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Linus Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 3.5 starsSean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 3.5 starsSean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 3.5 stars
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Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24

Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Anal
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picman's ratings for Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 24 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/29/2005
Prologue Sean Michaels is a legendary performer. He's been on the scene since the late 80's (there's an IAFD listing for 1985, but it may be mistaken) and directing since 1991. The originator of Anabolic's Up Your Ass series, Sean certainly knows ass. He has Sydney Capri, Isabel Ice and human dynamo Jayna Oso to play with here. I feel confident going in that this is going to be good.
Everytime I see Sydney Capri I find her more attractive than the last. She's really been growing on me and has an ass that demands worship. Sean is interviewing her as she's flanked by Julian St. Jox and Tee Real. Sydney says she likes big dicks and Sean tells her that they're here to please her. Sydney puts her big bottom on display and claps it for the camera. She blows a kiss and we're off to the races. Julian and Tee lap at her tits, popping her nice nipples. Tee gets her lips wrapped around his cock while Julian laps at Sydney's pussy. Cut to two cocks for Sydney to suck on and she deep throats Julian. She does a tandem suck and there's a cut to doggy for Julian. Her pussy's wetter than a slip 'n slide and Julian keeps falling out before he gets his groove. They get Sydney on the rotisserie, then cut to a trade in positions. Tee gives Sydney the deep strokes she so obviously enjoys. Cut to RC on Julian and Tee feeding her his chocolate stick. Sean enters the scene, his cock leading the way, and gets a little suck action. CG on Sean. She said she likes 'em big. Great floor shot of Sydney's splendiforous caboose. She keeps the other two cocks happy with her deep throat and hot lips. Cut to an RCA penetration shot for Julian. Good strategy to start small and work her up to bigger things. Sydney's ass just engulfs his tool. I usually can't tell if Sydney's enjoying the anal or not, but this time she looks like she's really grooving on it. Tee sees an open hole so he moves to fill it. There's a cut to Sean filling the DP in her pussy, then fucking her in doggy, solo. Another RCDP with Sean and Julian, Tee making her airtight. Cut to CGDP, Tee filling her rear, Julian remaining as anchor. CG on Julian, Sydney's pussy is sopping wet, Tee exploring her tonsils. Julian gets out from under and puts Sydney on the spit, doggying her pussy. He pounds the shit out of her, making her moan and cum. Switch to Tee doing her doggy with Julian getting head. Tee can't hold on any longer and he cums on her ass while she slobbers Julian's knob. Julian drops his load in Sydney's mouth, which she pushes out onto her chin, dangling sexily from her face.
Looks like Sean's going to keep Isabel Ice all to himself. He nuzzles at her neck and plays with her nice fat titties. Isabel's down for anything, so Sean better have brought his "A" game. He's domming this sweet submissive, tweaking her nipples, slapping at her tits and giving orders. They kiss passionately then lick each other's chest. Isabel bangs his rod into her throat. Sean gives her some deep throat training. There's no hesitation in Isabel as she breathlessly aims to please, taking just about all of it down her gullet. She's dying for his cock to fill her cunt, but he requires more deep throat. Isabel sucks, slobbers, licks and kisses Sean's wand. He bounces his cock off the back of her throat and has her mount him in RC, but teases her with his cock before placing it inside. She's tight and it takes Sean some time to make room, but he's soon pounding her inviting twat to Isabel's contentment. Cut to more cocksucking, Isabel's throat being totally filled. He face fucks her, turning our nasty Isabel on even more. Cut to a splayed out Isabel getting jammed in mish, easily taking Sean balls deep. Cut to doggy anal. The pace slows down and gets more erotic with Isabel's hot talk. Anal spoon with thrusts taking Sean to the root. Isabel's pillow talk has been in breathless whispers since he invaded her ass and has to be turning him on big time. I know it's getting to me. She holds her right leg back behind her head and Sean has total access to her colon. Isabel gives Sean carte blanche with her body, willing to do anything for him. She sucks his foot while he continues the buggering. He does multiple insertions, gaping Isabel's ass. Cut to RCA with Sean pistoning her from underneath. Isabel goes wild on his cock, erupting into orgasmic spasms. He slaps at her body, just ramping up her ardor even more. Cut to doggy, the joy unmistakable on Isabel's face. He goes up and over, filling her pussy, which went ignored for far too long. Sean drops a creampie in her hot pussy. They go close-up on her wet pussy but nothing runs out. Isabel sticks her fingers up there and licks the wetness. She cleans Sean's cock and continues the hot talk that's helped to carry this torrid scene from the beginning.
