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Safari City

Safari City

Studio: Cadinot
Category:  Barely Legal , Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Safari City:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Safari City overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Safari City Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Safari City Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Safari City Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Safari City Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Safari City DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Safari City A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  8/24/2002
If you’ re expecting a tour through the African jungles with lions and elephants and exotic birds, turn on Animal Planet. This safari takes us on a tour of horny young Frenchmen and big uncut cocks and great geysers of cum.

Our tour guide is a slender—some might say skinny, but enormously sexy—satyr, Frank Forest. He takes us first to an outdoor mart where they are selling short shorts. There is another customer in trying some on, and Frank joins him. French guys don’t wear underwear to the delight of video viewers and the despair of Calvin Klein. Well, when two young Frenchmen with no underwear and big dicks are in the same small space something is bound to happen and it does. The foreskin slides right back on those uncut cocks and those big cocks slide right into waiting mouths and asses. Frank bags his first big game and gets a new pair of shorts at the same time.

The hunt continues as Frank spies two promising trophies watching a group play soccer. The two find the balls hanging out of Frank’s short shorts more interesting than soccer balls, so they follow him back to his car and have sex on the hood. Anton Elsinki, a sweet blond thing, looks especially fetching on Frank’s spear.

Frank is now content to simply observe the wildlife for a time. First a trio with two very attractive young hunks (twinkus hunkus) and a well-endowed lad (bigus dickus). Then, with his rod sticking stiffly our of those short shorts, Frank watches a duo. Both are slender youths, very cute and very hung. (twinkus adorabilsis yum).

This has rekindled the sportsman in Frank and as he goes to take a whiz at an outdoor urinal (pissoir) he comes upon a young construction worker who invites him back to his lair. As Frank fucks him, we hear the unmistakable sound of a jackhammer outside. (All these scenes have been accompanied by “jungle noises”: people talking outside the underwear booth, soon customers in a grocery store and a shoe store; or else, they have occurred outdoors with the danger of being observed.)

Frank is not the only hunter or predator in this jungle. While in a grocery store, a handsome hunk stalks the light-skinned African grocery clerk, Calvin Donatello who fucks him in a storage room.

A roller-blader and our bicyclist stop tooling around and start tooling around. They run into a guy who knows the construction worker and the three ask permission to use his pad. Frank also runs into the construction worker who tells him what’s going on in his pad and Frank goes to join them. The four are all over that bed and into one another. The rules appear to be: if the cock is near your face, suck it; if an ass is near your cock, fuck it.

We go now to a fair or carnival, where some of our old familiars are zipping around in bumper cars. A young Italian, Fernando Leonne who appears to be in charge, watches them. Our handsome hunk, Jerome Galfion, is watching the Italian. Fernando knows he is being watched and leads Jerome back to his camper. To make sure Jerome continues to follow, Fernando stops in the door, unzips his pants, takes out a nice brown cock and licks the head. “This is my home,” he says in English as Jerome joins him. Fernando fucks him while Jerome’s cock, which is undoubtedly the biggest of anyone’s here, sticks our as stiff as a two-by- four…duh, two-by-twelve?

It’s not over yet! Frank, back in his car, drives up to a worksite where he finds two lovers in a kiss. He horns in on the youngest and most attractive of the guys. The jealous love storms off. Frank absconds with the youngster and gives the finger to the jealous lover. Taking the youngster back to his lair, Frank gets the lad to go far beyond kissing.

We now find Frank in a shoe store. He actually seems to have a job. He helps a customer try on a pair and then goes in the back to find a different size. Uh, oh, there’s a stockroom attendant back there and he’s seemingly sending off a scent. Frank seems to leave, but comes back. The stockroom attendant seems to have the right size, but not in shoes. It’s those damn pheromones! They go at it. Now, the customer is still waiting, and wondering what is keeping his salesclerk, he goes into the backroom. It’s now a threesome with Frank banging the stockroom attendant who’s banging the customer. In case you’re wondering, Frank makes the sale and the customer leaves with the shoes.

At closing time, Frank locks the store and goes into the park. He sits on a bench waiting to see what might come to the watering hole. It’s not friendly. It’s the jilted lover from earlier in the day and he’s still angry with Frank for stealing his boyfriend. They fight and Frank overpowers him. Then something seems to overpower them both. Anger turns to lust. Now it’s the jealous lover who goes home with Frank. And, Frank, for the first time, gives up his ass and is royally fucked. Has he found love? Will this be the guy to stop his philandering? The word “Fin” ("the end" does not appear). Instead we get the words “ á suivre” (to be continued)

This is typical Cadinot. That is to say, it’s an automatic classic. The films are different from American films in many ways. First, they are in French. And unlike the Cadinot films put out by Centaur, this one has no subtitles. If you understand French, it’s a bonus. If not, then the universal language will still convey it to you. The films are noticeably different in their somewhat surreal editing. (Guys’re sucking; then they’re fucking; then they’re sucking) They are also different in the camera work. Unlike our films which (unfortunately) often stay stuck on the same camera view for so long you begin to think the cameraman has dozed off, Cadinot’s camera holds most scenes for about fifteen seconds—twenty-five tops. The guys are always young and give a perfect definition of the work “twink”. They are always uncut, and they all suck and fuck with wild abandonment and apparently real passion. AND, they are also always enormously endowed! VIVE LA FRANCE!

I’m really not sure that I’d like to trek through wildest Africa on safari, but with guides like Frank Forest and Jerome Galfion, and beautiful wildlife like this on view I plan to be a frequent participant on this safari. Call me Bwana.

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