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Self Served Chocolate

Self Served Chocolate

Studio: Black Ice
Category:  Black , Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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nvs's ratings for Self Served Chocolate:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Self Served Chocolate overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Self Served Chocolate Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Self Served Chocolate Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Self Served Chocolate Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Self Served Chocolate Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Self Served Chocolate DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Self Served Chocolate A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  10/19/2009
Directed by Dawayne Dane

Starring: Lavish Styles, Kandi Balicc, Melody, Candice Nicole, Luxury, Osa Lovely, Kapri Styles, Lisa Young, Melrose Foxxx, Mary J. Rydes, Mahlia Milian, Jayla Starr, Lailonni Ballixxx, Niki Vonn, Tiffany Staxxx, Rane Rever, Lickable Stylez, Ms. GP, Victory Phoenix, and Nicole.

Scene 1:
Lavish Styles

Lavish, in a leopard print, touches herself. She lifts her bra to show her nice tits. She sits and gives oral to a clear dildo. Her panties come off. She leans back, rubs the dildo up and down her pussy, teasing it, but then she inserts it--PTM. Doggy with dildo insertion--PTM with ass jiggling. She leans back on the couch and continues fucking her pussy. She cums. PTM. Close up of her pussy. Scene ends.

Lavish is a cute girl with a cute face and smoking body. She plays with herself nicely in her scene with lots of interaction with the camera. Cool close up, coupled with some good camerawork and audio makes her scene enjoyable. The only things which are turn offs are her tattoos and nails. Good scene.

Scene 2:
Kandi Balicc

Kandi is bent over on a bed with her ass on the camera in an orange bikini. After some ass jiggling she starts to play with herself--finger insertion. She gets nude, lays back on the bed, and fucks her pussy with a dildo--PTM. Doggy with dildo insertion. She seems to cum. Quick PTM and scene suddenly ends.

Kandi has a nice ass. This girl just goes through the scene. No interaction or much moaning. The scene suddenly ends as Kandi seems to cum. Boring scene.

Scene 3:

Melody, in a cute red lingerie number is bent over on a bed and gives oral to a dildo. She takes off her bra and panties to show off a nice body. She lays back, quick oral on the dildo, and fucks her pussy with it. She cums. PTM. She waves bye as the scene ends.

Melody is a hot chick--face and body are good looking. She does some nice interaction with the camera. Good shits of her fucking herself. The only drawback is the one position in which she partakes in; another position, such as doggy, would’ve been nice--and highlighting her ass would’ve also added to the scene. Nonetheless, good scene.

Scene 4:
Candice Nicole

Candice, in a purple number, sits on a couch and slowly undresses. She bends over and fingers herself. She then lays back and fingers her wet pussy. She brakes out a purple vibrator, quickie oral on it, and teases her pussy. Then some vibrator insertion. She cums. PTM. Scene suddenly ends.

Another cute girl in Candice. Nice face and body compliments her scene along with her girly voice which sounds just right moaning. The sequence in which she fingers her wet pussy is pretty cool. Like the previous scene, this one only has one position. Yet the cute girl makes this a good scene.

Scene 5:

Luxury, in a cute black lingerie number, lays on the bed and records herself as a gift to her man. She gives a glass dildo oral. She takes off her panties, lowers her bra as she lays back and fucks her pussy with the dildo--PTM. She then ditches the dildo and uses her fingers. Doggy with finger insertion followed with some dildo insertion as well. She seems to cum. She lays back, PTM, and a goodbye ends the scene.

Luxury is a very cute girl with a juicy ass and curves. Cool interaction and some nice footage of her pleasuring herself, along with a nice use nice of fingers and dildo, makes this scene good.

Scene 6:
Osa Lovely

Osa, in a pink number, shows off her tits and ass. She sits on a couch and plays with her pussy. The panties come off. She lays back and fingers her wet pussy. Doggy with finger insertion. She tastes her very wet finger. Back to fingering herself as she cums and tastes her finger. She looks into the camera as the scenes ends.

Osa is another cute girl with a rocking little body. Really nice audio captures her wet pussy squishing about while being fucked. The whole finger usage, and no dildo, makes this scene stand out. This girls moans and cums nicely. Her teeth can be a turn off. Good scene.

