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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Second Thoughts:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Second Thoughts overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Second Thoughts Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Second Thoughts Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Second Thoughts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Second Thoughts Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Second Thoughts DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Second Thoughts A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  1/9/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 97 min.

Production Date: 4 / 22 / 2005

Director: Stormy Daniels

Cast: Austin Kinkaid, Keri Sable, Lexi Lamour, Lezley Zen, Michelle Lay, Tory Lane, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Ethan Cage, Kris Knight, Nick Jacobs, Trevor Zen, and Chris Evans in sexual roles and Shelby Stevens, Gia Jordan, Stormy Daniels, and many others in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Stormy sounds like she’s pretty proud of this one, and I was really impressed with her One Night in Vegas. I can’t help but go into this one with some hope.

Initial Reaction: It’s another very well done movie that’s showing Stormy to be a director worth keeping an eye on.

Who Should Watch It : Couples and anybody wanting a romantic feature with actual characters

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting something overly artistic or soft

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is very clear and well balanced, and I don’t think there was a single moment that seemed out of balance even in the club scenes. It’s also nicely free of background noises. The video is a little weaker, and starts out there by being a non-anamorphic transfer. It’s nicely lit, but it’s just a little too soft looking.

Music: The music is extremely well done. It’s often soft and romantic, but it brings in other feelings as well. Best of all, it’s very nicely balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The main menu is pretty good, and works together a bit of the movie with the boxcover image. The chapter menu, as usual, is sadly and depressingly generic, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a scene number.

The Feature

Austin and Evan are madly in love and about to get married. The night of their bachelor and bachelorette party, Austin starts to have some second thoughts. Her best friend Keri convinces her that maybe she needs to go see her ex-boyfriend to set her mind right and decide if she’s really getting what she wants.

Scene 1 - Austin Kinkaid and Evan Stone

When Evan comes home, he lets his buxom brunette “fiancé” Austin know that he had a hard day on the set and needs a little comforting. He has her strip down slowly for him and reaches around to play with her pussy and tits gently while kissing her back and letting her know how much he missed her. Austin shows how much she missed him by sucking his cock. She mixes fast and slow and a bit of stroking while also giving him some nice smiles and eyes before hoping on Evan’s cock for a cowgirl ride after the condom magically appears. Austin lies back to let her big fat titties flop around as Evan give it to her missionary style before hopping back up for a reverse cowgirl ride. Finally, Austin drops to her knees and lets Evan spray a healthy dose of nutty goodness all over her face.

This is a very impressive opening scene. Austin looks to give one heck of a hummer, and I love how she mixed up the speed and how she let her eyes help her out. The sex didn’t slow down in the least, and had an amazing amount of chemistry. There were times when I almost started to question it due to Austin being more than a little vocal, but they were very few and far between and often disappeared soon after. This is a very hot and well done couples sex scene.

Scene 2 - Michelle Lay and Randy Spears

Before heading off to the bachelor party, Randy gets it on with nagging “wife” Michelle, who looks hotter than heck with her hair pulled back and a pair of glasses. She pushes him back on the bed and starts undressing her long sleeved brown shirt and follows it up with her bra before Randy’s clothes magically disappear so she can start sucking Randy’s cock into her throat. She gives him some great eyes and removes her glasses as she sucks him. Michelle’s skirt finally disappears before she climbs up to ride Randy cowgirl style. She follows it up with a little missionary work before rolling over and letting Randy pound her from behind as she lies on her stomach and gets on all fours. Finally, Randy pulls out and blows his load all over Michelle’s sweet ass.

This is another darn hot scene. Randy and Michelle have great chemistry, and they both put out plenty of energy to go with it. The scene moves along very nicely, and my only real complaint is that the position changes aren’t shown. This is another very nicely done scene.

Scene 3 - Tory Lane and Lexi Lamour

“Nurses” Tory, a busty brunette who starts out in white latex, and Lexi, a busty blonde who starts out in black latex, put on a show for the guys at the bachelorette party. After playing with the guys a little Tory breaks out a black strap-on and lets Lexi ride it reverse cowgirl style. Tory loses her toy and bends over so Lexi can fuck her ass with a vibe and stretch it out with a speculum. Finally, the girls finish things up with a hug and kiss.

This is a pretty good scene. I’m slightly disappointed that the girls each only got one go and then the scene was done, but the action was pretty darn good. The girls both really get into it and the guys around them add quite a bit to the scene. I didn’t enjoy this scene quite as much as the others, but it was still nicely done.

Scene 4 - Tory Lane, Nick Jacobs, Kris Knight, Ethan Cage, and Randy Spears

After a little cards, Tory’s brought back in and turned loose on Randy’s cock. She doesn’t waste any time taking it into her throat and working up some spit, and gives it plenty of licks as well while the other guys join round to get in on the action. The guys all stand around her to make it easy for her to work between them orally with her mouth and her hands. Finally, Tory makes her way around and lets each guy pop all over her face, begging to get it if she has to.

I’m not too much of a fan of blowjob scenes, and group blowjob scenes aren’t any better. That said, this one isn’t too bad. All credit for this goes to Tory and her enthusiasm. She does a great job working her way around the guys, and looks almost completely insatiable. This scene didn’t work too well for me due to my tastes, but it is nicely done.

Scene 5 - Keri Sable and Trevor Zen

When cream dream Keri needs a favor, she heads to Trevor’s place and pays it forward. She starts off on her knees letting Trevor fuck her face as well as doing a bit of the work herself as he holds her by her hair. Keri moves up to ride his cock cowgirl style while fingering her ass before turning around for Trevor to take her doggie style. He takes a break to finger both her holes, and after a bit more doggie fucking lets Keri slide her shitpussy over his cock reverse cowgirl style. Finally, Keri gets down and strokes Tervor’s testicular treats onto her chin and chest.

