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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Second Thoughts:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Second Thoughts overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Second Thoughts Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Second Thoughts Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Second Thoughts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Second Thoughts Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Second Thoughts DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Second Thoughts A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  11/4/2005
Second Thoughts

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Stormy Daniels

Austin Kincaid, Keri Sable, Michelle Lay, Lezley Zen, Lexi Lamour, Tory Lane, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Chris Evans, Trevor Zen, Kris Knight, Nick Jacobs, Ethan Cage, Gia Jordan (Non-sex), Stormy Daniels (Non-sex), Shelby Stevens (Non-sex), Michael Anthony (Non-sex).


All male-female scenes have condoms.

Running Time of Main Feature
1 Hr. 37 Mins.

Female Orgasms

Those wanting some genuinely hot sex and genuinely sexy situations, all while having a genuine laugh at a genuinely funny erotic comedy.

All-sex, "slap her around" anal sex fanatics who can't see the forest for the trees.

This is Stormy's second stint in the director's chair.  Her first one was One Night in Vegas, and I quite enjoyed it myself.  As it happens, Stormy also wrote the screenplay, and she's no stranger to that either.  She put together a lovely script for Neighbors, somehow managing to meld honest to God sweetness into porn, and she actually made it work, God bless her.  I'm really looking forward to this one.  It's got a nice cast, including two excellently funny male performers in the forms of Randy Spears and Evan Stone.  And finally, it's a comedy!  And after having watched so much of Brad Armstrong's more serious take on dramatic pornography lately, I need something I can laugh with--not at...  ::sheepish look::

Zack (Evan Stone) is a soap opera actor... a BAD actor at that, but that's OK.  He's supposed to be.  He and Jennifer (Austin Kincaid) are about to get married.  While Zack is slaving away at work with co-stars Lezley Zen and Stormy Daniels, Jennifer is planning her bachelorette party with her sister, Lori (Michelle Lay).  When Zack arrives home, Lori excuses herself and the engaged couple have a little romp on their couch.


Scene 1 - Austin Kincaid & Evan Stone

Austin is a pretty, artificially busty brunette.  She doesn't do a whole lot for me.  I guess it's her breasts that make me lose interest, but that's really neither here nor there, I suppose...

ANYway, she strips for him, and he fingers her while he says he loves her.  Next thing you know, she's on her knees sucking his big cock.   She does that for a while and they go into some nice lookin' cowgirl.  I may not like Austin's breasts, but let's face it, she's got a really yummy lookin' ass.  She also looks pretty great with her legs all spread open for some missionary.  They finish off with some reverse cowgirl, and then Evan gives her a nice facial.  Austin shows some really good energy here, and this is a pretty nice little opening scene.

Jennifer (Austin Kincaid) and her friend Stephanie (Keri Sable) talk in the kitchen about the pitfalls of having Lori (Michelle Lay) plan Jennifer's Bachelorette party.  We get an idea of why when we see Lori giving her husband Ted (Randy Spears) orders to keep an eye on Zack (Evan Stone) and make sure nothing untoward happens at his bachelor party.  While Zack meets a couple of his fans (I assume future guests of Jennifer's party), Lori is showing her husband what a little mynx she is underneath that moral's driven exterior.


Scene 2 - Michelle Lay & Randy Spears

Michelle is lookin' all sexy here in her pony-tail.  She starts off in a pair of flattering glasses, but they soon come off when she attacks him and lays him out on the bed so she can suck his cock.  She demonstrates some nice love of sex as she gets fucked cowgirl and missionary.  Then she gets pounded in a girl-flattening doggy style that as yummy as it sounds--but it's way too brief.  Normal doggy (which isn't too shabby either) follows, and Randy finishes things off with a cumshot on her ass.  This is a nice scene, and "Lori" is a sexy little bitch--even if she refuses to admit it.  After they fuck, Lori offers a present to her husband for him to wear at the Bachelor party later that night.  It's a neck tie that says, "I [heart] my wife."  The look on Ted's (Randy's) face is fuckin' priceless.

