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Secrets Exposed

Secrets Exposed

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Straight
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Secrets Exposed:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Secrets Exposed overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Secrets Exposed Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Secrets Exposed Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Secrets Exposed Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Secrets Exposed Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Secrets Exposed DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Secrets Exposed A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/26/2004
This is a release from Smash Pictures and the premise is pretty simple. Each scene begins with the girl doing a voice over describing some sort of sexual adventure she had and we get to watch as she relives it. Sounds good to me and the first scene with Cytherea was a good beginning but the scenes after featured good action for the most part but the lighting was way to dark for me to really get into the action but let me still describe what does happen as the girls do give good efforts for the most part.


The scene begins with this very attractive girl doing her voice over and she tells us about doing her first nude photo shoot and naturally the guy ends up putting the moves on her but to see how she starts the scene so shy and innocent and halfway through becoming a wanton slut was pretty cool. It does take some time though before we get to the hot action as first we see her slowly lose her clothes and Cytherea is looking as good as ever here and thankfully the lighting was good. The action when it does start going features some good pussy licking and to bad she doesn't squirt in this scene as any fan of hers knows she can shoot the juice!! Cytherea for her part delivers a good blowjob which we see up close and her eye contact was good. One thing this dvd has going for it in each scene is the up close shots of the action and in the other scenes when the lighting is dark that's helpful. Sexwise, Cytherea is tested in RC and the shots up close of her cute face were great. Cytherea also holds her legs open in perfect postion for the mish fucking and she becomes quite the dirty talker! Moving to doggie we get more tight shots of her pussy and the scene ends with this pretty girl taking a good pop in her mouth.

bono-Meter: 9.0


This scene starts with Gia and her busty frame nicely fills out her jumpsuit. She has hired a personnel trainer who's played by Rod Fontana and this guy is a riot to watch. Seems she's lost 10 pounds and here she describes a session with Rod that got a bit closer to the personal trainer side of the ledger!! As he is going over her training tips he has her lose the top and also her bottoms are pulled down showing off her ass. Well all pretense is gone as Rod envelops her large breasts and Gia returns the favor sucking his cock. There are the shadows present I described earlier and while you could make out what they were doing it really needed more light to fully get me off! There are some nice up close shots which let you see some of the action and Rod does some boinking in doggie as well as in mish. We also see him lick her pussy causing some loud moans from Gia. The RC was good in that her tits were bouncing nicely and there were more up close shots of her body. Moving to cowgirl we see her ass jiggle and a quick finish in mish leads to a good pop. Nice energy from the twosome but the lighting again was to dark.

bono-Meter: 7.5


Seems her hubby has gone out of town and our girl is feeling frisky. She uses a "fuck" buddy to fulfill her fantasies and the one we are seeing here is the Peeping Tom scenario. The shots start out good as Joelean undresses and begins caressing her body, to bad we could'nt see better. Joelean slips into a silky nighty and lying down she plays with her pussy. The Peeping Tom is shown watching her and soon he moves into the bedroom and there are some soft kisses to her pussy before he begins licking it. Joelean impresses when it is her turn and she eagerly swallows his cock. As for the sex they start with a romp in RC before moving to Mish which is shot from straight ahead floor view. A hard pounding in doggie leads to a facial and she does some cleanup. A decent scene but the dark lighting was a big turn off.

bono-Meter: 7.5

Keiko & Dominica:

We meet Keiko who is a professional girl who evidently is having trouble with her assistant, Dominica. We are told by Keiko she isn't very good filing or taking letters bascially she needs to go but it turns out there is one thing she is good at!! Keiko also says she isn't a lesbian but you get the drift right, sounds like a Penthouse forum letter,lol!! Anyway as Dominica enters the office the two have a discussion on her job performance and Dominica ends up telling Keiko she needs sex and not with a man! So she walks around and she helps Keiko out of her shirt and there's some breast caressing and Dominica rubs over Keiko's pussy. Soon her assitant is proving her worthiness with some nice pussy licking and Keiko is fully involved moaning and again great close views but the same problem also occurs and it's too dark. A toy is brought in and used on Kieko and she licks it clean before she moves on to taste her assistants pussy and in turn she uses the toy on her. The scene soon fades out after Dominica licks the toy clean. Nice looking girls but a major no no occurs and there is no kissing of any kind between the girls, unless I blinked and missed it. I don't see how you can have a good lesbian scene and not feature kissing in some fashion so I took off some points for that and for the lighting being to dark.

bono-Meter: 6.5


This last scene stars a fine looking Asian girl who has just started her receptionist job. Seems Sinai has really been working hard and Sinai proceeds to describe a sexual encounter she had with her boss, Dave Pounder. Dave tells her she's been doing a great job and he wanted to go over a possible job advancement she might be interested in. Well one thing leads to another and they are soon kissing and Dave tastes her Asian breasts as well as licking her pussy. One thing I have really liked in this dvd and I've mentioned it a couple of times is the amount of close up shots we get during the action and that helps because of the big problem I have had with the various scenes and that's the lighting. Sinai does an ok job with the blowjob but she seemed to mechanical for my tastes. I didn't see her loving his cock or slowly licking his balls. The sex was better and we see mish, reverse cowgirl, and doggie. The scene ends with a facial but she just takes it and not much else. At least she smiles before the scene fades but the passion was missing for me in this scene and funny thing Sinai was funny and nice in the behind the scenes.

bono-Meter: 6.5

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I was not as thrilled with this dvd as I hoped when I put it in. The first scene with Cytherea is the definite highlight of the dvd as it features the best action and the best lighting. The set ups for the various scenes weren't to complicated and the voice overs done by each girl adequately set the stage. I just could never fully get into the last few scenes due to how dark they were. Gia's scene with Rod had some good stuff and Joelean's scene had its moments. As for the extras this title offers website info, a gallery of nice pictures of the ladies who starred in this movie, you have previews of other Smash releases, and finally some behind the scenes. Watching Rod Fontana is always amusing as you just don't know what he will say and we see some of the girls and I actually enjoyed this as everyone seems to enjoy making their scenes. I just wish we could have seen the action much clearer than we did. Cytherea fans might want to check out her scene as she does transition nicely from shy girl to porn slut but the rest of the dvd I would say is a rental at best.

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