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Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2

Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2

Studio: Severe Society Films
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal , Fetish , MILF
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sadistic Mother-in-Law 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/28/2013

Running Time: 65 min. (cover states ”90 min... Includes Bonus Tracks!” which is correct when one includes the behind the scenes footage, but also a bit misleading)

Production Date: 4 / 3 / 2013

Director: Jimmy Broadway

Cast: Aiden Starr, Mistress Dee Severe, Jessi Palmer, and Zoey Holloway

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done, especially for a fetish release. The audio has a few minor background noises, but they're nothing compared to most fetish releases I've watched and it's also much clearer and better balanced than most other fetish releases. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. The lighting is often very natural, but sometimes there's a shadow or two that doesn't seem out of place. The picture is also clear with a steady hand on the camera.

The Movie: Mistress Dee Severe has been trying to do right for her slutty daughter-in-law Jessi Palmer. When she gets a letter in the mail about how Jessi didn't pass her GED like she told everyone, however, she knows she's going to have to take a few stronger steps for Jessi's own good.

Scene 1 – Mistress Dee Severe and Jessi Palmer

After thanking Jessi for bringing her a cup of tea, Mistress Dee has her read a letter they received about her not completing her GED like she told them. She chastises her for being a stupid liar as well as a little whore, and tells her she's going to send her to a special girl's school to get her GED as well as giving her a list of rules on how things are going to be changing, such as getting rid of all of her clothes except “little girl clothes” and not always being allowed to wear clothes around the house. After Jessie struggles through the list Mistress Dee checks to make sure she's shaved like she's supposed to and takes her to the chair to give her a bare bottom spanking while continuing to talk down to her. Jessi begs for her to stop as Mistress Dee spanks her ass until it's nice and red, and when her hand gets tired she has Jessi give her her hairbrush to continue her spanking. Finally Mistress Dee has Jessi stand in the corner with her hands above her head and her panties down to show off her bright red ass.

Scene 2 – Jessi Palmer, Mistress Dee Severe, and Zoey Holloway

After discussing rules at her school with Jessi and Mistress Dee, headmistress Zoey decides to have a little private session with Jessi to let her know what kind of punishment awaits her at school if she misbehaves. Zoey has Jessi bend over a desk and pulls up her skirt to spank her ass as Mistress Dee talks about how slow a learner Jessi is. Zoey pulls down Jessi's white panties to spank her bare ass, and they tell her that if the panties hit the floor she'll have to go home with them around her ankles. Zoey moves on to spank Jessi's ass with a ruler before going back to her hand as Mistress Dee watches approvingly and lets Zoey know how much she appreciates the job she's doing to keep girls like Jessi in line. Mistress Dee even joins in to help Zoey spank Jessi as she cries and begs for them to stop before Zoey puts Jessi in the corner. Finally Mistress Dee gives Jessi's ass a few last slaps with a wooden ruler before leading her out of the room.

Scene 3 – Aiden Starr and Jessi Palmer

Blonde Aiden stops by to chat with Mistress Dee about how Jessi's doing at her new school before letting her know how she caught Jessi showing off her tits and ass to her son. Mistress Dee calls Jessi down and immediately makes her take off her little plaid skirt as it's a no skirt day. Mistress Dee starts to put Jessi in her place, and then quickly starts to take away some of her privileges when Aiden notices that Jessi's panties are wet. She also lets Jessi know they're going to have some “boy time” that Jessi explains is having to go to the park with no panties or skirt as well as giving Aiden some of her dirty panties. Mistress Dee continues with the punishments letting Jessi know that she's going to have to clean Aiden's son's room wearing only her bra and panties as well as that her spanking stool will be moving to her room so she can give Aiden's son more of a show. Mistress Dee continues on with more punishments before having Jessi show Aiden her little boy tits and lets Aiden try out her spanking chair with Jessi. Aiden quickly takes Jessi over her knee and pulls down her panties to spank Jessi's bare ass while telling Jessi how ashamed of herself she should be. Aiden continues to talk down to Jessi while spanking her ass while Mistress Dee gives Aiden plenty of support as well as her hairbrush. Finally Jessi and her bright red ass are sent to the corner as Mistress Dee sees Aiden out.

Scene 4 – Jessi Palmer Mistress Dee Severe

As Jessi lays back on her bed and plays with her pussy through her little girl panties, she's more than surprised when Mistress Dee catches her. Mistress Dee talks to her about how bad Jessi is, how frustrated she is at all the time and money they've put into trying to make her not be such a whore, and heads off to get the spanking chair. Mistress Dee quickly moves on from spanking Jessi's bare ass with her hand to spanking it with a paddle as Jessi cries away. Finally Mistress Dee puts Jessi in the corner before opening the blinds and letting her know she's going to go throughout the neighborhood and have people look at her through the window.

Sadistic Mother-In-Law 2 is a great release that continues to show Severe Society Films as being one of the best fetish studios out there. Jessi is fantastic as the little slut Tammi, and Mistress Dee Severe, Zoey Holloway, and Aiden Starr are great as the women trying to keep her in line. Jessi plays up the embarrassed “little girl” aspect extremely well and takes four very solid spankings, as well as plenty of verbal abuse and humiliation. Mistress Dee, Zoey, and Aiden are all every bit as solid in their roles, and I love how they always lead up to the spanking rather than seeming rushed to get to it. There's plenty of humiliation for Jessi before any of the spankings, and the pace seems perfect from start to finish. Jimmy Broadway does a great job capturing it all including some very nice shots of Jessi's bright red ass. I remember being very well pleased with the original Sadistic Mother-In-Law, and Sadistic Mother-In-Law 2 not only met my high expectations but exceeded them. This is an excellent fetish release that's more than deserving of the attention it's received and definitely has me looking forward to Sadistic Mother-In-Law 3.

The Extras: Trailers are included for the original Sadistic Mother-In-Law as well as a few other Severe Society releases. There's also a behind the scenes featurette and interviews.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts a little over five minutes. You get plenty of outtakes, from flubbed lines to Jessi having fun with her role and showing off between takes. There's also plenty of puppy distractions and a little of the stars interacting between scenes. This is a really great extra, especially for those who aren't familiar with fetish releases like this or who wonder about how much is acting versus someone being punished. You get so see some great interaction between the stars and taking care of Jessi, as well as that Jessi seems to be more than into the action. There's also some fun outtakes and a bit of personality from the stars. This is a great addition to the overall DVD.

Just over twenty minutes of interviews are included with the cast as well as Little Dude Clyde the dog. They talk about spanking and humiliation, as well as the trust and emotional aspect of it. They also talk about some of their fetish backgrounds and experiences. This is an excellent featurette. Jessi and Mistress Dee do most of the talking, but Aiden and Zoey also add a bit here and there. Once again you get plenty of personality from the ladies as well as some great information. This is a fantastic addition to the overall release, and one that shows some of the personality and care that really makes Severe Society Films stand out to me as a studio.

Final Thoughts: If you're a fan of spanking and humiliation, this one's definitely worth the purchase.

Note to Severe Society: Please watch some of your cover claims a little better as the time claim on the back of the box could easily be taken as this being an hour and a half movie plus the extras.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.

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