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Seduced By A Cougar 7

Seduced By A Cougar 7

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  MILF
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FallenTemplar's ratings for Seduced By A Cougar 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Seduced By A Cougar 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Seduced By A Cougar 7 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Seduced By A Cougar 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Seduced By A Cougar 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Seduced By A Cougar 7 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Seduced By A Cougar 7 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seduced By A Cougar 7 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by FallenTemplar  on  9/28/2008
If you like seeing young guys seduced and fucked by hot, older women, then Seduced by a Cougar 7 is right up your alley!

There is just enough acting (as far as bad porno acting goes, anyway) to get you into the mood of the scene and to get you turned on and ready to go once the action starts. Each scene starts with a different scenario that could actually happen to you if you're lucky enough....

Seduced by a Cougar opens with newcomer to the industry Sami Scott (My Friend's Hot Mom 14). With her raven-black hair, Sami is definitely on fire. She is one hot cougar. The scene begins with Sami answering a newspaper ad for a pool table for sale. She buys the pool table, but she also tries to get in the pants of the young, 20-something Jordan.

Jordan meekly tries his best to resist her. After all, this is his parents' house....

Sami manages to get his cock out of his pants and it's all over for poor Jordan. The sex is lively and energetic and the performers keep in character throughout. At one point, Jordan gets up off the couch and exclaims "We can't fuck up my mom's couch!" He runs off to get a blanket to cover it!

Sami is amazing. She has the attitude of a loving mother or a nurturing grade school teacher. She gives Jordan all kinds of positive reinforcement as they fuck. "Fucking you is awesome!" she says in her best schoolteacher voice, only adding to the eroticism of the scene.

As great as Sami looks, once they start fucking, her surgical scars from her boob job begin to show. The scars aren't too bad and her body, overall, is outstanding.

She sucks Jordan's cock and then he eats her out. He pounds her pussy in several different positions, while she gives him motherly encouragement. "I knew you'd like that!" Sami is one of the better performers in this movie and her schoolteacher voice makes the scene that much hotter.

They swap back and forth between her riding him, him pounding her from behind, and her sucking his cock. Finally, he creams on her face.

They recycle the male performers for this feature, but Jordan must have drawn the short straw because he doesn't return.

The next scene features Payton Leigh (Pussy Playhouse 18) as a hardworking, older, professional woman who hires a couple of movers to move her office. She bosses her mover around, but then she starts hitting on him. Immediately, he lets her know he's not about to mix business with pleasure.

"Ma'am, I can not cross that line," he protests. "I am flattered. I don't know what to say."

As he gets to work, Payton takes a seat and watches him, taking as many sneak peeks at his ass as she can. She even "accidentally" drops something so she can watch him pick it up.

I found it refreshing and erotic to watch the roles reversed here. Usually, it's the guy secretly ogling the girl. I know I've done it my fair share of times. It turned me on to see a sex-crazed, older woman inappropriately eyeballing the hired help.

Finally, Payton can't help herself and throws herself at the intrepid young mover. Again, he protests, but she will not take "no" for an answer. "Who's going to get you in trouble? That's what I want to know," she says as she unzips his pants.

Just as she's blowing him, his assistant walks in on them. Payton eagerly invites him to join them. Soon, she's sucking both their cocks.

Unfortunately, the scene switches from Payton with her shirt off wearing just her bra and skirt, to her nearly naked, wearing nothing but panties. I would have liked to have scene a sexy striptease. Even just watching her reveal those lovely, natural breasts would have been nice.

The two movers fuck her on the conference table, but there is never any DP or anal. She takes one in the pussy while giving the other a blow job or a handjob.

Payton looks fantastic with her age showing just a tiny bit. Her stomach sags just a touch, but this is a movie geared for men who want to see older women, so this is a plus.

The two men cream on her face. There is no swallowing. The scene ends with a twist as Payton confesses that she's not really the boss of the company! She's just a secretary!

In our next scene, Sandy Beach is a hot, older woman who goes through a dating service to find young guys. When her date mentions that the ad said she was 23, she jokingly says she's dyslexic, then she goes right for his pants.

Unlike the last two scenes, this guy is not reluctant at all. He's happy to have found a hot older woman who knows what she wants. Like all the women in this feature, Sandy is sexually aggressive and eager to please her man.

