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Seduction (Wicked)

Seduction (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Sex
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fu_q's ratings for Seduction (Wicked):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Seduction (Wicked) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Seduction (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Seduction (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Seduction (Wicked) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Seduction (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Seduction (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seduction (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  3/12/2009
“Seduction” by Wicked Pictures is a production that puts forth a set of vignettes that are only loosely linked together via voice-over, introductory work by Jessica Drake, who is also the star of the DVD. While there are a couple of really strong scenes (those of Nika Noir and Eve Nicholson), the rest are only okay-to-good. The star, the usually-incredible Jessica Drake, must have had an off-day when shooting her boy-girl scene, as it just doesn’t live up to most of her other work that is out there. There is also an attempt by the creative powers behind this film to reach for more artistic objectives. While this is certainly a laudable goal in principle, here it often comes off as cheesy and / or gets in the way of the sex. Overall, this is a solid DVD, but it is certainly not the best out there.

Inserting the DVD / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, the standard information and warnings run, as do two trailers for the Wicked films, “Mikayla’s Mind” and “Alektra-Fied”. Both of these look like they have the possibility of being good, especially the latter of the pair. After this, we’re off to the Main Menu, where we find four options. The first is “Play Movie”, the second is “Chapters”—a typical scene selection device, the third is “Special Features”—which will be covered at the end of this review, and the last is the “Trailer for Seduction”—which is as its namesake suggests. Going along with the normal way of doing business, I’ll kick this review off with “Play Movie”.

Opening Credits
After a couple of animated logos, including one for the production company, the credits predominantly play over fast-paced cuts of non-hardcore action from the upcoming feature. These non-hardcore cuts transition to hardcore cuts by the end of the credits, and the synthesized music helps to build the anticipation well. From the material here, which is strikingly similar to the trailer for the movie, it appears that this will be a very flashy and artistic piece of erotica.

Note: As this DVD is not conducive to my normal “play-by-play” style, I am going to give more of a summary for the various scenes this time around. Also note that instances of “Jessica” or “Jessica Drake” should actually be “jessica” or “jessica drake”, respectively, but this gives my word processor fits, so I have utilized the capital letters version of her name, albeit formally incorrect to do so.

Scene One (Jessica Drake and Alektra Blue)
This scene features Jessica Drake and Alektra Blue, both thin and slender actresses with nice-sized, “enhanced” breasts, partaking in some fairly sexy, though largely routine, lesbian activities. Alektra has hair that appears to be black, while Jessica is a dirty blonde; both women are beautiful.

Things start off with Alektra in a pink bikini and Jessica in an aqua-colored bikini. Both do a lot of posing as there are a number of quick cuts back and forth between the two. There are also light-boards present that have the two ladies’ names running by on them. The scene is introduced by Jessica, whose voice plays in the background.

After the introduction sequence, the hardcore lesbian activity starts up on a cushioned platform between the aforementioned light-boards. The sex begins fairly quickly into this part of the scene and involves the two women fully in the nude (other than their heels, of course). Featured here is: Alektra digitally manipulating, eating out, and then using a silver vibrator on Jessica’s tight, shaved womanhood; Jessica using a silver vibrator on Alektra whilst Alektra fingers her own pierced clit and smooth-lipped cooch (tightly-trimmed patch just above the lips); a nice backside shot of Alektra being worked by Jessica with the vibrator, as Alektra fingers her own rosebud; and Alektra using the vibrator on herself, with Jessica doing some oral and finger work on her.

In total, this scene is a solid, though fairly standard, girl-on-girl romp between two incredibly attractive women. It is, however, a bit on the tame side, and it is also heavily on the artsy side. The Jessica Drake voice-overs to begin the scene really don’t work well here, as they come off as kind of cheesy. I’m a big fan of both of these actresses, particularly Jessica Drake, but a lot of the decisions that were likely beyond their control have a negative impact on the overall effect. I have to say that this is pretty average material.

