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J.R. Semen Demons 4 starsSemen Demons 4 starsSemen Demons 4 stars
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Semen Demons

Semen Demons

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal , Cumshots , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Js.One's ratings for Semen Demons:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Semen Demons overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Semen Demons Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Semen Demons Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Semen Demons Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Semen Demons Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Semen Demons DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Semen Demons A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Js.One  on  10/8/2004

.:Semen Demons:. (aprox 1:38 mins)

Featuring: Alex Divine, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Brett Rockman, Cytherea, Gia Jordan, Jamie Brooks, Juan Cuba, Kami Andrews, Mickey G., Nikki Hunter, Tony T., Tyler Wood

Studio: Elegant Angel

Director: William H.

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery,' Gia's Night Out' (cont. at bottom)

Trailers: Squirtwoman (#1), Big Wet Asses #3, Tails Of Perversity #11, Heavy Handfuls #4, Dr. Fellatio #43

Aesthetics: This is really an excellent disc. I loved how it was chock-full of extras, and behind the scenes footage. Even the trailers made me look forward to more Elegant releases to come. The scenes were generally higher than average, and all were brimming with great enthusiasm. There's also a certain comedy that I find in Elegant releases. To be honest, I was looking forward to this one because Cytherea is in it. Squirting, as well as female orgasm fans won't be disappointed here. However, I found that from the moment it started, I got more than I bargained for. If all titles had this kind of enthusiasm, I'd never leave my place.

____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

: The film begins with some overlayed shot of the girls, who are wearing gothic make-up (I'm not to keen on it, but it doesn't interfere with the dynamic of the scene. Then after the crazy, sped up laughter and inverted-color shots, it begins.

Scene One: Alex Divine & Four guys

Fellatio> Pop Shot (4)

"Life is Cock....Cock is Life"- Alex states as the scene opens, see what I mean by comedy? She then goes on to express her love for cock until luckily a few arrive. As I stated earlier, I'm usually not a fan of crazy costumes and make-up, but I soon found myself completely ignoring that and focusing on the action.

She stars off sucking two cocks, then a third shows up. There's plenty of spitting and deep-throating to go around. When the fourth cock shows up, the BJ free-for-all is in motion. She works all four cocks like life is indeed cock. Then all four give generous pops, but definitely not anything for the record books.

Scene Score: 8

Scene Two: Kami Andrews & Three guys

Fellatio> Doggie (vag)>Reverse Cowgirl> Tit-Fucking> Kneeling doggie> Pop-Shot (3)

This scene starts of with Kami's rant about how great pre-cum is. Hell the way she was selling it to me, I almost believed her. As soon as the shot changes and the guys show up, she greedily begins to attack them like if you threw a steak in front of a starved bloodhound. Plenty of gagging and spitting for all.

After a long period of forced bj's and talk, she's picked up and bent over for some doggie. Probably could've used some in the first scene, but it's well received here. She gets pounded from behind whist still maintaining to always have one cock in her mouth. Then the guys switch, and she attacks with enthusiasm which seems like it belongs in a football stadium!

Then she sits on one cock for some RC, while still working the other two. After a minute or so of this, she gives some great tit-fucking, which then reverts back to standing doggie! They fucked as if some sort of championship was on the line. Kneeling doggie if performed until the first guy pops. Now, instead of the other two popping afterwards, the second guy bangs her in doggie...and the third guy unloads after him.

Scene Score: 8.5

Scene Three: Nikki Hunter & Tony T.,

Fellatio> Spooning (vag)> Cowgirl> Reverse Cowgirl> Doggie (vag)> Doggie (anal)> RC (anal)> Cowgirl (anal)> Doggie (anal)> Pop Shot

Third scene starts off with the same rant about the greatness of cock. At this point, they could probably get the girls to sell ice to Eskimos. Nikki starts sucking, gagging, and slurping in ways that surprised even me!

Next, they lay on a nearby mattress for vag spooning. The enthusiasm only intensifies, and actually doesn't die down till the film is over! Now, something else that I've noticed (That I like), is that the camera seems to actually focus more on the women! What an innovation, you don't have dozens of shots of the guy's expression, but they do talk alot.

They switch to standing doggie, and prepare for the film's first anal input...Nikki's pussy looks immaculate in this shot. That makes up for her unfortunate tit-job (and I'm not particular about implants).

As the anal RC comes, Nikki seems to hover over Juan as he pistons her ass with lightning speed. She begins to scream so loudly, you can actually picture her morphing into a demon! When she dismounts Juan, he looks as if he died from all that intense fucking...all passed out. Then there is some more doggie anal which breaks way to the pop, which is sub-par.

Scene Score: 7

Scene Four: Gia Jordan

Felatio> Kneeling Doggie (vag)> Missionary>Reverse Cowgirl> Kneeling Doggie (anal)> Spooning (doggie)> Missionary (anal)> Pop Shots

Begins with Gia talking about cock (what a surprise!), and makes me break out into laughter..."Cock is my higher power".

Now, to shake things up...Gia sucks cock in a kind of lying 69 position (the guy's standing). This is yielded to some kneeling doggie, all the while, Gia moans away. While pounding her from behind, the guy spits into her asshole then pushes it in with his finger, as if storing it up for winter.

Gia then flips over for some missionary, then flops back into kneeling doggie. A welcome change of scenery comes when she mounts him for reverse cowgirl. However, it doesn't last for long until they move on to kneeling doggie. She tries to deep-throat a glass dildo while being banged from behind...that can't be safe.

She lays back for some spooning and missionary, both anal and begs for cum until he fulfils her request. How awkward is it when he's done, and she asks for more?

Scene Score: 6

Scene Five
: Cytherea (!!) , Jamie Brooks, and Tony T.