One of my very favorite slutlets, Jayna Oso has to follow Isabel. That's a tall order, but if anyone can fill it, it's Jayna. Criminally cute, amazingly sexy and as wanton as anybody in creation, Jayna gets the duo of Julian and Tee. The cocks come out and Jayna's on the beam, making them hard with her skilled mouth. She deep throats Julian (Doesn't everybody?), and works on Tee's length. They take turns face fucking her and finally start to pull her lingerie away so we can see her sexy body. Her panties are removed and Tee sinks his length into her pussy from behind. Jayna continues to inhale Julian's cock while Tee bangs his balls on her. Cut to the guys trading places. She sucks balls making Tee crazy. Cut to CG on Tee and a face fuck for Julian. Jayna gets a real groove going with Tee and forgets Julian for awhile as she rides herself to an orgasm that inexplicably gets cut. Julian pounds her in mish as Tee keeps his cock in her face. Energetic RC on Tee and cut to CG on Julian. Tee dicks her ass for the CGDP. Jayna's making sounds like she's ready to cum and has that look of consternation on her face. Tee goads her into getting loud and Jayna erupts nicely, thanking her studs for the "O". Cut to an RCDP, Julian laying anchor in her ass, as usual. All the chemistry in this scene is between Jayna and Tee. He's saying and doing all the right things for her, making Jayna cum one last time before a cut to Tee spilling his seed into her open mouth and Julian following after another cut. This scene may not have come up to the level of the previous one, but Jayna kept the production on the right track. She never disappoints.
Kyla King hails from the Netherlands. She's a peroxide blonde and kind of slutty looking. She's got a red plaid skirt and white blouse that comes to her midriff. Kyla gives us some tease, visual and verbal. She plays with her nipple and fingers her tight looking pussy. She has a blue vibe and Sean joins her as she's playing with it. He's playing Master with her and Kyla's down with the program. He wants her to call him "Daddy", and she complies. He gets her to put the skirt back on, I guess to fulfill some of his own fantasies. She's bent over with ass bared and he spanks her pale bottom. Kyla sheds her panties slowly, as ordered, and then is on her knees sucking chocolate dick. Sean's letting Kyla know what he wants and when, having her finger herself while blowing him. She mounts his cock in CG, her pussy really looking tight as it seals around his rod. He warms up her ass with multiple slaps as she impales herself happily. Cut to RC. Cut to mish with Kyla pinching her nipples. Very hot! Sean's doing a lot of pull outs. Her pussy might be even tighter than I thought. Her gives her some deep strokes, sounding like he's getting to the center of her being. Cut to doggy and Kyla's hole looks to be slobbering. Kyla gets that look of intensity on her face that augurs the storm that's brewing inside of her. There's a cut as her private passion is just being explored. Doggy anal with Kyla imploring Sean to take it slow. Gentle and insistent as per the man's style. Sean gives a lesson in anal and Kyla rocks back on his cock. He warms her ass up and continues the easy stroking. He goes up and over, easing more cock into her tightest of holes. Cut to an RCA penetration. She's on his haunches and suspended precariously over Sean's deadly sword, but Kyla's smiling and talking sweetly. Cut to doggy anal again. Up and over again as Sean sinks more meat up there. Cut to Kyla on her knees and Sean shoots some small streams onto Kyla's face and hair.
In a return from the first scene, we have Sydney Capri laying back in bed with Sean snacking on her muffin. I guess he felt like there was some unfinished business with her, since he didn't stick around for the climax in scene one. He's doing a bang up job with the cunnilingus and rewards himself by sticking his tool into her now slippery hole. They stay in mish for a good long time and Sean's cock gets coated with Sydney's copious juices. P2M so she can savor her essence and Sydney turns it into a full scale bj. She tries mightily to march her lips down his pole, and even if she hardly makes it past halfway, it's the effort that counts. Sydney sits on his cock in CG. Sean's got his hands all over her massive cheeks. Cupping, smacking, kneading them. Cut to doggy and then up and over. Sydney's pussy is sopping wet. Cut to RC and a nice ride before Sean breaches her sphincter in mish. Sydney looks like she's in a zen state as his monster tool inches into her rectum. She talks to him during her buggering, which is kind of unusual for Sydney. She's normally just a moaner. He gets a leg up for leverage and has Sydney going wild. Cut to doggy anal. Up and over from this position and Sydney's showing more animation on her face and in her voice than any time I've ever seen her. Sean pulls out and splatters his goo over Sydney's open mouth.


