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Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt

Studio: Videorama
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  1/21/2003
Schlampen mit der Faust gefickt
Videorama - Faust Fucker series
Gabriel Pontello
Alain Poudensan, Swedlana, Daniella Rush, Lydie, Kristelle, Anastasia, Richard Lengin, Philippe Arnaud, Yves Baillat
Running time:
Video Format:
PAL / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

Alain Poudensan (a Robin Williams look-alike, AKA Alain L'yle - he also attempts wacky humour but ends up looking quite disgustingly lecherous) reprises his role as the infamous Doctor Fist in this slick 1999 Gabriel Pontello production, with the usual unethical medical hi-jinks on offer. Prime reason to view is the appealing team-up of Daniella Rush and Swedlana! Break out the KY Jelly and the rubber gloves, it's time to get fisty. It's going to be interesting - I haven't watched anything like this for a while, but be warned, I can promise this is strong stuff!

After an initial and vaguely worrying intro by Doctor Fist, the first patients arrive. Djamilla (AKA Debora Coeur, a real fisting expert) and her "husband", Yves Baillat, have some marital difficulties apparently related to the size of his knob and her vagina. As we soon see, this elegant and attractive woman is actually quite capable of accommodating more than Yves' notorious champignon.

Doctor Fist cracks a joke about not wanting to look like a charlatan, but his medical methods aren't in any textbooks. With the help of his assistant, the gorgeous pouting blonde Swedlana (AKA Meridian), and some KY Jelly, he gloves up, parts Djamilla's black stockinged thighs (she's wears her smart suit during the whole scene), and slips a rubber fist toy into her pussy. His own mitt takes its place before he gives way to Swedlana's dainty hands, both of which end up in Djamilla's stretched pussy, much to the older woman's apparent pleasure. The good Doctor busies himself licking Swedlana's pussy, while the nurse, looking absolutely delighted with herself as she does so, pushes a hand a piece into Djamilla's pussy and ass. Quite a filling.

Yves then pops his cock out and Swedlana takes it straight in her mouth most naughtily, without missing a beat. Yves is encouraged to fuck his wife's ass, which he does briefly till he comes on Swedlana's outstretched hand. Doctor Fist takes a sample of come - the exact point of this, either in terms of story, or the wider erotic possibilities, escapes me - and Swedlana gets down to blow the Doctor has he examines the sample under the microscope. Again, she looks exceptionally naughty while licking his tool, and her reward is a profuse mouthful of come.

Daniella Rush
The next couple to come to the surgery are dear Daniella Rush and her chap Richard Lengin. Richard leaves his lady in the capable hands of Doctor Fist and Swedlana, and soon enough one of those hands is buried in Daniella's backside - up to the wrist. First, Daniella shoots some exquisite glances at Swedlana as the doctor caries out some initial fingering and pussy licking (unfortunately Alain gives Tony Tedeschi a run for his money in the "looking gross while eating pussy" stakes) and then it's fisty fun time - Swedlana fists Daniella's well-lubed bung with relish. She really seems to love her work.

On Richard's return, he finds Daniella panting but apparently happy. As everything is in order with her nether regions, they get together for another pairing between them - they also couple in the roughly contemporary Die Sperma Klinik and Junge Fotzen, hart gedehnt. As in the latter, this appears to be quite an affectionate little sex scene - one could almost imagine they quite like each other! This does not, of course, preclude a pretty firm session of anal sex for Daniella, just as soon as she's blown him and he's taken care of her pussy too. Meridian collects sperm samples from the pearly droplets Richard deposits on Daniella's chest.

"The Countess"

Visiting the surgery next is that older light-brunette woman who's often in these movies - apologies, but I am not sure of her ID. She's later referred to as the Countess, so I shall do likewise for ease of reference. Again, she's quite elegantly dressed in suit and stockings though I can't say I find her especially attractive. But then that's not why ladies like her are in movies like this. Almost as soon as she arrives, she finds Doctor Fist's rubber hand toy and slips it into her capacious pussy. He scolds her but she's clearly on fire, and so the Doctor and his assistant are called into action to supply some serious fisting - the Doctor fists her first, then Swedlana takes over, fisting the Countess' pussy and then her ass. She appears to particularly enjoy the latter. Swedlana equally appears to enjoy doing it, and with some vigour too, and exposes her own luscious boobs as she does so. Alain returns, sporting a strap-on as well as his own tool. Both end up pushed into the Countess' twat, while Swedlana continues the anal fisting. Finally, the women suck both of Alain's tools, till white ooze issues around his cock in the Countess' mouth.

During a break for a snack and a cigarette, Doctor cajoles Swedlana into sucking on a courgette as an experiment, making her laugh delightfully when he sucks it himself. The vegetable is slipped into Swedlana's pussy, and then they enjoy a quickie. The sex isn't that great, though Swedlana does bounce in his lap with some enthusiasm, and indeed the highlight is simply when her medical tunic is pulled open to reveal her bouncing boobs. Also, Alain's come shot is so measly as to make me doubt the veracity of those earlier profuse explosions, both quite suspiciously delivered within the girls' mouths.

