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Schluck! Du kleines Luder!

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Schluck! Du kleines Luder!

Studio: GGG
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Schluck! Du kleines Luder!:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Schluck! Du kleines Luder! overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Schluck! Du kleines Luder! Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Schluck! Du kleines Luder! Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Schluck! Du kleines Luder! Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Schluck! Du kleines Luder! Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Schluck! Du kleines Luder! DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Schluck! Du kleines Luder! A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  2/22/2003
Schluck! Du kleines Luder! A Review by FacIan

Schluck! Du kleines Luder!
Translation: Swallow! You little slut!
Studio: GGG
Price: €27.5
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Facial; Cum covered face; Cum swallowing;
: Stockings; Red hair

Initial expectation
I had seen the trailer and thought it could be a good release.

General comment
Angela, the cover girl is very attractive and a real pleasure to watch. This film is mostly about her, which is a good point. On the other hand, she is sometimes "panicking" when the guys are shooting in her mouth. Viviane, is a very positive girl in this film backing Angela up when needed. A quite good GGG with a very cute main girl.

Caution! As usual, I will describe every cum shot. That means that if you want to keep any surprise you might want to skip the details and only read the global conclusion and the conclusion about each scene. It's up to you pal!

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of this film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture is very good.
  • Sound is live and in German. No bothering music.
  • Menu: Play movie + Trailers.
  • Chapters for each scene inside the movie + logical changes inside a chapter.


  • Time: 77' 09''
  • Scenes: 4
  • Girls: 2
  • Cum shots: 35 with 71% Good and Winners
    • Winner: 9 (=26%)
    • Good: 16
    • Forget: 10
  • GJ: 4
  • Female orgasm: None


Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.
  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • Glue = Glue is a shortcut for a load which is white, thick and sticky. These are my favourites as you have something to see on the film.
  • Strong = A strong shot is the opposite of the usual "sperm is slowly getting out that cock to fall miserably down like if we had a look at an old leaking tap". I consider a strong shot as a better one!
  • Weak = opposite to strong. Doesn't mean that the volume is low or that it's watery. Just that it falls out from the cock instead of being thrown out strongly.
  • Jet or Wave = Well, you should know what I mean. A normal cum shot comes in few "jets".
  • Decorator or Decoration: A Decorator is a guy that doesn't target the mouth of the girl but instead targets her face. That leads to a Decoration made by a Decorator.
  • GJ = Girl job = The girl makes the guy cuming! I consider that point as a big plus. After all, it is nicer to see a girl making a guy cuming with her mouth than the same guy masturbating in front of the girl's face. So you might have HJ + GJ. That means she makes him cum with her hand


  • Angela: A very cute red/blonde hair! She is attractive from head to feet. Her face is regular with brown eyes and large sexy smile. She has a nice body, nice legs, fully shaved pussy and nice natural tits.
  • Viviane: This brunette is very slim with a strange face. She is fully shaved as well with a piercing in her navel.
  • The wild bunch


