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Samurai Debutantes

Samurai Debutantes

Studio: Samurai
Category:  Asian
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Evil_Rip's ratings for Samurai Debutantes:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Samurai Debutantes overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Samurai Debutantes Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Samurai Debutantes Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Samurai Debutantes Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Samurai Debutantes Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Samurai Debutantes DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Samurai Debutantes A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Evil_Rip  on  11/18/2000

TITLE: Samurai Debutantes
Studio: Samurai
Directed: Ed Powers, Steve?
Female: Haruka, Miyu, Arisa, Karen Izumi, Lina Shinjo, Rin Kuroki,
Male: Helicopter Man, Chocoball, Natsuya Togawa, Ginji Sagawa, Mirai Mochizuki, Ryuji Maeda, Steve, Ed Powers
Looks: The women are hot looking, as for the men Ed Powers brings down the Average a whole lot. Not even CHocoball and Helicopterman can bring up this average. Running Time: ~2:00
Format: Single Sideded
DVD Features: Slide Show, Chapter Selection, Previews

SAMURAI DVD Review - Prologue

Why do I keep buying these DVDs?
They aren’t cheap. Yet Here I am owning a whole lot of them.
All purchased in mass quantity with some nice coupons of course.
So what is it? Is the action great? Well that depends. If we compare it to all porn in general, then no. If we only look at this as Japanese-Only, then It is alright. Some of it is good. Some of it isn’t.
Is there some type of cultural barrier? Why is it that the girls look like they are in pain? Yet laugh and smile afterwards?
What is it that attracts me to these titles? Why do I want to purchase more of these titles?
Is it because most of the girls are cute and have those cute little butts? Is it because there is more foreplay in these DVDs? Maybe.

First Impression: Wow look at all the cute Japanese Girls on the cover. (OH evil don’t judge it by the cover!… Yeah I know I shouldn’t have)

Plot: Steve is in Japan just cruising around, he’s a big fan of Ed Powers! So already the movie is heading down hill. He’s out of money and he’s crusing japan in search of girls to fuck. He wan’ts to break into porn so he eventually brings two girls back to Las Vegas for Ed Powers to have sex with. Mind you this is the first time I’ve seen a movie with Ed Powers. And yes it will be the last time. I won’t buy another title with him in it.

Likes: Most of these are cute girls. They are all natural. And there are actually a lot of girls in this one. We even get to see Helicopter Man do his acrobatic Magic. There is a lot to like as well. The performances are overall good. I liked the scene where Steve brings a girl back into a hotel and chocoball is playing the owner. And they have a fuck session. What’s funny is Steve can’t maintain an erection and when he does You can see he’s nowhere the size of Chocoball. I don’t know if this is supposed to be part of the plot but come on. When a girl is sucking your cock that hard you gota have a response. Once we finally get past the two scenes with ED powers the DVD does get better. Its not to say that the girls with Ed weren’t good. They were. Its just watching it be done to Ed that I just couldn’t take.
And there is something about the dark skinned chocoball's flesh mixing with the white like flesh of young lady wearing a Yukata (a spring time Kimono).

Music: Very cheesy. I feel like I’m playing an RPG and I just went into a town.


A lot of the scenes are okay. There’s a lot of “American superiority” going on by Steve. You know Steve and Ed should just get a life. There’s no need for racism in porn. If it be black and white couples, Black and Asian, or White and Asian.. There’s no need to put the other race down.

Especially Steve. In the first scene Steve tells the gril to tell him that he has a “big big dick”. Steve, Your dick ain’t big. Average at best. Especially in a latter scene where he’s standing next to Chocoball. Chocoball’s cock is a hella lot longer and Girthier than you steve.

Then there is the scenes with Ed Powers. The girls are good looking, Haruka  is much cuter than Miyu.

“How can I have an impact on a Man like Ed Powers?”

Dislikes: The cheesy music. Ed powers, Steve. You could see them taking pictures during the fuck sessions. The DVD had some problems I couldn’t use the slide bar to goto the time point I needed. Ed Powers. Ed Powers. Oh man that guy just annoys me. Ed powers was doing some bad Japanese and some fake crying.  I could fucking swear that his pubes had white hairs. White hairs on your pubes! You know what that means? Time to retire.  Ed’s grunts and groans. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Nastification to the extreme. When He was eating out Miyu. I couldn’t help but think he sounded like a dog licking a fire hydrant. Lets say when ed started fucking these girls I lost my woody. And it started to hide inside to get away from the horrible site of Ed. And Ed rightfully calls himself EdZilla in a scene. Yeah he’s one monstrously nasty looking guy. When Ed says he has a big dick. LOL. Sure you do buddy, sure you do.

Why do I keep mentioning penis size in this review you might be thinking? Normally I wouldn’t, but the actors keep saying it. Sure if it were the actress saying it these things it would be different.

“You’ve got a big cock, I wanna suck it.”  Is a lot different from. “You like my big big dick.”
If it were Sean Michael’s saying this it would be one thing. For Steve and Ed Powers to be saying it is just wrong. You guys must have some low self esteem to keep repeating it. And we know why the keep saying it right? The myth that Japanese Men have little penises. I’ve watched a lot of Japanese porn. And hey the come in all sizes too. And to dispell other myths, not all black men are hung like horses either. And not all tall men have huge cocks. And not all blondes are dumb. And girls with huge breasts aren’t all dumb. And not all ugly girls are smart. It doesn’t help that most of the men don’t trim or shave their pubes. Shaved/Trimmed pubes add about 2” in appearance. And look at Chocoball he’s got good girth and a lot of stamina. And the guy on the boat after he gets fully hard, he’s a large guy too.  So lets stop the Racism in porn. Lets just have some dirty and naughty sex. =)

I don’t need to hear Ed telling me he jacks off to these video’s either.

Extras: Slide show, not very exciting.

Packaging: Came only with the DVD

Audio Quality: Its okay. I watched it the first time using my 4 speaker setup the second time with headphones.

Video Quality: Overall very good.

Final Thoughts: If you’re a fan of the Far East, and you can stomach looking at Ed Powers. Then You might like this film. The girls are cute. The sex for the most part is good. You know I’d like to see more of these types of movies using girls from Japan. But I think I’d prefer that they be having sex  with japanese men instead. Or at least some better looking american guys. Sean Michael’s you listening? You can take World Sex Tour Series to Japan. Take Vince Voyeur with you. I have one more Samurai DVD to finish watching And It doesn’t have Ed Powers in it. =)
If you are a casual Asian porn viewer than this is not really the one for you. If you are into this genre then I think if you can overlook Ed powers then you’ll enjoy this DVD

There is some post-coital orgasms? I've never heard of these and when Miss Karen is having them Its very frightening to watch the first time. And later on in the movie after she becomes a porn starlet, she does a gang bang and the post-coital orgasms are more intenese. And its still a little frightening. I have to belive that if she didn't like doing this she wouldn't right? If its not true then I feel really bad. =(

Would I buy another in this series?: I don’t think of these as a series. I think of these as movies under the Samurai name so there are a variety of different titles. So I wouldn’t mind buying another. But As long as it Doesn’t have that nasty Ed Powers. I couldn’t help but think of a dirty old hobo. Helicopterman and his acrobatic sex was interesting. Chocoball has some amazing stamina. He keeps cumming and going and going.. LOL.

Themes: Asian, BlowJobs, natural breasts, pussy hair,  rimming, Asian Anal, acrobatic sex, Kama Sutra type positions, perverted Old nasty ass Ed powers.

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