ball licking for Erin, Facial for Persia from John, she licks cum off the bed, Erin gets facial from Steve, post cum stroking and licking from both girls, girls kiss and lick off each other's faces.

Scene Thoughts: Things pick up again in this scene, Persia and Erin show off thier asses for Tim who says he is a ass man, so they can't leave him sitting there and blow him as a bonus. This scene takes a little while to materialize into what it eventually wants to, but it's hot right off the start as the girls get Steve to play with and later John, and they are fairly into each other too as they kiss and lick each other's love boxes occasionally, the energy in this scene really cranks it up a notch, and they mostly keep it up without letting up all the way through the scene. I liked how in this scene, we got a good look at both girls the vast majority of the time, instead of going in for extended periods with one girl and then popping out to see whta was going on, it kept things going more smoothly in my view. Blonde Erin puts in the more dramatic and amped up performance of the two, but Persia does a nice job of getting her proverbial feet wet and really looks cute here. The facials were so so, but a good scene through and through.


Scene 4: Persia and John Strong, special appearance by Vince Vouyer

Duration: 24:14 mins

Position Chronology: Introduction, Persia licks Vince's balls and sucks his cock, he partially strips her and fingers her snatch, doggy anal, ATM, reclothed in a bikini, John enters, Persia strips, spoon anal, reverse cowgirl anal, ATMs, doggy anal, ATMs, cowgirl anal, standing cowgirl anal, piledriver anal, sideways anal, ATM, BJ, facial. post cum reaction.

Scene Thoughts: Tim gets word that Vince, (This movie is a Vince Voyeur productions disc btw) is on his way up and is pissed off at old Timmy, he comes up with Persia and gives Tim a piece of his mind for not getting her fucked in the ass in her scene yesterday, presumably meaning the previous scene of the movie, so after he gets a little head he slides into her ass and shows Tim what he wants, and he leaves for John to take over, and John does as Vince wants, and doesn't even worry about her pussy and fucks her in the ass only, Persia really shines in this scene a great deal more than she did in the previous scene, and she was cute there, but here she is incredibly sweet and sexy, and we get more of a show of her sexy body too. This a hot scene, Persia is into the ass ramming and her and John get on pretty well. She plays the part of a bit of a sexual servant, just doing her job perfectly, and she gets a nice facial to finish.


Scene 5: Myaluanna and Vince Vouyer

Duration: 28:29 mins

Position Chronology: Interview and introduction, POV tease, and some POV dick sucking and doggy vag with PTM, Mya dances and comes back to suck dick, doggy vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, reverse cowgirl vag, stripping, missionary vag, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Another sexy asian to the fore, she is Thai according to her with natural titties to boot, she is quite sexy, and she has a sexy voice and sweet attitude, she plays around with Vince for a a little while before they get down to it, and this ends up as a nice POV scene to close things out, Myaluanna ( pronounced Mya - Lou onna) is hot little teaser too, she chats it up as she sucks and gets fucked, and really is an excellent POV girl, there seems to be a fair bit of chemistry between the two here and the energy gets quite sparky as the scene progresses. Nice facial all over her face to close this one out too and we have blackout.


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Tim gets the party rolling and has some discussion with his buds in the motel room, Vince gets some special extra time with Giana in the sack, backstage fun with Giana, and a chat with John Strong. 6:51 mins.

Photo Gallery: 50 snaps of the hardcore action from the feature.

Trailers: "The Whore Next Door", "Firebush 2", "Teen Fuck Holes", "Baker's Dozen 3".

Other Extras: Cumshot Recap and Website info.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

I find it very difficult to put this disc into any one grouping as far as genre or catagory goes. As I said above, there is a bit of many different styles, genres and groupings in this disc. It is not particularly rough or anal heavy with only 2 scenes heavily featuring anal sex, and even the rougher stuff is subdued here, so if your into that or not into that, keep it in mind. I think a wide variety of people will enjoy this disc, and for what it is, it's a good effort. I think most people who enjoy adult movies are into a lot more than one type of sex or style, so hopefully this review gives you enough information to go on, but it's hard to recommend a purchase in a given grouping, but if your into most of the things I mentioned, you won't be dissappointed here, but a rental is probably best to judge this one on your own at first. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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