Meanwhile, Zack (Evan) is being the consummate soap-opera star with his groupies, and then his friend shows up to take him to his Bachelor party.  One of the groupies steals Zack's eye patch (which he's supposed to return to the studio), and everyone is off to their respective shin-digs.

At Jennifer's "party" Lori has created a highly controlled, wholesome, gift-happy, boring environment. The men on the other hand are getting ready for some drinkin' and some partyin'.  Lori is convinced that the men are behaving themselves, but when Nurse Jasmine (Tory Lane) and Nurse Candy (Lexi Lamour) arrive, any pretense of good behavior for the men goes out the window.


Scene 3 - Lexi Lamour & Tory Lane

You know how I always say I don't like girl-girl scenes?  Well this is one of the rare exceptions.  This is a really fantastic situation.  A group of guys at a Bachelor party are first teased and lap-danced (with benefits) by the two girls, who look freakin' great by the way.  Then they take center stage while the guys sit around them and start to full on fuck each other.  First there's a black rubber strap on involved, but then Tory gets a silver dildo up her ass.  But that's not all.  Eventually, Lexi pulls out a doctor's speculum and slowly ratchets it open while it's in Tory's butt.  THEN, she takes that little dildo from before and stuffs it into Tory through the speculum--all while there's a chorus of bachelor's whooping and hollaring their approval.  I know I know.  It sounds very Max Hardcore-ish doesn't it?  But believe me, it works.  The context is great, the girls looks fantastic and there's some surprisingly nasty anal action here.  I loved this scene--easily the best one so far.  Here's hopin' we keep that momentum into the second half of the movie.

At the Bachelorette party, things aren't quite as crazy.  Jennifer (Austin) is getting cold feet.  She's not sure Zack loves her.  Poor Stephanie, in the meantime, has discovered that the margaritas she's been drinking are non-alcoholic, and she's non-too pleased about it.  She suggests that Jennifer go find her ex-boyfriend Brian (Chris Evans) to be sure.

Back with the men, Ted (Randy) is being a naughty boy and playing strip poker with one of the strippers.  He's losing.  The other stripper (Tory) gives him a consolation prize by slinking down and sucking on his cock.  Zack (Evan), although encouraged to join in, decides to step out and let Ted and the other guys have their fun.


Scene 4 - Tory Lane, Randy Spears, Kris Knight, Ethan Cage & Nick Jacobs

And the hits just keep on comin'.  This is a four on one blow-bang, and once again the situation is what makes this work so damn well.  This is a bachelor party attendee's dream.  All four guys get their cocks sucked by a nasty, and gorgeous Tory Lane.  She doesn't skimp on the drool and spit, and when the guys start coming, they absolutely cover her tits with it.  Randy finishes things off by coming on her mouth and face, and all I have to say is THANK YOU STORMY!  This is another great scene in what is becoming a string of them.

Back at Bachelorette central, Stephanie (Keri) announces that she's had enough and she drags Jennifer off to have some real fun.  Lori decides to be their chaperone, but she foolishly stays in the car while Stephanie knocks on her old boyfriend Stuart's (Trevor Zen's) door and exchanges a sexual favor for his special online hacking talents.


Scene 5 - Keri Sable & Trevor Zen

Keri starts on her knees of course, and gives Trevor a wonderfully messy blowjob.  They soon transition into some cowgirl, some doggy, and finish off with a particularly rousing and hard-pounding reverse cowgirl anal that I can't find a damn thing to complain about.  Keri's ass is spanked red in this scene, and once again, I really enjoyed myself.  Keri is a beauty who's just my type, she gets a good hard fucking here, and the only unfortunate part of the whole affair was the facial that pretty well misses Keri's face.  Ah well, it's a small price to pay for another good, context-laden scene.

Stephanie gets the information she wanted and then drives Jennifer and Lori out to a bar.  Brian (Chris Evans) apparently owns the place, and he's left alone with Jennifer so they can talk.  Poor Lori tries to call her husband, but he's a little busy getting ready to wrestle one of the strippers in a kiddie pool.  Uh.  He loses.  It's all a rather humorous affair.