This is a pretty hot scene. I’m one of the few people out there who doesn’t seem to think that Keri’s all that and a bag of chips, but she does do a nice job here. She’s energetic and takes it in the ass like a champ. The chemistry isn’t the best, but that fits in nicely with the setup for the scene. This is a pretty good scene, and if you’re a Keri Sable fan I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot more than I did.

Scene 6 - Lezley Zen and Evan Stone

Evan gets it on with Lezley in a back room for the penultimate scene. She eagerly gobbles his knob while giving him some fantastic eyes, and stretches her mouth even further trying to suck his balls. Lezley even gets a little submissive letting Evan pile drive her face before standing up and letting Evan tongue her twat. Lezley bounces on his bone cowgirl style to start out the fucking before letting Evan feed her pussy his cock from behind. Finally, Lezley gets down and lets Evan give her a great man-milk moustache.

This is a smoking hot scene, and quite possibly my favorite in the movie. It’s all about hard and dirty, and it manages to do that extremely well without getting nasty. There’s great animalistic chemistry between Lezley and Evan, and it completely drew me in. This is a great scene.

Scene 7 - Austin Kinkaid and Chris Evans

After they get married, Chris carries his new bride in to the bed. He strips her down so he can tongue her twat, and gives her a little finger action to go with it. They trade places and Austin kisses her way across Chris’s stomach before sucking his cock and giving him some fantastic eyes to get him ready to fuck her. Austin lets him take her doggie style first, and then rolls over for a little missionary work. After a bit he pulls out and launches his load between her big fat titties.

This is a very nice closing scene. Part of me would have liked another position or two, but at the same time it works. There’s great chemistry between them and it shows the softness that many can relate to for wedding night sex. This scene brings the movie to a very nice end.

Second Thoughts is a very well done couples movie. Stormy keeps things simple, but not transparent. The characters in the movie actually have a little depth to them rather than just being cutouts who are supposed to fuck, and you get to see them grow a little as people as the movie goes on. Austin does a very nice job in the lead role, but Michelle Lay really stole the movie for me. She was hilarious as the prudish sister, and came off as annoying as hell. Most times that’s a bad thing, but Michelle did it well enough that I’m not sure I saw a better supporting performer for females in a feature this year. She’s amazing when she has to act, and turned out one heck of a great sex scene with Randy Spears as well. The only scene that I think beat it was Evan and Lezley’s animalistic fuck late in the movie. Sexually, the only thing that really held back the movie was the lack of positions. Sure, there were a couple scenes that didn’t work the best for me, but I also recognized them as being not quite my taste. Although they didn’t do a lot for me, even the scenes that didn’t do much for me came across as being very well done. Second Thoughts has gotten quite a bit of attention for being a very well done couples movie, and I think it deserves every bit of it.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Second Thoughts, as well as The Collector, One Man’s Obsession, Secrets of the Velvet Ring, Road Trixxx, Shameless, and Wicked Sex Party 7. Star stats are included for Austin Kincaid, Keri Sable, Lezley Zen, and Michelle Lay, each of which gives you a photo of the star, a bit of personal and professional information, and a link to the star’s scene. There are also several photo galleries, a behind the scenes featurette, and a bonus scene. There’s also the usual Wicked extras.

Several photo galleries are included. The main gallery lasts nearly five minutes. Star galleries are included for the entire female cast lasting a little under two and a half minutes each. In each case you get about seven seconds per good looking snapshot or full screen photo.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts over a half hour and features Mark Stone behind the camera. Stormy starts things out with a chat about the recently shot scene between Michelle and Randy before moving into the fun of the bachelor party scene. It moves on to chats with Keri, Evan, Randy, Michelle, and Austin. Of course, there’s a bit of fun on the set, shooting the scenes, and clips of the scenes themselves mixed in. It’s a nicely done behind the scenes featurette that gives a good mix of what happened around the movie, but it wasn’t quite as fun as some of the other Wicked behind the scenes featurettes I’ve watched.

Bonus Scene - Austin Kinkaid and Lexi Marie

The bonus scene comes from American Dreams. Brunette Austin and dirty blonde Lexi kiss by what almost appears to be the ruins of an old demo derby or a junkyard. After a bit of kissing, Lexi drops down to tongue Austin’s twat as well as giving it a finger or two. Lexi sits on a wreck to let Austin tongue and finger her in return before the scene fades out looking like it still had much more to go.

This is an okay at best scene. The girls are cute, but they never really drew me in. Some of this was due to the camera work focusing on close-ups a bit much, going back and forth between gyno-cam shots and face shots. The bigger part was that it ended feeling like it was only half a scene. This was not an impressive scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, lesbian, toys, anal, group, and oral

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Condom Usage: 100%

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Wicked’s DVDs can be found online for between $15 and $30 with many stores offering them for around $21. This one’s definitely worth the money. The movie is very well done, both sexually and as a whole. The technical aspects are pretty good, but the video seemed just a little weak (and not just for being a non-anamorphic transfer). Finally, the extras show some nice effort. This is a nicely put together DVD.

Note to Wicked Pictures: I sure wish you’d try to keep up with feature companies like Digital Playground and Adam & Eve by giving your widescreen format movies an anamorphic transfer. On the other side of the coin, it’s great to see you recognizing how much talent you have in Stormy behind the camera!

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