Fellatio> Missionary (Cy)> Reverse Cowgirl (Cy)>Cowgirl (Jamie)>Spooning (Jamie)> Pop Shot> Reverse Cowgirl (Jamie)> Doggie (Cy)> Missionary (Jamie)(Vag)>Missionary (Jamie)(anal)> A2OGM (Cy)> RC (Jamie)(anal)> Standing Doggie (Jamie)(anal)

After the first two scenes being unexpectedly good, I'm expecting that they saved the best for last, with Cy. The scene starts off with the usual quick shots of the girls, and Cy looks like she has a uni-brow with the make-up she has on. I don't think I've ever seen Jamie Brooks' previous work, but she's British, and in a scene with Cy, so that's enough for me.

When the action begins, Cy and Jamie are on a couch kissing as if they're on a date until the cock shows up. Cy and Jamie begin to work their oral skills on Tony. The action is pretty good, but quite frankly, I wish it was anyone but Tony. He sits on the couch and they continue to suck him..did I mention Jamie has a great set of tits?

Without any warning Tony leaps up, grabs Cy's legs and inserts into her for some missionary. Some good PTOGM goes on momentarily and Jamie begins to rub Cy's clit while she's being pounded. Cy has orgasm #1, which is then faded into Jamie's turn in the same position. Jamie's body looks amazing, and that British accent only enhances things...for me at least.

There is briefly some more cocksucking until Tony takes off Cy's skirt, and she mounts him for RC, all the while Jamie keeps one hand on her clit. Tony pounds her with that lightning fast speed again, (as if speed mattered) which happily produces orgasm #2 and squirt #1.

Side note: Now, I don't care what Cy squirts, when she comes, she comes hard...her enthusiasm and energy brought her to the absolute top of my book from the first time I saw her ('Squirting 101'). I'd love her even if she didn't squirt, but it doesn't hurt...not in the least.

She continues to ride him and cums one more time. Next Jamie rides Tony in cowgirl with her great ass on display. The next position is interesting. Jamie and Tony are spooning on the couch, and Cy is laying opposite of them pleasuring herself. The amount of times she squirts onto them can only be measured in buckets. There is a close shot of just Cy where she works herself over and repeadily's truly a work of art. I love the fact that when she starts to squirt she doesn't stop working and she is obviously cumming hard. She truly gives her all. While spooning with Jamie, Tony can't hold out and longer so he gets up and gives Jamie a decent pop. Now, usually you'd imagine this to be the end of the scene...hardly.

Cy licks the jizz off Jamie's mouth, and in the next shot, Tony and Cy are spooning, and Cy continues to cun and squirt. As if things weren't crazy enough, Jamie mounts Juan in RC and looks truly amazing. Cy hold the vibrator on Jamie's clit as she rides and gives some P2OGM.

Then, Cy takes some doggie and squirts on the floor. With Cy still convulsing from orgasm, Tony makes Jamie sit underneath them to take Cy's squirts...what an idea! If I began on this scene, I'd probably never finish the movie.. Cy gets pounded, and in turn, Jamie gets soaked. I mean soaked, not just a bit wet. Then Jamie goes to eat Cy as she's still violently cumming...great stuff. I don't know what Tony did to deserve this, but I'd imagine that after a fucking like this, the rest of your life has to be a disappointment.

Jamie rubs her juicy pussy (low shot) as Cy squirts on her again...and this time she has to sit down, she's cumming so hard. By now we get a great shot of Cy's juice glistening on Jamie...her hair is also drenched. Cy squirts on her one more time, falls over, then Tony instructs Jamie to get up to let Cy taste her own squirt. Hell, I could've watched this on a loop for two hours.

Next, Jamie takes some missionary, first vag, then anal which gives Cy easy access to her pussy. Then Jamie mounts him for anal RC. Cy continues her effort to make Jamie squirt, but it doesn't seem to happen. It's a sight to behold though, it just keeps gettin' better and better.

Jamie gets ready for a facial, while Cy get's ready to synchronize some sort of 'cum watch' to squirt on Jamie at the same time! What happened probably can't be summarized in words...let's just say she did it.

Scene Score: 10

Extras: Two extras features worth talking about are 'Gia's Night Out' and the Behind The Scenes footage.

Behind The Scenes:

-Kami blowing/fucking a couple guys in the make-up room before the scene. William H. comes in and says the action is great, but their in the wrong location.

-A 'civilian' chick on set when they're shooting Alex's scene starts to masturbate and then gains all the attention of the guys on the set.

Gia's Night Out

This footage is of Gia being directed to some 'bar' out in the middle of some alley. When she goes in there's like one guy there, so she proceeds to take shots and do one hell of a strip-tease number. When they are about to leave, she sees the guy who was in the bar taking a piss by the wall. She then approaches him and blows smoke in his face. At which point she starts to play with his cock, and eventually goes down to suck him. A bit of dialogue:

"Let me put down my $600 dollar purse.."- Gia

"In my piss?"- The guy

"Shut the fuck up!"- Gia, who continues to suck him off. "Eww, it still tastes like piss!"

Who knows if this was some random guy, but he did take all her verbal abuse, all the while being sucked off. She was hammered, and it was hilarious.

Overall Score: A (90%)

There were brief periods where the engery seemed to slow. Most notably, Gia's scene, however, I don't doubt her love for cock. I'm really starting to like Elegant Angel, and their flicks. From their hilarious theme songs, to the mind-bending sex, Elegant is a force to be reckoned with in today's gonzo market. I've always searched for that right balance of crazy sex and comedy. The extra footage was great, funny, and showed the environment of the set. This one definitely deserves my first 'A' (90%). Almost perfect.


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