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Sentenced (Vivid)

Sentenced (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film
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RubyRed's ratings for Sentenced (Vivid):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Sentenced (Vivid) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Sentenced (Vivid) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Sentenced (Vivid) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Sentenced (Vivid) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Sentenced (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Sentenced (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sentenced (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by RubyRed  on  2/28/2005
"A Gay Man's take on Straight Porn"

I've had on and off experiences with Vivid in the past, but I had really wanted to see how Chi Chi LaRue did with straight porn, having had some experience with his gay titles, so, I picked up Sentenced.

The Movie: This has to be one of the hottest movies I have seen in a while! I mean, I have never seen performers just go wild like this on camera, and it really was worth it.

The story is fairly simple. Sex is a crime, and Steven St. Croix is the one dishing out the punishment. The way he does this is by putting them in a coma, and then monitoring the criminals dreams and thoughts. Sunrise Adams comes in as his new assistant.

We start things off with Sunrise and Lola having a nice bit of lesbian action on a desk in the lab. The scene really isn't an indication of what is to come, although it is still fairly well done, and there is definite heat. Still, it is pretty short, and well within the bounds of a couples feature, even though it is a girl/girl scene.

The lab then opens, and the girls rush off to get dressed, and Steven St. Croix then gives Sunrise the tour of the lab. In doing so we get to our next scene, Nicole Sheriden. You see, she has a problem with prostitution. She isn't a hooker herself, no, Miss Sheriden is a john. We then go in to her mind.

Nicole's scene has her walking by a window seeing Voodoo and Alexis Amore going at it. She gets turned on, and asks if they are willing to make a little money. of course they are! So we get a very hot, very nasty threesome. I had just seen Voodoo and Nicole in About A Woman, and I have to say... Chi Chi really got them going. The three actors just go nuts, and Nicole goes crazy! The scene was uber hot, and just the right length. Plus, you always had a nice view of the action, without things getting to cramped. It also helps that all three performers are very attractive. This is a little more rough than the first scene, with a little slapping, hair pulling, and Alexis jamming a strap on down Nicole's throat. Very good scene, but not the movie's best.

Next we move on to Audrey Hollander. There is actually a little bit of plot work with her character, and how she connects to Steven. The odd thing is, even though this is not a story movie, Steven really creates a very well done character. Plus, what story that is there is pretty interesting. Good work! So, character stuff aside, we then move in to her scene.

Audrey is getting ready for her wedding day, and she is in a bedroom with what appears to be her groom to be. Things start out light, with a little kissing, and then him going down on her. Then things just go crazy! The sex really starts heating up when he starts rimming her, and then announces that if he is going to rim her, then she is going to rim him. He then proceeds to sit on her face, alternating between shoving his hole in her face, and then stuffing his dick down her throat. He then moves on to fucking her in the ass. Audrey really does look nice and innocent, but this girl is dirty! When he isn't fucking her, he has a good portion of his hand shoved inside of her, and at one point she has her hand up her ass, and his dick up there as well. This has to be the hottest scene in the entire movie! I was uber impressed.

After he pops on her face the real groom comes in, and we find out that the man she was just fucking is really the best man! Oh my!

We then leave Audrey's head, and move on to Ashley Long, a girl who just can't stop having sex in public places. Oh my!

Ashley's scene is the darkest, but very hot, almost as hot as the bride scene. It takes place in a sewer, and has her servicing two guys. Things are very intense, with lots of nice slapping, and spitting. Everything is very rough, with Ashley making things more intense. Very impressive. This scene also involves her rimming one of the guys. The main reason I keep mentioning if this comes up in a scene is because, while I thought it was hot, I can understand if some guys get a little turned off by this. Still, seeing Ashley slapping the guy's ass... way hot. The guys take turns fucking her, with the shorter guy taking her in standing doggy, and then taller guy (the guy who got rimmed) taking her in reverse cowgirl. They then both pop on her, drenching her in cum.

It doesn't seem that this was enough, and she says she wants more, but the guys leave her. It seems that the want is her punishment. How evil!

So, at this point Sunrise announces that the entire thing is just to cruel, and that she cannot be Steven's assistant. He then gets an evil look on his face, and takes her to the next table. It seems that they are also using the lab to get new criminals as well as the ones they already have, and as the box says, Sunrise is Public Enemy #1.

Before Sunrise is pulled in to her sex scene we are treated to a scene that actually made me jump, with one of the girls coming to life, and grabbing her. A jump scene in porn! Wow.

The final scene is a five person scene, with two guys, and three girls. TJ Hart and Bamboo service a muscle guy while Sunrise gets Chris Canoon. I really think Sunrise got the short end of the stick on this one, because her and Chris really don't generate much heat. She does a great job at faking it,and I would have had no idea that she was faking, but it is kind of pointed out in the behind the scenes. Chris really does nothing in the scene, and the energy from the other scenes is not there with him. The muscle guy and the two girls on the other hand do a pretty good job, with their fucking on par with the opening scene. Luckily Chris pops pretty quickly, and leaves, leaving Sunrise craving more cock, and probably an orgasm. Well, the three fucking won't let her in on the party, and continue to bone like maniacs, while poor Sunrise has to watch. The entire scene is nice, but it really is missing the heat and attraction from the earlier scenes. Still, this is better than a lot of couples fair I've seen recently.

The movie then ends with Steven getting a new assistant, and... another suprise scare! Really good stuff.

Tech Stuff: This was shot on film, and has a bit of grain to it, but the colors are bright, and things are clear. I just wish they would go to widescreen format. The sound is very clear. A very nice disk.

Extras: You get the usual galleries, trailers, and a very well done behind the scenes, which includes interviews with Sunrise and Chi Chi. You also get a nice little blooper real. Nothing amazing, but what is there is well done.

OverAll: This is a hot movie. The story isn't anything amazing, but connects the scenes well, and actually creates a nice, dark atmosphere. It's very well filmed, and the sex is nice and nasty. This really isn't a couples feature, but if you and your special someone are looking for something with total heat, check this one out! And I have to say, Chi Chi did an AMAZING job. Way to go! Highly Recommended.

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