Lori orders some drinks (alcoholic ones this time) and starts losing her inhibitions while Jennifer and Brian talk.  By the time they leave, Lori is falling-down drunk (in 5.1 sound, mind you), and Jennifer has realized that she shouldn't be fucking up anymore relationships.  She decides to go through with the marriage.

The next morning, Ted is in a seriously bad way, his wife isn't in much better shape, and Jennifer is all decked out in her wedding dress looking for the guy she's about to marry...


Scene 6 - Lezley Zen & Evan Stone

Nina (Lezley) is busily sucking off Zack (Evan), with slutty, droolish affection in the bathroom.  After she turns her head upside down and he fucks her throat, he gives a little back by licking out her pussy.  Lezley demonstrates her usual amount of sexual energy as she pumps him cowgirl, and Even gives her a great looking leg-up doggy pounding before jerking a moderate load on Lezley's lips.  I know I'm repeating myself but this is another really good, high energy scene.  I'm kinda partial to Lezley's performance style, and her hard-edged stripper look, so take that as you will.

Uh-oh!  Jennifer walks in on the aftermath of this whole naughty business, and well--that pretty much spoils any wedding plans the two had.

One year later, we see that Jennifer and Brian (Chris Evans) are back together again--married, and well--about to do what married couples do.


Scene 7 - Austin Kincaid & Chris Evans

This scene manages to be happy-tender bunny sex and still have a some nice intensity to it. Austin looks freakin' fantastic in her white wedding garters, especially when she's getting duly fucked in the doggy position--her bare back exposed, and her gorgeous ass cheeks slapping against Chris's tummy. They finish out with some missionary, and Chris cums on her big-ol' tits. It's a good scene to cap off what I think is a great disc.



All Access: The Making of Second Thoughts:  31 Mins. Mark Stone is the host of the behind the scenes, and that's always a good time. There's a lot of great, on-set interview footage with all the actors, and I had a great time watching it. It's a really nice bonus to round out this exceptional package.
Director's Commentary with Stormy Daniels, Austin Kincaid & Keri Sable: A fun commentary where they discuss the making of the movie, and sex wth their co-stars. Another fine extra.
Bonus Sex Scene with Austin Kincaid & Lexie Marie from American Dreams: 8 Mins.
Trailers: The Collector, One Man's Obsession, Road Trixxx, Shameless, Secrets of the Velvet Ring, Wicked Sex Party #7.
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First lets talk about the story. This is genuinely funny, genuinely sexy stuff. I laughed when I was supposed to laugh. And to be crude about it, I jacked off when I was supposed to as well. It's so refreshing to see something like this from Wicked, who often times seem so caught up in the mechanics of making a movie, they gloss over the most important part--the sex.

Now, let's talk about the acting. This is the first time I've seen Keri Sable with a real acting role, and I thought she did a great job. In fact, everyone did. By porn standards this is some of the best acting I've seen in a while. Randy and Evan do a great job as always. Austin is fine in the lead, but Michelle Lay really stole the show in this department. She's perfect as the stuck up housewife with an uncontrollable fire underneath. It's too bad she didn't get to let it out more than once during the course of the movie.

Finally, let's talk about the sex. First of all, even the sex scenes were well acted and appropriate to the story. Add to that a story that allows for genuinely sexy situations, and again--I found the whole thing very refreshing. It's hard for me to pinpoint a favorite scene. I found something to like in all of them, and as always Wicked does a fantastic job of making it all look so damn good.

I'm really struggling with what rating to give this one. Not that you really give a rat's ass, but I really have some pretty stringent standards for a four and a half star rating. Although the sex in this one isn't strong enough to get it there on its own, I have to tell you. It's funny. It's well acted, and it's a great story that goes a long way to adding its own special fire to the heat of the sex scenes. Fuck it. Four and a half stars it is. Stormy--please! For the love of God, direct more movies. The males in the director's stable at Wicked would really do well to pay attention to what you're doing here. Bravo for a wonderful effort. At the risk of sounding like a total pretentious moron--I'm really very proud.

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