Kennedy identifies herself and strolls over to Sean, who's lounging by a pool. He bends her over and admires her tight round ass. Kennedy sheds her panties at his request and Sean tosses her salad. He whips his cock out and Kennedy marches her lips down the shaft. Sean is always exhorting his mates to go as deep as possible, and they all try. He pierces her pussy in mish and Kennedy has trouble adjusting to his size. She strums her clit furiously as he strokes. P2M by Kennedy's request and she stays on it for a while. Cut to RC and another quick cut to CG. She's getting the swing of that big dick now, undulating her slim body and dropping her ass on it. Kennedy does a nice dick dance for Sean. They take the party inside and Kennedy's back to sucking cock. Sean spoons her, putting Kennedy in another world and getting his cock coated with her juices. He licks her honey hole and goes back to stroking it. Cut to RC and Sean gets her to take more cock. Cut to CG and he's burying it to the root. Kennedy gets up on her haunches and rides the cock like a champ, burying it all the way and grinding on it. Cut to mish with clit strumming. Sean asks if Kennedy's ass is ready for him and she begs him to go easy on her. First he drives himself deep into her pussy and holds it there while Kennedy shakes from the sensation. She lies flat on her stomach and helps to place the cock in her ass and chants "Slow, baby!" Sean spoons her ass and there's non-stop moaning from Kennedy. Anal never comes easy for this girl. Cut to Kennedy sucking cock again. He uses his now spit lubed cock to doggy her ass. He tells her to fuck back and she says she can't, that he'll have to do it. How's that for passing the buck? Cut to mish anal and another quick cut to RCA. Sean has a little wood problem and there's another quick cut. They're back in the same position and Kennedy's warming up to it. She's still just a tip fucker, but sometimes takes about half his cock. Cut to Kennedy on her knees getting ready for the pop. Sean gives her a nice load to wear on her face and Kennedy gives him some PCH.
Epilogue While I have some quibbles with this production, I have to say that there's some remarkable action in here. Isabel Ice was a revelation. Her scene was so hot, her passion so real, that she had me mesmerized. She put on a display of big dick love that was helped immeasurably by the ability of Sean to use his tool. In the BTS you can see Isabel trying to determine the right way to approach this scene, recognizing that Sean is primarily a lover and not an abuser. She made the right choices and struck porn gold. Jayna Oso also put in a great scene. Her chemistry with Tee Real left Julian St. Jox out in the cold, but they carried the sex to great heights. Sydney Capri was as good or better than any time I've ever seen her but I think that in a gonzo, two scenes might be construed as overused. My reservations about this video have mostly to do with the editing. There was a couple of times where women were obviously about to pop their cookies, and for some reason, that's where the editor chose to make a cut. I don't like a lot of cuts to begin with, but to cut out what may be the most unusual occurence in porn, the holy grail as it were, is a sin. Former ADT reviewer and current moderator Dumblonde found the lack of female orgasms so disturbing that she used to keep a count of them, and even went so far as to include fake ones just to applaud the effort. In this video, both Jayna and Kyla had major storms brewing and the action cut away just before they could fully establish their profound pleasure. The only excuse I can think of is that the women were overcome and couldn't continue for some time and the edits were done for continuity. Since the Kennedy scene was put in as a bonus I won't make too big a deal about her not being ready to do the things she's been hired for . She may never be ready. She's cute and willing and should be able to find a niche with slightly less endowed partners who don't touch her ass. I'd like to reiterate that, for the most part, this is an excellent production.
The Disk There's a BTS, cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers and the reviewed bonus scene. Good extras. Interestingly, in the BTS, we can see Lisa Sparxxx as an assistant for Sean in the Kennedy scene. I knew she was working for SMP, but she was doing her job wearing a red (dark pink?) nighty. Pretty sexy for a PA. Does Lisa fluff as part of her job?
Recommendation I have no problem recommending this title. It may not be great in every scene, but there are a couple of them that demand to be seen. Any fan of Isabel Ice, and I know there are many at ADT, should want to at least rent this, if not adding it to their collection.

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