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ChrisLuvsPorn (SGPC) Sensual Confessions 4 starsSensual Confessions 4 starsSensual Confessions 4 stars
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Sensual Confessions

Sensual Confessions

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kelly's ratings for Sensual Confessions:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Sensual Confessions overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Sensual Confessions Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Sensual Confessions Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sensual Confessions Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Sensual Confessions Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Sensual Confessions DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sensual Confessions A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  4/1/2004
Title: Sensual Confessions
Company: Wicked Pictures
Length: 1 hour and 49 minutes (109 minutes)
Production Date(s): November 22, 2000
Release Date: Frebruary 9, 2001
DVD Release Date: November 21, 2003 (it has Macrovision)

Director: Jim Enright

The Abridged Version: In the world of pornography, there are two factions: gonzo and feature. Stereotypically, the gonzo tapes are for the lonely single viewer and the features are for the couples. However, in reality that is interchangeable, but because of this misconception the perception of feature adult films it that they are soft and watered down. In some ways, that is a fair assumption, but it is highly possible to make a feature that satisfies all audiences. Is Sensual Confessions, the 2001 Wicked Picture recently released on DVD, one of those? Sadly, no. This is couple’s fair all the way. Temptress plays Jenny, proprietor of an online bulletin board system that posts real letters detailing sexual encounters sent into them by members of the board. This is a thin premise that amounts to a vignette style feature that, not surprisingly, heavily focuses upon the contract girl of the bunch: Temptress. She reads several of the letters until one comes specifically for her from her boyfriend, which leads to a finale threesome. Unfortunately, Temptress is not much of an actress and looked much, much better before signing with Wicked, at which point she lost a little too much weight and her breasts shrunk as result. The situations are cliché and the sex predictably tame, with all guys wearing rubbers. The overall selection of females is stunning though, with Taylor St. Claire standing ahead of the pack, exuding sexiness like you can only imagine. However, had I not been hard up to see Ms. St. Claire’s scene I probably would not have viewed this because I knew what it probably would and eventually proved itself to be: a couples tape. Moreover, it is a rather average and forgettable couples tape at that. The DVD comes with an extremely impressive selection of extras, especially considering that a lot of the behind the scene stuff has probably been sitting on the cutting room floor for a couple of years now, which adds to its overall value. However, none of the peripherals can make up for the fault of the main attraction.

Scene 1: Temptress (cover girl, resembles a thinner Brooke Shields) and Ava Vincent (far too thin blonde, much hotter years ago when she went by Jewel Valmont) (18 minutes)

This first letter comes from a nurse who admits to shamefully fantasizing about her patients. In the transition from letter to represented reality, the surely plainer looking nurse and patient are replaced by Temptress, who seemingly projects herself into the fantasy, and Ava Vincent respectively. For some reason, Temptress wears a stethoscope. I thought only doctors wore those, but whatever. This scene is quintessential porn. It is a moving cliché, with Temptress wearing a white nurses outfit that real nurses haven’t worn in years and when they did wear them they most certainly didn’t leave their cleavage busting out and have hemlines that didn’t come anywhere near their kneecaps. Regardless, Ava strips down for what must be a faux gynological examination, with Temptress wearing latex gloves and leaning in for a closer inspection. I can see that I am taking this too seriously. Temptress and Ava go through the motions of girl/girl, with a rather notable and hot exception being the frequent times that Temp spreads Ava once often violated ass pretty wide. A strap-on comes out of nowhere and Ava is fucked missionary and we end with Temptress completely naked and bent over the examination table getting a vibrator up her box.

