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Seduced By A Cougar 6

Seduced By A Cougar 6

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  All Sex , MILF
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astroknight's ratings for Seduced By A Cougar 6:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Seduced By A Cougar 6 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Seduced By A Cougar 6 Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Seduced By A Cougar 6 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Seduced By A Cougar 6 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Seduced By A Cougar 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seduced By A Cougar 6 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seduced By A Cougar 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/17/2008

The Little Details

Running Time: 113 min.

Production Date: 2 / 29 / 2008

Director: None credited

Cast: Brenda James, Claire LaFemmeDC, Elle Cee, Kat Kleevage (listed here as Cat Cleavage), Misty Vonage, Morgan Ray, Vanessa Videl, Alan Stafford, Alex Gonz, Johnny Sins, Will Powers, and an uncredited guy

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Naughty America has put out some very fun scenes and lately has been putting some nice effort into their DVDs as well. I'm looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: It's easily the worst movie I've seen from Naughty America.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting older women who are more than just vocal

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting scenes focusing on seduction

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, although the level did seem to change a little during the final scene making it harder to hear. The video is presented in the full frame format and looks good. The lighting varies slightly and there's a touch of grain to the picture, but the camera work is smooth and there isn't any wild camera motion to interfere with the movie.

Music: None

Disc Complaints / Authoring Notes: The authoring is a bit funky, which doesn't seem to be anything too unusual with Naughty America. Rather than having the entire movie on a title that makes it easy for viewers to skip to where ever they choose in the movie, which is extremely nice if you get tired of a scene and just want to jump ahead randomly or if you're viewing the movie later and want to go to a specific point in the movie, each scene has its own title, similar to how some studios run their TV shows on DVD. Needless to say, this makes the DVD extremely hard to navigate.

Menus: The main menu nicely works from a little animation into a few clips from the movie and gives a good first impression. The chapter menu also shows a touch of effort, and lets you choose a scene based on the name(s) of the cougar(s) in each scene and a still.

The Feature

Sometimes age matters, and sometimes it doesn't. Here older women think that younger cock is just what they need to solve their problems. Maybe it's getting over an ex or maybe it's just having the craving for fresh young meat. Whatever the reason, these guys are about to be Seduced by a Cougar.

Scene 1 – Elle Cee, Misty Vonage, and Johnny Sins

When brunette Elle and bottle blonde Misty both set their eyes on Johnny at the bar and make him decide between them, he decides he should have them both. The girls grope him through his jeans and start stripping him down before moving down to suck his cock. Misty goes after him with plenty of throat as Elle gives directions and works on his balls before Elle gets in the middle to lick Misty's snatch while Johnny fucks her from behind. Johnny fucks Misty missionary style next with Elle staying right there to suck her tits and his cock before climbing up so Misty can lick her pussy. Elle sucks Johnny a little more before getting back in the middle so he can fuck her while Misty sits on her face. Finally Missy rides Johnny reverse cowgirl style while licking Elle's pussy and then lies back for a little missionary work before he pops in Elle's mouth. Afterwards Elle swaps it over to Misty.

This scene doesn't quite make the average mark. Elle and Misty don't look bad, but there's a fake look about them that just didn't do much for me. The vocals also came off as pretty fake and overdone with the positions each going on a bit long. This scene just didn't do much for me.

Scene 2 – Morgan Ray and Alan Stafford

Bottle blonde covergirl Morgan hits the bar with Alan for a couple drinks. When she heads to the bathroom Alan talks with the bartender about how they just met the night before but she's completely wild. He pulls out a remote control she gave him and when the bartender tells him that it's for a vibrator they push the button a few times to get her panties vibrating. Morgan comes out demanding he get in the bathroom with her, and they pull the vibe out of her pussy so he can lick and finger it. She drops down to help Alan out of his pants and into her mouth before bending over the counter and letting him fuck her from behind. They move to the floor for each of the cowgirls and Morgan even plays with her ass before getting up so Alan can unload on her tongue.

This is another okay at best scene. Morgan is cute and has a nice body, and she also plays up the comedy aspect of the setup very nicely. There's nice chemistry between her and Alan, but once again the vocals are so completely over the top that even with some nice chemistry it does hold the scene back a bit. This is a fun scene, but with more realistic vocals it would have been a lot better.