Scene Two (Eve Nicholson)
This scene is centered around Eve Nicholson, a thin, beautiful blonde with nice-sized, natural (?) breasts and wearing a pink, loose miniskirt and pink bikini top, and Danny Mountain, her stud for the segment, involved in some steamy, boy-girl action. Again, there is an introduction section consisting of voice-over work by Jessica Drake, while quick cuts back and forth between the two performers—either individually or together—in a variety of sensual, non-hardcore positions occur. The scene is set in a dark room which contains bizarre, red furniture and has a large picture of Saturn as a backdrop.

After the introduction, the screen turns yellow-green with some film-like noise in it, as a hand with a big stamp comes down and stamps “Fucking Time” on the screen. Following this is the hardcore portion of the scene, which includes: some erotic cock sucking and stroking by Eve that is captured from a variety of different angles (some spitting and semi-gagging occur); a hot, doggie-style sequence (some spanking; Eve is fully nude—other than her heels—for all of the penetration in this scene); a sexy side-penetration of Eve’s shaved-smooth cooch by Danny’s decent-sized, engorged member; a nicely-captured, reverse-cowgirl, anal riding of Danny by Eve; a scorching, side-entry, anal fucking of Eve by Danny; and a well-placed cum-shot (decent load) on Eve’s face, lips, chin, and in her mouth, which is viewed from multiple angles both as it occurs and in its aftermath. Condoms are used for all penetration here, as is standard for a Wicked production.

Overall, this scene is a big improvement over the first. The introductory voice-over work, simply based on its content, is less cheesy than in the previous scene. That said, the hand-stamper effect raises the cheese factor to an even higher level. While there are clearly many artsy elements here, even in some of the shot choices, it doesn’t really get in the way of the sex—which is hot. Both Eve and Danny put out very good performances, and there is a lot of chemistry between the two. This one is worth a look.

Scene Three (Ahryan Astyn)
This scene is focused upon Ahryan Astyn, a curvy, straight-haired blonde with an ample, “enhanced” chest and who is wearing a dark-pink bra, thong, and garter belt set, in a boy-girl tryst with porn stud, Marco Banderas. The action is set in a futuristic laboratory and / or spacecraft engine room with a raised, padded platform in the center. Again, an introductory sequence comprising quick, non-hardcore cuts between the two performers—either individually or together, a voice-over setup by Jessica Drake, and the ill-advised “Fucking Time” stamp are utilized.

After this intro, the hardcore portion of the activities ensues, with Ahryan fully in the nude (other than her heels). Included here is: Marco giving Ahryan’s fully-shaved, tight femininity a decent licking and fingering; Ahryan sucking and jerking Marco’s long, curved cock in some well-captured positions; a nice cowgirl and then reverse-cowgirl riding of Marco’s engorged member by Ahryan; a pounding, side-entry penetration of Ahryan’s body by Marco; Ahryan taking Marco’s hammering in a doggie-style position; and a cum-shot (okay load) on Ahryan’s ass, followed up by a cut to what appears to be some post-orgasm fellatio by Ahryan. Note that condoms are used for all of the vaginal sex here.

Summing up, this scene is good but not spectacular. The cheese factor is once again high, this time with both the voice-over segment and the hand-stamper. While the action is well-filmed, it suffers a good deal from a lack of deep-penetration due to the use of the condom coupled with an apparent lack of lubrication. A lot of the time, it appears that Marco’s cock can’t really get in there properly. In all, I would say that this scene is somewhere between okay and good.

Scene Four (Jessica Drake)
This scene involves Jessica Drake, who is attired in a silver sequin bra, thong, and miniskirt set, and her bald, tattooed male lead, Derrick Pierce, in a steamy, boy-girl coupling. The setting is a room with a hollow, rectangular, bed-like piece of furniture that is placed perpendicular to the floor—imagine a donut placed upright on a table so that its hole is facing the seated viewer.

As with the prior scenes, there is an introductory sequence for this one. This also involves quick cuts, but it is far more focused on Jessica Drake, with very little focus on her male lead. The “Fucking Time” stamp and the voice-over work make their obligatory appearances here, as well.

