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Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District)

Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Semen Sippers 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/31/2005
Here we have another Mike John lovefest and any fan of his knows what to expect but for those first timers his work is a highly romantic personal experience in the art of cum swallowing, perhaps some POV blowjobs and some closely shot anal sex. If that intrigues you then I say click on the first scene and enjoy the ride as it's one fun trip through one of his releases.

Kathy Anderson & Bibi Fox:

We start off with our two blond covergirls and they are already sitting down and our quite cozy with each other kissing and also pulling down the lingerie to get in some breast sucking. These are some nice titties too which get sucked, a very good size! Mike also works in some ass shots to wet your appettite for bootie. You even see some rimming done by Kathy and I just love seeing girls eat other girls asses, highly romantic to borrow a Mike John term. After Kathy has had her fun exploring Bibi it's Miss Fox's turn to return the favor so more hot g/g loving before the main event of the evening. Some lovely pussy eating from Bibi is captured and Mike's able to get you right in there almost like it's you licking, to bad it's not eh! Well the girls finally get some meat in their diet as a good looking shared POV blowjob is undertaken and with these two hotties staring up at me the load might have launched at the first lick. These girls definitely know how to work a cock and the eye contact and tongue work were both real good. We then get a second cock in the scene so each girl gets to take on one and that makes it harder to leave one but Mike does a good job showing off both ladies and keeping them next to each other made it easier I'm sure. The scene then shifts to some sex and you see each girl get fucked good in a variety of positions including doggie, cowgirl-- even a standing version, spoon, mish and yes some anal is shot for our ladies in spoon, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl with some A2OGM and yes some dp loving also for Bibi in cowgirl and in reverse cowgirl leads to a switch and Kathy is the targe of both cocks in cowgirl. This fun scene closes with a load being shot into Bibi's mouth and she downs it and then it's Kathy's turn and she gets a good load also with some left over for Bibi. The girls nicely kiss to wrap up the scene.

Claudia & Veronika:

This next scene begins with the two girls walking into a room hand in hand and they go over to a large bed where they stand for some caressing and kissing. Claudia is the darker haired of the two and on your screen left as they pause here. The girls are already nude and each posseses a nice body for us to look at. You see some breast kissing with Mike getting up close for the shot. The girls then lie down and Claudia works her way down Veronika's body until she is licking away at her pussy but we are interrupted by two cocks so this sapphic tryst turns into some good ole fashioned cock sucking which is cool but I would've liked more pussy eating,lol. Each girls proves most able at sword play and Mikes gives good focus to each girls dick sucking efforts. The sex soon starts and like the scene before a good mix of positions starting with doggie and there is some shared cock sucking as well as some P2OGM. The girls face away from each other in side by side doggie so each can taste the cock fucking their friend, a nice shot. You also get cowgirl and reverse cowgirl for each and some standing fucking is also shot in the action here. Some anal is also worked into the scene with Veronika getting ass fucked in a standing doggie and this leads to some A2OGM for Claudia who is riding hard in reverse cowgirl anal just above the two. The girls then looked pretty hot in their side by side reverse cowgirl anals with plenty of tit bouncing going on. Moving on we get some dp action for Claudia in cowgirl with double dick cleaning done wonderfully by Veronika and then it's her turn for double dipping as the guys dp her in reverse cowgirl but it's a quick dp as the fellas want more Claudia and they get her in a standing dp and soon after you see a fine load worked into Veronika's mouth and soon after that the second load is added and this leads to some swapping with Claudia and she shows the jizz off before losing it down her throat.

Sandra DeMarco & Jennifer:

This scene starts with the ladies coming into the room and we meet Sandra first and Mike has fun conversing with her as well as checking out her and her friends body. Jennifer is then showed off with Sandra feeling over her butt cheeks and then we see Jennifer's tits shown off and some hot bouncing and fondling is seen. We then get to watch Sandra sample her friends pussy and the close view was much appreciated here. Sandra then shows off her nice body for us and Mike gets in a few more words with our blond Euro babe. The scene then shifts to some cock being added and Jennifer gets to suck on one while Sandra gets into it in doggie. The side by side reverse cowgirl's featured lots of boob bouncing and of course Erik has to pick up Sandra while fucking her. The girls then switch partners and Erik really hammers the hate plow hard into Jennifer in doggie while Sandra goes for more good reverse cowgirl loving with Robert. You are then treated to a nice cowgirl dp for Sandra with some A2OGM for Jennifer and then they split off with Jennifer getting ass fucked in reverse cowgirl and Sandra's ass is analized in spoon. Everyone then reconvenes and we get some dp action for Jennifer this time in RC, then it's a dp for Sandra in cowgirl with more A2OGM and we end with both girls getting loads to swallow and they do this nicely with some kissing afterwards.

