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Score Xtra XL 2

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Score Xtra XL 2

Studio: Score
Category:  Compilation , Fetish
Starring: ,
Released on: 
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BrunoB333's ratings for Score Xtra XL 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Score Xtra XL 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Score Xtra XL 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Score Xtra XL 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Score Xtra XL 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Score Xtra XL 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Score Xtra XL 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Score Xtra XL 2 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by BrunoB333  on  8/26/2003
For a detailed rundown of my porn tastes and preferences, please refer to this, which I established extensively in my first review. You can pick right away which scene recap you want to read (Kat Vixen's, Lilith's, Wonder Tracy's, Joy Juggs' or Anna Live's), or just go right ahead and read the whole thing... here goes:

Here we have five 1-on-1 girl/boy scenes, which is par for the course for a Score Group hardcore video. No story, very straight-ahead gonzo porn, the sex is somewhat vanilla but very good, there are no condoms except during the one anal scene. A word of warning: the girls featured in their "natural" lines (basically all Voluptuous and XL titles) usually feature a more rotund physique than the average porn star, and here in this case, we're bordering on (if not smack dab in) bbw territory. For me this is not a bad thing, as the girls here are very pretty, all natural with great curves (and an endless supply of gigantic mammaries on display), and obviously I happen to love those fleshy bodies. But if say (for example) you think that girls like Chaka from DVSX's Truly Nice Tits or Laura from Evil Angel's Big Natural Tits line are just a bit too much, then stay away from this title, because the girls here are similar and even bigger in some cases.

Scene 1: Kat Vixen
A terrific opener to this movie. Kat is a dark redhead, and she looks a bit older and mature than the average porn star, but this did not detract from her appeal at all. We start off right away with Kat on her knees blowing a standing, anonymous guy (this is the norm for most of this movie) with a shaved, average-sized cock. Ms. Vixen is quite enthusiastic during this mostly POV sucking sequence, so much so that everytime I watch this scene I can't help but start stroking. She seems really into it and the fun she's having is just contagious. Big points. She begins wearing a bra but soon it comes off and we see those tremendous tits plop out, and as promised they are huge, natural and beautiful. With tits this big the risk for sagging is always looming, but the Score people know how to pick them and once again these are just marvelous. After some light ball licking (I wish they'd zoomed in on this, and kept it going longer), Kat stands up and gets a few drops of white cream on her boobs, as they're greased up and kneaded extensively by the male participant. Titfucking naturally comes next, then mish fucking and our girl still looks great. They move to reverse cowgirl, with Kat leaning forward quite a bit (I prefer to see a girl lean back, it offers such a great display of the body) and her loud moaning is good, not overdone. Standing doggystyle pounding looks alright. The end of the scene approaches and although it featured great sex with a beautiful woman, I'm disappointed to find out that the 69 we see her doing on the back boxcover is nowhere to be found in the scene. I wouldn't really call this misrepresentation as I've grown accustomed to this kind of situation in porn, but that image was very enticing and seeing the act performed in the movie would have been amazing. I forget about all this as the male performer pulls out and unbelievably Kat jerks him off herself and he shoots a massive all over her face and humongous breasts! The fact that he didn't jerk himself off and that Kat was copiously splashed with baby batter (while gleefully commenting the whole thing and then spreading the cum all over her massive breasts) wrapped up this scene wonderfully and made it a real winner. We need more like this!