Scene1: This film has an original start: Angela, the cover girl, arrives and speaks to one of the most seen fellow of the wild bunch. After exchanging 3 sentences, he pushes her strongly against a table, she bends over it, he takes her pants off and takes her pussy. No BJ. No preparation of any kind. A kind of simulated rape. I say simulated because she doesn't fight at all against him.She is more laughing than anything else.
Angela is a very cute red hair/blonde (depending on the light, she looks blonde or red hair.) She is attractive from head to feet. Her face is regular with brown eyes and large sexy smile. She has a nice body, nice legs with flower tattoo on ankle, fully shaved pussy and nice natural tits. About her tits, she seems to not like them bouncing at all because, in mish she is always holding them in her hands. It is okay to me and I think that she is looking sexy like that. All in all, I do not find any default in Angela. And once more, she is looking better in the film than on the cover.
In this scene Angela is wearing a white shirt only. She is looking good like this. Mish on the table, she is holding her tits while her bald pussy is taken deep.
The pace of this scene is a surprise. Angela is told that there is a problem: there is a bunch of males who want to cum in her mouth (I am not fully sure about my translation). She doesn't consider that as a problem! Phew!
Timer: 6'28
[...] We will not have to wait too long for the cum festival as it is already starting. She is on her back on the table, fucked mish. All the cum that will go into her mouth will be swallowed on the fly.
CS#1: 5 waves of glue making 3 white clean separate lines onto her cheek, the rest landing into her mouth. This one gets a winner rate because of her smile and because of the visible result on her face. A good start. Winner
CS#2: Coming from the back of her head, this guy shoots his load into her open mouth. After the 2 first jets, she is moving her face and the other waves are landing part in her mouth and part on her face. Unfortunately it is watery. By the way, Angela seems to think he is not tasting good. She is pulling faces and is making sounds like she really doesn't like the taste. I think it is killing the heat. G
CS#3: White lake of sticky cum onto her left cheek with some drops into her mouth and onto her hair. Very good. G
CS#4: Half in mouth, half on right cheek. A drop on her eye. G

A brunette (Viviane) comes and lick her face.
This brunette is very slim with a strange face. I do not mean she is not cute but that she has a surprising look.
This brunette comes to Angela's pussy and suck the guy who is fucking her in kind of side mish..Quite soon, the brunette is over Angela in 69 position. She is fully shaved as well with a piercing in her navel. Angela is licking this pussy before it is also filled with some male's meat.
The heat is good and the fellow inside Angela agrees with me...

CS#5: Out of Angela's pussy, he unloads a sea of white cum onto her pussy. The brunette in good position for that, licks part of the sperm but most remains on the bald pussy making it looking hot. Winner
CS#6: A guy arrives and sticks his cock into brunette's mouth. She is now sucking him handless until completion. BJ+GJ. He came into her mouth and we did not see it. The proof we'll get is only when she is slowly spitting the cum onto Angela's pussy. It is a hidden winner but a girl making a guy cumming in her mouth that way is quite rare. Winner.
[..] We now hear the name of this brunette: Viviane. My spelling might be wrong but it is something like that.
She is playing with the sea of glue still in place. Nasty!
CS#7: Out of Angela's pussy. GJ. He cums onto her pussy while Viviane is spreading it. Okay. G
[...] More pussy licking.
CS#8: Out of Angela's pussy. The shot is not impressive. The good point is Viviane licking his cock while he is cumming. F
  The scene ends on Angela licking Viviane's pussy. If we believe the dialogue between Mr. Thompson and Angela, it would be the first time that she is tasting a pussy. It might be true as her behaviour since the beginning is far from the one who knows the job very well.
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Good timing! This scene does not have the usual GGG timing with boring sex followed by cumshots. It is much more balanced and in that respect it is better than usual. The cumshots are globally very good. About the girls, I have to admit that Viviane is more positive than Angela, when Angela is more attractive than Viviane.
Timer: 20' 45''  Scene#1 Summary: 4.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
3 4 1 5 3 Good & Very Good