Swedlana too
Once new overalls have been acquired, Doctor Fist gathers up his enema outfit to head off to a house call with the Countess, while Swedlana takes care of another patient - Philippe Arnaud, who calls to collect special medicine to help his erection problems. I should have thought one look at the cheeky, sexy minx Swedlana would do the trick! Unfortunately, though our girl throws herself into the sex again - slurping lewdly on Philippe's tool and riding him with gusto - it's a pretty tame scene and ends with Philippe shooting a minute amount of come. Well, when I say "shooting" I mean "imperceptibly dripping…"

The Countess and Maid
Dr Fist returns and is annoyed with Swedlana lounging naked on the couch - I'd have thought it a sight most men dream of returning to find, but there's no accounting for taste. Besides, there's no reason for him to be angry when we see what he got up to on that house call. The Doctor attends to the Countess' maid, another slightly older brunette woman of reasonably attractive looks, who appears to require him to stick his hand in her pussy too. That's not all that goes in there - the little headband examination light and a glass go in (I don't recommend the latter - haven't these people heard of Fatty Arbuckle?), followed by the notably less significant challenge of Alain's cock. This goes in her ass too before he produces three dildos, which he slips, KY-assisted, into the woman's pussy. All at once, of course.

The countess in her lingerie enters the room, and accepts the challenge of taking the toys in her ass, which she does with ease. She derives evident pleasure from having the maid fist her anus before the Doctor reaches for the enema equipment, using a pump to fill the Countess' rear with milk, while the maid continues fisting. Her hand removed, she nervously waits the inevitable explosion, the milk soon rushing out onto her trembling tongue. Please don't write to ask why anyone finds milk enemas or the drinking thereof exciting - I can imagine the woman playing the maid was wondering the same thing as she licks the Countess' pulsing anus. After, as she sucks Alain off, the maid appears to have grown a new mole on her chin…

Group Scene
Back in the surgery, Daniella, looking even lovelier than earlier, and Richard, have returned, this time with a quite pretty brunette in tow (again, apologies, but I don't know her). She has lovely legs in stockings, and soon agrees to spread them so Swedlana can have some fun fisting her. Daniella and Richard get hot as they watch intently, and Daniella strokes and then sucks his dick before she takes her place on the couch. Swedlana laps at Daniella's sweet snatch before slipping her fist in Daniella's ass once more. Doctor Fist joins the action with a facemask dildo and a strap on, giving Daniella a fist and dildo DP, but he hasn't even got an erection and, frankly, at this stage he looks repulsive. Far better to concentrate on Richard giving the other leggy brunette's pussy and ass a good work out till he spunks quite genuinely on her face. There's a real sparkle in Swedlana and Daniella's eyes even though they're sucking Alain to a finish. As often happens in Videorama or DBM movies, there's a rushed feel to the final scene - they attempt to cram in too much (no pun intended) before that 90-minute mark is exceeded.

This is a distinctly mixed bag, I feel. The primary appeal for me was another scene between those absolute stars Daniella and Meridian - and I actually got two for my money. The other female stars are presented in a flattering light with good lingerie, make-up and so on. Elsewhere, there's certainly a wealth of strong and exciting action packed into the running time, even if some of the excitement is of a distinctly queasy nature, and I guess the merits of the movie will vary greatly depending on just what an individual viewer is looking for. Personally, I like to see more passionate and physical sex than is mainly on offer here (which is why it annoys me, given my wholehearted appreciation of Swedlana, that her own sex scenes are so tame) though I do appreciate the fisting, even if they do have to wheel in some "specialist" performers!

My main complaints, and I should have remembered this from past experience, centre on the tedious performance of Alain Poudensan, who almost makes Yves Baillat seem tolerable. His comedic skills are limited and it gets old, fast - plus there's nothing worse than getting into "enjoying", shall we say, Daniella's performance to suddenly, horrifyingly realise you are stroking it to a shot of Alain's ugly mug as he overacts tiresomely! The balance between showing the strong sex action (which, forgive me, is what I thought it was all about) and Poudensan's creepy mugging is often all wrong.

However, the first two or three scenes are pretty decent and generally this is a well-shot, smartly lit and fast-paced movie which demonstrates Pontello's proficiency with this sort of material (it also shows how Harry S Morgan and he are expert at applying a professional veneer to these movies, while they're really churning them out like everyone else - this one features both a location and several cast members in common with other Videorama and DBM flicks of the same period that I've seen).

DVD Comments
There's remarkably little to say about the technical aspects of this disc: firstly, because the picture quality is excellent (though the dubbed sound and no language options are a drawback, particularly in combination with virtually the same selection of library muzak that's used on all these movies), and secondly because there are no DVD extras at all. A couple of adverts, smart main and chapter menus, and that's it.

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