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Seka's Fantasies (Caballero)

Seka's Fantasies (Caballero)

Studio: Caballero
Category:  Classic , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Black Coffee's ratings for Seka's Fantasies (Caballero):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Black Coffee  on  8/23/2004
Also Known As: Passions
Year of Release: 1981
Director: Bobby Hollander

Laura Lazare..........Marge
Michael Morrison...Milton
Sophia Solana........Kara
Connie Peterson.....Jill (aka Cynthia)
Mike Horner..........George
Cris Cassidy
Herschel Savage
Blair Harris
Crystal Dawn

Seka's Fantasies has long been a staple of classic porn lovers, present in many personal collections that I've seen. Why this is, I really can't say. The plot is flimsy at best, the sex is okay but undistinguished (aside from the multiple double penetrations [DP]), and Seka is just not star material in my book. But many people adore her. I admit she is very pretty but I cannot get past her cold demeanor and lack of acting ability. Still, it is one of the better-known films from its age and it does have its moments...and to her fans' delight (not mine) it has Seka. Whoopee!

The film starts with George packing his suitcase and leaving his wedding band on the bed. His marriage to dark haired Marge (Laura Lazare) has ended and, as he leaves the home for good, she ignores him. Marge is on the phone with Fantasia (Seka) explaining the situation to her. Fantasia runs a new outcall fantasy service and decides she will fulfill a fantasy of Marge's now that she is single. That's about it for the plot. The rest of the film is sex.

Fantasia arrives with George (Mike Horner), Kara (Sophia Solana), Milton (Michael Morrison), and another guy (Herschel Savage) while Marge is relaxing in her hot tub. Of course they begin having sex. George, Milton and Marge get naked and hop in the Jacuzzi. Fantasia, Kara, and Herschel go up to the house. George, Milton, and Marge go at in a boring threesome that ends with Marge getting DP'd. The angles are bad, the sex isn't hot, and none of these three are really that attractive.

Intercut with that scene is the action up at the house, and it's a little better but not much. Fantasia strips Kara and starts giving Herschel a blowjob. Kara joins in until Fantasia jumps on top and starts fucking him. Kara whips out the dick right as he comes and licks it up. Herschel, with a straight face and in all earnesty, says, "That felt like hiking up a mountain and reaching the top!" Now it's Kara's turn and after a fisting by Fantasia (unfortunately edited on this DVD), she starts fucking Herschel. Milton arrives and Kara is DP'd. Milton literally soaks Kara's ass when he comes, and Fantasia and Kara suck Herschel to climax.

While this was going on, George and Marge are going at in missionary style. Very unerotic and unhot, and it ends with George coming on her belly. Fantasia, now dressed, walks in and tells Marge that she need to get back to work but that she should continue to have fun. Marge thanks her for such a "wonderful" time. I guess at least someone enjoyed it because I sure didn't. Below average sex scenes definitely lacking in energy!

The second half of the film is another two sex scenes intercut with each other. The first scene is the best in the film and is the only thing that really makes it worthwhile to check out. A naked Jill (Connie Peterson), who also refers to herself as Cindy, calls Fantasia and "orders" a porn star named Steve like one might order a pizza. Fantasia gives her his phone number and tells her that he is awaiting her call. Jill hangs up and turns to her two friends (one of which is Crystal Dawn) who are in bed with her, also naked and each with a long dildo. They are excited!! Steve arrives about two minutes after they call him and they absolutely devour him. First they each take turns sucking his dick, part of a bet to see who could suck it farthest in her mouth. He comes and they never say who wins. Then they play with his dick and the nameless girl straddles him reverse cowgirl. Crystal licks her clit as she fucks him. Meanwhile Jill is getting her own clit licked by Steve as she sits on his face. The nameless girl turns around to face him and continues fucking while Crystal spreads the girls ass cheeks and stares at her brown eye intently. This staring lasts until Steve comes. Crystal eagerly licks it up. Jill leaves her post and exclaims she wants it in the ass. Steve eagerly complies and anally bombards a hot and moaning Jill. I've never seen anyone enjoy anal as much as she appears to in this scene. But she doesn't want to hog Steve all to herself so she trades of with Crystal who also gets it in the ass. Crystal eats out Jill as Steve rams her and the nameless girl plays with his ass. Steve comes the third and final time, exhausted. So was I! The sex is very hot and the camera positioning is perfect. This is one of my all time favorite scenes. If you're looking for heat, it's here. The problem is that it's stuck in an otherwise cold movie.

The second scene is with Fantasia, Randy West and Cris Cassidy. Fantasia is pissed when she catches Cris in bed with Randy so she beats the shit out of her. (The only time I believe Seka's acting is passable is when she plays pissed!) Of course this leads to Cris going down on Fantasia (what did you expect!). From here three more guys get thrown into the mix as the action moves from the bedroom to the living room and an orgy begins. Fantasia stays with Randy, dominating him completely, while Cris takes care of the three others in a fuck-suck fest that includes another DP'ing and a healthy facial from Blair Harris. I personally like Cris a lot and she gives it her all but can't save the scene from Fantasia's lack of enthusiasm in the background. Would she rather be at the dentist's? Just an average scene, better than the two in the first half.

All the heat here is in the Connie Peterson scene. Without it, the film is below average, probably a 1 1/2 or 2 rating. I would say rent it if you're bored, but that scene is so damn hot that it boosts the overall rating of the film to a 3. This is a film for fast forwarding. If you do that, you'll be in for a treat. If you watch it from start to finish, you'll be wasting your time.

The picture and sound quality here is one of Caballero's better efforts, but it still shows its age. This feature was originally shot on film. Also of note, the chapter stops trigger a pause as the DVD switches titles.

The DVD boasts a selection of production stills as an extra, but they are actually just a few captures from the film. Why do they even bother?

1. This DVD version is edited in three places for two different reasons. First off, Seka being fisted by Sophia Solana is missing. While fisting is routinely cut from films being re-released, I find it hard to believe that we as consumers accept this as a given. We really shouldn't. Regardless as to your feelings on fisting, if the director saw fit to include it then we should respect that. Censorship is unacceptable, and it won't be long before you won't be able to find an uncut version of the film because the market has been flooded with edited versions. Sadly, uncut versions of classic films are disappearing quickly and with them a part of film history is lost. I would urge you not to by this DVD from Caballero because it is a fraud, it is incomplete. Okay, I'm done with my "down with censorship" rant.

The other two edits are just plain stupidity on Caballero's part. The first half of opening credits have been cut off and the ending has been cut short. Why Cabellero has done this is beyond my understanding but they frequently do. Quite a few of their releases are missing the credits unless the credits take place over a sex sequence. They must believe that people only want to see the film for the sex. How sad! This is an example of carelessness and a reason why info on Golden Age films is hard to come by. Some companies just don't seem to care. How hard is it to leave the credits on? How much money are they saving by cutting them off? Double shame on you Caballero!

2. Watch out because there is another adult film called Seka's Fantasies (aka Showgirls Classics presents Seka's Fantasies). It is a compilation that showcases Seka's scenes with Vanessa Del Rio. It is available on DVD from LBO Digital and I do not recommend it at all because of the horrible quality of the video and audio.

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