Following the intro is the hardcore part of the scene, which starts out with Jessica still in her outfit as she blows Derrick’s erect member—seeing Jessica’s soft lips wrapped around a cock is always worthwhile to behold. A cut takes us to Jessica lying on a pad in the room, with her legs spread; Derrick is eating her shaven-smooth, tight pussy. She has on her full outfit still, other than the panties. From here, the boy-girl action continues on and includes: Jessica taking a nice pounding in a missionary-like position; some decent, doggie-style sex; a side-entry fucking inside the hole of the large rectangle in the room; and an ejaculation by Derrick on Jessica’s face and in her mouth, followed by some oral cock clean-off to end the scene. Condoms are used for all of the penetration in this scene.

Overall, this scene is good but also not great. As stated previously, Jessica Drake is one of my favorite performers (Top 5 or 10), but here, things honestly fall a bit flat. Her top remains on for the vast majority of the action, and when it is off, it appears that she is holding her right breast for the vast majority of the time. It is conceivable that there may have been an issue with it at the time of filming—I truly hope not. Regardless, in terms of addressing the action, this scene could be better. It should also be noted that the cheese factor is equally high here, with the voice-over in the intro really not working well, and the hand-stamper’s presence.

Scene Five (Nika Noir)
This scene features Nika Noir, a thin, pretty actress with light-brown hair, big beautiful eyes, and perky, natural breasts, and her male partner for the scene, Jerry, in a very hot, boy-girl sequence. The room in which the sex takes place has a painted, ocean backdrop with wave-like silhouettes playing over it, giving a constant feeling of motion. As with the last scene, there is a quick-cut, non-hardcore based introductory segment that focuses mostly on Nika, and also includes voice-over work by Jessica Drake and the now-notorious, “Fucking Time” hand-stamper.

As in previous scenes, the hardcore portion again follows the use of the stamper and includes the following: a sexy, well-captured blowjob and ball-licking by Nika, who is wearing an aqua-colored bikini for this action, as well as for the introductory segment; some decent pussy-eating and fingering by Jerry on Nika, who is no longer wearing the bikini; Nika taking Jerry’s manhood into her tight hole (shaved lips with a small, tightly-trimmed triangle above) in excellent cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl positions; an erotic, standing, rear-entry penetration of Nika; and a cum-shot (decent load) in Nika’s mouth and on her face, followed by some oral cock clean-off to end the festivities. Condoms are used in this scene for all actual penetration.

In all fairness, this is the best scene on the DVD, which is not what I expected to have happen when first choosing to review it. There is great chemistry between Nika Noir and Jerry, and Nika is both expressive and quite attractive. The voice-over work and the stamper again maintain the high level of cheese, and the artsy angles and “moving” background occasionally get distracting—but the sex overcomes these obstacles. This is a very good scene.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials are accessible via the “Special Features” option in the Main Menu. There is a “Bonus Sex Scene” starring Jessica Drake along with Randy Spears and Herschel Savage that is definitely worth a look. The “Behind the Scenes” option is an interesting watch, and there is a “Photo Gallery” that plays a slideshow of stills from the movie. There are six trailers under the “Trailers” section—“Fallen” (a true Jessica Drake classic and not to be missed), “The Wicked”, “Sexy Bitch”, “One Wild & Crazy Night” (looks very good—it even appears to show an actress taking a wine bottle neck anally), “Race 2 Race”, and “Alektra-fied”. There is also a “Promo Reel” that features the Wicked girls in a variety of elegant/”star-life” settings. Finally, there is a section entitled “More Adult Fun”—which plays through various phone sex ads and the like—and a section called “DVD-ROM Materials”—which tells the viewer what can be accessed by using the DVD in a computer.

Closing Statement
All in all, this DVD has some very good moments (Nika Noir’s and Eve Nicholson’s scenes) and some okay-to-good moments (the rest of the scenes). While it doesn’t live up to all of the expectations that one might have for it, it isn’t a flop, either. It’s an above-average production with a good deal of artsy and / or cheesy aspects to it.

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