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Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous
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Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Fetish , MILF , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/21/2009

Prologue I've long been a fan of Tom Byron's Seasoned Players, but been kind of ambivalent about Ass Eater's Unanimous. Assembly line porn built around one specific act just doesn't excite me, but in fairness, Tom himself is very enthusiastic about both giving and taking in this instance, which lends some enthusiasm to an otherwise gratuitous piece of nasty. Truthfully, the one aspect about this video that sealed the deal for me, is, simply, Raylene. I always felt she was one of the most beautiful and vivacious characters in the industry, and rued the fact that she hitched her wagon to a company that was making films I wasn't interested in. She's come back in a big way, and somehow got released into the wild. I'm loving it, and from what I can see, she is too. I really have no experience with any of the other women in this collection, only vaguely aware of a couple of them. But Tom has done well with the more mature women and I trust that this will be no different.
Tawny beauty Adrianna DeVille starts things off. She shmoozes with Tom a bit. She's from Florida by way of NY, and says she's accelerated her sexuality since turning thirty. Loves anal and DP, but she'll have to save that one till there's more meat aboard. She's really down with the ass eating and has Tommy chomping at the bit. She's a lifestyle swinger, which led her into porn, and I'm thinking she couldn't be more perfect for the industry. Not counting her slightly out of place looking implants, her body is sleek and full in just the right place. Tom takes great delight in uncovering her juicy looking ass, his tongue making a bee line for the wrinkled hole. He comes around front for Adrianna to suck his dick, which she does with great enthusiasm. Cut to Tommy tossing more salad and laying back for more head. She finally pulls off her little blue dress and sets up between Tom's legs to dive into his sphincter. Adrianna's not playing either, as she tongue fucks Tommy and throws in some nasty talk between dives. He has her sit on his face, then she leans forward to return the favor. An ass eating 69 provides Tom with enough inspiration to mount her lovely slit in doggy. She's rockin' it back and he goes up and over, eventually vaulting in front of Adrianna to get his ass licked some more. She plays a few bars on the rusty trombone, then sits on the cock in RC. P2M and an anal tongue fuck. CG has Adrianna pounding her meaty ass down on Tom's spike, and they're in danger of breaking the bed as it bangs back and forth. Back to sucking dick and ass. Tom spreads Adrianna on the bed and tongue fucks her little hole, sticking her in mish. I don't know if she shaves, waxes, or has had electrolysis, but Adrianna's snatch looks as soft as a baby's bottom. Just a thing of beauty. It must feel as good as it looks because Tommy goes wild in there and has Adrianna hit the floor to take his scattered load. PCH, and she rubs his cock all over her face.
I don't know why I haven't connected with this hotty before, but I'll try to rectify that situation as quickly as I can. Lovely lady with great instincts. She and Tom had a fairly quick, but explosive encounter, showing their mutual love of ass. Too bad he didn't pony up a few extra bucks for anal, as her trap door looked very inviting.
