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Sakura Tales 6

Sakura Tales 6

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Asian , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Sakura Tales 6:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Sakura Tales 6 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Sakura Tales 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sakura Tales 6 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sakura Tales 6 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Sakura Tales 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sakura Tales 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sakura Tales 6 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/26/2005
Prologue Charmane Star, Mika Tan, Luci Thai and a reprise of Annie Cruz w/Kylie Rey (DAC's Sakura Angel). That's all the motivation I needed to pick this video up. There's even a happy ending in the title. What more could I ask for? Let's rock! All scenes start with the star relating a fantasy and doing some masturbating for us.
Charmane Star has a body builder fantasy. She wants to jump the bones of some guy at her gym. Her masturbation prelim is almost non-existant before we're taken to the weight bench. Charmane's dressed like a schoolgirl and she flirts with Nick Manning. He's definitely interested and they get in a nice tongue kiss before he sheds his sweatshirt and shows off his muscles. Charmane's clothes are off in no time, just leaving her socks and shoes on. He goes right to work on her tits. A very nice place to start. He works his tongue down her flawless body, licking the insides of her thighs and settling in on her holy of holies. Ordered to her knees, it's Charmane's turn to give oral pleasure. Manning is a little belligerent verbally, but Charmane goes about her business at her speed. Cut to standing doggy. They hold that position at length and Charmane is ordered to the floor for mish. She gets dicked deep and then gets moved into a piledriver for even more depth. He orders her onto a bench for more mish. Cut to RC, a perfect position for Charmane. That's about all our hero can take and there's a cut to a kneeling Charmane taking a fair sized load onto her tongue and dripping it onto her neck and body. Some PCH and back to Charmane diddling herself to end her fantasy.
Luci Thai is telling us about how she met her boyfriend. For some reason, the camera is fixated on Luci's breasts. She fondles herself and strips while telling the story. Cut to Luci at the mall, meeting her man, Sergio. She comes onto him and then leads him home where they get busy on a bed. When they're completely naked, Luci gets her muffin eaten first. With her pussy nice and lubed, the first penetration is in mish. She gets a nice tit wobbling workout and they move to CG. After she gives him a nice ride, he rides her in doggy. After a good railing, Luci licks her copious juices off of his cock. After sucking him off, his cock is introduced to her sphincter in RCA. He does a good job of digging her out and then they switch to spoon anal. Luci howls in ecstasy and she's soon on her knees for the cumshot. He streams it into her waiting mouth and she gives him some nice PCH with eye contact and a smile.
Lacey Tom is stripping her outfit which includes a black latex skirt and panties with rainbow thigh highs and a hot pink blouse. Quite a combination. No fantasy for her, she just appears dressed again and gets stripped by Steven French. She doesn't look too into it as he eats her pussy. Things get a little better when his dick is in Lacey's mouth. He gags her and she gets a little giggle out of it. She gets bent over for a doggy insertion. That seems to get Lacey's motor running. Cut to CG and a very energetic bounce. P2M leads to mish. This guy is in a hurry to try out the entire Kama Sutra, unlike the first two scenes where positions were held until all the pleasure could be wrung out of them. Another quick shift to RCA and Lacey really seems to shine in the female superior positions. Cut to spoon and a nice shot of Lacey's very wet hole. Another cut to doggy that leads directly to a mouthful of cum. We leave Lacey diddling herself to a climax.
