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Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7

Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7

Studio: MoserVision
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
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MD James's ratings for Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 7 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  11/24/2005
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Sarah Young – The Goddess Of Love #7
Released by: MoserVision
Reviewed by
MD James

"Sarah Young - The Goddess of Love #7" is the seventh of a twelve-part limited collector’s series featuring an incredibly beautiful and busty brunette named Sarah Young. The series was done by her husband of the time, Sasha Alexander, and it featured Sarah in a variety of situations with male stars of the 1990’s.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Parts Three and Four, so I pretty much know what to expect in this series.

The one thing to note about this video is that there aren’t any credits. Much like the other parts in this series, all you have is a single-screen title image of Sarah’s delicious body behind the title. Unfortunately it also means that in this review I’m unable to put a name to any of the guys.

Scene 1: Sarah and four guys

Sarah is roughly brought into the room by four guys, wearing a leather jacket, leather skirt, and a nylon body stocking that leave absolutely NOTHING to the imagination. She is supposedly there against her will, but she doesn’t act like it. They each take their turns manhandling her. One guy tears her body stocking open to show her big and beautiful breasts as the others stick their fingers in her pussy. They finger-fuck her for a while and she is clearly getting off from it. She tries to break free for a moment, but they pull her back and then pick her up as one of the guys goes down on her. She gets off, then they put her in a corner and get out their cocks. She sucks one guy while getting fucked by another. Pretty soon she’s taking on three guys, fucking one, sucking the second, and jerking off the third. One guy cums on her thigh, but they’re obviously not through with her. Soon she sucking one guy and getting double-penetrated by two others and jerking off the fourth guy. We finish with all four guys around her jerking off all over her body.

In terms of scenes, this one is okay. She didn’t really play the part of the "victim" too well, though. Maybe if she put more emphasis into that at the start of the scene it would be a little more credible. It would also cut down on the overacting and bad phony accent of one of the guys. (I’m guessing that it was Tony Tedeschi with that really bad accent that was one-part Cockney and one-part "Pirates of the Caribbean".)

Scene 2: Sarah and an unknown guy

We start with Sarah sleeping on a terrace bench. She is softly awakened by her man. He was eager to see her, and he lets it show with some gentle kissing and foldling. He undoes the front of her red flowery dress and starts to kiss her breasts through her yellow lace bra. He pulls her panties aside and puts his tongue and fingers up inside her. She returns the favor by undressing him and going down on him for a while. Then she straddles on top of him and rides him in cowgirl position. She rides him pretty good before turning around and mounting him in reverse-cowgirl position. They continue to screw as they move to spoon position, and then to missionary position, where he suddenly sticks his cock in her ass. Then it’s anal doggie, anal reverse-cowgirl, then a little blowjob before doing some standing anal doggie. Then we fade to her riding him in cowgirl position with her panties finally gone, then they go to missionary position for a while until he can get up and blow his load all around and past her mouth.

Now THIS scene made up for the first one! This is definitely a couples-friendly scene. Most of the scene has few interruptions, and Sarah is very vocal about getting fucked, and that is a big turn-on.

Scene 3: Sarah and two unknown guys

We start this scene with Sarah on the phone, calling someone about an audition she’s having. She drops Peter North’s name to the caller and invites the person over for a meeting. Then as we fade into the next scene, she’s calling another person with the same line.

We fade back in with the guy meeting with Sarah as she’s talking about the movie. It’s pretty clear that this is a porn shoot from the tone of the conversation, although Sarah is quick to point out that she’ll be just working behind the scenes. She’s a little nervous about the whole process, since this is supposedly her "first time" so he’s quick to show her how the audition should go. He gets in front of her and she takes off his pants. As she’s sucking his cock, she’s unbuttoning her jacket, hiking her skirt up, and pulling her boobs out. He puts them between her big breasts and tit-fucks her for a while. Then he fucks her doggie-style over the front of her chair. Most of her clothes are gone at this point except for her stockings and bra. They go to missionary position and they really take their time in this position.

Then as they’re fucking in doggie-style, the OTHER guy Sarah called (Nick East?) shows up. Rather than having the second guy wait, she sends the first guy out. Then she starts in on this guy’s cock, then moving to reverse-cowgirl position. She rides him pretty hard in this position and lets him know that she’s loving it. Then she rides him on the floor in cowgirl position as the first guy comes back into the room. He’s still hard and wanting more so she sucks his cock as she’s riding the second guy. She sucks and jerks both guys off until they come over her face and boobs.

I’m guessing they passed the audition. It’s a pretty hot scene in terms of sucking and fucking.

As I mentioned in previous reviews, there are no credits in this video, so when it finishes, that’s pretty much it. It’s a pity because it’s hard to put a name to the guys when there are no credits. I know that the industry is all about the girls, but it would help if you at least give the NAMES of the guys instead of having people guess who they are. What also helped in previous videos was that MoserVision would include a description of the video in a flier. Unfortunately in this case, the scenes listed are for a completely different video. (Can you say "Oops" in four languages?)

In terms of extras, you have a photo gallery that you have to manually click through, an animated plug for the website, and a really long trailer for Sarah’s entire "Goddess of Love" series. As with my review of part four, the photo gallery doesn’t match the scenes in the video. And there’s even one set of pictures that wasn’t even in the video.

All-in-all… this is another really great video of Sarah Young, aside from the obvious lack of many extras, credits, or additional information about Sarah. The audio and video are good, and there is some acting here in terms of role-playing, although in this case the second scene was the better of the three in terms of storyline and acting. The only other problem I have is the price that MoserVision is asking for this video. Anything more than $25 is just too much. If MoserVision put in more goodies - including accurate screen credits - then it would be worth paying more for.

Still, this is an addictive series, so stay tuned for my review of Part Eight.

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