Scene 7:
Kapri Styles

Kapri in a blue top and gray (with pattern) bottoms, bends over and jiggles her ass. She then lays back and shows off her pussy. She breaks out a gold dildo. Quick oral leads to pussy insertion--as she pulls her panties to the side. She pauses. She takes off her panties during doggy and takes a quick brake. Back on her back, she continues using the dildo on herself. She cums. PTM. Scene ends.

Kapri has a super ass. Aside this, the scene is not that good. She never takes off her bra and her panties come off half way during the scene. As she plays with herself, she takes some brakes because she laughs as she gets turn on. She just go with the flow for some multi-orgasm fun. The scene being short doesn’t help it as well. Boring scene.

Scene 8:
Lisa Young

Lisa, on a bed in a pink bikini, plays with her tits and pussy. The bikini top is lowered and the bottoms come off as she lays on her back while playing with her pussy with her fingers. She brakes out a vibrator and uses it on her pussy. She then gives a dildo a quickie oral and fucks her pussy with it. She cums. PTM--deep throat and gagging. Scene ends.

Lisa is an okay girl with a nice body. Not much interaction, but she is very vocal. The scene is boring until the end. After she cums she gives the dildo some nice oral. Lots of deep throat and gagging which makes this a cool scene. If the scene started out like this, the overall scene would’ve been good. As is it’s just okay.

Scene 9:
Melrose Foxxx

Melrose sits back on a couch in a purple lingerie number. Her bra comes off and she plays with her pussy for a bit. She gets in doggy to shake her ass. She lays back again as she uses a vibrator on her pussy. Doggy with insertion. Cowgirl on the dildo. Back on her back for more insertion. She cums. Scene ends during her cumming.

Melrose is an okay girl. Her scene is starts out boring, but her bouncing on the dildo in cowgirl is what makes this scene stand out. The sudden end to the scene throws it off. Okay scene.

Scene 10:
Mary J. Rydes

Mary, in a black teddy, takes off her panties. She sits on a couch and lowers her teddy to show her tits. She lays back and fucks her pussy with a dildo. Doggy with the dildo--PTM. She cums. Scene ends suddenly.

Mary is an okay which performs an average scene. Nothing really stands out expect the sudden end to it. Boring scene.

Scene 11:
Mahlia Milian

Mahlia, already naked, touches her body and all the goodies therein. She then puts on a cute red lingerie number. She sits back on a couch, pulls her panties to the side and plays with her pussy. Quick oral to a dildo and she fucks her pussy. Doggy with dildo until she cums. She sits back again as her bra comes undone. PTM. She touches herself and looks sexily into the camera until the scene ends.

Cute Mahlia looks hot already naked and ready to go. She puts on lingerie which makes no sense because she looked hot naked. Oh well, at least she gives a nice performance. She’s vocal and looks good. Even the ending to scene is hot as she just relaxes after cumming by touching herself and looking into camera. Good scene.

Scene 12:
Jayla Starr

Jayla, in a purple number, talks to her man and wants to have phone sex. However, he lets her go. She’s upset, but she’s horny, so she’ll work on herself. She sits on a couch, takes off her panties, lowers her bra, and uses a vibrator on herself. Her man calls back just as she cums. She hangs up. Fade out on her pussy and the scene ends.

Jayla is an okay girl with a nice body. Her pussy sounds wet as she works it with her fingers and the vibrator. Very vocal and her orgasms sounds nice as well. The acting is cheesing and she talks into a phone which is never on. Her lip also twitches during close ups which is kind of disturbing. The best detail of the scene is the name of the vibrator: Mr. Purple Happy. Good scene.

Scene 13:
Lailonni Ballixxx

Lailonni, in a pink number, sits on a couch and slowly undresses. She plays with her pussy--slight finger insertion. Doggy with finger insertion. She lays on her back and continues playing with her pussy. She cums. She tastes her finger. Scene over.

This girl has an okay ass. The only positive in this scene is her wet pussy. The bad, short scene, boring girl, and too much pussy rubbing. Boring scene.

Scene 14:
Niki Vonn

Niki, in a cute white number, sits on a comfy chair while she looks outside a window while using a vibrator on her pussy; she also fucks her pussy with the vibrator. Nice close up of her creamy pussy. Doesn’t cum, vocally, but her pussy is creamy. PTM. Scene ends.

Niki is a cute girl with a hot thin body. She looks good while she pleasures and fucks herself. Not very vocal, but the scene makes this up with cool close up--the hairy pussy is not a turn off--and a creamy pussy. Drawbacks, not enough nudity and only one position. Okay scene.