Annie Cruz has a geisha fantasy. She dreams of servicing some guy, possibly with a partner. Kylie Rey turns out to be the other geisha and they serve tea to their designated stud, Joe Friday. They massage him and he buries his head in Kylie's adorable boobies. His manhood gets grappled over and Annie's tits get bared. When his cock makes it's appearance, it's rock hard and the ladies do a tandem suck. There's a problem with the disk at this point and I have to switch players to run this chapter out. The girls give him a very sensual looking bj, both going pretty deep. Kylie's soft, round body is bared and fondled as Annie continues to blow. Annie gets first cock in doggy and Joe exclaims at her tightness. More player problems! Annie seems pretty intense and the sounds she's making are pretty bone stirring. Joe pounds away and from what I could make out, has her cumming. Kylie's honey hole is next, in mish. Friday's driving hard and Kylie's loving it. She wants to be fucked hard and he's willing to accommodate. Spoon is next and Kylie takes some laps at Annie's inviting pussy. Back to mish and Annie gets excited and frigs herself to climax before asking for and ass fuck. You need only ask once and Annie's riding him in an energetic RCA. Kylie finds a place to sit as well. On Joe's face. A2M for Annie, and then she shares with Kylie. This leads to the cumshot which gets sprayed over both their faces. Giggles for the girls and back to Annie finishing herself off on the fantasy couch.
Veronica Lynn has a fantasy about fucking two guys. She's reading a book out by a pool and gets set upon by two young guys. They just start to ravage her. First cock out of the pants gets stuck down Veronica's throat. The slower guy, Marcos Leon just has to watch while he strips, but Veronica gets him hard as well while her pussy is uncovered and licked. Talon gets her attention by sticking his cock into her inviting hole doggystyle. He's almost as relentless as brother TT as he and his friend have Veronica on the spit. She rides Marcos in CG while bobbing her head on Talon's peg. Cut to RC on Talon while Marcos tends to wood problems. Veronica tries to bring the worm to life while her juicy pussy gets pounded. Our errant woodsman gets another shot at her in doggy as Veronica laves Talon's cock. The cock is pulled from her pussy and a huge load is jetted onto Veronica's back. Talon dribbles on her face. Veronica finishes her masturbation on the park bench.
Mika Tan is looking oh so sexy in a combination of tight black business suit and floral undies with black stockings and garter. She's also wearing her glasses which also look great on her. She does a striptease and gives the camera a sly smile before sitting down with her rabbit vibrator. Avena Lee is also in business attire, although she's got pants on. Like Mika, she strips for us and settles on top of a desk with her vibe. They take part in an office fantasy where Dale DaBone is the boss. Mika goes into his office to take notes and leaves her panties with receptionist Avena. She, in turn, can't help but be curious, so she quizzes Mika about it. She gets turned on by Mika's bare pussy and gets hit on. There's a sapphic seduction as Mika takes the lead and starts to undress Avena. Mika goes down on her and Dale walks in on them. Playing the uptight boss, he demands an explanation. Mika convinces him to join in and proceeds to undress the boss while making sure that Avena doesn't run away. She pushes Avena's head onto Dale's cock and plays with them both. They double up on his cock and kiss at the top. Dale pushes Avena back onto her desk and enters her in mish. Mika does P2OGM. They repeat this several times before Avena turns for doggy and laps at Mika's pussy. Cut to Mika getting rammed in mish while making out with Avena, who soon does P2OGM herself. Cut to the girls in a doggy stack with Dale sliding from one pussy to the other. There's some light choking of Avena before he has them assume the position to receive a load across both their mouths. They clean his cock and are sworn to secrecy.
Epilogue This video never really distinguishes itself. There's a lot of potential, but ultimately it's too impersonal. It didn't help that the scene with the most going for it was technically marred. I did like the Wankus directed Mika/Avena scene. It was a lot of fun, though not as hardcore as I'm used to seeing from Mika. Veronica's scene suffered from one near non-player and Charmane's had zilch chemistry. Lacey just looked like she was going through the motions in her turn. Luci was hot as hell, but it always seems like there's something in reserve and I'd like to see somebody bring it out. Sergio didn't.

The Disk There's a BTS, some trailers, photo gallery, short solo scenes, and the pop shots. Chapter 14 was almost unplayable. I used two DVD-ROMs and two set top players with only one set top getting through the scene, albeit with a bad stutter. I'm also not crazy about the quality of Alex Ladd's lights. The color always seems to be a yellowish green. The lighting coverage is good but the color balance is off when shooting indoors.

Recommendation I'm not enthused about this title and I'd be wary about recommending a disk that may be faulty. Don't buy without renting first to be sure that my copy wasn't an anamoly.

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