Interview by the pool, and there's an extra chair for Sean Michaels. He's been lusting after Gina Rome for about fifteen years. She's an Italian, and Tommy remembers fucking her way back when. Gina's from Trieste, which gives me a shudder because that's the border town that took my passport for ransom as I was crossing from Amsterdam to Athens on the Magic Bus. True story. Anyway, she's certainly the most senior of the women participating in this video, but seems well maintained. She's in a magenta dress that nicely shows off her big booty and long, shapely stems. Gina hasn't participated in a shoot for several years, but she's been editing in the industry and it was mentioned that she's married to Claudio, who may be "The Maestro" that shoots so many scenes for other directors. Tom says it's time and Sean requests a view of her butt as she walks to the house. They start off in a clothed clinch and Sean grabs Gina's boobs through her dress, making the nipples shoot out. She seems genuinely excited, matching Sean's obvious ardor. Her tits are mediums sized, real, and still quite pert. Naked, Gina squats to make love to Sean's cock. She opens wide and lets it travel up to her throat, eyes on Sean the whole way, stroking the shaft erotically. He lays on the bed and lets Gina work it some more, inquiring about her wet pussy, which she starts to stroke. Sean's legs come back and that's Gina's cue to eat some ass. I think she's more interested in the taint and balls, but she manages to stab it a little. Sean plays with Gina's ass and has a leather paddle to assist. He toys with her very hot looking pussy, thumbing and licking her ass. Gina's muffin is wet and open, and she's very receptive to the salad tossing. Getting a little cock crazy, she reaches back to make sure Sean puts it in her hungry hole. Good penetration shot as she welcomes the long invader, and Sean works it deeper until he's swinging free and Gina's cunt is queefing. The experience is intense for Gina, as clearly she's not used to anything this big knocking at her womb. And then Sean goes up and over, setting himself up for stronger, deeper plunges. Her breathing was ragged up to that point, then she almost stops entirely. Her pussy soaked, Sean leap frogs over her body to present his ass and Gina gets to play the rusty trombone. Must be the theme for the day. Effective, though. He gets under her for CG and we get to see just how much Gina likes the big dick as she gathers it in and squeezes. P2M, then more CG. A rapturous looking Gina spots the camera and flashes a nice, contented smile. Sean has her sit on his face so he can taste her juicy holes and play with those wonderfully wobbly cheeks. More CG for great shots of Gina's best asset, and lots more queefing. Sean tosses some salad, then spoons her. Deep moans heralding a strong orgasm as he takes it to her hard and deep. He inspects the damage with his tongue as Gina tries to come down off this incredible high. Cut to a rejuvenated Gina getting back to the ass eating and cock stroking, sucking the pleasure pole deeply, and tossing more salad. Sean eats her ass out and mounts Gina in doggy. Her pussy gets a workout and it's all she can do to let out a squeak. Deep insistent stroking and one hand strumming her clit has Gina building to a monster climax. She makes a wounded animal sound when Sean pulls out to cum on her face. Getting a little greedy, but perked up by Sean's prolonged climax.
Very sweet and erotic scene. Sean didn't push too hard and Gina enjoyed the ride immensely. Highlight for me was when she was cumming and pulling on her nipples at the same time.
Tommy's got a veritable child on board for the next scene, 28 yr old Hunter Bryce. She gets to fuck Christian, who's sitting with them on the couch for the interview. She was recommended by Christian who clearly loves big, fake boobs and pretty faces. Hunter, for her part, claims to like rough, dirty sex. And she squirts. They're going to fuck on the couch they're talking on and Tommy clears out to let the horndogs work. Christian establishes the tone right away by choking Hunter as she goes down to unleashed his hard cock. She sends it right to the back of her throat and things are looking like they'll be very physical in this scene. Hunter looks as fit as Christian, although a little skinny, but strong and defined. She keeps working it deep and there's some enforced holds at his pubes. Christian gets naked and lays back on the couch while Hunter continues to try to imprint his mushroom head on her esophagus. There's a cut for Hunter to get naked, and then she sticks her tongue up his ass. Christian's certainly no stranger to ass play and he must have known what he was talking about when he suggested Hunter for this video. She attacks his brown eye with the same zeal as she did his cock, which was considerable. He picks her up off the floor and places Hunter on his dick in CG. The pace picks up even more and Hunter's a loud one, and wet, as she douses Christian with her juices. She lets out a second stream, very strong, and hops off to suck the soaked dick. Back to CG and she hoses Christian's stomach. At least she cleans her mess, sucking him off yet again, and even fingering his ass. More salad tossing, and Christian chucks her onto the couch to play with her skinny ass. He makes a promise that one day more than his tongue is going into that tight hole. No time like the present, I say, but it's not to be. Doggy entry fills and stretches Hunter. Tip of his thumb sinks into her sphincter just as a reminder of his intentions. More squirting as they fuck in doggy, then leg raised for a great view of the penetration. A small squirt. Maybe Hunter's dehydrating. Then P2M, and back to the fucking in mish. They struggle, squeeze and choke before another little squirt. They continue to go hard at it with Christian ending the position with an emphatic stroke. Hunter eats more ass. The rusty trombone has Christian threatening to cum, but he decides to put her on his cock in RC first. A strong squirt that Christian forces Hunter to taste off his cock, then she hops back on to bring him off. Christian lets it out into Hunter's open mouth, and she swallows it down. Tommy thanks her for a "magical" scene.
