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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Second Thoughts:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Second Thoughts overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Second Thoughts Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Second Thoughts Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Second Thoughts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Second Thoughts Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Second Thoughts DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Second Thoughts A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  11/4/2005

Second Thoughts
Starring:  Austin Kincaid, Keri Sable, Michelle Lay, Tory Lane, Lexi Lamour, Lezley Zen   

Written and Directed by: Stormy Daniels
Released: 10/05
Running:xx 1 hr 36 min

Stormy Daniels returns to the director's helm for her second project, a romantic comedy starring the bra-busting Austin Kincaid. 

Second Thoughts goes with a simple premise and runs with it: Austin is a bride to be- engaged to a studly soap opera star- but is having second thoughts about the marriage.  Is she still in love with someone else?  The film focuses on those crucial days leading up to the marriage, her bachelorette party and her future hubby's bachelor party, as she grapples with that soul decision.      

The storyline here leaves a lot left to be desired.  I kept hoping for some plot twists or something, anything to spice it up- steer it off the course of a story I know all too well.  It's all painfully bland.  Predictable and bland.  But still, the movie somehow has a unique charm to it.  You can feel that a woman's touch has been infused into it.  A delicate air permeates throughout the movie.  There are also some clever moments that sporadically pop up now and then, like some hilarious immature behavior at the parties.  Then again, the movie also has its fair share of punchlines that fall flat which probably would've been funny had they been pulled off more effectively.  You can almost feel that Stormy is experimenting with various things.

I was very pleased by the acting.  Not a single weak link here, the acting is on par with some made-for-tv movies.  Austin plays her role convincingly, subtle but very truthfully.  I'm willing to bet she has some prior acting experience.  Keri Sable is pretty good herself, playing Austin's best friend and confidante with ease and grace.  I haven't seen Keri in a full-fledged acting role before and I was amazed by how mature she appears to be, her calm reserve that suggests an old soul- I guess some people grow up faster than others.  Randy Spears is excellent (as always)... no surprises here.  The real surprise and gem for me though was Michelle Lay.  She plays an uptight prude, and Michelle has this part down in spades, creating a character that is just a delight to watch.        

So how was the sex?  The sex is the strongest aspect of the movie by far and I found it to have a lot more heat than most features do.  The pacing is well done and the fucking energetic, laden with music that doesn't become an intrusion.  One thing that totally took me aback: there are a few scenes here which are a lot harder than the typical Wicked film.  If you haven't guessed already, these are Tory Lane's scenes.  It's an interesting choice by Stormy and I thought it was a refreshing change of pace to the usually pure, vanilla-sex stylings of the Wicked catalog.  

Overall, a fine effort by Stormy.  She has a ways to go before she's on the same level as her Wicked directorial peers but for only her second movie, she's done remarkably well.  I was ultimately won over by the hot sex.  

Speaking of sex, let's take a closer look at the film's seven scenes:


Austin Kincaid & evan stone
Vag, Facial
This first scene is a scorcher.  The highlight of the scene for me was a lengthy cowgirl ride that shows off the gorgeous curves of Austin's bum, the lighting creating some beautiful gradations on it.  The chemistry between them was excellent:  Not only are Austin and Evan well matched physically- complimentary toned, muscular bods- they have a strong connection in the intangible department as well.  The preceding dialogue leading up to the sex is key here.  In the audio commentary, Stormy reveals that the dialogue is adlibed; I always like it when improvised material makes it into the finished piece for all the degrees of realism and spontaneity it often adds.  

Michelle Lay & randy spears
Vag, Bodyshot (ass)
Underneath all her frumpy clothes, Michelle has a killer body.  Underneath her prudish demeanor lies a sexual beast.  She's right at home in bed with Randy, deepthroating him, bouncing up and down on him raunchily, almost seemingly growling out her moans of pleasure.  The stark clash between the conservative character she plays and the wild abandon she shows during sex is a well drawn out fantasy.  I particularly love how she's getting pounded doggy on her tummy, and you can see the force of the thrusts roughly pushing her up against the bedsheets.  "Good girls gone bad" doesn't get much sweeter.     

Lexi Lamour & Tory Lane
Lesbian, Anal (Tory), strap-on, dildo, speculum 
Mmmmmm... here's another delicious scene.  Lexi and Tory start off with some sexy lapdancing, showing off their voluptuous stripper curves.  Tory looks great here as she's grinding up against crotch but the real fun begins when her and Lexi face off for a game of sexual debauchery.  Excellent strap-on action with Lexi riding Tory- they feed off each other's energy.  Then Lexi starts to pump Tory's bum with a sleek looking dildo and then pulls out a speculum to add into the fray.  I didn't think the speculum would find it's way into the naughtier of holes, but it does; this is a Wicked film for christ's sake!  Turns out, Lexi cranks it open real wide and we get a dirty shot staring down Tory's gaping ass, a pink tunnel of delight. Then Lexi impales that stretched-out ass with the dildo to finish off this exciting scene.          

Tory Lane & randy spears, nick jacobs, ethan cage, kris knight
Blowbang, Facials/tit-cumshots/swallow
Here we have a blowbang with Tory and four guys.  She bounces from kock to kock showing off her typical hungry, gonzo-girl sex stylings.  She's aggressive with them, sucking and jerking them roughly, spitting all over the place.  The motion is very fluid here. A dirty, wonderful scene.       

Keri Sable & trevor zen
Anal, Facial
This is an excellent effort by Keri; probably one of her stronger performances since joining the Wicked ensemble.  On the downside, the lighting is much too dark here so the visual eroticism suffers greatly.  Most of the time I couldn't even tell there was a kock up Keri's bum due to so much deep shadow.  Good performance but inadequate technical elements to harness it effectively = just an ok scene.  Not bad though.     

Lezley Zen & evan stone
Vag, Facial
This is an energetic scene between Lezley and Evan.  I like when Lezley arches backwards over the toilet seat so Evan can plunge his cock down her throat in piledriver.  It's deep thrusts for her down her pretty throat and this is all captured from a sweet aerial shot that shows off her delectable boobs.  Sexy cowgirl work here too.  

Austin Kincaid & chris evans
Vag, Bodyshot (tummy)
Ah, the quintessential porn ending- sex to take us away.  Of course this is the most romantic scene in the movie and we get some passionate love-making jazz in the background.  Unlike the other scenes, this has extended, extended foreplay- hands roaming over the body, tender kisses to the mouth and neck, and a long session of pussy-eating and cock-slurping. The lighting gets shifty here and some unintended objects encroach in the shots (a second camera), but overall this is a nice scene to end the movie.  The sensual romp leads to a good sized load being spewed over Austin's belly, after which we get the fadeout to close the flick.


 Disc Extras

  • audio commentary w/ Stormy, Austin, Keri

  • Spanish dub track

  • trailer for Second Thoughts

  • bonus scene- Austin Kincaid and Lexie Marie from American Dreams

  • All Access: the making of Second Thoughts

  • photo galleries

  • bios

  • adult convention promo reels

  • 6 trailers

  • the Wicked catalog list

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