Scene2: Angela is now dancing. She doesn't seem to be a professional about that but she is natural and quite sexy. I like it! By the way, it is a good opportunity to enjoy her tits and butt.
Quickly, and unlike in scene 1, she is sucking a cock. Nice technique as she is slowly mouthfucking him handless. She is pinching her lips around his cock and it seems to be working! Wow! She doesn't forget to give nice eyes contact. Good work!
Side mish has to be her favourite position as it is the one she is getting fucked in again. She is crossing her nice legs while he is playing a good set of in/out. I would have appreciate sexier shoes but I have to admit that I like her black skirt and red top. I know! I am always complaining!...
Timer: 27'40
[...] Once again, the pace of the scene doesn't give us time to get bored. This lucky guy is about to feed her
CS#1: A great white line onto her cheek and the other waves on the tip of her tongue, falling down her mouth. When done, he is gathering the line and pushes the sperm into her mouth. It is all swallowed immediately. G
  Just enjoy watching this lovely girl, holding her breast and moaning!
CS#2: Out of pussy. GJ. F
CS#3: Mainly on the tip of her tongue with 2 big white drops onto her cheek. G
CS#4: Calling this cum "glue" is really deserved! He is unloading thick sticky lines of sperm onto her tongue. It is so sticky that it doesn't fall down her mouth even in her position (on her back). It is soon swallowed. Winner.
CS#5: A bit like scene 1 CS#2. It might actually be the same guy! In every case, she doesn't like his taste! F
CS#6: Honest shot into her mouth. G
CS#7: In mouth and on her lips and chin. Okay shot. G
CS#8: Mainly on her cheek and eye. She doesn't like the mask. G
[...] Viviane is just next to Angela. I think that the guys were fucking her before cumming in Angela's mouth. As I think Angela had enough, Viviane becomes the new target.
CS#9: A guy comes next to her face but is not close enough to reach her. We are lucky as this girl is really keen on the job. She moves her head in order to make the guy cums right onto the tip of her tongue. The delivery is strong and thick, making a thick while line of sperm onto her left cheek before delivering the remainder onto her upper lip and tongue. Winner
[...] I was wrong, it is not over for Angela! But I was right, she doesn't want any more cum!
CS#10: Decorator! He is painting her face and hair with white cum. She is trying to avoid it but the best she manages to do is to get the cum on forehead and hair. G
[...] Viviane is licking Angela's face again.
Viviane is now on her back, fucked mish. She has some cum on her face and she is smiling and laughing. I cannot tell you what about she is laughing but it seems to be really funny. She is making jokes with the guys around and they are all laughing. That is even disturbing their concentration as they cannot cum. When she tells them to cum, that makes them all laugh even more. I do not get all what they say but I am also laughing in front of my TV. Look at this girl: she has cum on her face, 2 guys masturbating over her face in order to feed or decorate her, and she is making jokes and is genuinely laughing. That is great!
I guess the guys have to give up as the scene is edited! But thank you Mr. Thompson for having kept this small part of the scene on the disc.
Back to the action: Viviane is fucked mish.
CS#11: Onto the tip of her tongue but a bit weak and the camera turned toward her pussy in middle of action. F
[...] Cum on her tongue shown to camera before swallowing
CS#12: Out of target. F
CS#13: Lack of precision at the beginning but okay by the end. Very good post-cum BJ. Cum to camera and swallowed. G
CS#14: A geyser of sperm landing in her mouth and all over her face. Alles weg! Winner
[...] During her session, Viviane has shown that taking time to gently suck dry a cock after eruption is hot. She really sucked them like you do with a straw when you want to drink a brand new milkshake before it becomes fluid because of the melted ice cubes. Good work!
Rate: 4 out of 5. Good atmosphere! Once again Viviane is enjoying the action when Angela is not really. It is a shame as I think they could team well together. But I guess Angela is a real beginner. On the other hand, I start to really think it is killing the heat to see her pulling faces and fighting against what happens. I find her very attractive but she shouldn't be there if she doesn't want to. The rate of 4 is also the result of the funny atmosphere created by Viviane. I liked it! It reminds me Reality 2 or Up Your Ass 18.
Timer: 39' 39''  Scene#2 Summary: 4
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
3 7 4 13 1 Good & Very Good

