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Seasoned Players 6

Seasoned Players 6

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures
Category:  All Sex , MILF
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Starring: , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Seasoned Players 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Seasoned Players 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Seasoned Players 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Seasoned Players 6 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Seasoned Players 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Seasoned Players 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Seasoned Players 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Seasoned Players 6 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  11/9/2008

Prologue Tom Byron is releasing these DVD's in a fast and furious pace, already up to volume 6. This one rivals the fourth for sheer star power and nostalgia, bringing in Brittany O'Connell, who is now on everyone's MILF wishlist, and Stephanie Swift, who has teased us with a return to b/g scenes. If that's not good enough, what about Julia Ann and Shayla LaVeaux? Rachel Love is almost out of place here, never the star the other four were. This video almost qualifies as an instant classic without even viewing it, but in fairness, I'll reserve my judgement for a couple of hours.
The fun starts with Julia Ann, and the first thought that comes to my mind is whether Tom ever thought of begging Janine to join the party and fulfill the fantasies of countless men by screwing Blondage? Julia's been on a big roll since deciding to get down with the commoners of gonzo and showing us what she's really made of sexually. This scene, as all others, starts out with a casual interview that encapsulates her career, which strangely has never included a scene with Tom Byron before. Ships in the night. Pretty girl poses are interspersed, then we're off to the bedroom and a fully clothed makeout session. Almost fully clothed, 'cause when Byron lifts her dress, Julia Ann's gone commando. He reacts as most of us would, buttering up the muffin with his tongue, and getting a hearfelt moan when it diverts into her rosebud. Cut to them naked, Julia sucking cock while she lays prone. Her handwork is good and she does some playful biting that almost puts Tom over the edge. After some extended oral torture, she mounts him in CG. Nice give and take on the squatting, P2M, and a cut to mish. They really appear to be feeling each other and Tom moves over her in a scissor move for maximum penetration. They move to doggy, then up and over. CG again, the wet sounds of Julia Ann's pussy serenading us. She sticks a finger in her ass and urges Tom on, her own explosion seemingly imminent. Cut to a titty fuck, and the hose blows all over her face and chest. PCH punctiates a pretty hot scene.
Just two people getting to know each other in the biblical sense, and finding it enjoyable. Low key, but often intense. A good display of Julia Ann's charms, skills, and tastes.
Brittany O'Connell is back, but to hear her she's never really been away. Making porn for her website and doing fetish out of the Phoenix area, but nothing for porn valley in a long time. These two have some history, dating back to the old Rosebud titles and Alex DeRenzy. No longer the barely legal looking ingenue, Brittany looks terrific, and her tastes have matured along with her body. When the talk is over, we're back to the bedroom and Tom is spanking the clothed fuck doll. When he lifts the skirt to expose Brittany's marvelous ass, she's decked out in cyan nylons suspended by a black garter belt that matches her g-string. Peel that away and her delicious cunt is there for the tasting. Tom tongue fucks her ass as Brittany grinds on him and offers hot vocal encouragement. Cock telescoping from his fly, Brittany kneels to suck it even harder. Tom's out of his clothes quickly but Brittany's going to take her time, as a cut to POV has her still in lingerie. The blue and black of her bottoms is mirrored in her bra, setting off Brittany's pale skin and fiery red hair as she drives Byron wild with her oral technique. Open throat and playful, also good with her hands, Brittany eventually just sits on the rock hard cock. Her pussy's dripping as she grips the shaft on the long strokes, her moans climbing the octave scales as it hits the right spots. Watching her ass tremble and clench as the balls get buried, then an orgasmic yelp as Tom spanks her at just the right juncture, could be life altering. Cut to an anal missionary insertion, Brittany's legs spread wide for the invasion, Tom's cock stirring in slowly till she's wide open and begging to feel his sac. Doggy anal has Brittany panting, then up and over. Brittany's actually begging Byron to drill her ass, and I'm sure one of us isn't going to make it much further. She whimpers with each stroke, then a cut to an RCA insertion that gets very deep, very quickly. They roll into spoon, giving us a great view of Brittany's rapturous face, as well as her incredibly soft curves tipped by aroused nipples. Spanking with the sodomy, then a CG anal squat fuck replete with lube spraying out of the stuffed hole, Byron going half mad and starting to fuck savagely. Predictably, another cut as Brittany sucks for her reward, and getting it, as Byron hoses her face with blasts strong enough to make her recoil, then laugh.
