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Sex Driver

Sex Driver

Studio: Horizon
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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pdheartbreak's ratings for Sex Driver:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Sex Driver overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Sex Driver Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Sex Driver Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Sex Driver Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sex Driver Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Sex Driver DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sex Driver A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by pdheartbreak  on  5/24/2004
Scene One: Suzi Suzuki (Hiroko Matsuda) and Giselle Yum (Maria Resurrecion)

Giselle (Maria) is wearing a nurse outfit that is covered by a black and long leather coat. She is walking down the street … all alone at night in the downtown Los Angeles after finished her shift at the hospital. Giselle had noticed that a white Cadillac is following her. There were three men (the Cadillac Gang) are riding in the car. She didn’t pay any attention to the white car until she arrived at Suzi’s loft showroom. (It is still being constructed.) Meanwhile, Suzi (Hiroko), the fashion designer is working at her desk until she heard a knock at the door. Suzi is wearing a red dress and red high heels. She opened up the front door and kissed her lover, Giselle. They sweet-talk to each other for a short while. Suzi took off Giselle’s leather black coat and guide her to the stairway.

On the stairway, Giselle rubbed her own pussy as she started to lick Suzi’s pussy. Suzi’s ass is way up in the air for Giselle’s fingers to be inserted in her pussy. Next, Suzi sat on the stairway as Giselle placed her pussy over Suzi’s face. Giselle took off her nurse outfit as Suzi is eating her pussy. Next, Giselle is in the doggiestyle position to have Suzi’s fingers goes inside of Giselle’s pussy. Next, Giselle’s legs are spread wide open for Suzi to eat her pussy. Next, she climbed on top of Giselle’s face to licked Suzi’s pussy. (I used the word, “next” to acknowledge the readers that the camera had quickly cut the scene).

Both of them walked up the top of the stairs and into another room. (The room is still being constructed). This time the camera revealed that Giselle is wearing a “special” necklace. (I will explain the “special” necklace later) They are making out on a chair and a table. (There is a red strap-on dildo on the table). Giselle is lying on top of the table, having her pussy being fingered by Suzi’s. Then Suzi and Giselle have 69 each other for a short while. Next, Suzi is wearing the strap-on as Giselle is sucking on the red dildo. Giselle lay on the top of the table with her legs open so that Suzi can slide the red dildo in. Next, Suzi fuck Giselle’s pussy for a while. Next, Suzi fuck Giselle’s ass with the strap-on. At the end of their fucking, they have kissed each other and the camera focused on Giselle’s special” necklace again.

The “special” necklace has three black stripes wings shape on the left side and three black striped wings shape the right side. Also, it has a curled tail in the middle.

Scene Two: Suzi Suzuki, Jack Hammer and Kyle Phillips

The three men (Cadillac gang) that were riding in the white car are now waiting outside for Suzi and Giselle. As the men kidnapped the women, the camera was in slow motion to show that Suzi snatched the “special” necklace off Giselle’s neck. One kidnapper put Giselle in the white car and drove away whereas; the other two “speechless” kidnappers (they didn’t speak through the second scene) escorted Suzi back into her showroom. The two kidnappers (Jack Hammer and Kyle Phillips) forced her to dance on the stage with a sliding pole. At first, Suzi had hesitated to dance, but Jack Hammer gave her a “dance-or-you-will-die” look. Thanks for Suzi’s real life stripping experience, she showed them a good striptease. After the striptease, Jack and Kyle dropped their pants and Suzi has a cock in each hand. Suzi takes turns sucking both cocks and placing them in her mouth at the same time. (awesome). Then Kyle sat on the couch to watch Suzi suck his dick while Jack is fucking her ass.

Suzi climbed on Kyle’s dick to be in the cowgirl position and Jack joined them. Then Kyle stood up and literally carried Suzi to the pool table. Kyle fucked Suzi’s pussy real good because she is moaning real loud, but Jack told her to be quiet. Kyle and Jack have DP Suzi over the pool table. Kyle shot some cum over Suzi’s face and she was “disgusted” to lick cum off his dick. I’ve never seen this cumshot before where Suzi is spread eagle on the pool table and Jack is about 15 feet directly above her. Jack’s cum had drip all the way down (nearly 15 feet) to Suzi’s chest. Nice cum shot from long distance.

Jack and Kyle were talking and not paying close attention to their victim, Suzi creep behind a bar and grab a black case. In the black case was a silver automatic pistol. Jack and Kyle beg for their lives, but she shot both of them. After the men were dead, Suzi was still holding the gun, terrified and crying over the bar.

