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Captain Jack Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody 4 starsSaturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody 4 starsSaturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody 4 stars
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Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody
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Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/27/2011
Welcome fans to a new parody movie from Exquisite studios and they are aiming pretty high here taking on a classic from the 1970's-- Saturday Night Fever!! We're talking platform shoes, the hair, the dresses and of course the music! The opening to this show very much resembles the mainstream version with a take on the masterpiece from the Bee Gees Staying Alive. Of course they had to change a lot of the lyrics but the vibe was there as well getting to watch Seth Gamble as Tony doing his strut down the street. A solid cast in this too with Kristina Rose, Nicki Hunter, Lexi Belle among the girls and joining Seth you have Dale DaBone, Evan Stone and Xander Corvus among the cocks so it is shaping up to be a good show. As we open the movie we're taken to a familiar setting, the dining room table where mom, Nicki Hunter, is putting out dinner while Seth shows up with a sheet wrapped around his outfit-- he's going out tonight!! Evan is great as the dad giving Seth a hard time about his job and this is right out of the movie so a very good way to work us into the parody.

Lexi Belle:

So after the family has had their little dinner conversation and Tony leaves to escort his mom to church for prayer-- so his brother Father Frank will call his mom, lol, we head to another house where our first sex scene is about to begin. Good performer to start off with too, Lexi is seen making out with Xander Corvus who is playing Bobby. Well he's concerned about birth control but if he really loves Lexi it shouldn't matter-- according to her and Xander agrees enough to keep on going. There is a little bit of oral for Lexi before they switch it up to Lexi doing the oral dance and she looks very good making Xander's cock disappear. I think you'll appreciate a whole bunch the extreme close up for the first sex shot- cowgirl-- her ass looked awesome here. There is some good riding from Lexi in reverse too. Doggie and mish round it out leading to a pull out and Xander splooging around those freshly fucked pussy lips.

The next bit of action takes us to the disco where Tony arrives and almost immediately takes over the dance floor twirling a couple of hotties on his arm before Kristina Rose slides in-- she's playing the Donna Pescow role and you can tell right away due to the hairstyle. The music here is another big plus taking you right back to the time and we watch a nice group dance develop on the floor which I recall also happening in the movie version.

Kristina Rose:

Alright our next bit of sexy fun occurs after Kristina drags Tony off the floor to ask about dancing together again for the upcoming dance contest that the two had won the year before. He isn't sure that's a good idea but when Kristina promises just to practice dancing and ok maybe just fuck once this sways Tony over to her side and they go outside where Kristina is quickly on her knees working Seth's cock in her mouth-- I'm loving the hairstyle here for Kristina and the dress too looked great on her. The duo slowly lose those clothes which is a good thing because we finally get a nice look at Miss Rose's ass. Ok this turns out to be just a bj scene but hey it's a chance to enjoy Kristina Rose doing something for a long time that she is very good at!Kristina ends up jerking the load out herself with some clean up after-- now about that practice!

Time for a little more story as we head back to Tony's house where his older brother, Alec Knight, has returned. He has just told Nicki and Evan about leaving the priesthood which Tony doesn't believe at first. The dialogue here is pretty close to what was heard in the movie version with Seth and Alec doing a good job connecting as brothers. Tony tells his brother he'll take him to the disco which pleased Alec as he likes to see Tony dance. The next shot takes us back to the disco and in another good nod to the Hollywood version we have Seth and group entering with Seth then walking through the crowd taking in the greetings/ adulation much like John Travolta did. You get Xander Corvus talking to 'father' frank much like his Hollywood counterpart did in the movie so they are staying pretty close to the story here.

Nicki Hunter:

That is until now because we never got to see John Travolta's parents fuck in Saturday Night Fever and while they might have been nice people I don't thin you wanted to either, lol. But with Nicki Hunter and Evan Stone taking on those roles here we can do a little reality bending and have mom & pops do the nasty! Nicki does some teasing for Evan and we get a nice close shot as she pulls the panties down-- I mean right on her ass! Needless to say Evan doesn't wait very long before he's in there face first licking her ass and fingering that pussy. Evan then starts to drill his wifes pussy with some P2M from Nicki. You get some good riding too in reverse and cowgirl. There were several more great close ups and sometimes the focus was a little off with the shot but quickly it returned so if you enjoy close shots of the girls this movie so far has done a good job of that. A mish finish yields the load blasted to Nicki's face with some falling down to those big tits.

So we return to the disco where Tony once again takes over and this is the famous solo dance where he really struts his stuff plus you add in the fog machine and the porn take on the song You Should Be Dancing and this takes you right to that scene with the crowd watching too. Big time props to Seth Gamble here for doing the dance that John Travolta made famous.

Brandy Aniston:

We leave the dancing to check in with the former father Frank, Alec Knight, who is enjoying a little quiet time away from the noise. He is joined by Brandy Aniston who wonders if he moves like his brother and she's not talking about his dancing skills, lol. A short time later we have Brandy taking on Alec's cock and we enjoy more good close in shots as she makes that dick go away. Brandy lets the dress top slip off revealing her tits. Alec might have been in the priesthood for the last few years but he hasn't forgotten how to lick a pussy as he offers up some return oral delights for Miss Aniston. Reverse does a good job showing off her boobs then Brandy turns around for a ride in cowgirl after cleaning her juices off his cock. Spoon and doggie wrap it up leading to Alec blasting his nut off to Brandy's waiting mouth, welcome back to society Father!