Great scene by a true legend. Brittany either loves anal or sells it so well it doesn't matter. Even after many years apart, it seems Tom knows what buttons to push on her and when. Loved it.
Rachel Love is a thick blonde from the mid 90's, and she's also had professional ties to Tom. Rachel's got hooters that need their own zip code, and all natural. They start their tryst in a den, getting to the nitty gritty a little faster than the previous two scenes with Rachel dropping down to suck cock right from the outset. As per usual, she's still fully dressed, and like the other two women, and most in this series, dressed in something akin to business attire. She appears to have a natural affinity for nastiness in her oral skills and can't wait to get the cock between her sweater pillows. Dick disappears in tit flesh and Rachel is shedding clothing at warp speed. I think she's been frustrated by years of selling real estate to squares and can't wait to get dirty. POV cocksucking, and a surprisingly committed Rachel really gets at it with skill, intensity, and fun. Tommy can't resist intermittent tit fucking, threatening to blow his load in that soft valley. They start fucking in mish, Rachel's hot tits wobbling as he opens up her tight gash. She fucks back really nicely before getting turned around for doggy. Up and over gets a great reaction from Rachel and she pops her cookies rather quickly, but most convincingly. From that point she's Tom's bitch, on the verge of orgasm or cumming, then P2M per his order. Cut to CG, and watching Rachel's ass grab at his dick is most inspiring. Clutching and trembling, you can almost feel Rachel's secretions. Cut to RC, the two of them trading the lead back and forth till Rachel almost looks overwhelmed, then a cut to more titty fucking, this time to completion, as Tom sprays Rachel down.
Rachel was so into this, it had the freshness of amateur porn. She must have really missed pro fucking, or forgot what it was like, because she took to this like a duck to water. A happy surprise for me, as I had this mentally marked as a possibly weak scene.
Another bonafide legend is on hand. Stephanie Swift. She has combined so many cool things in one little package, it's difficult to enumerate them. Girl next door looks and outward demeanor. Intelligence (Stephanie made glasses cool long before Tina Fey or Eva Angelina). Filthy sexuality bubbling just beneath the surface of a tight bodies, hard nippled lust bunny. A woman who can talk, suck and fuck with the best of them. Her work the last few years has been sparse and almost devoid of male contact, and she does require condoms, as have a few other legends in this series. No matter. Stephanie's returning to the end of Tom Byron's dick for the first time in ten years, and they were always good together. She claims him as her first anal, but Tom remembers a Max Hardcore scene she'd much rather forget. The pretty girls that flash by too fast show that Stephanie's kept her body as tight as when she started, and her legs look even better than ever. Facially she can't pass for the barely legal teenager anymore, but her exotic beauty is still very much a reality. Up to the bedroom and Tom doesn't seem to know where to start. He goes from nibbling her neck to sticking his nose in her pantied ass. When those get peeled down, the tan line fanbois are in for a treat 'cause Stephanie Swift is a major proponent. She quietly instructs Byron on how to approach her with his tongue, then turning and spreading for his hungry mouth. When it's her turn to suck, Stephanie reminds Tom about how small her mouth is, actually having to do some side to side shifting to get it wedged in. It doesn't put a damper on her enthusiasm any. Cut to POV and they're stark naked, Stephanie's tits looking sensational as she sizes Tom up for more oral. Stephanie rubs the cock all over her face and makes some valiant attempts at deep throating a member she can barely fit in her mouth. Her handwork is akin to a death grip on the hard shaft. The dirty talk is pointed and quiet, proving you don't have to scream at the top of your longs to make your point. Cut to a mish penetration shot. Stephanie's very tight and her nipples are sticking straight up like tootsie rolls. That good pussy is making squshy sounds and trailing cream as Byron goes ever deeper and faster. He goes into a semi up and over that scissors Stephanie's cunt and nails her into the bed. Abdomen heaving, tits ready to shoot flames, and a stream of blue verbiage spewing from her mouth, and Byron fucking her with a short stroke technique that mixes in the odd deep thrust that just kills her. Try this one at home. It all comes to too quick an end as Tom sprays Stephanie's face off an ending bj. Inspired PCH, and an admonition by Stephanie that suggest they not wait ten years to do this again. Amen!