Lenny & Carol:

This scene leads off with a shot of a room and soon two lovely girls come walking in. Both are blonds with Lenny being the taller of the two and wearing pink while Carol is clad in nice sky blue lingerie. The girls have a seat and begin kissing and they hands seek out the areas of each other we'd want to see them explore namely their big tits! Some good boob sucking is done and we get some nice pussy eating also. I saw some brief ass eatin from Carol which was hot and she also does some finger work to Lenny's juicy butthole. This was some nice g/g loving to start and it wasn't quickly interrupted by the guys who instead let these hotties explore each other before they entered the scene. Each girl gets a cock to engulf and the energy from both was pretty good. Sexwise you see a fine variety of vaginal and anal positions and with the Hate Plow involved you had to see some standing fucking as You see anal as well with plenty of A2OGM and yep some dp loving also. I liked seeing Lenny dp'd in cowgirl and leaning forward to eat out Carol, a very nice shot and we soon cum to the end and Lenny gets a great load from Erik followed by Robert spraying out a smaller one. This leads to some swapping by the ladies but no kissing.

Daria & Laura:

Our last scene begins with a pan up a nice pair of legs and we find Daria standing behind Laura and she already has a handful of Miss Lion's tits in her hands, though they are covered at the moment. Daria certainly has her hands full of boob and soon those mammooth tits are shown off of Laura's and man are they spectacular to see. Daria does lots of fondling but she also shakes them, then she helps Laura out of her bottoms and she starts stroking her pussy and kissing her ass. It is then Laura's turn and she starts with some good caressing to Daria's covered tits which are quickly uncovered but then this sexy g/g play is interrupted with some great shared POV cock sucking. This was a nice interruption for sure but damn I was really getting into the girls having fun with each other. Well if you are going to interrupt some hot g/g sex at least go to some hot POV dick sucking and Mike does. The girls share nicely and the licking at the same time down the shaft always gets me hard and the eye contact was also good from the girls. Some titty fucking is worked in with Laura's boobs and why not we get to oogle those fun bags some more. No second cock this scene apparently as we start the fucking with doggie for Laura, then it's mish for Daria with P2OGM for Laura. Erik hammers Laura pretty hard in a standing doggie and he keeps her on his cock when he picks her up and turns her around to a reverse cowgirl position. Putting her down this leads to more hard pounding in doggie and Erik hasn't forgotten about Daria as we soon have her riding Erik's tool in reverse cowgirl anal with some nice grinding taking place. Laura gets down there for some ass tasting and then Erik works back to her doing her pussy in spoon before moving into her ass. Daria does multiple ass tastings from Laura's pooper then we see Daria get on top of Laura and Erik gets to go from pussy to pussy or ass to ass, what a choice! We then get a hot looking cowgirl anal with Laura with more A2OGM and we end with some great cock sucking by Daria leading to her receiving the load and she swaps it with Laura who also does some cleanup. A fitting ending to a really well done dvd and with Mike helming the camera that isn't a surprise.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I thoroughly enjoyed this one and with Mike at the controls it isn't hard to do that and it isn't hard to get hard, hehe. The girls were all hot to watch and I think the very first scene with Kathy and Bibi might've taken best scene honors but really nothing much to quibble with her, perhaps a couple of the scenes interrupted the g/g loving at the start before I wanted him to but that's cool as we usually went to some hot cock sucking which was the only trade off I'd have wanted to go to. As for extras we get what is called a romance review which is the pops being shown again and you can play them all or just jump to a scene. There is also some behind the scenes to check out and I highly urge you to do so, a Mike John/ Erik Everhard set is always cause for much hilarity so please watch this and laugh! You also have a bonus scene and here we have just one girl walk in, a tall leggy brunette by the name of Sonja and we watch her have a seat and procede to show off her body. In keeping with this dvd though we see two cocks for her to play with and the boys work her over pretty good so check that out also. A definite recommendation for purchase and this dvd should add nicely to any Mike John collection. Now it's on to #3.

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