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Saturday Night Special (Cal Vista)

Saturday Night Special (Cal Vista)

Studio: Cal Vista Classics
Category:  Classic , Feature film
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Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Saturday Night Special (Cal Vista) overall rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  9/24/2009
Directed by Sam Bloch and written by Joel Seigal, SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL (1976, VCX-Cal Vista Classic standard frame re-release, 2009) aims for film noir heights with an abundance of sex and violence but the ridiculous story, wretched acting, inserted hardcore footage (also referred to as "body doubles for all hardcore footage" on IAFD) will land this DVD in the budget bins of your favorite XXX retailer. This hour long mess induces unintentional laughter but those looking for some sort of turn-on might want to skip this silly tale of a botched jewelry heist, a botched triple kidnapping that's all set to what we commonly referred to as '70s acid rock.

Frank (Jamie Gillis, another sicko psycho role) and redhead Vicky kiss and suck and mish fuck in the back seat of a moving vehicle in the opening seven minutes. Folks, it's all downhill from here---!!

More driving around. The big ass black vehicle with red interior arrives at Mr. Big's place where his girl pokes around the swimming pool while Mr. Big and his trio of thugs plot a jewelry heist. A thug says "you're a lucky man, Mr. Big."

Vicky thinks he's a lucky man, too, as she paws on his girl (Georgette Jennings?) to a stupid "what are you gonna do to me" tune that all ends rather quickly---!

At an office that's home to the million bucks in jewels, the boss balls out his secretary then goes to lunch. Some guy named Todd consoles her by taking her to another office and fucking her---!

Frank calls Mr. Big's girl a "dirty dike bitch" then he and his henchman and henchwoman drive around as shots of the office wind-up clock reads 2:50 then 2:55 then 3:00PM. Wearing goofy masks, these nimrods botch the jewelry heist by shooting the only guy there that knew the safe combination but Frank and Vicky find time to rape the gal wearing a fake wig in a scene filled with sadistic mugging closeups of Frank and bleeding mascara from the wigged employee---1/2 ! for the close-up of the woman's odd footwear.

The goons bring their three kidnapped employees to Mr. Big's house where Mr. Big's girl fucks around with one of the goons in one room and Todd in another room while sicky Vicky knocks out one of the girls with a hedge trimmer then snips and cuts the hedge trimmer at the other woman with the wig! Whoa! Screaming and vows of revenge ensue. Remember that some rather lame sex scenes are intercut in all this frantic screaming and mock hedge trimming---! 1/2

Mr. Big's girl pilfers a weapon for Todd, a big chicken on the run earlier, now a crack shot, who pauses to flashback on these sordid events then shoots the two goons. Sicky Vicky gets what she deserves then Mr. Big's girl takes the big ass vehicle out for another ride to run down her sugar daddy or whatever he was. But, before she does, she pauses to flashback to when she does a wacky little dance on top of a bed with Mr. Big admiring her from a nearby chair.

Okay, David Lynch made a living making movies with creepy characters like these (Wild At Heart, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, etc) but SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL comes off as amateurish in just about every respect so give this DVD a watch only if this sorta stuff typically strikes your funny bone. Others beware. Final rating for SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL is ! 1/2 outa !!!!! Worth maybe $5, more if you have a black sense of humor.

Extras include Bonus Scenes and Trailers from the Cal Vista Classic series, VCX Legendary Tribute and a few photos.

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