Scene 3 – Kat Kleevage, Vanessa Videl, and a guy

When bitchy Vanessa finds that Kat parked in her spot, it starts a verbal catfight the bartender suggests that they should all just get along and soon after ends up on the couch between them. Kat and Vanessa take turns sucking his cock before Vanessa gets in the middle and licks Kat while getting a little tongue action from the guy behind her. Vanessa takes the first fuck cowgirl style before letting Kat suck the guy clean and get up for a reverse cowgirl ride of her own. Vanessa also lets the guy fuck her doggie style before watching him spoon Kat and then sharing a facial with him.

This scene did nothing for me. Both women are far from attractive and the overly bitchy attitudes (especially Vanessa's) turned me off immediately. There's a decent balance between the women sexually, but I couldn't wait for this scene to be done.

Scene 4 – Claire LaFemmeDC and Alex Gonz

Bartender Alex tells his mates about a girl he's been seeing before bottle blonde Claire walks in wearing a jean skirt, a leather tank, and knee high dress boots to watch the game with them. She reminds Alex about their bet after the game and has the guys stick around to watch. Claire sits back on a table for Alex to tongue and finger her before getting up to suck and stroke his cock. She works in a little titty fucking for him as well before letting Alex fuck her from behind and missionary style on the table. They also bump uglies spooning on the pool table before Alex pops on her face.

This is easily one of the best scenes in the movie. In addition to Vanessa actually coming off with a likable, playful personality, she's also one of the best looking women in the movie. She and Alex have nice chemistry, and unlike the other scenes it isn't hurt because she doesn't completely mouth off throughout the scene. This is a fun and hot scene.

Scene 5 – Brenda James and Will Powers

Cute dirty blonde Brenda struts into a “bar” and makes her way over to Will to chat him up. She convinces him to drop his pants so she can suck him where he sits and lets him play with her tits and pussy as she softly sucks and strokes him. Brenda lays back so Will can lick and finger her in return before getting up and riding him reverse cowgirl style. She turns around for a traditional cowgirl ride before letting Will fuck her doggie style, and even gets in a little spooning before taking an okay facial finish.

This is another nicely done scene. The seduction aspect is a bit hokey, okay make that the 'bar scene' that's hokey since you never see or hear anybody but will. Thankfully Brenda is cute enough and has a bubbly enough spirit that it's hard to get down on the scene too much from the start because of it. Her spirit continues to make the scene work, as she and Will have nice chemistry and she always looks like she's having a great time. Throw in some nicely done camera work and you have a scene that definitely brings the movie to a close on a high note.

Seduced By a Cougar 6 takes a nice idea, and then runs the wrong way with it for my tastes through most of the movie. I love the idea of a dominant woman seducing younger guys, but Naughty America almost completely forgets about the seduction aspect and seem to interpret dominant as meaning bitchy or overly vocal. There's nothing subtle about any of the women in the first three scenes, and they often deliver their lines with a bossiness that brings back memories of the bad porn acting of the early nineties. Their just as badly vocal as they fuck, and even in the few instances when there seemed to be a little chemistry in the scenes, the chemistry soon fell aside due to the women howling away and left the scenes looking at the bottom side of average. Thankfully Clare LaFemmeDC and Brenda James move away from that style for the last two scenes and actually bring in a little seduction and the idea that a woman can be in control without hollering her head off like somebody slammed her fake tit in her car door. Unfortunately it was too little and far too late to save the movie. Seduced By a Cougar 6 is quite easily the worst movie I've seen from the normally reliable Naughty America.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts about three and a half minutes with about four seconds per nice looking snapshot. There's also website information and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about three and a half minutes. Kat and Vanessa start out chatting with the camera guy and teasing him before getting it on a little with each other. Things cut to a back room where Kat gives the guy a little head. This is probably a fun scene for those who liked Kat and Vanessa's scene, but since it was my least favorite scene in the movie it did nothing for me.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, group, lesbian, cum swapping, and titty fucking

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most of Naughty America’s DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $27 with most stores offering them under $20. Rent this one first. There's a couple fun scenes, but the most of the movie was so badly over the top that it wasn't even funny bad. The technical aspects are pretty good and there's a little effort put into the extras with a little behind the scenes footage. There were a couple nice moments in this release, but overall it's probably the worst I've seen come out of Naughty America.

Note to Naughty America: If you could have had the entire movie at the level of the last two scenes this could have been a great release...

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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