Vicki Chase:

Well they sure fucked a lot in the 1970's! We barely finish with Brandy before the action gets right back to it with Vicki who is outside with Johnny Castle giving him some blowjob loving just inside the car. In addition to the great close shots the picture has been largely clear as can be save for those occasional blips where the focus is lost but this doesn't last long. The two change places allowing Vicki inside the car which allows Johnny to stand as he begins nailing her doggiestyle. Alright who knew that guys liked to lick girl ass in the 70's but we've seen this a couple of times now and doing it from behind in the doggie shot is a big time fave of mine. The last bit of the scene occurs outside the car on top of the hood with Johnny drilling Vicki good in mish and finally to the ground where conveniently there's a mattress for the actual finish in cowgirl and reverse with Vicki taking a facial to close it out.

The next shot is our first day shot in some time in this movie, a nice view of NYC then it's off to the dance studio where Seth sees Allie Haze who is taking on the Stephanie role originated by Karen Lynn Gorney. Allie has been spotted a couple of times in this movie so far but only as a background dancer at the club so they have definitely lessened some of the story line for her but it's great to see Allie stretching! Seth moves in and starts working the attitude on Allie who isn't having it at all. She just isn't interested in hooking up with Seth even as a dance partner- she's cultured and stuff, lol. But Seth keeps working it without as much tude and this works finally with Allie agreeing to be his partner-- but where does this leave Kristina? The two start to dance as they fade out. It is now night and Kristina shows up to practice but Tony gets real cold and dumps her which prompts Kristina to rush off. The show then goes back to the house where Seth and Alec have a few words -- big bro is moving out but not going back to being a Priest. There is some good footage of Seth getting ready-- must be the big dance contest night and sure enough the action takes us once more to the disco where Seth and Allie are working it on the dance floor. Pretty harsh we have Kristina standing there in a pretty powder blue dress and her eyes are squarely on Seth and Allie-- she's not admiring the dancing like everyone else is. Seth is rocking a pretty good looking white suit-- another nod to the original. As you know in the movie Tony wins the contest but knows a better pair should have and Seth delivers the lines here pretty good. Allie isn't pleased and leaves which gives Kristina something to crow about-- she just might make it with one of his friends or maybe two at the same time! Everyone leaves, lol.

Kristina Rose:

Kristina heads outside along with Dale and Johnny and she sure enough is going to get a little payback on Tony though I don't think he'll see it this way. Kristina starts in on Dale's cock while Johnny gets down for a little ass munching-- hell yeah on Kristina's ass! Then she drops to the classic kneel down between the guys trading off their cocks. This blue car outside is sure getting a workout, lol, same one used for Vicki's scene. The guys do some trading off nailing Kristina's pussy in a variety of shots ending with our girl on her knees taking two blasts of cum to her pretty face.

Kristina returns to the club where we have Seth waiting and he gives it to Kristina good about fucking his buddies-- now you really are a cunt. Kristina tries to say she only wanted Tony but now this is between them. Xander goes along too and in the Hollywood version you know his character is a troubled young man seeking advice from Tony's brother and trying to get the approval of his friends-- Tony and the other two guys but no one seems to really want to listen. Xander tries to convey this but isn't given a lot of time. Seth and Kristina are at the bridge- it is daylight instead of night like in the movie and they briefly discuss what Kristina did and then they look for Xander who is standing a little to close to the edge. Seth tries to talk to him but Xander isn't having it-- you never really wanted to talk and now it's to late and he just falls over the railing-- not quite like the Hollywood version but in the general vicinity.

Allie Haze:

So from there we head over to Allie's place where Tony goes to try and make sense of what just happened as well as his whole life and where he might want to try and take it from here. Allie looks good in her white robe and she makes a good listener here as Seth unloads and after such a trauma it makes sense to try and take you mind away from that so we get one last hook up. Seth and Allie do some good kissing as they start to undress each other-- Allie looks great in that robe and she is soon working her lips around Seth's cock as one last good soundtrack is piped in. Very good shots of Allie in this scene particularly in reverse and cowgirl. Allie ends up taking a pretty good facial here too closing the story here but we know there was another chapter but will we ever see Stayling Alive XXX-- stay tuned!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a good parody closely resembling the Hollywood version with some minor tweeks-- the whole bridge thing at the end being during the day rather than at night. Other story elements were toned down and I think the Allie Haze role was also toned down a bit from what you saw with Karen Gorney. Kristina Rose took a more leading role in this and she stars in two scenes with one being a bj scene and the other a 2 on 1. They don't touch at all on the gang hideout that was attacked in the movie version. But overall there were several nods to the mainstream movie from the music style to the clothes to the lines and the body language/ way they talked also took a page from Saturday Night Fever. There was a separate disc for the extras which mainly consisted of behind the scenes and trust me it needed a second disc as it goes well over 2 hours so you get in depth into the making of this show. There was another disc I got with this showing some porn from the 1970's so if you want to see some real smut from the decade of excess then by all means slip this baby in. As for the main show kudos to Seth for taking on the John Travolta role and I think he did well from the dancing to the dialogue/ body language. Props as well to Kristina Rose who looks so good in her outfits in this movie and does a fine job giving Seth a bj and then having a little 2 on 1 fun with Johnny and Dale. Allie Haze is cute in this but more of a second tier player even though she had a big role. Certainly worth buying if you're into the whole Saturday Night Fever craze as this movie gives it to you from the clothes to the dancing to the music.

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