Scene 2: Taylor St. Claire (brunette, busy, nasty: simply put, to me she is physical perfection personified) w/Randy Spears (16 minutes)

The ages simply don’t match up here, as Taylor is supposed to be an older, married college professor (she even wears a fake wedding ring) and Randy her student that she is tutoring. They did add in the fact that Randy is doing his post-graduate studies, but even then he does not pass for a college student in the least bit. For no real reason, Taylor leaves and comes back wearing an extremely hot sheer coat with a black and red bra and panty combination underneath. I simply cannot describe how hot she looks. I am not a talented enough writer to do so. Just take my word for it. She provides a sensual blowjob/hand job combination before taking off the coat and slowing teasing Randy, as her orbs of absolute perfection and happiness free themselves of her bra. Randy attaches himself to her nipples like a baby in need of nourishment before lapping away at her pussy. They fuck in reverse cowgirl, with Taylor now almost completely naked revealing her flawless stomach, legs, and breasts in their complete glory. They move to what is reportedly Taylor’s favorite sexual position: doggy style. Randy’s jack hammering earns him some rather loud moans. In missionary, the camera focuses far too much on the penetration and not on her magnificently bouncing mounds of flesh some call breasts but I call perfection. In the end, Randy shoots a big load on her chin and chest. The camerawork is slightly botched here, viewing this from the side, as a full frontal view would have been much better. I seem to be unable to say a bad thing about Taylor and she truly is breathtaking here, prompting me to ponder inventing new adjectives to properly describe her. However, even I can admit that this is merely a decent scene. Her scenes with Randy in Sin City’s “The Damned” (2003) and Vivid’s “Loving Taylor” (2003), both of which involved anal, were much better.

Scene 3: Anastasia X (plain looking red head with big, curly hair and implants…would probably be real hot if not for her hair) w/Tony Tedeschi (14 minutes)

Tony is the bellboy she has always wanted to jump and he comes to her room as requested only to find her waiting for him wearing a mere bra and panty combo. As a typical horny toad, his will is weak and before long she is sucking his cock. This is all fine and good until she takes off the top to reveal a horrid set of implants. Her body goes into awesome convulsions as Tony’s tongue does miracles with her pussy, but those man-made tits just stand there. By the way, upon seeing a close-up of Tony lapping at her clit it became apparent that she is a natural red head, if you get my point. They screw in doggy and sideways missionary before he cums on her face and neck.

Scene 4: Isabella Camille (hot, foreign brunette w/light highlights in her hair, great B-cup NATURAL breasts) and Jewel Marceau (sexy, brunette with what seem to be incredibly natural looking yet still fake D-cup breasts) (10 minutes)

These two are hot. They are also both girl-girl only performers. Damn them and this scene. Get back to me when you do boy/girl. I could describe this one, but fear I would turn too bitter. Damn these girls are hot. Isabelle is dildo fucked and Jewel gets three fingers up inside her. They end by sharing opposite ends of a double-headed dildo. I will say this: these girls were real into each other. By the by, Jewel is still working today and her breasts look much more natural now than they did here.

Scene 5: Renee LaRue (hot, blonde woman, great breasts, implants) and Chennin Blanc (somewhat similar looking to Renee) w/Cheyne Collins (11 minutes)

It is not entirely clear what the storyline is here. As best I can tell, Renee and Chennin read the postings on Sensual Confessions and got hot and bothered. Cheyne walks in on them going at it and does a good job of acting surprised and confused before they reach up and thrown him down to the bed. If I were him I wouldn’t know whether to be excited beyond belief or to be slightly scared, with these two ravenous lust monsters at me. It would probably be both. It doesn’t matter. The real storyline to this scene is more interesting. Chennin and Cheyne, if I am not mistaken, are married and madly in love. Renee LaRue is their real life friend and these three have done several scenes together. When paired together in Wildlife’s “X-Rated Adventures 1” (2001), Cheyne actually managed to stimulate Renee to the point of actually squirting, a feat she has yet to repeat on tape. That all being said, this is probably the hottest scene in the bunch but it is inexplicably short. Renee and Chennin barely get their fill of Cheyne before we cut to him shooting off on both of their faces. Again, these girls have been better elsewhere, especially when given more than 11 minutes to shine.

Scene 6: Temptress (13 minutes)

This is a ridiculously long solo section, where Temptress leaves the office and goes home and takes a bath. She then apparently goes to a hotel room.

