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Sex 3: Sex After Seven

Sex 3: Sex After Seven

Studio: Vivid Wave
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Sex 3: Sex After Seven:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sex 3: Sex After Seven overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sex 3: Sex After Seven Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sex 3: Sex After Seven Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sex 3: Sex After Seven Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sex 3: Sex After Seven Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Sex 3: Sex After Seven DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Sex 3: Sex After Seven A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  2/13/2002

Cast: Ashlyn Gere, Leena, Felicia, Sandi Beach, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron and Nick East.

Director: Layne Parker

Production date: 10/25/99 (box); 7/28/93 (feature)

Length: 82 min.

Extras: Eight biographies, ten previews and 33 bonus scenes.

Audio/visual quality: The camerawork is sure and steady, with a nice mix of long, medium and close-up shots. A few shadows fall on the action, but they're not too bad. Audio is a bit hollow and spotty in places. As might be expected in the outdoor settings, there's a little noise from wind, airplanes, a police siren, etc. Some of the music is markedly better than typical porno tunes from the early 1990s. Several pieces have a pleasing "unplugged" quality, featuring acoustic guitar. A reviewer at a different web site noted synching problems on his disc, but I can't find them on my copy.

Why I chose this DVD: It was a surprise from a friend, who somehow intuited that I'm a fan of Ashlyn Gere.

First impression: It's an agreeable little movie that's not overly ambitious.

Scene highlights: Ashlyn Gere works for Custom Fit, a small business renting formal wear. Obviously, her employer doesn't require a uniform, since she makes deliveries wearing a bad-ass black biker cap, "ruff justice" tank top, cutoff jeans and combat boots. Marc Wallice is sunning himself by a swimming pool when the curvy brunette arrives with his tuxedo. She easily persuades him that she needs to check the fit (especially the rise in the pants, wink, wink). They dive into an energetic romp on Marc's pink futon, including a blow job for him, oral for her, missionary, spooning and reverse cowgirl. There's so much sweat in this scene I can almost taste the salt. Ashlyn and Marc finish up in the pool with a second blow job. She jerks him off to a facial, most of which goes wild.

Ashlyn's impromptu fling delays the rest of her deliveries, causing yet another headache for her boss, Leena. Leena has been under a great deal of stress preparing for a business merger with After Seven. Fortunately, she's married to Nick East, who knows just how to take the edge off. The next morning, he playfully corners his leggy wife in their bedroom, making it perfectly clear that he wants her on the floor, in broad daylight, now. Nick romances Leena with oral and finger stimulation. She returns the favor with a passionate blow job, followed by cowgirl and doggie. Nick asks Leena if she's ready for anal in doggie, and she definitely is. She originally requests an internal climax, but then changes her mind (yeah, right); his pop absolutely pours over her whole genital area. One of Leena's captivating qualities is her tendency to say womanly things in a little girl voice; much of the strength of Nick and Leena's chemistry lies in their soft-spoken verbal exchanges.

After a night of carousing, Ashlyn's late to work again. This time she dresses a bit more appropriately in a cute floral romper and rose-colored sunglasses. Her client, Tom Byron, is cheerfully losing his tennis match with Sandi Beach. The camera gives a nice little peek up Sandi's skirt as she plays. This blonde's a good sport in more ways than one; as Ashlyn walks out onto the court, Sandi flashes a smile that's worth a thousand words. They start with a two-on-one blow job on the park bench. Sandi continues the blow job while Ashlyn sits on Tom's face for some oral attention. Satisfied for the moment, Ashlyn then repositions herself to give Sandi a few good licks and some fingerplay. Tom and Sandi couple in doggie; Tom and Ashlyn couple in reverse cowgirl. Tom jerks off to a modest double facial, but none lands on Ashlyn's glasses, which she has worn throughout the scene.

Leena's sweet young office assistant, Felicia, worries about her boss. She comes over to Leena's house to help her unwind before the big meeting. Felicia prepares a cup of hot tea and kneads Leena's shoulders. Somehow the shoulder massage turns into a nipple massage. Felicia disrobes, letting Leena leave lipstick smudges on her breasts. Leena sensuously traces her tongue up and down Felicia's gluteal cleft, but the camera doesn't allow a direct view of the rimming. Felicia demonstrates the key to effective oral work by pressing and rubbing her face firmly against Leena's muff. The mutual fingerplay includes a brief tease of the external area around Felicia's anus. As might be expected in a nurturing lesbian scene, there's cuddling, kissing and 69. Both women appear to orgasm at least once.

Leena overdoses on Felicia's herbal relaxants and oversleeps the next day. Fortunately, nearly all the groundwork for the merger has been laid by phone, and Ashlyn successfully completes the deal. Ashlyn receives a partnership as a reward, but there are a few more tuxedos she wants to deliver. At Alex Sanders' house, he jokingly protests that he "doesn't have a coupon," but Ashlyn's already focused on the blow job. Alex treats her breasts to generous and abundant kisses, eventually moving down to her pussy. He also rims her gently, but just as before, the camera doesn't allow a direct view. The sexual momentum increases through fingerplay, missionary and doggie. Ashlyn turns around to catch Alex's cum on her breasts. Unfortunately, synthesized music intrudes rather awkwardly toward the latter half of this scene.

Thumbs up: Not everyone's going to agree with my overall rating of Sex 3, especially those who equate heat with nastiness. But for me personally, the charms of Leena and Ashlyn generate plenty of heat. They both seem strong and capable in these roles, yet also accessible and vulnerable. Because I'm able to identify with their characters, the sex turns me on quite a bit, even though there's nothing extremely imaginative about any of the scenarios.

The plot is perhaps too simple--just another movie where the bad girl discovers her heart of gold and saves the day. But the story flows smoothly and logically, with no hamminess or wooden delivery. Thankfully, unlike many of Vivid's DVD releases, there's little if any after-market editing and no hacked-up multiple angles.*

Thumbs down: Sigh...the standard B-side Vivid extras. Some people rate them better than the features, which always astounds me. If you've discovered a way to enjoy these hodgepodge selections of unidentified and undistinguished scenes, my hat's off to you (sorry, only the hat). This particular collection includes a three-way with Nikki Dial that scarcely shows Nikki's face and five minutes of the infamous wife abuse segment from Masseuse 2, along with other assorted gems. The majority are about three minutes in length.

The feature itself is close to a four-star rating, but some of its potential is never realized. In some places, it seems to be going in a certain direction, but then shies away. Scene two could pursue the internal cumshot, but it doesn't. Scene four could take the anal action beyond a tease, but it doesn't. Leena and Ashlyn could get together for a grand finale, but they don't. A slightly more daring approach would have boosted Sex 3 to the "very good" category as opposed to merely "good."

Themes: Straight, lesbian, three-way, oral, anal, facials, rimming (female to female, male to female).

Condom use: None.

Juice-o-meter: Medium-high.

Final analysis: Sex Part 3: Sex After Seven is a short but sweet couples' feature available at a nice price. Leena and Ashlyn are both adorable here, so if you like these ladies, this DVD is probably worth your time and money. Just be sure to insert it into your player right side up.

*Postscript: A few days after this review went online, a representative from Vivid contacted me with additional background information. The representative kindly clarified that early issues with editing and extras occurred when the company was still "young and naive." More recent releases are intact transfers with extras that fit. It's always nice to see responsiveness to customer feedback, and I salute Vivid's efforts to provide a higher quality product.

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