Scene 2: Lilith
Some may remember Lilith from her scene in Voluptuous Xtra #5, but I think she looks even better here. She has long dark brown hair with big dark blond streaks, a small ankh tattoo above her right breasts, her skin is a nice pale white (but not as pale as Anna Live at the end of this movie), but her cheeks have a nice pinkish hue (from shyness, excitement, makeup or just her natural complexion?) throughout her appearance here, which I found sexy. This scene is a bit different from the rest as it starts out with Lilith doing some tease, wearing a nice white shirt and black skirt, posing for a gray-haired man with a camera (the only male performer of the entire movie who shows his face - he'll be back in another scene later too.) The top and skirt soon come off, revealing a nice white bra, cute frilly white panties, and a rather chunky body. The underwear comes off also and we're treating to another mostly POV blowjob, very closeup for most of the time. Lilith is a slightly aggressive cocksucker, lightly scraping her teeth against her partner's cockhead here, and displaying her tongue ring throughout. Like Kat Vixen, she displays good enthusiasm and she's quite playful too. After many minutes of cocksucking, the couple move to a nearby couch where doggystyle fucking ensues. Reverse-cowgirl follows, and I especially like how Lilith looks in the too brief moments where she's leaning back a bit against her partner, fully displaying her meaty body and shaved pussy. Next is cowgirl, a position I never tire of seeing, and her ass here looks huge, very round and plump, absolutely delicious-looking. After that there's some missionary fucking, then (quite a feat for a girl with this body type) some piledriver fucking. Lilith doesn't look too comfortable but takes it anyway, what a trooper! We move on to reverse-cowgirl anal (the only anal in this movie), with a condom, they doggy anal, finally a quick bit of sucking and the guy jerks himself and cums on her tits and face, a rather medium-to-small sized load. This was a pretty disappointing ending to a great scene after the awesome handjob and massive load we'd witnessed in the first scene.

Scene 3: Wonder Tracy
Even fans of big girls might be a little overwhelmed by Wonder Tracy. She definitely falls in the bbw camp, she has a big belly and a round body, and is the biggest girl on this video by far. To me she's still way under what I'd call "gross" fat (which would be supersize bbw), but she's above and beyond most people's tastes quite probably. She does have a cute face, and the tits are naturally huge, but be ready because she's quite the plump woman, a modern-day equivalent to Melanie Anton and Roberta Smallwood (the legendary bbws of such fat lovers' classics Hardcore Plumpers and Plumpers of Sundance Spa, from Big Top videos), but with better hair (curly and not too short) and a european accent (can anyone tell from which region she is?) Anyway, setting aside whatever issues some may have with her size, she turns in a strong performance. She's aggressive and very forward, and likes to add some dirty talk to the proceedings. Blowjob to start, during which she takes off the semi-transparent pink peignoir she had on. Her gigantic breasts get a dose of baby oil for some titfucking, then we go back to more cocksucking. Mish fucking follows (during which she looks better as things "fall into place" sort of, with her being on her back), then reverse cowgirl (during which she lifts her belly and plays with her clit, and you can see that she's also completely shaved if you didn't notice before, a nice touch), and cowgirl during which she was almost smothering her partner (and no, he wasn't crushed!). Things finish up with some doggystyle sex, and a standard jerk and semi-weak cumshot over her tits and mouth, nothing special. The male talent here was the same gray-haired fellow from Lilith's scene, he could have done a bit better (though I didn't expect huge streams a la Peter North.) After the cumshot she lays back on the bed and plays with the cum a bit on her breasts, and you can admire how it splattered her, something that you don't see in a lot of porn, where the scene cuts quickly after the money shot. A good scene, great if you like really big women, scary if you don't.

Scene 4: Joy Juggs
Joy is a very cute, short gal, again pretty chubby, no tattoos or piercings. She has short brown hair, big and very round natural breasts that show bikini tan lines (which I didn't really care for, but her voluminous breasts are still quite a nice sight.) She's naked right from the start and on her knees sucking a nice sized cock. The camera angles shift from POV to on the side, as she adds some drool to the blowjob that drips down her tits. Very nice titfucking follows, then some more sucking with a very hot camera angle: between the (standing) guy's legs pointing up, giving us an awesome perspective on those nice round and massive breasts. This is the same trick from Annie's scene in Voluptuous Xtra #5 and I like it just as much here, it works amazingly well (this angle is also used in every other scene in this movie except Lilith's -- it just happens to look more striking here.) Ms. Juggs later stands and gets her breasts lathered with some white cream, for the obligatory tit play sequence. Missionary fucking follows (do we detect a pattern?), with some nice closeup shots finally showcasing her beautiful completely shaved pussy, and also some wide angle shots to mix things up, quite lovely. Some reverse cowgirl plowing is next, and Joy looks tremendous when she leans back in the wide shot, her flopping tits look marvelous, and even her big round belly is sexy like this, strangely it sort of reminded me of that of a pregnant girl, but did not bother me at all. Doggystyle sex, then the anonymous partner pulls out and jerks to a rather weak cumshot, a disappointing end to a very nice scene.