This could have gone on for hours and I wouldn't have minded. Stephanie Swift has always been the real deal, and scenes like this illustrate her appeal perfectly.
Petite, husky voiced blonde, Shayla LaVeaux has settled in Colorado doing striptease. She goes back as far as Brittany with Tom, to the Rosebud shoots of the early 90's. Shayla's happy to see more work for mature women, and Tom admits something that should be obvious by now. He really enjoys working with the experienced ladies, maybe moreso than the usual cupcakes he's been fed. Certainly, the vibe has been good with his old friends. A portent of things to cum? Another scene in a bedroom. These women are going to be spoiled, not fucking on a kitchen counter, toilet, or pool table. Imagine getting laid in comfort? They make out fully clothed, Shayla looking like she just released her fifth graders for the day. She's pretty turned on and starts reaching for genitals first, handling the lump in Tom's trousers and cooing approvingly when it's released for her perusal. Shayla just stuffs that bad boy in her mouth and sucks so hard that Tom has to pull away after a few scant seconds. After having his fill for the moment, Byron lays Shayla back and takes a whiff of her blue lace panties. The aroma must be intoxicating because they're coming off and his tongue is replacing them. Sounds of deep satisfaction emanate from Ms. LaVeaux, and she's more than ready when Tom rubs his dick in her gash and sinks in to her warm fuckhole. They're both technically still dressed except for Shayla's panties and Tom telescoping through his open zipper. She has him bang her hard and deep, and she's on the verge of cumming. P2M, then clothes go flying as Shayla rides in CG, showing she's learned something in rodeo country. Shayla defines spinner when she does a 90 degree turn and pumps a couple of times, then another 90 degrees, bouncing with super energy and letting Tom take over the driving in time to bring her to the promised land. She's flushed, but not sated, keeping him balls deep and active, then a roll into spoon. Hot grinding with Shayla rocking her hips with Byron planted as deep as he can go, her sweaty body a testament to all the energy she's been expending. P2M, then a cut to doggy, slow at first, with Shayla fingering her tight looking anus. Tom goes up and over as she moans into the bedspread. They're just two animals now, with the sole purpose of getting Byron off. He's slamming and she's got her body tensed in a wildly erotic pose. Ready to cum, Shayla kneels for the face spray scattered over her front. PCH, and another pair promising not to wait another ten years to do it again.
Another super hot scene with oodles of chemistry. Shayla came to play and displayed no hang ups about getting her freak on.
Epilogue My optimism and high hopes for this video have been rewarded. Scenes ranged from the solid Julia Ann to scintillating in Brittany O'Connell, Stephanie Swift, and Shayla LaVeaux. Rachel Love, who seemed to be a wild card here, surprised the hell out of me with her lustiness. If any of these women can make a claim for returning to the industry for the right reasons, Rachel can. All the women here gave performances that went beyond just earning a paycheck, and in the cases of Brittany and Stephanie, benefitted immensely by the prior relationships with Byron. This video is a sport fucking classic, and the second of the series I would make that claim for.
The Disk There's a photo gallery, trailers, and a BTS that's actually extended interviews with each of the stars titled Backstage With Craig Daze.
Recommendation Normally I would recommend this title for a buy without any reservation. Unfortunately, there's a technical issue that popped up on this disk that needs investigating. I can't say for sure the problem was ever resolved as I had playback issues with the Shayla LaVeaux scene, and possibly with Steph's as well, as it also seemed a bit short. I was able to play the last scene in its entirety by using the free VLC player on my PC, which is almost a miracle media player sometimes, even on the Mac. Having said that, I'd try before I buy, and hope that the replication problems have been overcome.

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