After recovering in a private hospital, Suzi called the police saying that she wants information on the white Cadillac. Matsuda aka (the Sex Driver) is wearing the “special” necklace, a chauffeur outfit and driving in the same kidnappers’ white Cadillac. The “special” necklace has changed Suzi’s character from Matsuda into the Sex Driver.

Scene Three: Felony, Mesha and Ted Hunter
Suzi (the Sex Driver) and Ted (Matsuda‘s accomplice) are talking at the table. Ted wants Suzi to pick up some hookers for him. So Suzi, aka the Sex Driver is cruising through the city at night. Then she picked up Felony and Mesha, who are wearing schoolgirls outfit. Suzi drove them to a showroom, escorted them in and suddenly disappeared. Felony and Mesha are sitting on two stools, sucking on lollipops and wondering where the chauffeur is. Ted Hunter showed up, didn’t speak to the girls and started to take their clothes off.

Mesha took off her white shirt and black bikini and Felony undress her white shirt. The girls took Ted’s pants off and placed his dick on the stool. They have lick at his dick for a while until Mesha started to suck it. Then Felony gave Ted a blowjob. The scene cut where Felony slipped off Mesha’s skirt, forced her into a doggiestyle position over a stool and gave her two hard spanks on Mesha’s ass. This time Ted’s cock is in Mesha’s mouth as Felony is continuing rubbing Mesha’s ass. The scene was cut again as Mesha is rubbing Ted’s cock while Felony and Ted are kissing. It was a short scene because it got cut again where each woman is sitting on a stool. Ted is eating Mesha’s pussy as Felony is watching them and maturbating. Then Ted walked toward Felony to eat her pussy and Mesha was maturbating. Both of the girls were facing each other in a doggiestyle position over their stool with Ted is humping Felony’s ass. The scene is cut where Felony is watching Ted sits on a stool, getting his dick stuck by Mesha. Then Mesha and Ted got into a reverse cowgirl position for a short while. Next, Felony lay across both stools as Ted slipped his dick into her pussy. Afterward, Mesha lean on a stool to get ass fuck by Ted. Finally, Ted had cum all over a stool and the girls rubbed it on their tits.

Scene Four: Aurora Cortez and Ted Hunter
Suzi, the Sex Driver is riding in the white car again and pulled up where Aurora is arguing with her boyfriend, a fat, bald guy. Aurora gets in the car and drove in the car with Suzi. Aurora kept rambling about her boyfriend, but Suzi isn’t listening to her. Suzi had escorted Aurora to an empty bar. Next, Aurora is naked and laying on her back on a brown rug with several candles around her.

Suzi and Ted are going to sacrifice Aurora. They have walked into the room and looked at Aurora. Suzi, the Sex Driver is wearing a black, leather outfit, black, long leather gloves, long, black leather heels and the “special” necklace on her neck. Ted has on a red leather mask. Suzi seems to be supervising their whole sex act.

Ted squeezed, licked her boobs and ate her pussy. Then Aurora got on her knees to suck Ted’s cock. Suzi told them to change position, so Aurora laid down flat on her stomach as Ted put his cock into her ass. As Suzi is watching Ted is humping on Aurora‘s ass, the camera gave a “flash back” moment where one of the kidnappers, (Jack Hammer) humped on Suzi’s ass. The “flash back” had made Suzi, the Sex Driver realized that she is Matsuda. (a little schizophrenia thing going on with Suzi’s characters.)

Anyway, back to Ted and Aurora… they are still in the doggie style position. Then Aurora climbed on Ted’s dick to be in a cowgirl position. Aurora turned around to change it in a reverse cowgirl position. Then Aurora begged Suzi for Ted to fuck her in the ass. Aurora’s wish was granted as Ted slides his dick into her ass. In a short while, the camera cuts them back into the reverse cowgirl position again. The final cum shot of the movie is when Suzi is brushing Aurora’s hair back as she kindly waited for Ted jerks off. Then Suzi whispered something in Aurora’s ear and she put the same automatic weapon to Ted’s head. The camera fades to black and Suzi started to quote some mumbo jumbo senseless junk.

The plot is a little difficult to follow because lack of dialogue. The movie will receive another star if they have give a great explanation of the “special” necklace. Of course, the plot isn’t all that important, but the sex was good. Aurora, Felony, Mesha and Giselle gave a good performance. If you’re a fan of Suzi Suzuki (like me), then this is a movie for you.

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