Scene 5: Anna Live
Anna is the least attractive girl on the disc, but she's still not too hard on the eyes. She has very pale white skin, a small tattoo of a horse's head over her left breasts, very long black hair, and is also the thinnest of the girls featured on this video - of course don't expect her to be like a supermodel, because being the thinnest girl in a movie like this you can still be quite chubby, and she is. Oh, she has huge natural tits too, but that goes without saying. We start off with a hands-less blowjob, her partner is a little limp at first but I don't mind, I actually find it somewhat arousing to see her get him fully hard with her mouth only. At some points she deepthroats him, and even though this guy is not in Lexington Steele's league as far as cock size goes, it's still a very nice effort. The standard titfucking comes at this point, then again a few drops of white cream on her boobs leads to... tit play that is actually quite nice, I absolutely loved how Anna sucked her own nipples: she actually had no difficulty at all doing this, she just lifted her breasts to her mouth one after the other and could easily take her nips in her mouth. Most girls are lucky if they can get a few licks on their own nipples, but Ms. Live went full-blast and stuffed her mouth full of herself, and it was quite the treat to see. Mish fucking follows, and what I'd seen on the boxcover and feared is correct... Anna's pussy is not shaved at all, and with the black hair... it's not the prettiest sight. Not as horrible as I expected though, because even though it's hairy, it's not "bushy", if you follow. So it's actually quite tolerable, but kinda weird after admiring the four completely shaved beauties in the previous scenes. Things progress to doggystyle sex, and I'm thinking "yeah, this is nice", but then... Anna's partner grabs the long hair at the back of her head and pulls a bit while fucking her, and things get very hot... at first you almost wonder if she's fighting it, if she's pulling away, but it soon becomes apparent that she's into it, and the guy just doesn't let go, he keeps holding her hair and pounding her pussy for many minutes, and the longer it goes the more she starts squealing and wow, there's some real good heat being generated here! The girl I found the less beautiful in this movie actually provoked the strongest rise in me as I saw and heard real passion (or just good acting, or plain damn good sex!), and finally a little variety in the form of this mild roughness. This was very hot and a great way to end an absolutely stunning movie for lovers of big natural girls and tits. After the sex came the standard jerk and a decent cumshot that pooled mostly on her chest, after which she rubbed it in some, but frankly the high point of this scene, after which all became blurry and nonconsequential, was this fabulous doggystyle sex/hairpulling combo. Well done!
Credits follow, and we reach the end of the movie at 1:56, for an average of 23 minutes per scene.


The extras were fine, but it would be nice to see more, like extended or deleted sex scenes, or interviews.

Overall highlights
Five good, long-enough scenes with five very meaty beauties, each sporting an enormous pair of natural tits. Great lighting and video quality throughout, but I've come to expect nothing less from Score. I liked this even better than Voluptuous Xtra #5, which is an amazing feat. Once again the price for this is a little outrageous (39$ +s/h, available only at why are many other Score titles available at the regular online stores and not this one?), but if you like chunky-bordering-on-fat girls that are all natural and full of curves, this is simply a can't-miss title that you'll watch repeatedly. Tons of fun!

Things that could have been better or added
The criticism leveled at Voluptuous Xtra #5 can also be applied here. Yes, the focus is on big natural girls and that goal is achieved as these wonderful beauties are aptly showcased having sex. But the hardcore gonzo raincoater in me keeps wanting more, and I'm still waiting for the video that will feature girls like this performing more various sex acts (DPs, more anal w/o condoms, A2M, slapping, rimming, multiple facials, roughness and domination a la Rocco, gangbangs, etc.) with the same high production values and overall settings. Most of these girls are amateurs though, and this is a one-shot deal for them so obviously such fantasies are almost instantly out of the question, but one can still hope. One day we'll be able to have our cake and eat it too!

Any comments about my review or the movie itself, good or bad, let me know what you think. Thanks!

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