Scene3: Angela's interview. She is 18 since December. She had sex first at 15 and she did not like it. I let you discover the content of this interview. She shows what kind of big cock she fancies. Pals, she is not looking for the average!!! :-)
Angela is dancing again in a sexy pink dress with white stockings. She made 2 plaits in her hair. I preferred the other hairdressing but that is okay, She doesn't look too much like a school girl.
She is now masturbating while standing up. Nice butt, nice pussy and nice body!
She was looking for a big schwanz (dick)? She just got one! And this one is trying to fuck her mouth! But just strong enough to be hot and gentle enough to not kill the heat. On such a big cock, her red nails are looking sexy. Of course, she cannot apply her great pinched lips technique.
Instead, she is now riding the guy on a chair. She definitely enjoys more being fucked than drinking cum! Listen to her now in mish, her knees under her armpits. With her stocking, it looks hot! A second guy is joining them.
It seems that she does appreciate Mr. Big Cock. Just listen to her!
They change positions and we'll see her in CG, RCG, sucking a cock with her great technique.
Timer: 57'
[...] In RCG, she is giving a "pinched lips"-BJ. And believe me, it must be good because it makes the guy cumming hard!
CS#1: BJ+GJ. 4 strong jets right into her mouth! It looks damn good!!! Winner
CS#2: Same idea as previous but with 7 strong jets of white glue into her mouth and onto her cheeks, her eye and her chin. She is full of dripping sperm. Wow!! Winner
[...] No more RCG but still kneeling on the "bed". She is practising her great BJ.
CS#3: Over her face. A bit watery. G
[...] Back on her back, fucked mish on the table.
CS#4: She doesn't drink much but gets her right cheek and her hair full of cum. G
CS#5: Good load. Part on her corner lips, part in her mouth. G
CS#6: Good targeting but short in volume. F
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Angela is less reluctant than in previous scenes and that makes it better. I also think that watching her sucking a cock is something you want to do. Very hot!
Timer: 63' 55''  Scene#3 Summary: 4.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
2 3 1 6 0 Good!

Scene4: Angela is dancing again in a white top and white stockings. I love her smile!
She is now masturbating with the usual black jelly dildo.
Mish and side mish on the table; RCG, CG, doggy, etc.
Timer: 74' 11''
[...] Angela is kneeling on the floor holding a blue plate under her chin.
CS#1: Watery decorator. F
CS#2: Squirrel. F
CS#3: Out of target. F
CS#4: Heavy sticky load onto her tongue. Winner
CS#5: Heavy as well but apart a wave landing on her tongue, it is mainly reaching the plate. G
CS#6: Sticky shot on the tip of her tongue. G
[...] Her mouth is quite full of cum. She swallows.
CS#7: Too weak to really reach her. F
[...] She is licking the sperm on the plate. It doesn't seem to be a problem for her. She is cleaning the plate!
[...] "To be continued"... Last time I have seen that it was for Sperma schlucken? Cool! and I've never seen the following episode! :-(
Rate: 3 out of 5. Somehow, Angela is improving her behaviour. But unfortunately, the scene in itself is not impressive. Nothing bad but nothing special.
Timer: End  Scene#4 Summary: 3
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
1 2 4 7 0 Good

As usual, giving a global rate is difficult. In one hand we have a lovely girl whom we enjoy watching all the film long. And on the other hand she sometimes seems to not like at all getting cumshots in mouth. I can understand that but this is a GGG. For some reasons, I cannot be tough with her. She is maybe too cute to be blamed. By the way, Viviane plays a nice part in this flick. She is definitely a positive girl.
This film is not the nastiest or hottest I've seen in GGG. But it is a solid one, especially if looking at an attractive girl is important to you. I should also insist on her BJ technique which deserves an award. Just for that you could want to get this film. The pace of this film is very good and I am glad that the sex action is not lasting for ages anymore. Just enough to make the scene interesting! Good move for GGG.

A last comment before the end: GGG girls are mostly getting fucked mish on the tables while the other guys are delivering their cum on/in their mouth. The problem is that, often, the guy in charge of keeping the pussy warm, thanks to the internal friction he is providing, is fucking so hard that the girl is shaken and her head is moving too much. Because of that, many cumshots are missing the target. I have nothing at all against the girls getting fucked mish during the showers but could the males please slow down in order to not ruin the other guys' works? Please, play a team work! Thanks!

My global rate for the movie is 4 out of 5. A solid GGG with a very cute girl. Let's hope that it will really be continued. I'd be happy to see Angela again.

The screen shots are here.

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