Very lively change from the preceding scene. Maybe a little wetter than I like, but incredible energy in an almost non stop sequence.
Tanya Tate is a statuesque blonde from England, and she comes in just under the wire at thirty for the Seasoned Players requirement. Not much experience eating ass by her own admission. She sports some nice curves, albeit enhanced on top, but they suit her frame. Not a lot of experience in the industry, but Tanya has shot for Harmony, which is a good thing. Christian is on again for this scene, and he seems happy as a pig in shit at the prospect of banging this beauty. The sex starts with Tanya's tits out and Christian's finger probing her box. Some real kissing, Tanya checks his package, and he goes down on her. He takes the first taste of ass, then a cut to Tanya relieving him of his pants, remarking about his union jack belt buckle. So Clever of Christian. On her knees, Tanya licks him from balls to bell head, and bobs on the cock slowly with fairly deep draws. The pace is slow but the concentration is clearly on giving him pleasure, and her eyes are locked on Christian, as they should be. He has some impatient moments where he gently fucks her throat and lodges it deeper, but they definitely seem in tune, especially when she sucks his balls and strokes the shaft. Laying back on the couch, Christian presents his ass and Tanya toys with the wrinkle with her tongue. She's not as into it as the other women have been, but Tanya doesn't duck her responsibility and gives a credible tongue fuck, if not an outright rim job. Christian peels her panties and has Tanya sit on him in CG. This is something she really seems into and holds her ass cheek open to help the very hard cock slide easier. Christian picks Tanya up and puts her on her back without disengaging, a fierce look on his face. He hammers her pretty well, then there's a cut to Tanya tongue fucking his ass again. This time she rims him and spit lubes the hole as she appears to be catching on to this fetish. Christian spoons her and pounds hard to Tanya's delight. They've been whispering to each other throughout and the chemistry is stellar. He's had her on the edge of orgasm a couple of times but had to change the pace or pull out without finishing her off. They move to doggy and Tanya orders a hard banging with Christian dialing it up a notch. She's all red faced and happy by the time he has to cut off, then another rimming as Tanya's turning into quite the dirty bird here. Christian's pumping his cock with great intensity as he works up a big load, then surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising), he shoots the jizz right at his own outstretched tongue. Tanya goes in for the cumswap, licking it off his chin and dropping it into his mouth. Tom fades on a very happy couple.
Pretty romantic throughout, and a kinky ending to add some extra spice to this fetishy video. I like Tanya and think she may do well exploring her sexuality in the industry.