Scene 7: Temptress w/Mark Davis and Dale Dabone (14 minutes)

She gets her present from boyfriend Roger (Mark Davis) in the form of an unexpected threesome. Wearing black fishnet stockings and black leather panties and bra, Temptress calls up the boyfriend and tells him she is ready for the rest of her gift now. She is instructed to put on a blindfold, which she’ll wear for the duration of the scene, and to sit on the bed. Mark comes in and they engage in foreplay, with Temptress’ no hands deep throating of him ranking high on the hot scale. She shows no sign of surprise (realistically, she never developed into an even adequate actress for Wicked) when the second cock, that of Dale Dabone, appears to fill her mouth. The rest of the action follows the rules of the threesome, which dictates that the girl must at all times have one guy in her pussy and one in her mouth. In the end, she kneels on the ground and opens her mouth as the guy jerk themselves off onto her face. Dale’s shot is filmed in medium shot and for Mark’s load the camera moves in for a close-up. She is left blindfolded and covered in cum from her mouth to her stomach (not literally).

The Verdict: I think I pretty much covered it all in the abridged version above. Overall, I am not opposed to feature porn. In fact, my infatuation with pornography began through the avenue of bad acting combined with hot girl in simulated sex that populated my late night Skinimax. However, I have seen enough to know what is good and bad. This is average.

Rent it or Buy It: This is definitely a rental-only choice. However, it is Wicked Pictures DVD, which means it has copy guard. That might effect your decision.

The DVD: What is the most surprising aspect of this DVD is how much better the DVD is than the actual film. In other words, this film is not deserving of such a loaded DVD, presented it Dolby Digital no less.

Star Galleries-Publicity still slide shows for: Temptress, Ava , Taylor (hot), Anastasia, Isabella, Jewel, and Renee. Each one is about 2 minutes long.
Star Stats-The background wallpaper to this menu is an alluring picture of Taylor. The girls featured here are Temptress, Ava, and Taylor. Mark, Randy, and Tony also get the treatment, which essentially presents a scrolling stats and list of credits for each performer set to the backdrop of their scene playing without sound. There is a nice link option here to go straight to the performer’s scene.
Behind the Scenes photo gallery-This is around 2 minutes long, with director Jim Enright seen giving on-set directions in a good majority of the pictures. It is interesting to see the small army of men that seem to be just gathered to watch some of the scenes, with Taylor St. Claire’s gathering the largest company.
All Access-The Making of Sensual Confessions (22 minutes)-This showcases the behind the scenes dealings of each scene, sequenced in the order in which the scenes were filmed. As it turns out, this film took two days to film. Taylor, Temptress, Renee, and Chennin all worked on day one while Anastasia, Ava, Temptress, Jewel, and Isabelle were on-set for day two, though the latter two stayed into day three as Enright doesn’t call it a wrap until 2 AM. Unfortunately, the whole feature, though an interesting and welcome addition, often shows little more than just an alternate view of the girls in action. The true behind the scenes material happens in the first 4 minutes with Taylor, as we watch Randy shave her pussy for her. In fact, the moment of the feature happens when Randy talks to the camera and explains what he is thinking at that very moment, “You know I was late to the set today because I had some stuff to do this morning and I am a little stressed out. However, as I am on my way here it finally occurred to me that I am going to go fuck Taylor St. Claire and then they are going to pay me for it. Then I get to go home. I could die and go to heaven right now.” He is a wise man indeed. To fully appreciate this you have to remember that this was back in 2000 when this was filmed and at that time Taylor was still making the transition from girl/girl only to boy/girl. I can only imagine how great Randy must have felt that day. Incidentally, Taylor must have had issues with one of the guys off camera on set because she flips someone off two or three times, whether serious or in jest I don’t know.
Bloopers (3 minutes)-Randy consistently flubs his lines with Taylor, apparently distracted by and in awe of her chest. The rest is a quick moving cavalcade of mostly sex-related blunders.
Photo Gallery-This is similar to the Star Galleries except this time the actual sex stills are shown.
Promotional Materials-The Adult Convention Promo Reels that Wicked used in 1998, 1999, and 2000 are showcased here for those of us who can never make it to such conventions. There is also something here named Essential Elements Promo.
Trailers-Trailers for fellow Wicked Pictures: Bordello Blues (which features Renee LaRue in a rare anal scene), Falling From Grace, Hercules, Heat, and XXX Training.
DVD-Rom Materials-I don’t have a DVD-Rom so I don’t know what exactly where this one would have taken me.

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