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Sakura Tales 6

Sakura Tales 6

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Asian , Straight
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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JAGnLA's ratings for Sakura Tales 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sakura Tales 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sakura Tales 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sakura Tales 6 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Sakura Tales 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sakura Tales 6 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Sakura Tales 6 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sakura Tales 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by JAGnLA  on  3/5/2005
Sakura Tales #6

DVSX has become one of my favorite studios recently due do both their high quality technical standards and great casting. Looking through their lines of product, there is no exceptional creativity. If you’re looking for extremes (demeaning sex, circus act sex, etc.), they’re not the studio to look to. What they offer is just good sex with attractive women that is shot well. For my own taste, I can usually accept a certain amount of “sameness” to my sexing if it is photographed well…the women are the thing for me. Afterall, how many wild and wacky ways can an appendage be inserted into an orifice?
Sakura Tales is a great line for us Asiaphiles. The casting is always exceptional – and volume six is no disappointment. Most of the scenes offer decent tease before getting down to some hot sex. My only complaints with this DVD would be a couple of subpar performances by otherwise quite fetching females.

Scene 1
How better to start a DVD off hot than with Charmane Starr? We’ve all heard the remarks regarding Charmane being an ice princess. admittedly, I have seen this simply gorgeous creature turn in some rather bland performances in the past,but she is more than adequate here. She may not scream the walls down a’ la vintage Miko Lee, take and give the kind of rough, high-octane fucks that an Ariana Jollee throws or accomplish the gymnastics of Belladonna, but who wouldn’t enjoy a tryst with this hottie these days.
Charmane’s tease begins with her relating a story of visiting the local gym after school and meeting one of those huge, dumb buff guys we all hated in high school for getting all the girls who looked like…well, like Charmane! She wears an adorable (and sexy) schoolgirl outfit. While the fetishist may drool over any woman in one of these get-ups, any average Joe has got to admit it looks good on Charmane. Add the pigtails and it’s a dirty old man’s wettest dream come true! The action begins with Mr. Buff administering some oral to Ms. Starr while she lies atop a weight bench and moves on with Charmane returning the favor. When he bends her over and commences to screwing, Charmane is very demonstrative as she grunts, moans and swings those cute pig-tails every which way. They switch to some missionary again using the weight bench and end with reverse cowgirl…a great way to admire Charmane’s total body in one view…before Sir Studly deposits a decent facial. No cum-guzzling or other spermicidal games here, but definitely no cum-dodging either! All in all, a wonderful scene captured very well.

Scene 2
Luci Thai keeps the heat on high as she masturbates and tells how she met the dude in her life. Seemingly, the delectable Ms. Thai is a Valley-Girl, as the mall seems to be her hunting grounds. Again, excellent tease here and I could’ve watched a solo-scene with Luci. While not always a fan of the masturbation-only scene, hers are so realistic and just viewing that incredible figure pleasing itself is enough to raise the flag at this capital! Luci’s face varies depending on how she’s photographed and made-up: I have at times found her features a tad masculine – however, when captured correctly as she can be beatific! Here, I’m afraid they capture her body exquisitely but do not seem to have concentrated as much on make-up…she looks a bit washed-out and nothing is highlighted. However, once she crawls around to all-fours, that thought is long gone. She looks great in missionary with a good POV and who can resist that ass when she goes cow-girl? She especially shines, however, in the anal department. With such an appreciative energy level and a posterior God-made, she will never disappoint in this area. Luci hass proven over time to be not merely a well put together physique, but an absolute pro who delivers the goods each time out.

Scene 3
Lacey Tom’s scene is where the action slows considerably. I have only seen this woman a few times and it is apparent she is not a natural. While she has a good body and decent face, she tends to favor an empty stare that suggests disinterest and her movements are strained and mechanical at times - taking dick on camera just does not seem to be where she shines. I have seen David Arron Clarke use this aloofness well in creating a sort of smoldering heat to a scene, but beginning the scene with Lacey alone doing a rather unenergetic striptease just wasn’t the route to go. By the time the guy enters, we are already convinced she would rather be sipping daiquiris than slurping cock. The photo-play is good, though and Lacey does have a great figure. They do some missionary on a couch, some doggie, CG, RCG, spoon and end in mish again.

Scene 4
This one was interesting for me. We begin with Annie Cruz (wearing what can only be described as a “slutty schoolgirl from hell outfit”) telling how her strict Catholic rearing has led to some wild two girl fantasies…like a pair of Geishas totally working over a client. Kylie Rey and Annie are both pretty young thangs and neither has been around the scene long enough to have picked up that “been there, done that…have the cumstains” attitude. That’s where the similarities end, though. Annie is a curvaceous, voracious dark-skinned, doe-eyed sex-pot and Kylie embodies that so-cute-she’s-sexy look. Add a shy smile and girlish giggle and again we have here the stuff of a mature man’s fantasy. The juxtaposition is incredible – these two were made to perform together and how this dude holds his load with all this attention from these two Geisha’s is beyond me. The assorted positions are numerous, suffice to say the whole alphabet of abbreviations and anagrams is included. Annie seems especially animated while Kylie is being engaged – caressing, helping out, encouraging and generally making sure dude is giving it to Kylie thoroughly! Both cuties scorch the screen here and he does well to keep up with them. A great shared facial ends the vignette.