This time, we do get to see Sandy strip out of dress. It's a real treat to watch those beautiful tits pop out of her bra. Her boyfriend speed-fucks her on the stairs.

Sandy has the most realist body of all the women in this feature. She's not overweight, but she has more meat on her bones than the other girls. Both lovers are very aggressive and passionate and this scene has more energy than any of the others.

Again, there is no anal. He creams on her face and there is no swallowing.

Our mover returns to fuck Kristina Cross (My Friend's Hot Mom 14) in this next scene. Kristina is playing the aunt of the mover's girlfriend. She answer the door in drop dead gorgeous lingerie bra and panties with high heels. She looks absolutely amazing and it's ridiculous to imply that she is an older woman. She looks about the same age or younger than the man.

They do a lot of role playing in this scene. "Don't tell Jackie." He keeps saying (referring to her niece). The role playing doesn't quite work because Kristina is so gorgeous. She has got gorgeous legs and tight abs. I just can not believe that she is supposed to be this guy's girlfriend's aunt.

The scene is ruined, in my opinion, when Kristina's bra comes off. When her breasts are bared, she reveals her hideous boob job. The surgical scars are prominent and ugly. The implants don't seem to be done right. They're too big and they just out the side creating these ugly bumps that protrude from the sides of her breasts. It's really hideous and I feel sorry for Kristina. I hope she didn't pay money for that boob job.

I felt distracted throughout the sex scene. I consciously made an effort to avoid looking at her breasts. I prayed that they would go doggy style or reverse cowgirl so I could admire her from behind and not have to look at her disfigured breasts. I'm sorry, but I was grossed out through this scene. It was a supreme disappointment because she looked absolutely amazing at the beginning of the scene in lingerie and high heels. She was by far the hottest woman in this series until her bra came off.

The best scene was saved for the end as star Misty Vonage (Seduced by a Cougar 6) plays a lonely widow who gets a visit from a neighborhood friend who's just returned from college.

41-year-old Misty looks absolutely amazing and this scene is a wet dream come true. If I had a neighbor/friend/teacher who looked like her I'd be fantasizing about this scene every day.

She is completely taken by her friend (the performer from the scene with Sandy Beach) and can't keep her hands off of him. After some small talk, she begins to unbuckle his pants and then blows him.

It was disappointing to see his flacid cock flop out of his shorts. Here he is with Misty Vonage who looks absolutely amazing and he can't even get semi-hard. In fact, he is either soft or semi-erect throughout much of the scene.

Misty, on the other hand, never fails to disappoint. Her body is so tight and tan it looks airbrushed. She is just amazing. Her breasts are enormous and gorgeous. They look naturally huge, but if it is the result of surgery I say bravo to the the surgeon!

This scene alone was worth the price of the DVD. It was a real treat and a big turn on to see Misty Vonage in action.

After some serious fucking he jacks off and creams in her face, letting a big load go right in her eye! Again, there is no swallowing.

There is no anal throughout the DVD which may disappoint some viewers. Even though there is one scene with two guys, there is no DP and there is no swallowing in any scene. There are no condoms either, which may please some people (and irk others).

The extras are barebones with only a picture gallery and no trailers for other movies.

I will give kudos to the DVD producers for the menus, especially the scene selection menu which is amazing.

The scenes are divided up by performer. You get to choose Sami, Payton, Sandy, Kristina or Misty. There is a publicity photo of each girl, not a screen shot. I think this works out much better.

When you click on a girl, it gives her full name and a break down of all her sex scenes: blow job, sex, cumshot or play the whole scene. This menu is accompanied by another publicity photo, but his time it's a sex scene from the scene you're about to see, and usually the best part of the scene.

These menus are the best I've ever scene. They are perfect for porn and all porn features should imitate them.

Overall, I enjoyed Seduced by a Cougar 7. It was refreshing to see sexually aggressive, older women attacking naive, reluctant, young men. I loved the role playing and the set up before each scene. The little bit of set up and acting turned me on and helped me get into the scene. It was more than just two strangers fucking. I could imagine myself as a blue collar worker getting seduced by an older boss or as a neighbor getting hit on by an older friend of my parents.

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