Tom starts his interview by the pool with an "in" joke, introducing Raylene as Alexis Fontaine, the name she was going by when he first shot her. First time I saw her too. Tom surmises that she's never stuck her tongue in a man's ass before, but Raylene thinks she has, in fact, rimmed Tommy, but she can't really remember for sure. Let's just call her a salad tossing virgin. She says this will be a one off, then never again. Raylene looks great, the extra weight enhancing her already gorgeous face. I know she's a little soft in the middle, but the only reason I would kick her out of bed is because there's more room on the floor to get down and dirty. It's a funny interview because they seem to have some extra curricular history together, yet neither of them can actually remember anything concrete. Raylene says she expects to stick with the industry indefinitely and that's pretty much their cue to get the party started. Raylene's in a black business suit and Tommy's dressed like the lead in Two and a Half Men. They start off in a lip lock and Tom turns her to stick his face in Raylene's ass. Another thing that has definitely benefited from the good life. She doesn't seem to be accustomed to this kind of booty worship and Tommy doesn't want to come up for air. I could have sworn those Vivid girls got down with each other pretty well. Cut to Raylene squatting, only having lost her jacket and blouse, and giving Tommy a good blow job with nice depth and hand action. Another cut as Tommy almost cums, and now Raylene has lost her bra and her rimming virginity. She's pretty enthusiastic about this, really going to town on his butthole and stroking his cock while Tommy gets ecstatic. Raylene deserves a good fucking, and after another cut to lose the rest of her clothes, Tommy mounts up in doggy. They pick up steam fast and both are excited, Raylene grunting and groaning, then howling when Tommy goes up and over, really digging into her kitchen. He vaults in front of her and Raylene is eating ass with no reservations. A few bars on the rusty trombone, then a cut to Tom on his back and Raylene giving his ass a thorough cleaning. She mounts in CG and Tommy rails her for an extended period, having Raylene sit on his face at the finish. She slides down for RC and gets a good bouncing. Cut to mish and a cum shower that takes Raylene by surprise due to the volume as he hit everything from her belly to her chin.
Raylene put everything she had into this scene, not playing the diva. She got down and dirty and fucked hard. Good to have her back.
Epilogue This video struck an admirable balance between pure circus and genuine passion. Of the five scenes, two were extremely high energy and extra nasty. Two were more sensual, albeit with the ass eating maybe being more gratuitous at times. They were sequenced alternately so that things didn't fall into a rut of sameness, and that worked pretty well for me. Adrianna DeVille is sleek, spunky, and Italian with olive skin. Big plus for me. She and Tommy were literally moving furniture as they fucked to a great opening scene. Gina Rome is the eldest of the seasoned players, and not as bombastic as her cohorts. What her scene had going for it was that both she and Sean were into the idea of fucking each other, and he took her to places I don't think she expected to go. Hunter Bryce took us to the big top of a three ring circus. She had a partner (Christian) in impeccable shape, and they rocked and rolled in almost non stop action replete with throat impaling and gushing. Sex as olympic sport with salad tossing worthy of The Food Channel. Tanya Tate is tall, blonde, nicely toned, and more than willing to absorb a hard fucking. She took her time warming to the advertised fetish, but was hot for Christian straight off. Extra kink points for Christian shooting his cum at his own mouth and swapping with Tanya. If you're going to be nasty, you might as well go all the way. Which brings us to Raylene. I can't tell you how much it does my heart good to see this Vivid girl digging her tongue into a stranger's bowels. It almost makes up for all the lackluster features and loop carriers she teased us with during her too long contract days. Raylene was adamant about this being a one off experience, but she didn't half step it at all. She and Tommy were getting sweaty, and I think the perceived degradation of the act might have given her an edge she doesn't usually carry. It was almost a grudge fuck and a challenge. Really good stuff as Raylene seems willing to make the best of her situation. And also, her body looks ≠ with the natural weight gain she's experienced, growing a nice ass to top off her long, shapely stems. This scene, by itself, makes this video a winner.
The Disk There's a photo gallery, trailers, BTS (in Extras), and apparently there's still money to be made with phone sex ads as they're labeled More Fun. They also precede the feature when first popping in the DVD. Very basic, but the BTS with Craig Daze has some interesting insights into the women here, who appear to be beyond telling fibs about their multi orgasmic natures, especially Gina and Raylene. It would have been very interesting to see some exit interviews to top this off.
Recommendation Fans of Raylene's Vivid output might want to avert their eyes. The rest of us are lapping it up as she enhances her legacy by taking a similar road as Julia and Lisa Ann. If only she would emulate Kylie Ireland. Oh, yeah, rent it for sure, if not out and out buying for the one of a kind value Raylene puts on it.

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