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School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures)

School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures)

Studio: Blue Pictures
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures):
Overall Rating 3 stars
School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  11/15/2005
SCHOOL BOY CRUSH is nothing less than an awesome demonstration of the elastic properties of the anus. In this film, five very cute twinks suck on and are impaled on the biggest penis I have seen on a human. The cocks of Michael Brandon and Chad Hunt appear miniscule compared with the cock on display here. It belongs to a skinny elderly black man whom you wouldnít look at twice if he were clothed. Naked however he would command your attention. The cock in question is thirteen inches, but it looks to be fourteen or fifteen. When he is seated, the hard monument rises to his breastbone. And itís as thick as the radiator hose in your car. Itís like something out of an X-rated cartoon or Aubrey Beardsleyís engravings for Lysistrata we snickered over in art class. The age of the owner makes it seem as though these youngsters are having sex with their grandfather. The size of the cock makes them appear fearless, insatiable, desperately in need of money, adventuresomeóor maybe all these.

The ďteacherĒ is seated stroking his ebony yardstick when the first of these brave young things enters. (They range in age from 18-22.) I put this oneís age around 21 or 22. He has dark blond curly hair. The towering tool on display between his teacherís thighs transfixes this attractive youth. A few inaudible words are spoken in Portuguese. (Itís a Brazilian film.) The student approaches, leans over the colossal cock, and tries to take it in his mouth. (None can get more than the glans in their mouths.) He does his best until itís time to fuck. The youngsterónow nakedólies on his side on the desk as the black behemoth slides slowly into his ass in a sidesaddle fuck. Itís later when the kid sits on it that we see just how much itís distending his anus. And when he knelt on a chair for the fuck to continue doggy fashion, my jaw dropped in amazement. The twink was covered in come at the endóboth his and the teacherís. Damned if he didnít kiss the black monster after it was all over.

Scene two begins with teach and his pupil seated at a table doing homework. This little cutie appears to be one hour past his eighteenth birthday. (Heís on the DVD cover.) I canít believe this tiny tot is going to be fucked by the cock of cocks. But any doubts I might have faded quickly when the lesson moved on to biology. Teach walked over to the seated pupil and pulled out his pointer. The cutie wasted no time in opening wide and going down on it. In a flash they head to the bedroom where the twink rips off his clothes. With both naked and the teacher lying on his back on the bedóthe cock stretching toward the ceilingóour cute pupil continues his oral exam. Itís like watching a puppy attempting to swallow an anaconda. And like a puppy this little pupís penis is hard and flat against his belly. Heís turned on! When itís time to fuck, he too is entered sidesaddle. The cock is as big as the pupís upper arm yet it inches its way past the sphincter and enters him. The kidís head hangs over the edge of the bed lolling aboutónot in pain but in ecstasy. He too will sit on it and it appears heís seated on a fence post. This kid looks like an innocent angel, but heís quite a little sex pig. Itís a long hard ride before heís reamed in the missionary position, his hand flying fast and furious on his cock. He returns to sucking cock to finish masturbating.

Heís followed by a slim studious type wearing glasses. The teacher caresses this lad before showing him the lesson for the day. I think glasses are sexy. So is red hair. This kid has both. Naked he also has a lightly haired chest and very nice cock. There is a nice underneath shot of him getting fucked doggy style. He cums while being fucked in the missionary position.

Heís followed by a short muscular blond who isóor acts the part ofóa very horny young slut. He appears more experienced than any of the others. Twice while he is getting fucked he reaches up to move the teacher's leg out of the way so the camera can see the huge cock penetrating his ass. Heís also very noisy during sex and would wake the entire house. His fucking starts cowboy, and boy does this little bugger ride.

The final ďstudentĒ is an enormously attractive brunet. A slim young bear with longish hair. The slightly buck teeth only adds to his charm. After the usual suck on the huge appendage (taking it deeper than any of the others) his fuck begins as he bends over. Again we get a nice underneath shot as the large shaft as it enters his hairy hole.

The scenes are unvaried and totally predictable. We just wait to see how much cock each can swallow and how easily they take the huge cock up their tiny asses. It's best therefore viewed in pieces rather than as a whole.

Iím sure viewers will have a favorite among these young bottom boys. I find it hard to choose (no pun intended). I find them all very desirable, but the teacher is as ugly as homemade sin. It just goes to show what a big dick will get you.

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