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Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sex and Corruption (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/10/2011
Welcome porn fans to the first episode of a new series from Digital Playground written by Kay Brandt and directed by Robby D. It features their contract star Selena Rose along with Haley Cummings, Lexi Swallow, Alexa Nicole & Daisy Cruz. The story centers around Selena who hasn't been the best behaved girl growing up so she's been in and out of detention. This story finds her out but under the heavy eye of a social worker. Selena has a step brother to hang with but he's a bad influence and we'll just have to see if Selena is finally reformed or not plus work in a few good sex scenes if we're lucky.

Haley Cummings:

So we go right to the social working as we find Haley in the office talking to Scott Nails who doesn't seemed pleased with Haley. The reports aren't good even if she's got a new job as she has missed the last three appointments. Scott wants to help and he feels like Haley should start showing some initiative about her case which she does-- lowering her top letting those huge gorgeous titties fall out. Scott looks on approvingly and gets up walking over to cup them, kiss them and then reach a few fingers down inside her pussy. Scott keeps on going until he is face deep in Haley's pussy. We get a couple real nice shots of those boobs which are just awesome to look at. While Scott is giving Haley some nice pussy head she lifts up one breast and licks the nipple for us and I loved that especially the close in shot of her doing it. Haley then gets to have some fun with Scott's cock and the side view was close and excellent in presenting the bj. Sexwise you have some titty fucking, mish and doggie worked in leading to the pop shot across her tits with Haley licking a little at them before the scene ends. After the scene we have Haley leaving barely putting her top back on as she walks past Marcus London who we can guess works with Scott and you can see he's not pleased with how Mr. Nails conducts his business. The two chat briefly before they both leave.

Selena Rose:

The next scene brings our main girl in, Selena, and we see she's engaged in a game of cards with Toni Ribas who is sporting a bad guy beard/ stubble. The card game is soon left behind and for something much better, Selena and Tony having sex. In opposite to the first scene we have Selena dropping down first to give oral but she teases Toni at first licking over his jeans before finally releasing his cock. It nearly slides right into Selena's mouth and she takes her time working him up and the side view was again used really well. Nice eye contact and some good licks around the head highlight this bj which also sees her use a nice amount of spit to lube him up for her pussy. Mish and doggie make up the sex with an ass pop to close it out. Selena wasn't fully opened up to camera so we don't have the best view of her ass but we what we got was still pretty good.


Fresh off that steamy encounter with her step brother Selena goes to her counseling session with Marcus who quickly gets flustered when Selena starts to get a little frisky with him-- I just want to get you out of the system he says, quickest way to get Selena out of your system I would guess is to fuck her!! He tries to take his medicine, drops it and Selena starts to rub his leg, he gets more flustered until eventually he's laid out with a cool wash cloth over his forehead. But Selena won't let his fever break just yet, she needs to get her fix so off goes the top and her tits come back out just as Marcus is starting to wake up and offer no resistance now. So two scenes in a row we get to enjoy Selena sucking cock and she looks pretty good here too working on Marcus. Our social worker is fully awake now as Marcus gets a faceful of pussy to lick and he goes for it, hey if you're gonna compromise yourself at work might as well go full bore. Sex wise you have mish and doggie ending with some more head from Selena and Marcus popping while she was hovering over his dick bringing him to climax. So it turns out Marcus wasn't much better than his co worker Mr. Nails. A short time later he wakes up alone in the bed and jerks himself up. Checking out his wallet he notices some credit cards are gone and goes out to see Selena, he's still at her place but he doesn't accuse her of anything instead storming out- I think he was a little bit embarrassed at letting himself be compromised by this young girl.

Lexi Swallow:

Marcus reports the cards stolen and returns home where Lexi Swallow is waiting for him, alright dude but why fool around on this sexy babe! Marcus goes to take a shower and finds a couple sex marks on his chest, oops. He does tell Lexi something and that he needs some time off but of course he doesn't confess the adultery. He makes mention regarding the case but not real specifics. Late Lexi tries to offer some comfort sexually and this is something Marcus needs right now a distraction so he goes for it. Doing some nice kissing to Lexi's tits moving down to taste her pussy also. We've had a very good picture throughout the title and that is maintained here as Lexi gets into the swing of things engulfing his cock. Lexi then climbs on to ride him, good frontal shot on her and then from behind a close up on her ass. You'll note too that Marcus hasn't taken his shirt off, no need to alarm her suspicions just yet. Spoon to finish and a pop to Lexi's open mouth with clean up from his girl, now will he tell her!

So the next day we head back to the office where Marcus is having an intense discussion with Devon Lee, not sure who she is, perhaps a superior. Anyway she knows what happened though Selena's version is slightly different with Marcus being the one making the advances though we know that's not true. Devon suggest a drug test to see if there was something in the water they gave him to drink and Marcus has already done that, just waiting for the results. The story then takes us back to Marcus's home where we get a brief but sexy glimpse of Lexi dressing. She is not alone, however, as Selena is waiting when she arrives downstairs telling her that Marcus was going to meet her there which was news to Lexi. She calls Marcus outside where he tells her to get out of there and call the police. Strange, though, that Marcus is trying to high tail it out of there to go check on his girl.

Alexa Nicole & Daisy Cruz:

Meanwhile we get one last 'session' as Alexa comes into the office and ends up leaving with Scott going back to her place where we also have Daisy Cruz enjoying a bowl of cereal while watching the boob tube. Alexa and Scott start going at it right near her which distracts Daisy from watching tv, lol. Well Scott puts a stop to the tv watching for good when he slides over to give some luving to Daisy's pussy. Scott then sits back and allows the girls to play with each other for a brief period before it's share the dick time. Each girl gets a chance to ride him before Scott unloads letting the girls share the load as we have episode one come to a close.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this is different as we get the To Be Continued flashing on screen right after that last scene so you'll have to wait until Part II to see what happens with Marcus, Selena and Lexi. A little surprised we didn't get a bit more story to take us to the break between episodes, not that using sex for that wasn't a bad idea. I see that Part II is already out so I'll be checking that one out real soon to see where the story goes. As for extras in regards to this first title the biggest feature to check out is the behind the scenes. You also get a pic gallery and several trailers for other Digital titles. I see this as a good rental and Selena fans will want to check it out as she stars in back to back scenes plus we lead off with the busty babe Haley Cummings who is a treat any time she's on camera. I enjoyed Lexi Swallow too and the extra bit of nudity when she was dressing was a pleasant surprise so hopefully not the last we've seen of her on camera.

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