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Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6

Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6

Studio: Lethal Hardcore
Category:  All Girl
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Aaryanna's ratings for Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seduced by a Real Lesbian 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  12/1/2010
Seduced by a Real . . . Bisexual.

I’ve always liked this series. But the title, to me -- is sort of a misnomer. The teaching babe really isn’t a lesbian. She’s more like an experienced bisexual. And the age difference between the girls usually isn’t that great. So it’s not like those older/younger or MILF lesbian flicks that seem to be all the rage.

This is more like two young kittens showing each other the ropes, but not necessarily to replace their men.

The babes in this episode are fairly cute. And one pair could almost pass for young adolescents. Very nice. If you think of this as a well done amateur flick, I think you’ll be very satisfied with the result.

Yurizan Bettran & Nikky Thorne

Yurizan is a gorgeous brunette with a smooth clean ass and pendulous breasts that are absolutely mesmerizing. We find her stark naked (a good start) and trying on some clothes. Her friend Nikky watches from the doorway with a mischievous grin. Yuri’s skirt is a black stripper mini that Velcro’s in the back – and is slit up to her waist – giving us a sly peek of her entire ass. The girls are supposedly going out clubbing. (In that skirt? Get real.)

Nikky compliments Yuri on her body, and she even grabs her butt to see how firm it is. Nikky is the first girl to ever come on to Yuri and she’s flattered. So she lets Nikky kiss her, undress her and eat her pussy. See, ladies, how easy that is.

The women smooch at length which is always nice. Nikky releases Yuri’s healthy boobs from their restraint and sucks on them back and forth. She starts to finger Yuri’s pussy by pulling aside her crotchless panties (what a waste) and Yuri enjoys every indulgent minute.

Nikky’s figure is much more petite. But Yuri swallows and sucks on her nipples just as hungrily as Nikky did moments ago. We get a nice view of Yuri’s scrumptious ass from the rear – right before Nikky sticks her tongue up there to lubricate Yuri’s twat. Yuri has beautiful dark pussy lips which look great against Nikki’s swollen pink tongue. Nikky flutters around her clit like a rabid dog, and nothing makes a babe look sexier than when another horny chick wants her.

When its Yuri’s turn to go down on Nikky, she looks a little like Lanny Barby as she eats Nikky’s pussy in profile. Yuri services snatch pretty well for a babe who moments ago claimed she knew nothing about how girls make love to one another. (What a natural.) Nikky squeals and writhes in ecstasy from Yuri’s lurid affection.

Nikky later grabs Yuri’s cunt with two fingers as though she was about to go bowling. She then urges a buzzing toy up against Yuri’s clit which brings Yuri quickly to orgasm. Nikky turns the appliance on herself and Yuri assists her by licking on Nikky’s nipples. The girls kiss afterwards when done, and Yuri admits that she definitely likes being with girls after all. How sweet.

Nikki Brooks & Cody Love

Nikki laments to Cody about the poor sex she received last night from her date. Nikki is a busty brunette and Cody is a fashion model blonde. (Guess who I’d rather have stick her tongue into my mouth?) The girls are sunning themselves outdoors while wearing bikinis, with their skin oiled up with lotion. Cody works the conversation around to kissing girls, and Nikki admits that she never has. So Cody asks if she can . . kiss her . . ! (And suddenly my pussy started to get very moist . . !)

Nikki is overcome with shyness, but their first kiss is very sweet, nevertheless. They go inside where they can practice more seriously, and they lose their clothing along the way. Watching girls kissing is one of my favorite pastimes, and Nikki and Cody do a very nice job. There’s a little fluttering of tongues, and the girls smack lips when they break, with smiles and giggles exchanged all around.

Cody brazenly opens Nikki’s top and comments on how lovely her boobs are before lowering her face to suck on ‘em. Ladies, the only thing better than having your own nipples licked upon – is smooching on another gal’s sweet pair, yourself. Nikki does have a very nice all-natural set, so Cody’s attention is well deserved. The kissing begins as an innocent exploration. But its easy to see that Nikki’s arousal is immediately heightened by Cody’s oral attention. Cody, of course, is seducing Nikki – in a manner in which Nikki wishes all guys would.

When both babes are topless, their kissing looks even sexier. Cody pulls aside Nikki’s bikini and immediately buries her face within her girlfriend’s lap which causes Nikki to gasp in surprise. Her moaning gets more plaintive as Cody returns for seconds and thirds as Cody eats her from the front and from behind. Cody’s face looks even more beautiful next to Nikki’s pretty twat as Cody jams her nose in all of the way up to the hilt.

After she climaxes, Nikki pushes Cody back on to the sofa so that she can amorously return the favor. Nikki gets more aggressive now that she knows how good it feels. She spreads Cody’s knees apart and licks at Cody’s pussy through her bikini. When finally revealed, Cody’s vagina looks as glorious as you’d expect with her labia relaxed and open for business. Cody’s sexy cunt completely disappears from view as Nikki hungrily attacks her work. The end comes quickly when Nikki adds in her fingers. The girls kiss passionately afterwards – as Cody descends back to earth slowly from her high.

The ladies finally conclude moments later – by furrowing their tongues into each other’s sexy slits – while engaged in a screaming and yelling sixty-nine.

By having the cutest babe on campus introduce her to the pleasures of girl-girl sex – this might be a young woman’s deepest fantasy come true.

Rebecca Riley & Danni Cole

Rebecca and Danni are tired of going to the mall. So Rebecca invites her friend to come skinny dipping in her pool. Danni has a really cute face and a very delicate chin. And a very nice set of pert natural boobies, as well.