Scene 5
Veronica Lynn is a new one for this reviewer. Excellent looks and a lean, lithe, brown-skinned physique hint at good things to come as she slowly plays with herself on a bench while telling of her two-guy poolside fantasy. (Seems like the women of porn have that much in common with the everyday guy!). Veronica delivers with great energy in a standard two-dude set beginning with excellently photographed blow-jobs of both dudes that also allows the viewer to admire her full-form on her hands and knees. The positions are pretty standard fare: her blowing one guy while another takes her from behind, blosing the second while riding #1 cowgirl and some reverse cowgirl where she appears to really get into it…becoming too distracted by the cock plumbing her depths to really administer much in the way of head. The difference here is Veronica. Beyond a sexy body, she really emotes. A great energy level is maintained throughout the scene and her very vocal moans are extremely arousing. A blind man could catch would just hearing this scene! After one guy unloads on her back and the other on her greedy mouth, the scene ends nicely back where it began: Veronica on the bench replaying the fantasy in her head and finishing herself off rather nicely and realistically. She’s one I’ll be watching for in the future. The only thing that detracts from this scene are a couple points where someone tries to get too creative with camera angles and just disrupts the flow.

Scene 6
A great job of editing ends this disc as hot as it began. While Alex Ladd is the director of record for this disc, scene 6 is directed by Wankus of KSEX radio – and the scene scorches! Throw any guy at Mika Tan and you have a good scene. The lady is consistently hot with both a face and body that equal her assertive, fueled sexing. Add a pro like Dale DaBone (great performer, lousy name)and you have a better scene…add Avena Lee and BAM! you have a scene worth replaying over and over again. Mika has always impressed this reviewer, but I was non-plussed about Avena’s early work. Something has lit this girl afire, though. Not only has her face matured since the braces came off, but her whole body has gone from cute-girl to full-fledged and extremely doable womanhood! The physical metamorphasis seems to have been cathartic, as her whole sexual persona is now more mature, confident and downright sexy. She really brings it these days and I really find her whole “thing” exciting.
The tease scenes here are both well done and well captured. Both Mika and Avena look the part od conservative office workers extremely well – and both stripteases reveal some delightfully naughty lingerie beneath the business suits…always a real turn on for a man who has to suck corporate air each day and lives for those fantasies of what Ms. Secretary could be sporting beneath that demure attire! Lacey Tom would serve her career well to witness both the subtle tease and the heat both of these women delivers herein. The actual scene itself involves Mika and Avena at work. Mika, ever the aggressor, takes off her panties intending to seduce her boss (DaBone) and then relates the tale to Avena. Of course this leads to some awesome Sapphic action that would’ve made a great scene in itself, as Mika shows Avena how to slurp pussy like a pro. When the boss interrupts them, mayhem ensues, giving Mika the opportunity to play out her fantasy threesome with the boss. She coordinates the action like a pro, giving some divinely inspired head and then coaching Lee’s more timid character to do likewise. The interplay between Tan’s mischevious nympho and Lee’s eager accomplish is playful and fun, “I love a good sweat in the office” is a line I would love to hear in my professional realm! DaBone screws Lee desk-top while Mika lends a hand…or a mouth, between strokes. He then bends Lee over the desk as she returns Tan’s oral favors of earlier. They pull the switch and he gets to gut the always vocal Tan while Lee adds the occasional suck. I could watch Mika Tan screw all day, but it gets even better when DaBone (really, that name has got to go!) situates the two girls atop each other and bangs away alternately at them doggie-style. These imaginative positions sound great but are often not actually pulled off well visually – but Alex Ladd pulls this off well. None of the sexy heat is lost to the awkward positioning whatsoever and we complete the act with an awesome shared facial on two of the more fetching faces in porn today! What I really enjoyed about this scene was the way all three performers stayed in character even during the sex – and especially after. DaBone holds up well as the authoritative male, Lee is timid but eager throughout…and Mika shines as the playful nymph who is actually in control.

DVSX and Alex Ladd tend to keep their photography pretty straight-forward, and in doing so they do an excellent job. The few instances of creativity here (three in total that I recall) do nothing for their reputation, but the remainder is good quality photography. The set-ups are all good tease and the settings themselves fairly believable. The extras include some behind the scenes work that show interesting performer interaction over the staging of scenes and some interesting footage of Charmane Starr casually conversing and posing for stills completely covered in what was one-hell of a pop-shot! Taking the tease sequences a step further, Ladd also includes individual masturbation scenes with each of the girls in costume from their fantasies. Both are great touches to Extra menus that are becoming rather blasé these days.

With the exception of Lacey Tom’s sleep-fuck, this is a disc full of energy. Look at that casting: Mika Tan, Charmane Starr, Luci Thai all are well-versed professionals with well-deserved reputations. Annie Cruz & Kylie Rey (together!) are quickly gaining fans and add the new-find in Veronica Lynn and the newly “womanized and energized” Avena Lee and you have solid entertainment fare for anyone who just enjoys beautiful woman and great sex without all the attitude and spastic insertions. Overall, a must for any fan of Asian casts and probably a hit for any other viewer as well.

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