Scene 15:
Tiffany Staxxx

Tiffany, in a see through bra an orange panties, sits back on a couch and uses a vibrator on her pussy--vibrator insertion. PTM. She takes off her panties and continues working on her pussy. Doggy with vibrator insertion--PTM. She sits on the couch again and cums. PTM. Scene over.

Tiffany is a very vocal girl. She is into the scene and does well. Looks wise, the girl does not compare to some of the cuter girls in the film. Okay scene.

Scene 16:
Victory Phoenix

Victory, in a pink number, takes off her bra. She lays back on a couch and touches herself. She takes off her panties and continues rubbing her pussy. Very little, I mean little, finger insertion. She seems to cums. She tastes her fingers--scene ends.

Victory has a nice ass. Okay interaction as she can get vocal at some points. This is all the good I can mustard. The cons of this scene: one position, only pussy rubbing, and she really doesn’t seem to cum. Boring scene.

Scene 17:

Nicole, in black lingerie, comes into the scene shaking her ass--she also sports crotch-less panties. She sits back on a couch, takes off her top to reveal her tiny tits, and starts to work on her pussy--finger insertion. Doggy with finger insertion. She lays back again, takes off the panties, and works on her pussy again. She ten brakes out a vibrator and rubs her pussy--slight insertion. Doggy with vibrator insertion. She cums. PTM. Scene fades out with a close up over.

Nicole has a pretty nice body. The tiny tits with her big juicy ass, and cute face, makes this girl fun. Nice balance of fingers and vibrator. Her ass looks so good when in doggy. She needs to be a little more vocal and some interaction would’ve been hot. Still a good scene.

Scene 18:
Rane Rever

Rane is on her knees, sporting a nice blue lingerie number. The bra comes off. She sits on a ottoman and takes off her panties. She rubs her pussy. She then shows off her ass in doggy. She sits back and takes out a dildo. Quickie oral, but she mostly uses lube. She fucks her pussy with the dildo. Doggy with dildo insertion. PTM. She lays back and continues fucking her pussy. She cums. PTM. Scene fades out with a shot of her tits.

Rane is a hot girl. Nice face with her sexy body are enough to entice. Her scene is hot as well. Great interaction with the camera. Very vocal with lots of moaning. Good shots of her goodies. Two positions, but she goes through them a few times. Nice PTMs. The only negative is that she uses lube on the dildo in the beginning of the scene--spit is always better. Good scene.

Scene 19:
Lickable Stylez

Lickable in a sexy lingerie number, does a striptease. Nice shot of her creamy pussy as she bends over for a bit. She sits back on a couch and works her pussy with a vibrator--insertion. Ultra quick PTM. Doggy on the vibrator--her pussy gets real creamy during this sequence. Scene suddenly ends while she’s cumming.

This is favorite scene because this girl is hot with a cute face and awesome curvy body--tits and ass included. Nice striptease which leads to a good masturbation session. Cool shots of her pussy getting creamy. Her hot body is always on display superbly--camerawork and audio are great. Although this is a quick scene, and it ends abruptly, it’s still a good scene.

Scene 20:

Ms GP, in a red see through number, plays with herself on a couch. Finger insertion--nice wet sounding pussy. Doggy with finger insertion--ass jiggling during this sequence. Scene ends abruptly as she’s cumming.

Ms GP is an okay girl. She is very vocal and has some nice interaction with the camera, but she overuses the word “daddy.” She only uses her fingers, but her pussy sounds nice and wet. The main turn off: the has her lingerie on the whole time. Okay scene.


This film is strictly for those who love girls going solo. Also, if hot chicks are your thing then this film helps. And if you dig black chicks then you are going to be in boner town. The film is nicely filmed and features some cute girls. The only problem is that there are too many scenes which are short and some can be boring; but some girls perform spectacularly and save the film. Limited positions hurt the film too. Also, some extras would’ve been nice as well. Finally, get the names of the girls right: there are girls which are credited by someone else’s name. I tried to get the names properly to their respective scenes, but it’s not the job of a film viewer to do this. What if a guy was looking for a certain girl’s scenes and films and looked for her with the wrong name? Just get the girl’s name right--it’s not that hard. Yet, this film is fun to see once and only as a rental.


Not much in extras except Play Movie, Gallery, and Star Index as selectable option in the Main Menu.

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