It is easy to imagine that both girls are much younger than they really are, maybe fourteen or sixteen-years-of-age. This is Danni’s first time with a girl, and Rebecca is very much willing to teach her. Danni’s embarrassment is just darling. And she has this cute way of giggling whenever Rebecca playfully circles her nipples with her tongue.

Rebecca doesn’t seem to notice as she goes from one body part to another. But Danni is a quick study. She reflexively reaches out with both hands to grab and feel on Rebecca’s shapely ass when the girls return to kiss. (But hey, isn’t that what a cute butt is all about?)

This is a great scene for those of you who would enjoy watching barely adolescent girls making out together.

The babes go inside where it’s warmer, and Danni’s nipples are still rather ticklish. Fortunately, she settles down and gets more comfortable when Rebecca starts to eat her. “You’re good at this,” she says to her friend. And Rebecca takes that as approval to jam her tongue even deeper. As she gets more aroused, Danni even starts to tell Rebecca where to lick and how many fingers to stick inside her twat. Very cool.

Danni sticks out her butt with her legs spread wide – as she leans with her hands up against the arm of the sofa. Rebecca takes that as her cue to scurry underneath – so that her face is looking up – as Rebecca pussy straddles across it. What a slut. Rebecca enjoys her friend’s flavor, and Danni falls into a rhythm while using her friend’s face as a saddle. After orgasming, Danni later admits to her girlfriend – that this was easily the best pussy eating she’s ever had.

When it’s Danni’s turn to taste her first cunt, she somehow knows just where to lick and where to stick her fingers. The green pillow behind Rebecca’s head goes well with ‘Becca’s pretty green eyes. The camera then tantalizes us with multiple views of Danni’s cute face jammed up against Rebecca’s tasty twat.

The girls kiss afterwards. And Rebecca rekindles Danni’ desire, but this time with her hands. The girls mutually masturbate each other, which is an action I always like to watch – since this reminds me of my own first experiences – exploring another girl’s wet pussy and sharing my own with her.

I think it would be fun for secondary or middle school girls to watch this video as they investigate their own budding sexuality. We could call it, ‘How my girlfriend ate my pussy in junior high.’ I love it.

Chloe James & Suzanne Kelly

Chloe and Suzanne are leggy teen brunettes, walking around the neighborhood and sharing the latest on guys. Chloe finds Suzanne attractive and openly says so, and Suzanne is rightfully flattered. All of the talk of boys, though, makes both of them quite horny – which they desperately want to satisfy as soon as they get inside.

One girl kisses the other – and she, in turn, kisses her back. This is Chloe’s first time, but all of her inhibitions melt away – when her tube top is pulled down to reveal her gorgeous knockers – which Suzanne immediately grabs with both hands and begins to knead like bread dough. Very tasty. Suzanne’s pair is more petite; champagne glasses come to mind. But Chloe enjoys licking on them, nonetheless.

Suzanne is tall and lean with an elegant figure, while Chloe is soft and buxom. Of all of the girls, these two are the quickest to get undressed. Suzanne rips off Chloe’s panties as though they were an errant rubber band, which she flicks across the room before going down to eat her. She stops for some kisses along the way – and a little fingering of her own snatch by Chloe – who does so expertly as though Suzanne’s pussy was her own.

Both girls have vivid pink centers, and the camera provides us with intimate views of both babes’ twats – as Chloe spreads her legs wide to straddle Suzanne’s lovely face – and as Suzanne lies back underneath her with her knees far apart. What a whore.

Chloe is the first to orgasm, which makes her want to be Suzanne’s slave so that she can obediently return the favor. Chloe sucks seductively on Suzanne’s nipples – as Suzanne nibbles on Chloe’s ear.

When Chloe finally gets down to business, her jaw moves furiously back and forth – in time with the movements of her tongue. Chloe’s slurping gets more intense as she adds her fingers to the mix.

There’s a nice POV view of Chloe licking just the other side of Suzanne’s hairless mound – which I thought was absolutely great. Gee, I always wondered why there weren’t any girl-girl POV movies. I’d love to see Alexis Texas or Bree Olson licking cunt from this view – so that I could imagine that she’s eating my own – wouldn’t you?

When Suzanne finally gives Chloe a formal servicing, she clutches Chloe’s clitoris firmly between her lips – and tortures her ‘prisoner’ repeatedly with her tongue. Chloe hyperventilates so rapidly that I thought she was going to faint.

The camera zooms in tight to again capture some POV footage of Suzanne giving it to Chloe – with Suzanne’s big eyes looking straight into the camera – as though she was doing it to you.

(The worst thing about this viewpoint, of course – is that a girl can’t see her own genitals – which only goes to prove that God is actually a man, doesn’t it?)

Chloe makes a puddle with her juices as the girls go back to kissing. Chloe comments on how good her own nectar tastes – on Suzanne’s lips – and Suzanne says the same.

This scene is a good reminder that whenever two babes have some free time – that the best way they might spend it – is by having sex together.

Bonus Scene – Angela Attison

There’s an out of place boy/girl segment from ‘Your Mom Tossed My Salad #3’ with Angela Attison in the bonus scene.

Angela ‘tosses his salad’ by jerking his dick off from behind which reminded me of milking a cow; and by licking his hairy ass hole and letting him sit on her face from above. Yeeuch! Gee, what will Stoney (the producer) think of next?

To conclude, ‘Seduced by a Real Lesbian #6’ is a nice depiction of young babes initiating each other into the pleasures of girl-girl loving. Please, don’t miss out.

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